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  1. Tire Question

    John, I live in the Apopka area (nice state park here by the way) but don't get out due to health issues. I do "travel" vicariously through the Escapee magazine and several blogs, I do miss the RV life!
  2. Tire Question

    John, good for you. heading in the right direction. your best bet is have the weight and distribution taken care of and other items such as tires and spring "pieces" the best you can get and well maintained. Can't make a battleship from a rowboat!
  3. Tire Question

    When you hear "package" they are right. the weight is first borne by the tire rubber on the bottom of the tire, that transfers to the air inside the tire and that pressure effects the rim as well, it can blow if overloaded. You do know what pressure the rims are rated for , right? That weight is transferred to the wheel lugs to the end of the axle and then through the wheel bearings to the axle housing. That weight is transferred to the springs system (shackles, clamps, bolts hangers etc) and then to the frame of the vehicle. (I am sure I missed something.) ALL of these items are engineered (hopefully) to handle the weight rating for the vehicle. As in any chain, the total strength is dependent upon the strength of the weakest part of the system. The vehicle capability can NOT be increased by improving only one or a even a few of the above parts. Sorry but as usual "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" Happy trails and enjoy the adventure!
  4. Fresh Water Sanitation

    Try the following , it works and is tried and true. Sanitizing Your Fresh Water System.doc
  5. Yep, that's the one. I also believe that there is no real difference between the flange on an RV and a S & B so it should work on either. The rubber seal usually used in an RV is because of the normal heat the RV is exposed to during some storage cycles. Wax does NOT like that!
  6. The last time I R & R' d the home toilet I found a blue synthetic flexible seal kit at Home Depot ( Fluidmaster Better Than Wax) PN 7530 that I used. It comes with spacers, hardware and instructions for installation depending on floor heights. The flange also has a better locating structure so that the toilet is properly centered on the flange, mine was not I found out when I removed it. The kits were not expensive so I bought a spare Just In Case. Good luck, should be a pice of cake!
  7. 2- Stage Propane Regulator Vent Leak

    This vent is to allow pressure equalization across the regulator diaphragm and ANY propane leak here is an indication of regulator failure. I would recommend turning off the gas bottles immediately and getting the regulator replaced before turning them back on. The diaphragm could rupture at any time and generate a real serious (read large) leak that could lead to bad things happening! mike
  8. Storing Prescription Drugs

    I have a styro cooler in the back of my van and keep it stocked with bottles of water. if the top is left open at night and closed early in the day the contents stay cool all day. I would keep a couple of bottles of water with the meds for "thermal mass" to help the load through the day.
  9. Welding machine

    Give this Eastwood unit a glance. http://www.eastwood.com/mig-welder-110vac-135a-output.html They have a reputation of good quality and design. Wire weld is one of the few legal ways to do structural work on a vehicle. This unit will do 1/4" in one pass, just have to deal with the need for gas but you do get good (and pretty) welds.
  10. Since the new layout occurred my number of posts dropped from almost a 1000 to about 150.  What happened???  Can I get that corrected.

    This is my second request, am I notifying the correct person?



  11. Generator

    It is possible that the frequency output of the generator (60 Hz,) is out of line. Many items will run fine with incorrect frequency but the A/C may be pulling a high load due to the low frequency, most other appliances don't care. A Kill-O-Watt meter can check the frequency else you have to see an electrical tech. Good luck, let us know what you find.
  12. And this is related to investing and stocks HOW?
  13. solar install

    In this case of some small panels wired directly to the batteries there is still a controller . . . YOU! If you are manually connecting/disconnecting the panels then you are working as the controller, a very expensive and unreliable one but still a controller.
  14. My post count dropped from almost 1000 posts to 155 with the new layout.  What happened and can I get the number corrected?

  15. solar install

    DON'T wire direct to batteries. You always need a controller, even an inexpensive one, which for only a couple of panels it will be. Controller prevents overcharging if the RV is parked and unused and from discharging the batteries at night. There are many experts here and on line, check other sources for more info.