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  1. Do I recall you changed the SIM lock code? I wonder if that would prevent the update from installing...
  2. Dutch_12078

    Why full time?

    Maybe one indicator of whether you're a potential fulltimer or not is whether you look forward to getting home after an RV trip, or look forward to getting out again as soon as possible. We always kept our disappointment during a return trip home at bay by using the time to start planning the next outing. Then we retired...
  3. Dutch_12078

    Why full time?

    Many of us don't fulltime because it's less expensive, we fulltime because we enjoy the lifestyle. As it happens, our fulltiming costs along with our costs to maintain our small Adirondack family cottage about equal what our costs were when we had a 1,700 sq ft sticks & bricks with all of its attendent maintenance needs. We don't spend a lot of time at the cottage though, and when we do, we continue to live in our coach except for brief periods while we clean or make repairs and modifications. Over the years with various RV's, I've done most of the repair work, but we've had a few major breakdowns, like a failed transmission, a blown engine, and a failed rear axle assembly. In every case, we were able to remain staying in the coach, at least for the nights. Medically, we see our regular doctors when we're in the area, but our Medicare Advantage Plan covers us pretty much everywhere we go, and the few times we've needed it, if an urgent care facility wasn't enough, we've never had a problem locating an in plan provider near us. When my wife was battling cancer, we had no trouble finding a quality oncologist in Florida that worked cooperatively with her oncologist in upstate NY. I also have VA care available if needed...
  4. In our coach and current toad, the OBDII power pin the Mobley uses stays alive at all times unless the battery is disconnected. In our older previous toad, that pin shuts off with the key. With the Mobley out of the OBDII port, a variable 24 vDC power supply is less than $20 on Amazon. Set at about 13 volts, it should keep the Mobley alive as long as desired.
  5. Dutch_12078

    Medicare Advantage Plan Recommendations?

    I've heard that idea is full of holes, Rich...
  6. Dutch_12078

    Verizon Hum

    Of course the HUM is a "hotspot" along with its OBDII related features. Moving the SIM to another hotspot would make it more useful as a hotspot though, less the OBDII features of course. More portability, better antennas, etc...
  7. When my vehicle insurance company sent me a device to plug into the OBDII port to track my driving habits for awhile, out of curiosity, I asked AT&T CS about moving the Mobley SIM to a different device for the duration of the testing. After consulting with a supervisor, she told me I could move it to another hotspot without violating the TOS. She said moving it to a phone would be a violation, and would be detected by the system. My AT&T account shows my Unite Explore as my current device, and my autopay amount has not changed from the original $20 plus fees. If AT&T does object at some point, I can, of course, easily put the SIM back in the Mobley. I wonder if anyone has found a way to block the firmware upgrade...
  8. Possibly, what make/model is your other hotspot? If your Mobley's SIM has been SIM locked by the latest update though, you may have pester AT&T tech support for the unlock (PUK) codes.
  9. I haven't put the Mobley's Connected Car Plan SIM back in the actual device for almost a year now, but I assume the Mobley would still work fine if I did. The SIM is certainly earning it's keep in my Netgear Unite Explore.
  10. Dutch_12078

    Verizon Hum

    I wonder if the SIM can be removed and used in a more useful device like a hotspot. Or does the device report to the mother ship that it's not installed in a vehicle...
  11. Dutch_12078

    NY Class R license

    To be clear, NY does not issue a Class 'R' license for 26K+ RV operation. What is required for personal use, is an 'R' endorsement on a standard Class D passenger vehicle license. I didn't take the road test for mine, but I've heard it's pretty simple. One option for your situation might be to use a rental truck or trailer to haul your stuff to your destination state, and then rent storage space there if needed.
  12. Dutch_12078

    Bluegrass Festivals?

    Mark your calendar for next year, there was one across the road from the Rodman Campground about 10 miles south of Palatka, FL this weekend.
  13. Dutch_12078

    Best Cell Booster

    I have a ~20' spread between the Max Amp inside and outside antennas, and don't have any "red light" issues with one exception. There's a brief section of I-88 in NY's Southern Tier where the amp goes red consistently when we pass through. In less than a mile, I can power cycle the amp and all is well again. In discussing it with Gord early on, we suspect there's interference from nearby microwave towers causing the issue, since there are a number of them in view including one tower with six MW antennas on it. I have a dash switch that controls the power to the amp, so it's a simple matter to reset it on the fly when the problem occurs. We're currently at a FL state park about half way between Palatka and Salt Springs, and just yesterday a neighbor was complaining to me about the lack of cell service here. He has a Verizon phone, and drives out to the main road to get usable service. With our Max Amp turned on, we're getting 3-5 Mbps down on our Verizon Jetpack, and 15-20 Mbps down on our AT&T hotspot. We've been streaming regularly with the AT&T hotspot with minimal buffering, and our Verizon phones have also been working ok with no dropped calls.
  14. Dutch_12078

    RV for commercial use

    Consider too, if you're running multiple laptops and coffee machines, along with the people needed to operate them, the heat gain may be more than the standard one or two 13.5 or 15K BTU AC's on RV's can deal with. Adding additional AC capacity of course, means even higher power requirements. As Kirk said, if we knew more about your intended operation, we might be of more help.
  15. Dutch_12078

    Best Cell Booster

    The magnetic roof antenna for our Maximum Signal Max Amp stays in place just fine when traveling. I ran the coax down through the fridge vent and then through cabinets to the transciever location. The Max Amp has routinely brought us usable LTE cell signals in locations where other folks are getting little or no signals.