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  1. Staying in a parking lot

    Al, did you miss that this was just the bare ram with no foot (pad) attached? I can see a 2" or so steel rod punching down with the weight of the RV on it putting a pretty good divot in the asphalt.
  2. EZ pass mini

    "E-Pass" is NOT the same as "E-ZPass". E-Pass is accepted only in FL, GA, and NC. E-ZPass is accepted in 16 states, but Florida is not one of them. https://www.ezpassde.com/pages/where_use_ezpass.shtml
  3. residential fridge install question

    I used a pair of common window latches to secure the doors on our top freezer residential fridge.
  4. Millenicom is back

    T-Mobile's coverage map has gotten a lot better IF your device uses all of the bands T-M is using in their expansion. That includes the 66 and 71 bands that Bill Joyce mentioned. The Millenicom hotspot does not include them...
  5. EZ pass mini

    I suggest placing the transponder below any tinting that usually extends down to the AS1 line marked on the edge of the windshield. Some materials used for tinting are metallic and can interfere with the transponder being read.
  6. Millenicom is back

    I agree, Bill, it does appear that Millenicom is repurposing an AT&T hotspot for their T-Mobile unlimited plan. RVMobileInternet.com says this about it: "Their Ultimate LTE plan is essentially a T-Mobile One plan that they sell to put in selected non-T-Mobile branded data only devices to get unlimited data. However, these plans are subject to network prioritization, and may experienced slowed speeds after 50B of usage in a month when on congested towers. These plans are similar the same plans that 4G Antenna Shop and Unlimited LTE Advanced is selling for their T-Mobile options." https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/review-center/millenicom-tmobile-cellular-plans/
  7. Millenicom is back

    "The Airesy is customized to include Bands 2, 4, 5, 12 and 17 for use on our Ultimate LTE plan." http://www.millenicom.com/equipment/#mifi
  8. Millenicom is back

    Millenicom's "Ultimate LTE" plan is on T-Mobile, and only includes 200mb of roaming data before you're cut off until the end of the cycle or you're back on a T-Mobile tower. Usage over 50GB is subject to deprioritization.
  9. Mobile Hotspots

    We have both AT&T and Verizon service, and at least east of the Mississippi, we've yet to find anyplace we didn't have AT&T service. Sometimes one is stronger than the other, but that's about the only difference we've seen so far.
  10. Mobile Hotspots

    You might want to let AT&T and T-Mobile know about the difference. Apparently they didn't get the memo... https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/att-prepaid-mobile-hotspot.html https://www.t-mobile.com/landing/mobile-hotspots-and-connected-devices.html
  11. Mobile Hotspots

    On our AT&T unlimited data plan, if/when we are "deprioritized" after 22GB, it simply means that non-deprioritized users data gets priority over our data, not that we get "capped" at a specific slower speed. Our speed reduction is proportional to the traffic volume on that specific tower, and varies as the traffic volume varies. In reality, when a tower is that congested, everyone sees slower speeds, so the deprioritization may not even be noticed. That's been our experience anyway. We have seen slow downs on congested towers, but whether it was due to deprioritization or not, I couldn't say, since we've also seen slow downs on congested towers before we hit 22GB.
  12. Death while full timing

    That was my thinking, Yarome...
  13. Death while full timing

    At the time of death, most organs have a limited time span where they remain viable for transplantation. Whole body donations are most commonly used for training/teaching purposes or tissue extractions that are not as time dependent. If you pass away in a hospital and have indicated that you wish to donate any viable organs, and if the hospital has no immediate need within its own walls, the organs are made available to the national donor network for matching with other hospital's needs. Again, that's a very time limited option though, and given the complexities of matching organs to recipients, not all available viable organs will be used. If you pass away elsewhere, there's a good chance few, if any, of your organs will be transplant candidates due to harvesting time limitations.
  14. Death while full timing

    You mean something like the "Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network" run by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services? https://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/
  15. State Veteran's Benefits

    Yep, I get a 25% combat vets exemption on our cottage property taxes. And a school tax exemption just for living so long...