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  1. We watched the eclipse multiple times with complete eye safety here in upstate NY using the video feeds from various totality locations coast to coast supplied by NASA via satellite. The 65% coverage overhead here barely dimmed the sun at all though, about the same as a thin cloud cover. Looking forward to 2024 when this location will be at the edge of the totality path...
  2. The Pathway X2 is a good choice for aiming flexibility, but you do need to be aware of the receiver limitations. You will be able to use the Dish VIP series single tuner receivers such as the 211k, 211z, and Wally, or a couple of older dual tuner receivers as long as the programs you want to watch at the same time are on the same satellite. You will not be able to use the Dish multi-tuner DVR receivers like the 3 tuner Hopper w/Sling or the 16 tuner Hopper 3. The Trav'ler will work with both Hoppers, but is limited to the western arc satellites only in automatic mode. You can manually aim it at one of the eastern arc sats though, 61.5 as I recall. A portable tripod mounted manually aimed dish can be used with all of the current Dish receivers, as well as being used with both arcs by changing the LNB as needed. But it does need to be assembled and aimed every time you relocate, something that with practice can usually be done in 10-15 minutes.
  3. My only "debate" is whether the Unite Explore 815S offers enough advantages over my current Unite 770S to warrant the purchase. The phone charging port is nice, but I have several small USB battery packs on hand, as well as a Verizon 6620L Jetpack that has that feature. My 770S also has MIMO capability, so nothing much to gain there. It's not something I'm spending a lot of time thinking about, just a now and then thing when I'm on eBay looking for something else...
  4. Yes, you're overthinking it. The Mobley SIM will work fine in the 815S, just as it has for others in other forums. As I recall, several folks on the Howard cell forum are using the 815S this way. I'm still debating buying one myself...
  5. The downside of those "little domes" is the receiver limitations that go with them, but they are easy to use. We use a portable tripod mounted dish that receives three satellites at once, allowing us full use of the multiple tuners in our Dish DVR receiver. The downside of our setup is the need to assemble and aim it each time we move, but with practice, that seldom takes me longer than 10-15 minutes. Of the domes available for Dish sat service, I feel the Winegard Pathway X2 is the best choice. The X2 works with both sets of three satellites that Dish uses, and has a larger reflector than the others, for a stronger signal with less rain fade.
  6. I've never found all these extra charges at KOA's other than an occasional WiFi charge. The price we were quoted on the reservation site has always been the price we paid. Your list reminds me of some non-KOA parks though, that have an extra $1-$2/day charge for 50 amp, and some of them only have Tengo WiFi at a price, while others have no on-site WiFi or cable at all. Oh, wait a minute... Those are Escapees owned parks...
  7. We normally stay at two KOA's twice on our trek south and back north each year, and those stays alone accumulate enough points to pay our VIK membership each year plus a couple of free nights now then, from other KOA stays throughout the year. However, both of our regular KOA's have gotten so busy that getting reservations has become difficult over the past couple of years. This coming winter we're replacing one of the KOA's in GA near the FL line with a GA state park that's only a few miles away, and the other one with a nearby park that's now open year round in PA. We tried that PA park last spring, and were very pleased with both the park and the rates. Given the reduction in KOA usage, it may not be worth it to us to maintain our VIK membership. We'll see how it goes, and we will still have our SKP, GS, and PA memberships that more than pay for themselves...
  8. When my wife broke a partial denture beyond repair while we were in Florida last winter, it only took three phone calls to find a dentist that would see her the next day in Sarasota. The dentist was very nice, and she had a new partial ready in three days. When my wife told her regular dentist in NY about it, he said the new partial was well crafted, and the cost was only slightly higher than his charge would have been.
  9. That's for sure! I have had good luck trimming them down though. No failures so far...
  10. That's what I get for trusting my memory without double checking. I was one size step off in the previous post.
  11. Yes, in fact I mis-spoke in a previous post. The Mobley uses a micro-SIM, as does the Unite Explore 815S, while the Unite 770S and the Unite Pro 781S use a standard SIM, so those two models need a micro to standard SIM adapter to use the Mobley SIM. That's what I'm using in my Unite 770S.
  12. Ok, I could be recalling it wrong. Bill Adams posted one time that the Trav'ler controller powers the LNB during the search routine, and then turns it over to the DTV power inserter on completetion. That would seem to indicate the signal would also not be fed to the receiver until that point since it's on the same wire, but I could be wrong in thinking that of course.
  13. Yes, my Connected Car plan had "Stream Saver" enabled also. Not any more... Thanks!
  14. The Unite 770S I'm using is not unlocked. I got it from "h2o Wireless", an AT&T MVNO. i did nothing to it except install the Mobley SIM and change the APN to match the Mobley's setting. Plus the usual security settings, etc., as you would for any hotspot.
  15. If I recall correctly, the Trav'ler controller doesn't deliver the sat signal to the receiver until it has found the sats. If that's the case, then the 775 would seem to be the correct receiver error code for Richard's situation.