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  1. Wow, we have now gone by our 7th year anniversary of being fulltime. Before we went fulltime we read many blogs and learned from what others shared so each year we do a analysis of our costs and thoughts and share them is a way to pay back in hope it might help someone is some way. Here is a link. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4pG
  2. After reading your comment I reached out to Cole at NH because I certainly don't want to share bad info (not that I was questioning you) and as you said they are not offering the lift option any longer. Now that many of their units are in the 48' range they are getting comments of more bounce and are now suggesting the wheeled platform option in the rear. In fact they just did one that holds a Smart Car I see on their Facebook Page.
  3. That is the first I have head of that, when we were there in June they were still doing it. Things have changed I guess.
  4. Well actually New Horizon builds their own frames and the frames are so solid that they will install a Hydrolift on the rear and this unit can haul a full dresser on the rear. And thanks,
  5. LOL, no Harley any more. I had been using the HDrider login for so many years that when I sold the last bike I never stopped using it. There might be another in the future.
  6. Glad you enjoyed the read. Enjoy that new (to you) MH!!
  7. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yup, Diane likes her car and I must admit, it is handy at times over the truck, but I like my truck LOL!!
  8. This question has gone on for years and will for many more I'm sure but now that we have fulltime in a Class A for over 6 years and switched to a 5th wheel for the last 6 months I thought I would give a comparison through our eyes on the topic in our Blog. Here is a link if you care to take a peak. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4iu
  9. To answer you question Kirk, I don't think there was a real plan when the annuity was started other than additional income and the financial advisor we had had done such a good job for us that when he suggested it we sort of got on board all those years back. Back when the annuity was started we were still working and really didn't have an idea of what we would be bringing in when retirement came around. As far as what happens to the money of one person passes, the other gets the current cash amount which at this point is $114K but who knows what it would be at that point, more or even possibly less.
  10. Is there a smart train of thought of when to start drawing annuities? Our scenario roughly. We currently have enough monthly income that we don't really need any more. We have a well versified portfolio in the stock market and CD's and don't draw anything from them and we have a small annuity that has a 5% guaranteed growth each year, small being $114,000 current value with a $155,000 high water mark that the monthly payment would be based on if we chose to start drawing. Our thought is that if we started drawing the $662 allowed payment from it now that we would need to draw a payment each month for over 14 years before we would break even with the cash value. I'm thinking at our current age it might be a good time to start taking money unless we want the policy holder to come out smelling like a rose instead of us LOL!!! And no, we have no kids to worry about leaving anything to. I don't know, leave it sit and don't worry about it or add a little money to our eating out and entertainment budget each month LOL!!
  11. There are a lot of good ideas out there and we have done a couple of them and our own versions but what we ultimately did was buy a Berkey water filter for our drinking water. Here is a link to our blog post on it if you care to have a look. https://wp.me/p2Dund-49T
  12. After 6 1/2 years of fulltiming in a Class A we switched to a 5th wheel in April. Pro's and con's to each. We are still anylizing but will also do a blog update comparing the two. Hands down we like the MH best on travel days, hands down we have more storage in the 5th wheel and that is after taking everything from the 42' MH and putting the exact same stuff in our 40' 5th wheel. Each floor plan is different and stories will vary.
  13. I'm no expert but we had the true uncapped unlimited pre-paid plan with the Ellipsis hot spot and wanted the 8800L. When we went to Verizon they said if we bought a new hot spot we would loose our unlimited as we know it and have to switch to their newer (not really) unlimited plan. I went to Best Buy and bought a 8800L with no plan attached to it, took it home and switched the sim card from my Ellipsis to the8800L and all was done and working well with no hiccup.
  14. We had the Ellipsis for a year and hated it most of the time and just switched to the 8800L and have been VERY happy. We have only had the 8800L for a month however.
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