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  1. My Sanyo has HDMI (2), component video (2), composite video w/audio (1), digital (1), DVI (1), audio (1), PC (1), mini headphone (1), and USB (1).
  2. Ok, that's a problem then. The TV I'm connected to right now doesn't have the optical jack, but I'll give it a try on the other TV when I get a chance. I don't know what a work around would be though.
  3. Are you connecting the TV device to the headphone jack on the TV or the (usually red and white) audio output RCA jacks... The RCA jacks should not cut off the TV speakers, but the headphone jack will.
  4. My VA issued Signia (Siemens) hearing aids are also Apple specific for direct streaming, but I was supplied with two accessories that correct that shortcoming. The StreamLine TV device is hardwired to the audio output of the TV and streams the sound to my hearing aids, and the StreamLine Mic is both a remote microphone with a 65' range and a Bluetooth interface for my Android phone, laptop, etc. Both devices and the other features like spatial configuration, program options, tone balance, etc., are all controlled from the myControl app on my LG Stylo Android phone. I'd prefer direct Bluetooth connections, but the add-ons do get the job done. If those add-ons were not available, I'd have probably asked for a different brand/model if possible.
  5. Fortunately for many of us, Dinosaur makes a very handy universal ignitor board series that works well in many Dometic furnaces, water heaters, and some refrigerators. The UIB's come in both large and small formats and cost less than the OEM boards. I usually have one in my spares just in case I need it for my own devices or to help out a fellow RV'er...
  6. Heat dissipation was why I was thinking clear coat instead of potting the board, John. That could still be too much insulation, but I do note that Dometic uses potted ignitor boards on their water heaters.
  7. I wonder if clear coating the board would help. Masking the connection points of course...
  8. I've installed around 50-60 Dinosaur boards in various appliances over the years, both my own and other people's. I've only once returned a board for replacement, and that one had quite clearly been damaged in shipping.
  9. That's good to know, Lou. I'm only using my Visible service for data, and at $25/mo with the Party Pay incentive, it works well as a backup to my AT&T Connected Car Plan. I have no intentions of using it for voice or text service other than as a temporary backup if one of our other phones fails. Even then I would likely only use it for WiFi calls.
  10. You might want to check in at Reddit to find other party members. https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/
  11. Have you tried a Dinosaur board instead of the OEM boards?
  12. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter...
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