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  1. My understanding of the FCC's rules is that DNS is intended as a replacement for the locals, not in addition to them. A one or the other deal, but not both. I know some folks have been getting both, but it appears that DTV is currently working on making sure they're following the rules. If you get the locals, you don't need DNS seems to be the way it's supposed to work. They likely don't want to get caught out the way Dish did awhile back, losing the right to offer DNS for a few years.
  2. Why would you change your service address if you have DNS? As I understand it, DNS is intended to replace the local stations for mobile RV'ers and truckers.
  3. But that's the whole point when it comes to RV'ers, there IS no "average".
  4. Oh, I don't disagree that there are places your setup can get into that mine can't, just as there many places me and my backpack can get into that your Jeep can't. My point was just that being a fulltimer doesn't necessarily limit our boondocking opportunities any more than it does for anyone else. I had a good friend that fulltimed for about 20 years with a mini-van and a teardrop. She absolutely could go places I couldn't go with our coach. Stick the teardrop behind your Jeep, and it could go places your 17 footer can't go. I'm just saying don't categorize us just because we're fulltimers. We're all different with different equipment and different requirements.
  5. Are you assuming all fulltimers drive "big rigs"? Our 34' coach is shorter by several feet than an F-150 towing a 20' TT. And if that truck/trailer combo can get to a remote boondocking spot, there's a good likelihood our coach can as well.
  6. That hour drive back out of town is what you commit to do when you don't make a reservation in that situation.
  7. With all the legal content available with various free streaming apps, including hundreds of movies, I don't know why anyone would risk the potential legal and security issues associated with pirated content.
  8. Yep! A 3' hose was the first one I bought as well...
  9. I've been replacing my hard to coil water hoses with 5/8" "Flexilla" hoses as needed. I found they're as easy to coil at 10 deg.F as they are at 80 deg.F. https://www.amazon.com/Flexzilla-Garden-Heavy-Lightweight-Drinking/dp/B01N9OCWJO/
  10. I don't know or care how anyone else categorizes our lifestyle. We own a small lakeside vacation cottage in upstate NY that's been in the family since the mid 40's, and we also have a full hookup RV site on the property. We arrived here from our southern winter tour a couple of days ago to spend the Easter holiday with our nearby family and set up on our site. We'll probably stick around here for at least a few weeks while we catch up on medical appointments and help with the spring yard work before heading to Vermont to help a friend with spring planting. Oh, and of course we're still living in our motorhome just as we do the rest of the year. Does owning the cottage disqualify us as fulltimers? Your call, because we really don't care...
  11. The current TST flow-through sensors are smaller than the older ones, so there's less sticking out. I have still seen complaints of them being slow when adding air though. As long as the extensions are well supported, the flow-throughs should work ok. I use the standard cap sensors, but with the rotary security covers removed. That makes the sensors smaller and less noticeable, as well as a bit lighter. Removing them to add air is no different now then removing the standard valve cap used on the flow-throughs or with no sensor.
  12. With spot beams, there's more than enough bandwidth to go around...
  13. Echostar has a number of KU and KA band sats in orbit providing services other than the DBS market using much smaller dishes than C-band.
  14. We generally make reservations at state and national parks as far ahead as the reservation systems allow for busy periods and when we have specific site preferences.
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