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  1. Yep, it's quite the beast, isn't it...
  2. The cloud DVR provided by YouTube with their TV service.
  3. The Musk camp has been saying it will be priced "very competitively", so my guess would be sub $80/mo.
  4. I'll go with 3rd quarter of 2020 for limited availability in northern US and Canada. That's dependent on the consumer terminals being available though. Nationwide, I'm with you on sometime in 2021...
  5. Thanks for the update, Tom! I'm keeping a spot clear on my roof for the "pizza box"...
  6. Use the lookup tool on the left side of the site below to see if your car is 4-down towable. http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php
  7. If you want the convenience of changing your local stations with just a few taps on a phone app, call Dish4MyRV and have them set you up with an "Outdoor" pay as you go account once you have the system set up and receiving a signal. You'll be month to month with no contract, but you may miss out on some new customer specials. https://www.dishformyrv.com/
  8. I learned to hunt with a single shot 22 and one bullet. If I didn't bring back a squirrel, rabbit, bird, etc, I didn't get another bullet for a week.
  9. "Boondocking" is sometimes called "primitive camping" without the benefit of electric, water, or sewer hookups, and is usually done in remote or semi-remote locations away from established campgrounds. "OTG" is short for "Off The Grid", meaning essentially the same thing. Parking lot stays can also be a form of boondocking, although I prefer the term "Wallydocking" for that in recognition that Walmart parking lots are the most common locations used for overnighting without hookups.
  10. We used a tube whistle in a previous home's air handler filter, and it worked quite well. The only complaint we had with it was that it had a bad habit of sounding off at 2-3 am too often.
  11. NY is the same as Vermont in that we either transfer the plates from a sold vehicle to another vehicle or turn them in to the DMV. The buyer either obtains new plates by presenting a signed title for transfer and a bill of sale or transfers plates from another vehicle to it.
  12. There's nothing in your subject line that suggests limiting the topic to just boondocking in trailers. And many of us veteran RV'ers started out years ago hauling tents around and camping in various primitive conditions, sometimes in established parks, sometimes not. Unless you're at least 76 years old, I was primitive camping with or without a tent before you were born. At 16 I spent 3 months living in a remote shelter I built in the Adirondack Mountains only seeing other humans twice when I hiked out to replenish basic supplies. I did eventually move on to small travel trailers so my wife and kids could enjoy camping life as well with at least some basic creature comforts. Now my wife and I live full time in a 34' motorhome and still boondock a few times a year on a private 4000 acre woodlot where we have a lifetime access permit. Oh, and our two daughters have just recently made the transition from tent camping to small travel trailers. I think it was starting to get mail from AARP that pushed them over the edge. My point is don't limit yourself to only folks that are currently using their RV exactly the way you prefer, because you may miss out on a lot of good information that others could offer from their past experiences. And by the way, a "trailer camper" is one of many types of RV's...
  13. We all want to be unique... Just like everybody else...
  14. Kirk's right, the clothes pins do a good job of redirecting the water away from the side of the RV. After forgetting to remove them a few times and finding them still in place at the next stop, now I just leave them on all the time. In the past 5 years I've only lost two, probably due to passing tree branches.
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