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  1. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Yes, still here. Located in NC-IL, about 20 miles south of Rt 80. I'd be glad to send you more pictures. Please call me at the # above, or send a message to kennell.jeff (at) gmail.com
  2. jkennell

    Professional Soldering

    A soldering station is far higher performance than the pencil irons. I've used basic Weller WES-55 solder stations in my business for almost 20 years now--lots of daily use--and only replaced a few of the hand pencils in that time (wires eventually break after that much constant movement). Don't use lead-free solder unless you are an expert....I've been soldering for years and I still have trouble making a good joint with lead-free. Hate the stuff. 60/40 is much easier to use and more durable.
  3. Dan:  If you are still interested, please send me a email at kennell.jeff@gmail.com   Your email may be blocking "unknown" addresses.

  4. jkennell

    How the HDT forum saved me a Bundle

    Looks like I spoke too soon. Last night the only way I could get the motor to stay running was disconnect the coolant sensor. This morning I started up the truck and the "Engine fluids" light came on and then the engine shut down. I had to cross the coolant sensor wires before it would run. What the.... That's just opposite of last night! AGGGHHH. Rick: Hope your harvest is better than mine....we looked great but the "big yields" aren't. Looks like a losing money year.
  5. jkennell

    How the HDT forum saved me a Bundle

    Haven't been on here much recently as I"m just too busy to think of vacation .. in fact trying to sell the rig. But had to share this: I still farm our family farm, sorta my hobby any more. I have a '97 Volvo HDT w grain trailer to haul to the elevator in the fall. SO yesterday I get home from work and head to the field with combine and semi, combine a 80000 lb load and head to the elevator....get about a mile down the road and.....suddenly every light on the dash comes on, the gauges drop to nothing, the engine cuts out...and then everything comes back like normal. Ok, thats weird---and then it does it again and again and again...but its random, not regular. Stopped as soon as I could...trucks trying to get around me, tractors and wagons..(If you have not been in farm country during harvest you won't believe how busy little country roads can get.) It's sorta running, so I limped the 2 miles to the elevator, and managed to get dumped and the truck where I can pop the hood. I'm thinking bad connection--so I spent 15 minutes wiggling connections (I did find a few loose!) but no help. I'm thinking I'm going to have to find a truck service company & pay for a field service call...probably be down at least a day during harvest (Losing a day at harvest time can = big loss.) Then I remember all the horror stories on here about the low coolant sensor. Undid one wire to the sensor and ......everything smoothed right out and it hasn't died since. Hopefully that was it! So you all saved me some major $$$ and headaches. But MAN--why wouldn't you just flash the "check engine now" light....why kill all the gauges and engine for 1 second--with absolutely no warning at all???? Whoever designed that was...obviously not a driver.
  6. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Dan: sent you an email package of pictures. Did you receive it??
  7. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

  8. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Thanks. I'm trying to convince her there are jobs outside OH--she likes the state and hopes to move there! Its too bad the officers have to go to Police Academy in the state they plan to work in...makes it hard to be flexible unless you want to go to (& pay for) the Academy again.
  9. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Thanks Rick. One of my girls has been trying to find a police officer job down in the Columbus/Dayton area for over a year....so far no luck. If she does, I'll probably be down that way occasionally.....
  10. jkennell

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Guys: Long time no visit. Life's gotten real busy, what with a growing business, kids in college, and being primary caregiver for an elderly parent. We simply have no time to travel anymore. As such, I'm advertising our rig over in the "For Sale" Forum. I have a few pictures posted. Asking $17,500 for the HDT and 5r pair. Because they are older, they need some TLC, and someone handy. Nothing really wrong, just little things. Would be a great rig to park at a favorite campsite, or for a young family with a handy parent! It was great being a part of this forum--great group of people, and we are sorry to be "getting out", but I fully intend to at least visit here when we can.
  11. Due to life getting in the way of traveling, I'm putting up our 1995 White/Volvo HDT and 2001 American Cardinal 40' 5th Wheel for sale. Both units are solid, but not fancy. HDT: N14 w/Jake, Super 10 Manual transmission, Single Axle, High top, with Dinette. Seats 8. ODO read 165,000 miles, but I believe actual mileage closer to 500,000-600,000. The truck is tight and clean--it is not a high mileage truck, but dash was replaced at one point. Nearly new clutch and clutch brake. Cruise control. Rear A/C & Heat. MaxBrake air/electric Large Dual tanks (go all vacation without refilling!) Light platform on back for bikes. BIG side boxes. Heavy rear bumper hitch, Air ride 5th hitch, Rear camera system Large tinted windows, the kids really enjoyed riding in this as they could see out. Rear tires like new, front tires good but aged out. This truck is running well, and never gave me much problem. Due to its age, there are things like window seals deteriorating, faded paint, etc. Camper: 40' Americana Cardinal. 3 hydraulic slides. Tri-axle, like new tires, just installed them before last trip. Front queen bed with dual adjust air mattress (VERY comfortable, should swipe it for my home!) Shower, toilet, lots of drawers and closet space. A/C, heat, hot water (gas/electric), large camper fridge (gas/electric), large Inverter, Wash machine/dryer combo. 4 golf cart batteries (batteries dead, need replaced) 2 "futons" and Dinette folds down to sleep 8. Rear camera Large under storage space. Cold pack heater on tanks. Tank monitor system. This camper is NOT a "high end rig". It has excellent "infrastructure"; slides, fridge, inverter, etc are good quality. Everything works. The cabinets, etc are basic laminate, and in need of TLC. Some drawer slides broken, etc. Think "Camper" not luxury home! Normal wear and tear and stains on carpet from 15+ years of use. We have attempted to keep Damp-rid, etc in it. Exterior weathered but solid. No known leaks, but I keep it stored inside. I keep the Truck & RV stored inside as much as possible, has not been used much for 3 years. I am now primary caregiver to elderly parent, and can no longer travel. My business is crazy busy (good right??). Also kids (5) are in college or leaving home. Thus, I've decided that this rig should be sold to someone who could use it. Asking $17,500 for BOTH units. Contact Jeff @ 815 two five 7 416O. or send me a PM. I'll try to keep an eye out. The picture size cap here is so difficult to bypass, please contact me if you want more pictures.
  12. jkennell

    Delphi male 4 circuit connector

    Chief: What you have there is a Delphi p/n 12052856. It is a Metripack 280 unsealed "Device Connection" plug. As stated, the other half does not exist. If I'm reading my catalog right, it uses unsealed tang terminals such as p/n 12066214, not tangless. Difficult to find a plug to replace it that will have a match. I've run into "device connection" plugs before with no match. The best thing to do is replace it with a common plug. (I prefer the Deutsch DT series, but Weather Pack work fine too.) If you are concerned about wanting to use that plug again in the future--do it like so: Don't cut the wires right off the back of the plug...leave about 3" of wire. Install a new plug onto the end of the original wiring harness. Then install a mating plug 1) on the end of the 3", making it into an adapter. 2) onto your new Hayes wiring. Now you can plug in the "adapter", or your new wiring. That allows your to either plug in your new controller, or your old MaxBrake...either one.