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  1. Barb, Fortunately we have not had any claims to worry about. As to how can they renege on a contract, they simply tell you they are changing the contract and I guess if you don't like it, get a lawyer. We are the only one that must uphold a contract. Insurance companies, IMHO are licensed thieves I guess I better leave it at that Phil, How difficult was it do do all the changes? I am dreading going through all the hoop jumping. Hopefully the Escapees will be able to help us make seamless transfer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Well, I guess I am finding out. Our "coverage" started 8/1 and today received notice that they are reneging on their out of network coverage. Not good news for us and I am sure many other fulltime Southdakotans. I took them all of 29 days to screw us over. Not exactly sure what we will do now. I do not understand what is different in SD that the insurance companys will not play the ACA game. We have had SD as our domicile for14 years. It looks like that may have to change. Not looking forward to all the crap we will have to go through to change everything. Thanks Avera, ACA and SD.
  3. We applied yesterday. We will see how it goes. I did find out that Avera does now offer a PPO that will cover rv'ers that are domiciled in SD. Anyone seeking info try RVerHealthInsurance.com Kyle was very helpful.
  4. I was hoping to find someone insured with them.
  5. We are needing to acquire new health insurance. We have a SD domicile. We are 62. We are fulltimers and need a policy that works nationwide. We talked to an agent who recommended Avera. Have not been able to find much info on this company. Is anyone familiar with or use this company? Thanks.
  6. I think it would serve you well to post pictures along with the description.
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