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  1. I just received an email from Dish that will make changing locals while traveling even easier than using the chat system:
  2. Satellite Antenna

    I've watched folks setting up X2's, Tailgaters, and other dome models many times, and I really can't say that I saw any significant difference in the effort involved.
  3. Satellite Antenna

    The X2 is capable of using either Dish satellite arc, increasing your aiming opportunities on sites with trees or other obstructions. There are also a number of east coast areas where the local channels are eastern arc only. The Playmate is a western arc only dish.
  4. Dish TV question

    Yep, got it. I was thinking of the automatic domes for DTV.
  5. Dish TV question

    Ah, in that case, he must have a Slimline dish I assume, with a 3 LNB single housing KU/KA LNB set.
  6. Dish TV question

    They don't... Just like the Dish dome antennas, they can only get one satellite at a time with a single LNB. And even then not all of them, since DTV uses a different format for their HD satellite reception that requires a different LNB (KA) than the SD sats (KU). That's why all of the DTV automatic domes are SD only, since they only have a KU LNB.
  7. Dish TV question

    My equipment is all owned as well, although that does not save any money in fees. The difference is that the elliptical dishes and multi-LNB's (1000.2/1000.4) are capable of feeding multiple tuners with multiple programming from multiple satellites at the same time to the Hopper series receivers. With the current Hopper 3 for instance, you can watch/record up to 16 programs at once (plus 2 OTA channels) if desired. The only automatic dishes that can support that are the $1500+ Trav'ler type dishes that are also western arc limited like most of the domes. The much cheaper tripod mount works just fine for me... And my wallet.
  8. Dish TV question

    Consider it ignored, Joel...
  9. Dish TV question

    John, let me know when King puts out a Tailgater that works with the newer multi-tuner receivers. Working through trees would be plus too, since it only uses the western arc sats. That version would interest me...
  10. Dish TV question

    Well, just to finish it up, we move frequently and I've set up our 1000.4 daily on numerous occasions without complaint. Since upgrading to Hoppers w/Sling though, for one nighters, we sometimes just stream live and/or recorded programming from the Hopper installed at our upstate NY vacation cottage instead of setting up the dish where we are.
  11. Dish TV question

    Yep, the distance does make it a bit tight getting the aim dead on. Your Tailgater II is fine as long as the western arc sats are viewable from your location. In other situations though, the eastern arc sats may be easier to dial in. And none of the domes work with the current multi-tuner Hopper series receivers of course. The ~15 minutes it typically takes me to set up our 1000.4 dish is fine with me in relation to the benefits we get from the multi-satellite reception with our Hoppers.
  12. Dish TV question

    Satellite Internet does require a tighter aim than sat TV due to the bi-directional requirements of the signals, but you son is quite wrong about domes no longer working. The Pathway and the Tailgater for instance, are dome examples that obviously work, as do the other domes made by Winegard and King for both Dish and Direct. If he has to adjust his sat Internet dish seasonally due to leaf/tree growth, then he doesn't have a clear enough sight line to the satellite to begin with. There are a few portable and mobile sat Internet systems currently on the market that are aimed at RV'ers and other mobile users, and are either automatically aimed or manually aimed by the user with some training. Streaming TV programming is undoubtedly the way of the future, but I think a 5-10 year window is a bit optimistic for it to completely capture the cable/satellite TV market. Until low cost unlimited data Internet is available nationwide, cable and satellite will still have a viable market. Then again, Elon Musk, et al, may change all that.
  13. Dish TV question

    The change was made a few years ago, Linda, and the Trav'ler was not affected. There's more than one way to identify a particular satellite, and in hindsight, some antenna designers chose the wrong method for their product.
  14. Dish TV question

    Dish did make a western arc protocol change a few years back that affected some automatic domes ability to lock on the correct satellites. Some could be reprogrammed to work with the new protocol, but others could not. I thought the "bad" ones were older than 2012, but I could be wrong about that. The dome manufacturer should be able to clear that up when given the model number.
  15. Using a Super Buddy between EA and WA

    I don't use a Super Buddy for aiming, so I'm not familiar with its operation. Sorry...