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  1. Dutch_12078

    Free TV on all devices

    Yes, I have notices the admin fee increases, but at $23.24/mo total currently, I'm not complaining...
  2. Dutch_12078

    Free TV on all devices

    The bandwidth used by my cell data does not affect the bandwidth available for your cell data use unless the tower we're both on is extremely busy. And that's not an ideal condition for streaming anyway...
  3. Dutch_12078

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    Another option I've used on occasion is go have USPS packages delivered to a nearby UPS store. They do require filling out an authorization form ahead of time and paying a small handling fee though.
  4. Dutch_12078

    Free TV on all devices

    Of course that's how it works, and I'd expect anyone that plans on doing a lot of streaming would sign up for one of the available unlimited plans. I'm among the fortunate ones that grabbed AT&T's low cost unlimited Connected Car Plan when it was offered, but there are other unlimited plans from the major carriers..
  5. Dutch_12078

    Free TV on all devices

    Yep, that same ISP you're already paying to read and post here... 😉
  6. Dutch_12078

    DirecTV 'Service Address' problems

    duplicate info deleted.
  7. Dutch_12078

    DirecTV 'Service Address' problems

    If you're happy with only the network programming available on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, that's fine for you. On the other hand, we enjoy programs on PBS, CW, myTV, ION, and others that aren't carried by DNS. A wider choice is nice given the dearth of good programming available these days.
  8. Dutch_12078

    DirecTV 'Service Address' problems

    We like getting the locals where we are for more than just the news and weather. There's also the lesser network and independent stations that aren't available with DNS. Where we currently are in northeastern NY for instance, we're getting 13 primary local channels on Dish, but only 3 channels OTA. That gives us a much larger selection of programming than we would get with DNS. And it doesn't cost an extra fee...
  9. Dutch_12078

    Single People and Campgrounds

    I've seen both male and female singles in various parks quite often, and never gave it a second thought. I've probably had hundreds of conversations with fellow RV'ers over the years, and unless it came up in a discussion or there was other obvious evidence, many times I wouldn't have any idea if the person I was talking to was single or not. In your shoes, I wouldn't be concerned about it.
  10. Dutch_12078

    Winegard Pathway X2 or 211z

    As far as I know, updates are fed on both 61.5 and 72.7 on the eastern arc. I'm not sure if 77 has them also.
  11. Yep, the problem isn't the registration system. The problem is the increased popularity of RV'ing without a similar increase in the number of camp sites. And with the high costs of campground development or expansion, I do understand the reasons for that lag.
  12. Try getting a site in Florida at any national or state park south of Orlando in January or February for a two week stay without a reservation made months in advance.
  13. Dutch_12078

    Batwing antenna

    The channel listings and changes shown on the RabbitEars repack list are the actual RF broadcast channels, not the virtual channel numbers shown on the PSIP station ID's. It has nothing to do with individual carriers channel remapping. If you're in the Huntsville, AL DMA for instance, WHDF is identified as channel 15 while currently transmitting on RF channel 14 (UHF), but will be moving their transmission to RF channel 2 (lo-VHF) under the repack rules. They will still be identified in the program guides as channel 15 (PSIP).
  14. Yep, it's so much more exciting to drive a thousand miles or so only to find there are no sites available.
  15. Dutch_12078

    Batwing antenna

    Note that while the list shows 152 stations going off the air, that's a bit misleading. While those stations are giving up their licenses, many will actually remain on the air as a sub-channel under another licensee.