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  1. mscans

    Hooking up house current to MH

    not to sound like an ad but take a look at this company https://www.rvpoweroutlet.com/ . besides buying the right outlet for your needs they have a fair amount of info on the site. also be sure that you do any wiring correctly and safely.
  2. I store gas for emergencies (live in Florida) and will dump the fuel just before hurricane season. I fill the fuel tank of my car with the old fuel and then refill the tanks with fresh gas and a dose of Stabil for the "season". No problems so far and generator also works fine. No wasted fuel this way. I do exercise the genny monthly with a 1 hour run with load during the year.
  3. mscans

    Now to buy a gun

    Who says I don't?
  4. mscans

    Now to buy a gun

    I am originally from NYC (a big city) on;y criminals and police had guns. I was shot at twice there, unsuccessfully, probably didn't practice. Moved to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (also a fairly large metropolis) where I got my concealed carry permit (a CCW not FFL which is a license to sell and deal with guns and gun parts) It is also where owning and carrying a gun saved my life twice. not a second hand story but to ME. The CCW is a permit that allows one to carry a concealed weapon be it a gun, knife, sword, club etc. legally, whatever, it MUST be concealed, open display will get one arrested and result in the loss of the permit.. It requires, in Florida at least, class time, range time, fingerprint check by the FBI and background check (don't remember if local or FBI). It is also a fun sport that I have introduced to my son and daughter, who is a better shot than I am BTW. Two toes is right about the carry across state lines but check because these laws change often and you don't want to be on the wrong side of that situation.
  5. mscans

    Now to buy a gun

    I agree with the above (maybe not Al so much :-) ). I have a carry permit and have carried for most of my adult life, kept me safe during 2 BAD situations, still here, no one hurt but the perps learned how to the 100 yd. in well less that record time. if you do buy a gun, learn how to use it. most states require a course, range time and class before issuing a CCW (carry permit) but that is basic. learn how and WHEN to use it and like anything else, practice. do it, do it right and be safe. Different states have different laws regarding carrying and storage of guns and ammo. look up the information for each state even if ONLY traveling through that state. Canada and Mexico are not states (Duhh) and have very dirrerent laws. Canada requires very specific reasons for entry and paperwork is necessary. Mexico, DON'T EVEN CONSIDER GOING THERE with a firearm even a loose round of .22 ammo can net you jail time. have fun in the great outdoors.
  6. mscans

    re-charge deep cycle batteries

    Sir T. your RV is old enough that it probably does NOT have a 3 or 4 stage charger built in to the converter. you may want to look into that to see about an upgrade. the newer systems do a much better job of charging and will allow the batteries to last longer, charge faster and work better. enjoy the new (to you) RV and get out as often as you can.
  7. The bogart system, monitor and controller (2030 series monitor and solar charger) are designed to work together and does so very well. the only drawback is that it has a maximum current of 30 Amps., good for a small to medium system. Bogart keeps up to date with battery manufacturers information and the system is programmed with the manufacturers charging specifications so the system has the ability to self program once you have told it the manufacturer and the actual size of the battery bank. use it with the temperature monitor and you have almost a perfect (small-medium) system. Without sounding like an add for them http://www.bogartengineering.com/ and knowing some people's thoughts regarding HandyBob, he was one of the Betta testers for the system and also has good words for the system.
  8. Check here. http://www.loveyourrv.com/update-boondocking-remote-solar-panel-mod/ . Other separate posts for his batteries, cat. fuse install and a video of the major install that he had help with are also on the site, just have to search, he has a lot of info listed. His background is an electronic repair guy so he is knowledgeabe in things using electrons for fuel. I make a point of checking his site weekly, I like his "style". Good luck in your travels.
  9. check ray's site agan. he posts a LOT of info on the install, wire sizes, accessories etc. His reason for the PMW system echoes Handybobs as well. Again, recheck his site, your needed info is there.
  10. see loveyourrv.com for info on the Trimetrics "system". Ray likes the setup and spends a LOT of time boondocking exclusively using solar with the Trimetrics.
  11. mscans

    50 amp power management

    You might look at this. Seems to work, as per some youtube videos I have seen, not tried it myself.
  12. mscans

    Solar panel question

    9 X 4= 36 so they are the correct size for todays systems. Brackets may have been removed and reinstall upside down for storage but are usually just nut and bolted on not a "hard" connection.
  13. mscans

    Propane Regulator Adjustment

    I think that I "corrected" my post before you corrected me, you are right however!
  14. mscans

    Propane Regulator Adjustment

    According to "propane 101" the set point should be 10.5" of water not 14. Hand slipped on the keyboard, I know you know better. In the real world 10.5 to 14" of H2O. but should be SET to 10.5 - 11.0 " and not drift higher than 14".
  15. mscans

    RV converter problem

    PD has a direct retrofit for your unit https://www.progressivedyn.com/rv/power-centers/inteli-power-pd4135-acdc-distribution-panel-power-converter-with-built-in-charge-wizard/ that comes with the charge wizard and is a 40A unit, similar to your existing pos... uh unit. I had a PD with an add-on (I installed) wizard and thought it was great. the batteries on my class A (used) were bad and had to be replaced soon after I installed the wizard but it was a short in one of the batteries that was the culprit, not the charge wizard. Once the batteries were replaced, the PD and wizard had them fully charged in a couple of days. Boondock usage showed very good performance after that point. Unlike other converters the wizard will not dry out the battery as it will drop to 13.2 V or so when the battery is fully chsrged. let us know if or how it works out. Florida Mike