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  1. I'm still chuckling at the thought that a 200-300 MB file takes "all day" to upload on cell data. My current AT&T connection is averaging a meager 20-25 Mbps down and 10-15 Mbps up, so that 300 MB file would take about 2.5 minutes to upload, and around half that to download. I can't see myself going to a McD's just to upload it. Now that really would cut into my TV time!
  2. Dutch_12078

    Dish Network TV Guide

    I'm not familiar with any other written Dish only program guides, although some of the local print newspapers may still include a TV listings guide that includes the Dish channels. We find the onscreen guide works well for us, but we also use the DishAnywhere guide on our PC's when we don't want to interfere with a program in progress.
  3. Dutch_12078


    Check the reviews at RVParkReviews.com and other review sites to see what the folks that have stayed at parks of interest are saying. By far, you'll find that most parks are quite safe and family friendly, although some have more features for the younger set than others. KOA "Destination" and Jellystone RV Parks for instance, are not surprisingly more family oriented than parks in snowbird areas that cater mainly to seniors.
  4. Dutch_12078

    Can you gravity feed a RV water heater?

    I checked the pressure gauge at my accumulator tank line this morning before and after bringing the water heater up from ambient 62 deg.F to shutoff temp, and the pressure increased by ~2 PSI. I'll try it again later today with the accumulator valve shut off so only the heater tank bubble is in play.
  5. Dutch_12078

    Can you gravity feed a RV water heater?

    If you add a 2-5 gallon accumulator bladder tank to the system, the pump would run much less often, albeit longer at each cycle. Turning the pump on long enough to pressurize the tank and system would be enough to run the system at pressure for normal flushing and hand washing several times before the pump would need to run again. For showers, the pump would need to be left on, but does it really matter then that it's noisy? I mounted our pump in a basement storage bin with flexible hoses connecting it to the input and output piping. It's quiet enough that we can't tell it's running with the TV on.
  6. Dutch_12078

    Free eBooks

    We're long time Book Bub subscribers as well, and we also belong to the upstate NY regional library system near our upstate NY cottage that gives us access to the Overdrive book lending system. We've also joined the NY Public Library in NYC that's open to all NY State residents. My wife and I currently have ~1000 books each stored on our phone, tablets, and PC's, and we're reading on average three books a week, so that should last us awhile. In fairness, we won't actually read all of them since sometimes we start one that just doesn't "grab" us and drop it. Our favorite e-reader is "Moon+ Reader Pro" for Android. Moon+ reads many book formats and automatically synchronizes between our various devices making switching from one to another very easy. We also use the free "Calibre" book management program to convert books from one format to another as needed. Calibre has some third-party add-ons available from others that allow it to work with various DRM formats, although that does get into some copyright grey areas. We use DropBox and the DropSync app to automatically update our devices with new book listings.
  7. AT&T says our Connected Car Plan is subject to deprioritization after 22GB if we're on a congested tower, and only for the period of the congestion. In our experience, we've never seen a slow down on any tower that was any worse than we see on any congested tower even when we're under the 22GB usage mark. Certainly nothing like Verizon's 0.6Mbps throttling speed. We stream TV programs, movies, sports, etc., quite often and rarely see any significant buffering. We're streaming an NBC program right now in fact, while we're riding out a thunderstorm induced outage on satellite.
  8. Our AT&T Connected Car Plan has certainly been "unlimited USABLE data" for us with some months exceeding 150GB. We've seen no significant speed reductions other than the expected temporary slow downs on busy towers that we've seen with every cell data service we've ever had during peak usage hours.
  9. Our Maximum Signal Max Amp has kept us online numerous times in places where our cell phones and hotspots found no detectable signal, including areas where the carriers own coverage maps said there was no service. Obviously, there was enough signal for the Max Amp to detect it though...
  10. Dutch_12078

    Getting cash while on the road

    We use the "Bank of Walmart" and other stores for cash back on our debit card purchases. We can get $200 per visit at Walmart if needed by splitting our purchases between my wife and I.
  11. Dutch_12078

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    I just checked the milk crates I have on hand, and none have the warning label shown in the article.
  12. Dutch_12078

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    There's a regional dairy company in upstate NY that sells their worn crates for $2 each. At least they still did the last time I stopped there a few years ago. Usually the only thing really "worn" on them was the company name and logo.
  13. Yes, if you're changing locals via chat or phone, you can give them any service address you want. You need to be within the spot beam for those locals to view them of course, unless it's one of the few DMA's with CONUS locals on one of the sats. For instance, when the hurricanes were causing all the problems in FL, GA, SC, etc., we changed our service address to St Marys, GA for the Jacksonville locals on the 77 sat while we were parked in upstate NY. That gave us much better first hand coverage than we could get from the NY locals. Using the phone app, you have no option to select which locals, which takes away the option to switch before you get there as well.
  14. I meant that the Ft Wayne locals on 61.5 can be received anywhere in the lower 48 states.