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  1. We've had speeds all over the dial as we move around. I think the peak I've seen so far was at a KOA in Jonestown, PA at ~75 Mbps. 25-30 Mbps is more typical of the speeds we see though on both AT&T and Verizon. We've also streamed reliably at 5 Mbps a number of times, so we really don't give speeds a lot of thought beyond deciding which carrier to use in a given location...
  2. It seems you managed to avoid the update so far. Good for you!
  3. Oh I agree their marketing and pricing seem to be at odds with gaining subscribers, but they've been pretty open about their goal.
  4. No "Maybe" about it, AT&T is clearly making a push to move their satellite and U-Verse subscribers to streaming.
  5. A power reset will restart the 2 hour clock. And yes, the always on option was removed in the same update that added the SIM lock.
  6. No issues, Terry. The tech seemed a bit surprised that I knew about the second code, but he didn't hesitate to give it to me. That was back when the SIM lock update first came out though, so the word hadn't spread much yet.
  7. Yeah, the qualifications needed to use the app to change locals are still pretty fuzzy it seems.
  8. With our Dish "Outdoor" account, I can change the local stations to where we are with just a few taps on the MyDish app on my phone. No phone call, no chat, just taps...
  9. I called AT&T tech support and asked for the PUK codes after giving them my account info. I told the tech I wanted them on hand just in case a problem came up while I was traveling. Make sure you ask for both a primary and backup code in case one of them fails.
  10. There are a number of options for recording streaming video on your PC, but I haven't looked into them enough to make any recommendations. Here's a few related articles: https://www.techsmith.com/blog/record-live-streaming-video/ https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-capture-streaming-video.html https://acethinker.com/desktop-recorder/record-live-streaming-video.html
  11. Nothing he needs for the services he wants though.
  12. Why would he need a jail broken (rooted) Firestick? I have pretty much the same channels available on my non-rooted Firestick with various apps that I have on satellite.
  13. Some of the multi-channel package streamers like SlingTV, YouTube TV, Hulu, etc., offer cloud based DVR services, either included or as an option.
  14. 76 years of camping and RV'ing and still learning!
  15. Obviously I wasn't speaking to all 30 amp RV's, just the ones I have owned over the course of many years. Heck, my 1986 Dolphin Class C had a standing pilot water heater that I had to go outside to light. I soon swapped it for a DSI heater I had on hand though.
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