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  1. due to bitter cold weather the fabrication (and camping) came to a stop i`m riding out the cold spell in a motel room ... next week is supposed to be a "warm" 40 degree , so we should be able to do a couple more things and hopefully move the trucks to a (heated) shop
  2. thanks for the dealer headsup ....my two batteries are having trouble cranking the "new to me" engine, so i guess its time for more & fresh ones soon
  3. RoosterBooster

    No Air

    i second that the air governor (or compressor un-loader) would be my first guess a little heat (if its below freezing) and/or a light tap with a (small ) hammer does sometimes wonders to all kinds of stubborn things
  4. Johnny if you travel a lot off of the major highways i would carry a spare... if not i would do what Roger suggested many pro Drivers carry a non-mounted spare , just so they get mounted what they want everywhere and dont need to relay on whats available from the roadside assistance truck
  5. another way to avoid a lot of issues is to not base your tow rig on a semi truck .... disclaimer; not 100% sure on all legalities (so do your own checks) btw my experience with Adot is that if you ask 5 individual officers you get 7 different answers not a grey area.... more like a who really knows area
  6. no expert on this , but may check if engine is feeding off a intermediate engine oil leak somewhere ?!? (like turbo bearing that only leaks when hot/cold or something like that) any unusual oil consumption?
  7. sadly Adot was one of the reasons why i sold my Pete my DiamondT is on a MDT chassis and AZ registered as a "private truck" what pi..es me off is that Adot stubbornly sticks to "a commercial tractor will always be a commercial tractor", regardless of what you do to it but on the other hand you can take a (commercial !?!) Bus, yank out all the seats and register it as a "Bus conversion RV" .... that does not make any sense at all
  8. yokes are not clocked right what do i win ??? edit with "not right" i want to say "not identical oriented"
  9. lol .... but on the other hand i have an electronic speedometer with a GPS antenna on the roof (was in a hurry to get the truck going and trying to figure out a mech driven one was just too much trouble ) Speedo came in a set of other electronic gauges ... i do plan to replace them all with old fashioned mechanical gauges (except speedo) sometimes down the road at the trailer there are gadgets that i cant avoid (like Solar controller/ inverter) but i do want to keep other things as simple as possible
  10. the older i get the more i like it that way just today i bought a simple push/pull cable at NAPA so that i can manually open/close the fuel supply at my mechanical injection pump no wires, no switches, no solenoids .... just a little hidden black knob at the dash what is also a great theft prevention device; she aint going nowhere without fuel
  11. no , but POR and Sikaflex steel contact surfaces got a good coat of POR prior to assembly with Sikaflex adhesive/sealer there will also be a consumable "anode" in a hidden place full aluminum construction would be preferable ... but we decided on a steel air ride subframe mainly for the reason that we could make it lower profile in steel when deflated it is really hugging the frame ... and another pic of the front pivot points (we used Peterbilt spring hangers with PU bushings);
  12. Jack i would love floor heat (i`m a bare foot guy).... but my dogs would downright kill me if i do that to them (them hairy monsters dont see anything wrong with cold weather ) BH, Darryl&Rita good point ! .... especially with diesel that could be a serious problem everything LP seems to run the same at my current low location (Chester, NH @ ~220ft) over my previous location (Cedar City, UT @ ~6000ft) so maybe a small LP heater for quick heat, a forced air LP furnace for serious heat (with ducting to tanks& plumbing) and maybe a little later down the road a pellet stove for its cozy, even heat (always loved Pellets for that)
  13. yes, i think Grendel (John) and you talked about ET`s for our trucks already ?!? .... i have to look at your dimensions (and my bed) again , but i think the Junior ET would fit
  14. i agree... seems the starting procedure for diesel is a little more complex ... so for "i want quickly a little heat to enjoy my breakfast" i would probably stick with LP but i do not like "direct vent" space heaters ... it seems the selection of vented units is slim (well... at least economical priced ones) a LP "fire place" would also be an idea for quick heat .... Broncohauler a Marine cook stove could be an "all in one" diesel fired full timer solution; http://www.suremarineservice.com/00-ATL.aspx heat, stove, oven and water heater .... but probably only really practical in cold areas ?!?
  15. my frame is a IH lowpro (basic MDT C-channel but with a reduced height/ taper in the rear and made of a better tensile quality HSS alloy ) it is significantly lower then the bed my bed removes fairly quickly (by removing six bolts, main wiring plug & ground strap); i actually have two 24 gallon fresh water tanks and a 26-30 gallon fuel cell hidden under it ; (notice the additional factory "double frame" outside angle added to the reduced height rear C-channel section) when i build my (captive rubber mounted) bed i never expected to tow a large goose/5th wheel trailer (was only towing vintage bumper pull travel trailers at that time) so i really need to rework the bed anyway; my goose ball is too close to the sleeper for fully jack-knifing a wide body trailer i`m thinking to cut out the complete goose ball recess, switch to a lower (16-20 gallon) fuel cell and mount the air ride hitch direct to the frame rails (set back another 3-4 inches)
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