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  1. Yup, those are al good roads. And as mentioned, if you made it on 199 all of the routes mentioned will be a breeze and 101 won't bother you much. Enjoy the Oregon Coast.
  2. Hmm, why is it every time they show people in a ad about pot that they show some person that looks like they just came from Woodstock and when they let them talk they are offensive? If any of you have go into the (now a day hemp shops) you will see grandpa & grandma looking people as well as well dressed business type people (as well as the younger crowd). It's not just the stoned out hippies any longer. I always hate when someone is trying to support the new industry but put's out a bad signal instead.
  3. Pretty much anything over 40' go to tags (Tiffin also has a 42' with tag) and some heavy 40'ers do as well. We went from a 40' non tag to a 42' tag and love the extra stability on the road and the added cargo capacity (weight wise)..
  4. hdrider

    Austin in May

    We have friends that want us to visit them for a month in Austin in May, are we crazy to consider t? Tornado season, Hail, heat, humidity, all of them? There is a campground a few miles outside of town we would say at.
  5. A little over 2 months ago I just started feeling uneasy and moved over half of our funds out of the market into staggered CD's. At that time our financial advisor warned me about trying to time the market to which I said I wasn't but I just need to feel more secure for a while. Even though the CD's are not making much, a little over 2%, I'm content with it rather than what would have happened if left alone. Now as the CD's mature each month we just roll them into another and when hairs on the back of my neck lay down again we will roll them back into the market but I don't see that happening any time soon. I just got tired of hearing the old saying "leave things alone because they always come back" even though history says that may be true.
  6. We have been fulltime in a MH for over 6 years now and have loved it. But we have a 5th wheel being built and will be switching in April, why, well because we are going to start moving less often and I don't want the engine, belts, hoses ect sitting for longer periods (2, 3, 4 months at a time). I think both have their strong and weak points and I can say with certainty that the 5th wheel and truck combo we are getting isn't much less than we paid for our motorhome, in fact we are paying more for the truck and 5th wheel combo than we paid for our current motorhome and pickup so we don't expect to experience any less quality. In a few months we will be able to speak intelligently about what we feel is best for (us).
  7. Yup, a belated Merry Christmas to everyone and a early Happy New Years!! As far as the our seasons go, we are still in Arizona and will be for another 3 months staying as far away from ever seeing all four season ever again. But we are in a cold snap right now so we almost see all four seasons in each day, freezing at night and shorts weather during the day for the next 4 days. And if we go out for a bike ride or walk close to evening or early morning we can pretend that all of the white fabric the park covers plants with is snow and that's as close to seeing snow I need to be LOL!!
  8. Hmm, well maybe I don't. Just going with what the dude at Verizon said.
  9. We made the switch yesterday. Chatted on line first but that person finally asked me to call the sales team. Once I did the fellow on the other end knew exactly what I was asking about and with very little effort was able to get our account switched to the Prepaid and even gave us a $20 discount on our 1st bill because he thought he had us on hold to long. I personally didn't think we were on hold any longer that we normally expect to be during something like this but hey, I'm good with saving $20. We just have our Jetpack and 1 smartphone. He did make mention that 5G would be available soon and that our devices would automatically taking advantage of the 5G when it becomes available in our area, which will be a moving target.
  10. The rally is May 6th through the 10th.
  11. Well ya old fart, pour a cup of hot chocolate and grab a good book because I can't think of one good reason to go outside if it's 28 degree's. Hey, we are going to Rv rally in Kerrville Texas in May after we pick up our new 5th wheel, how close are you to that?
  12. Yup, when we do want a RV park in Quartzsite it's Quail Run that we turn to normally.
  13. For us we saw the benefit's of both. For us during the first 6 years of fulltime travel we opted for a motorhome. We have a 42' with heated tile floors, dishwasher, 1 1/2 baths, fireplace and on and on. Plenty comfortable for us with ample storage, and I love love love driving it down the road. And we moved pretty much every week so it was just as perfect as can be. But now we plan to slow down and spend 4 or 5 months at one spot during the winter months and want to spend a couple months at a time at locations during the summer so we are switching to a 5th wheel so we don't deal with a big engine and expensive tires sitting for long periods of time. Our 5th wheel will still have all of the creature comforts and I knw we will enjoy it as much as we have the motorhome but things will just be different. No right or wrong, just different. It just depends on how your head works. Trust me, you will find challenges in both worlds, there is no perfect I'm afraid.
  14. I can't find the payload number online for some stupid reason so I will have to check the sticker on the door when I see it today. I would think not on a 5500 but can not say for sure. If so, then I know it won't be on a 2019.
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