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  1. I've seen Starlink subscriber prices listed in a few interviews that were very competitive with current cable offerings. Musk has also quoted earth station prices in the $150-$200 range for a pizza box sized unit. I don't know if those were installed prices or not. Of course it's anyone's guess at this point what will actually hit the market.
  2. In the DBS case, millions of people have figured out that there is no viable option yet for them. As broadband coverage expands, probably with a lot of help from the new LEO technology, more will find their way to a streaming alternative. That will likely be a number of years down the road before DBS is no longer viable. A Dish/DTV merger would be a precursor to the ultimate demise of DBS, but it will also extend that demise as costs come down and profitability is maintained longer. Is Pandora adding subscribers in step with Sirius/XM losing them?
  3. According to Musk, only 1,000 satellites are needed for the service to be "economically viable". More than that would boost capacity as needed to meet demand. https://spacenews.com/musk-says-starlink-economically-viable-with-around-1000-satellites/
  4. Locast.org, the non-profit that streams locals for free (donations requested) has now added Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD to their other 9 cities. For Dish and DirecTV subscribers, a Locast app has been added to the current receivers. The website and app must detect that you're in the correct market area to use the service. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/locast-launches-its-free-live-tv-service-in-south-dakota/
  5. Dish has started rolling out a new 5G network. The Boost deal would give them an instant subscriber base and an experienced front office crew with interim MVNO usage of Sprint's towers and roaming agreements.
  6. I have several parks on my list where I know to mention my veteran status at check-in, and always ask at new parks unless we're using another discount already. I haven't found any yet that allow a double discount, nor would I expect them to.
  7. Must be some weak wristed installers over your way that don't tighten the clamp bolts very well. Even our portable tripod mounted dish has withstood 60 MPH wind gusts without losing the signal. And that one only has wing nuts on the clamp bolts. The fact remains though, there aren't a lot of re-aiming truck rolls needed overall, and the majority of truck rolls are contractors or independent retailers, not direct employees.
  8. The permanent dish at our Adirondack cottage hasn't needed re-aiming since I installed it in 2010. The signal levels have been stable the entire time.
  9. Dish and DTV are both currently profitable thanks to the satellite subscribers, and conversely, both of their streaming services are currently losing money. As streaming continues to gain subscribers and satellite TV loses them, that will reverse at some point, but that point is likely at least a few years away. The bulk of sat tv cost is the amount paid to program providers, and that cost goes down with each subscriber lost, but delivery costs remain the same. With streaming, the programming costs go up with each added subscriber as well as the costs for the content delivery network.
  10. Bronze and copper wool are common items at hardware and wood working stores.
  11. Does this look like a "dream" to you? "SpaceX has created a brand new website dedicated to its Starlink satellite constellation, a prelude to offering Internet service to consumers after as few as six launches." "Additionally, Starlink.com reiterated CEO Elon Musk’s estimate that SpaceX will conduct 2-6 dedicated Starlink launches – carrying at least 60 satellites each – in 2019 alone. In other words, a best-case satellite deployment scenario could mean that SpaceX will be able to start offering Starlink service to consumers 'in the Northern U.S. and Canadian latitudes' as early as this year..." SpaceX wants to offer Starlink internet to consumers after just six launches
  12. The point though, is that the hall management apparently made the decision to admit emotional support animals since the ADA does not include them in its access requirements.
  13. I think the issue would be whether they're using a mail service and claiming that address as their domicile. If they're using a park/site address, then it shouldn't be a problem.
  14. I've seen one setup where a piece of foam pipe insulation was slipped over the rim of the opening to reduce the size. A slit piece of pool noodle would work too...
  15. Probably safer than the little blue haired lady that can't see over the steering wheel... https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2019/06/13/new-florida-law-lets-autonomous-vehicles-drive-without-humans/
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