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  1. Broncohauler


    Thank you. It was a fun project to build back in 2009
  2. Broncohauler


    It’s a 2006 weekend Warrior filed clam today. we’ll see what happens?
  3. Broncohauler


    Ya I’ll check the policy. Not sure about the insurance part? Truck I guess handles the liability part ? would want something depending on buy back price
  4. Broncohauler


    I’ll never get close to what replacement cost would be. Something to think about?
  5. Broncohauler


    Your totally correct on that. And as a salvage I have no idea who would give me insurance ?
  6. Broncohauler


    We do like it. And just upgraded axles and 17.5 Tire’s and wheels along with new batteries and new awning. Estimate right now for repairs is around 8K good guy pricing to repair front and rear replacing all bad wood.
  7. Broncohauler


    Had a friend that’s a extremely good Mobil RV repair person, come out to scrap and reseal our Trailer. As he dug into it we found it had been leaking on the front cap and rear cap with minor mold active. Thinking about calling the insurance company (Progressive ) but really don’t want to total the trailer. Obviously the only way I’ll repair it is to completely remove and rebuild all damaged areas. Have any of you had experience this? if so what has been your experience with an insurance company will they allow you to repair it or will they just total it ?
  8. Oh yes and love that song. Fits my son and will my grandson perfectly.
  9. Chad I wish that I’d seen your reply earlier, my fault for not taking a final look before making a purchase. I did in fact end up buying another pair of Interstate 6volt golf cart batteries from Costco $93.00 each. Let y’all know how they work out this time. I plan to turn the power off to the batteries when not in use this time. And my put on a solor tender of some type. (Suggestions welcome) sometimes I over think these things because we do mainly dry camp, but end up running the generator at some point anyway for cooking or just battery recharging. It really doesn’t matter if the batteries last 1 day or 3.
  10. Broncohauler

    Coach Batteries

    Time to replace my 6volt interstate batteries. They’ve lasted about 3years and died hard at a bad time while dry camping. Thank god for my Honda 2000-I back up generator. So I’m looking for some good and reasonably priced replacement batteries Can’t seem to find it in the resource guide? If I’m missing it please direct me so I don’t take up peoples time. My interstates came from Costco and I don’t remember the price? any recommendations? what are you using and are you happy? thanks Charlie
  11. I have the lights, but dad shut me down. He doesn’t want to deal with the battery drain. The trucks here at my house at the moment so who knows
  12. Thanks Chad, it was a lot of fun to build. And trust me I’m just reliving my childhood b
  13. Actually I’m looking at adding another drive axle and flatbed to match mine. The drive motors are cheap, and I can put extra batteries on the bed. And possibly upgraded from 12v to 24v maybe i have my old peterbilt emblems, that’s not a bad idea. It’s already got dual wheels.
  14. Thanks Steve, I tried to make it real as I possibly could. When he helps us with the full size Trailer, he’ll be probably trained from this one.
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