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  1. About 3 weeks ago, the Publix, Winn Dixie, and Walmart in St Mary's, GA all had empty TP shelves including the RV section at Walmart. We haven't shopped since getting to our upstate NY cottage, but our daughters tell us Walmart and the two regional chain markets here also have empty TP shelves. We're not low yet, so hopefully the distribution warehouses will be catching up before we need more.
  2. Where are you buying these 24 roll packs and how long ago did you buy one?
  3. Are you suggesting the incidence of IBD/Crohn's increased dramatically causing increased TP demand at the same time COVID-19 hoarders caused the other shortages we've seen in the markets?
  4. 120 mega rolls is a little more than "a month's supply" even for a family of five I expect.
  5. They sure were. At one Walmart with a 24 roll limit, I watched a family of five check out separately with each member pushing their own cart with the maximum count in each one.
  6. Yep, it's hard to say what will still be open tomorrow these days. We feel very fortunate that we were able to stay one step ahead of the closings and make it to our own site in the Adirondacks with out any problems. That Virginia order was signed by the governor just a few hours after we left the state.
  7. The Virginia governor has ordered all private RV parks to not allow any stays shorter than 14 days until June 10th.
  8. Almost every time we've gone to our Adirondack cottage we've stopped at our favorite local restaurant for a meal before we got there. Now of course, they're doing take-out and delivery only, but we're still going to stop there for a meal tomorrow as usual. The only difference will be that we'll stay in the motorhome in the parking lot to eat our delivered meal. It won't be the same as going inside and getting our usual hugs from the owner though... 😥
  9. I trimmed my wife's hair a few days ago for the first time. She's been cutting my hair for the past 50+ years, so I was more than willing to give her hair a try. She said she was pleased with the results and may keep me around for awhile longer.
  10. We've got a little over half a tank, but I'll top off at $1.64 just up the road in Winchester, VA tomorrow so I won't have to stop again until just before we get to our upstate NY cottage. The price there is running around $2.29, so that'll be painful compared to what we've been paying in the south.
  11. A doctor continuing to treat patients while complaining of "flu symptoms" is absolutely being careless in this or any other health environment...
  12. From the VA State Parks website: Virginia State Parks are open for day-use activities. As always, we have the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff in mind. We continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19, and this page will be updated as new information becomes available. Effective Friday March 27 overnight facilities and restrooms will be closed through April 30. The closure includes all cabins, campgrounds, camping cabins and yurts, as well as restrooms and bathhouses. https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/covid-19-update
  13. I agree with requiring self-quarantine for those flying out of the greater NYC area hotspot, just not for everyone traveling out of the greater NY State areas such as western or northern NY. Including the entire state would be like including all of Texas because DFW and Houston are growing hotspots. Why is NO singled out but not the entire state? I haven't seen the exact wording of the orders, so maybe they aren't entire state inclusive, but it sure seems it from what's being reported.
  14. I wish the news reports would use the more accurate term "greater New York City area" when referring to the major outbreak there. There's a huge amount of NY State that's nowhere near as drastically affected by the virus. We always use the term "Upstate NY" when referring to our Adirondack family cottage, and often add that it's closer to Canada than it is to NYC. The county our cottage is in has just one confirmed COVID-19 case so far... https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/county-county-breakdown-positive-cases
  15. There are similar mail forwarders in many/most states. Here's one that has addresses in several AZ cities as well as many other states: https://www.postscanmail.com/locations/az.html
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