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  1. Dutch_12078

    EZ Passes for Class A with Tow Vehicle

    The federal government mandated that all toll systems have full interoperability by October, 2016. Obviously that's running just a little behind schedule... https://www.wired.com/story/national-tolling-system/
  2. Dutch_12078

    EZ Passes for Class A with Tow Vehicle

    I don't know how much the 5'ver discount is, David, but every bit helps. A call to E-ZPass should find more info. With the Thruway Motorhome Plan, we pay the same per axle tolls as ordinary passenger vehicles, about half the tall vehicle rate the big trucks and buses pay.
  3. Dutch_12078

    EZ Passes for Class A with Tow Vehicle

    E-ZPass now works on the Central Florida Expressway system.
  4. Dutch_12078

    Questions about Dish TV

    There are no Dish receivers that are "designed for RV use" just as there are no DTV receivers "designed for RV use", Bob. It's much too small a market to warrant that kind of development investment. The Wally was designed as a replacement for the previous VIP 211 series single tuner receivers, and while both are popular for RV use, neither were designed with that use in mind. There are many S&B residences with basic no fee VIP and Wally installations where those models fit the subscribers needs and/or wallet.
  5. When we're in the St Marys, GA area heading south, we use that as our service address for both GA and south to central Florida, getting the Jacksonville locals. When we do eventually change our service address to Florida, we start getting charged the Florida 9.07% satellite TV tax. Our billing address remains in NY where there is no satellite tax.
  6. We occasionally receive Dish mailings at our billing address, including free movies, etc, as a reward of some sort. It's just often enough to make it worthwhile keeping our billing address correct.
  7. I automatically check my MyDish account after every change made by chat or phone. It's simple to correct the billing address if needed.
  8. Dutch_12078

    Hotspot recommendations

    If you can live with a tethered tablet instead of a hotspot, AT&T has a $30/month unlimited plan. It's deprioritized after 22GB, but so far that hasn't been a problem on our similar Connected Car plan. Click on "Tablets and Other Mobile Devices". https://buyasession.att.com/sbd/Common/ShopRatePlans.action
  9. Dutch_12078

    EZ Passes for Class A with Tow Vehicle

    David, do you have the NY Thruway 5'ver discount plan? https://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/ta-w68176.pdf
  10. Dutch_12078

    Dish Outdoors & Hopper 3 Fees

    Ah, ok, now I see what you're saying. The DVR fee for the first receiver is currently $15 also...
  11. Dutch_12078

    Gnats in the black tank

    The roof vent connection pipe is likely connected to both tanks, giving the flies a path to the black tank from the open grey tank. The traps at the sinks, shower, etc., would keep them from showing up inside. I've often seen the flies when uncapping the sewer connection at various parks to hook up the waste hose. Adding a trap in the waste hose will keep them out of both tanks, yet still allow the grey valve to be left open.
  12. Dutch_12078

    Gnats in the black tank

    Sounds like sewer flies to me. Try putting a dip in the waste hose to act as a trap.
  13. Dutch_12078

    Dish Outdoors & Hopper 3 Fees

    Yes.. Both of my Hoppers are owned, not leased.
  14. Dutch_12078

    Dish Outdoors & Hopper 3 Fees

    I own both of my Hopper 2's, and pay a grandfathered $12 DVR fee for one and the current $15 DVR fee for the other. No other charges related to the Hoppers except a $7 Joey fee.
  15. Dutch_12078

    MaximumSignal Update?

    I'll just add that my "blue light" Max Amp RV also continues to perform excellently in weak signal areas, including some where my phone detects no signal at all without it.