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  1. You can have multiple charging sources at the same time to a battery bank w/o causing problems. In general, there is no issue with having an alternator, a solar charger, and a generator/Inverter all hooked up to charge the batteries, as long as the regulators in all the charging systems are working correctly. Overcharging/fried batteries is not caused by having lots of charge sources, its caused by having too high of a charging voltage from any source. Very occasionally, interactions between multiple sources may cause issues, but its rare. Usually, the sources all kinda just balance each other until the batteries are fully charged at which point they all stop charging. (Very simplistic view, and yes, fancy hi-cost charge controller systems MAY cause the batteries to last longer....). I have helped design power systems, and its not at all uncommon to have a battery bank hooked up to the solar charge controller and the generator driven chargers at the same time. I say all this not to try to stop you from whatever you feel would improve the system, but rather to suggest that you should check your existing system for proper operation first. If you fried the batteries, I'd strongly recommend checking the charge output of each source (alternator, etc) separately for overvoltage before you fry another set. For instance, if your truck alternator running at 16V (regulator wide open) redoing the charge circuit isn't going to prevent it from overcharging the next set. Others are free to disagree. I know several on here have much deeper understanding then I do of battery banks and all that goes into maintaining them. I just don't want you spending a lot of time and money on a bunch of stuff and then finding that the problem was as above.
  2. Rig is SOLD....still sitting in the shed until the weather clears, but paid for. Thanks to all who looked.
  3. Rig is SOLD....still sitting in the shed until the weather clears, but paid for. Thanks to all who looked.
  4. Ryder. Just make sure you order the right ones the first time.....
  5. It took 3 days and a followup email, but Ryder sent me a RA. All it cost me was the shipping back, and they promptly credited my card. I can't say I was unhappy with Ryder's service. The mistake was in the actual Goodyear airbag data sheet, not the Ryder website. It says right on the website (and even popped up when ordering) "No returns on airbags". So I ordered the wrong part, and they were gracious enough to allow me to return them anyway. Everybody I talked to was pleasant and helpful. But boy can you get confused looking at all the P/N available. BTW, the right parts arrived promptly and it took me about an hour to install all 4 bags. Then I made a couple blocks out of 3x3 box iron to stick under the bumpers so it does not sit collapsed anymore.
  6. We tended to camp in State parks...never had an issue. As stated, a 13' high truck is only a couple inchs more than the 12'9" most bigger campers are. Many times I had to carefully pull thru weaving between trees. Little branches just brush past. New England was the only place we had to really watch. Had to be careful driving bobtail-- low signs, etc. The only time it was impossible was after parking the camper at Acadia National Park and planning to drive around the park bobtail. The overpasses in the park are only 10'6" -- a mid height probably would not have fit either. Park the truck at the Park Office at take the shuttle bus.
  7. kennell.jeff@gmail.com. (2) lls! Still for sale. I put it away in the shed. Since we are not using it anymore I put a price on it to move it. But maybe I got too low of a price on it...Certainly nothing wrong with the truck--just older. I want to sell them both--I will have no use for the trailer if the truck is gone. See "Older HDT & 5r for Sale"
  8. Guys, thanks for the interest. Got a tiling crew out working on my field today--little busy! I don't do Facebook or Photobucket stuff, but I'm glad to send photos to anybody that asks. Send me a PM, or and email : kennell.jeff (at) gmail.com. (all run together) or call me 815 two five seven 4160 (sorry, have had issues with mail bots before....)
  9. Dropping the price to $15000 for the entire rig.
  10. Went to replace the airbags on my semi, and due to a mistake in the Goodyear Data Sheets, ended up ordering the wrong parts...from Ryder. Ryder says NO RETURNS on air bags...period, even if they are still unopened in the original boxes. SO I have (4) NIB Goodyear 1R12-647 air bags for sale cheap. IDK if anybody's truck uses those, but if it does and you need a set, please send me a PM. Frustrating because all the data I could find said those would fit....it was only AFTER ordering them that I found newer info online that gave different dimensions and PN's for the "right" air bag... Also frustrating...Ryder actually said I could return them and offered to get me the correct ones....until AFTER I ordered the new ones. then they said "no returns". ON EDIT: 5 minutes after I posted this, the Ryder sales contact replied to my email (pointing out that they had said I could return them) and said they would try to get a return authorization for me....we shall see. I'll let you'll know.
  11. So far, I've had very little interest in the rig. Timing is wrong, I know. Dropping the price on the whole rig to $15K.
  12. Yes, still here. Located in NC-IL, about 20 miles south of Rt 80. I'd be glad to send you more pictures. Please call me at the # above, or send a message to kennell.jeff (at) gmail.com
  13. A soldering station is far higher performance than the pencil irons. I've used basic Weller WES-55 solder stations in my business for almost 20 years now--lots of daily use--and only replaced a few of the hand pencils in that time (wires eventually break after that much constant movement). Don't use lead-free solder unless you are an expert....I've been soldering for years and I still have trouble making a good joint with lead-free. Hate the stuff. 60/40 is much easier to use and more durable.
  14. Dan:  If you are still interested, please send me a email at kennell.jeff@gmail.com   Your email may be blocking "unknown" addresses.

  15. Looks like I spoke too soon. Last night the only way I could get the motor to stay running was disconnect the coolant sensor. This morning I started up the truck and the "Engine fluids" light came on and then the engine shut down. I had to cross the coolant sensor wires before it would run. What the.... That's just opposite of last night! AGGGHHH. Rick: Hope your harvest is better than mine....we looked great but the "big yields" aren't. Looks like a losing money year.
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