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  1. The Class-less Class

    We still pop in to see whats happening here but like you mentioned, it's pretty slow and hit & miss. I do Facebook but am not friends with a bunch of people so pretty much am out of the know. Glad to hear you are happy with the progress of the house Jeff!!
  2. Full Timer Insurance

    We are in a 2014 motorhome but I just renewed ours yesterday at a cost of $1662 for the year. Of course there are a lot of variable that go into the price of insurance.
  3. Free TSream

    We do have unlimited but we all know how that is. Even if we could just drop Direct down to bare bones and use something like freestream to watch the few show we care anything about would be a plus. Maybe not worth the hassle if I really put pen to paper and figure it out but the thought is intriguing . I toyed with that Kodi thing for at least 3 hours this morning and got no where LOL!!!
  4. Free TSream

    So not being very techy I downloaded Kodi on my phone to toy with it. It seems it takes so figuring out to really make it work so what a person is paying for with these "boxes" are the work they have done to make it user friendly. Am I correct in assuming that. If so I guess I'm in the category of person that just needs to pay the price if it's something I want to do. But maybe another "box" will do the same thing at a lower price.
  5. Free TSream

    https://4kfreetv.com/ This
  6. Has anyone tried this Free Stream device? I would love to dump Direct and do something else.
  7. We have fulltimed 5 years in a Class A, love the drive, love the view while driving, love the extra weight while parked and we happen to end up in wind, like not having to go outside when we pull over for a snack if we don't want to for what ever reason, we bought a table that converts the steering wheel into a table when parked just toss a cloth over it and put a lamp on it and WHAT STEERING WHEEL!! In a lot of campgrounds we have a better view out our windshield than we would out the back, I don't know if one sets up any faster or gets ready to go any faster than another to be honest and they both need to have power, water & septic hooked up regardless. We have always said that as long as we pick up and move as often as we have we will stay in a motorhome, again mainly because I love driving it, I love the braking, I love the quiet, I love sitting high and having a view. But when the time comes that we start sitting for months at a time instead of a week we will probably switch just because I don't want the engine and components sitting.
  8. Camp Chef stove

    I did look at the Blackstone tailgater version but felt the Camp Chef 60x pro was a better fir for me. If I were thinking about a unit to sit on the patio I might have made a different choice, not sure.
  9. Camp Chef stove

    I guess I should touch back on this. First off thanks for all of the comments!! We did sell the Green Mountain smoker grill and purchased a Camp Chef PRO 60x 2 burner and bought a BBQ box and griddle and so far I'm in love with it. I love the folding legs with built in levelers and the 2 side shelves to begin with BUT the griddle is my new favorite friend when it comes to cooking. When we get to our winter location I plan to buy a double griddle as well. I cook almost everything on the griddle.
  10. Gresham Or, RV Park

    Yup, Portland Fairview is about as good as it gets. High priced and small sites for what you pay but there are very few choices.
  11. The Class-less Class

    Congrats on the 6 years, that's a good chunk of time out seeing the country. Far more than most will ever see. Is the plan to continue having a RV after the house is finished or are you going to hang up the keys?
  12. Tipping

    Yup, no tips from me to counter person. I will say that I did once because while standing in line I noticed that same person delivering beer to a table so I figured I had better play it safe so she didn't leave me "high and dry" at my table if you catch my drift.
  13. We had a combo unit in our last coach and didn't have any issues with it BUT in our current rig we have a stacker washer/drier and like it much better. Being able to was & dry at the same time is a plus and I think this washer might, just might wash a bit better. Regardless of which way you go being able to do laundry in your rig is priceless in my book.
  14. The Class-less Class

    This is our second Tiffin product and as far as motorhomes go we can't complain. I don't think there will be a third however. If and when we make a change I think it will be to a 5th wheel when we start sitting in spots longer. Not this year and probably not next year but the year after, well who knows.
  15. The Class-less Class

    Oh no!!! We have owned a Tiffin since 2007 and have only been to Red Bay once. This will make the second time and we certainly dn't plan on making it a habit LOL!!