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  1. I just did mine about a month ago. Climb up the back and start waxing the front and work you way back. That what it will not be as slippery. Yep did it backwards the first time and lucky I stoped on the roof. Hook your feet over the back for safety if need be. Do what u can from a ladder on the side. Be safe,. Vern
  2. First all what engine do you have. Several years ago my N14 was sorta getting warm on long hard pulls. Then I had a warning light come on. I think as it was maybe 5 years ago. Pull over and let it cool down. We were going up a steep grade going to Vernal Utah from Price Utah. So after it idled and cooled down we continued on to Vernal. Next morning started truck and only 10 lbs air pressure . Changed air governor as it was a quick fix. It fixed the air problem. And now the fan was operating better, as in coming on at a slightly lower temperature and doing its thing. So about three years ago we were stuck in Montana till bad weather hit. So the fan quit turning off about 400 miles from Arizona. No time to check it as tired of bad weather and DW was recovering from rotator cuff surgery. So it was get to winter spot fast. The fan switch was bad and stuck on. Replaced switch and fan now operating as it should. Then last fall the engine started to get above normal temps faster and cool down slower. So I had started to read on the net about the N14 in our truck and it has two thermostats. Now there was a problem on what gasket this N14 needed for the thermostat housing. So I ordered another thermostat and the gasket after talking to a dealer in Utah. Got the second thermostat and gasket. Went out to look at situation . Ok called dealer with engine serial number. That's the gasket he said. So I said send me a gasket stretcher. He said what. So I gave him the serial number again and he said he would call Cummins. Now he was a Cummins dealer. Cummins solution is there is no gasket. If you have a Cummins N14 it may not use a gasket if you have two thermostats. The thermostats have a rubber seal that goes over the edge of the thermostat. That is what seals it. On another note the water pump tube gets o'rings . They sent me square rings, possibly for a single thermostat housing. So we just traveled around Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Montana in the last month and I sorta push it at times and now it works as it should. So if you have a Cummins N14 there could be several different possible problems or a combination of them. Safe Travels,. Vern
  3. I had this site for a few years and then it could not be found again by my computer. Luckily I copied a manual for my 1970 Onan generator that we use on our fifthwheel . I found it a week or two ago again. If you have one of these units you may want to store it somewhere in case it disappears again. http://www.twinslan.net/~n0nas/manuals/onan/ Hope this helps some,. Vern sorta interesting how Onan started
  4. If have one of these units you may want to print a manual for units. For a few years I had a complete list of Onan model. Then last winter the server was not available anymore. I checked a bout two weeks ago and it is back. So I am going to post a link to it again. It may come up as Twinslan . That is it . At least see if you can find it on there. Hopefully this will help someone,. Vern
  5. I hope this can help someone. If you have a model on here you may want to print a copy. https://www.generator-parts.com/parts-breakdowns.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkIOKgcvq2wIVQW5-Ch3_TwvWEAMYAiABEgJZivD_BwE Safe Travels,. Vern
  6. Call me. I sent you a phone number. Vern or give me your number
  7. If you are going to try and work on this situation you need to prepare for collecting the fluid. First would be to put down some heavy plastic to protect the ground from getting the oil on it. Then have several containers to collect the oil. Then poke a small hole in the belly material at the lowest point. Now do not poke your tool into any tank, wire or anything to create a nother problem. So once you make a hole for the oil to flow it may take some time for it to drain most of it out. If you do not do this it may flow uncontrolled on to the ground or onto you. Yes I have had bad water do that to me so be prepared. Sealing that hole is easy when done. A call to manufacturer may help on the fix. Or a local hydraulic shop may be the way to go. But you need to see what is wrong first. Safe Traveis. Vern
  8. It depends on where the fuel filter is located. Is it easy to get to. I have even had to crawl under the coach beside the fuel tank to change the filter on at least two different coaches . Make sure you pinch the fuel lines off before removing the filter. If the filter is below fuel level it may drain the tank. So change the filter after filling it with fuel and install a new o'ring if your have just a spin on filter. The spin on filter will have the proper o'ring for that situation . If you have on with the sediment bowl then make sure you fill it with fuel before installation also. Try to start with a cold unit. Then turn on the unit and let it run a minute or two. That may pass any unwanted stuff into the old nozzle. Nothing like changing both and have the new nozzle plug up. Now if you have rubber supply lines to the burner it is much easier. Just follow ute E and they should explain the rest . Now if you have steel lines to the burner make sure you use line wrenches. Last winter I had to use a small pipe wrench to get one line off. Someone rounded the fitting off so a line wrench would not work. Once you do it you will see it is fairly easy to do . Safe travels,. Vern
  9. First thing I did was check front end for worn parts, replaced tie rod ends and one bearing in the front hubs, King pins are in good shape and aligned front wheels. Then back in Montana we purchased new tires. Test drove and it worked just like it should. So we headed back to Florida for the winter. 100 miles down the road there was a noticeable problem. Wife said about it but the tires and everything looked good. And I needed to get south for work so we continued south. So late winter I had time to investigate the situation. At this point I thought the hood would not be on the truck when we got back to Montana the next summer. So I found a dealer for the brand. I think they were YoKo. Not sure,but do have a record of them. Dealer said tire was out of round. Deflated tire and made sure the bead was centered. It helped, but the tire itself was out of round. Dealer was a joke , no new tire nor was one available Called manufacturer and a joke. Removed front bad tire and put spare tire on front. It was 75 percent better, so changed front other side steer tire and put it on rear axle. Rear axle tire went on front. Got back to Montana and dealer gave full money back and install Michelin steers.Test drove at 75 mph and it worked as it should. Still have them on the front after maybe 7 years . Just a frustrating expierence,. Vern if you can jack one wheel of the ground at a time, then place something beside the tire and rotate the tire to see if it is not wobbling side to side. My bad tire was doing that and also had a dip in the tread when rotated. Also look at the tire and there should be a rib just outside the rim on the side wall. It should have the same space all the way around the tire. Both inside and outside.
  10. Another thought would be to use a dc ampmeter to test each wheel assembly to test what is happening at each wheel. If you have a hub off you can test the magnet operation with the ampmeter.to make sure it is working before you install the wheel agin. I think the amp draw with controller should be about half what it will be with emergency system in operation. I think the amp draw is about 1.7 amps with controller. I think. Just a thought,. Vern
  11. After removing the air line and trimming just enough to give it the original size, then clean the old o'ring with rubbing alcohol. Clean the tubing end also. Then using a cue tip, lube the o'ring with dielectric grease available from an auto parts store. The lube may just be enough to help seal it good. Also when you cut the line back it may help to have just a slight angle on the end instead of a 90 degree cut. Just a thought,. Vern
  12. I used auto body filler to attach a chain to make a locking gas cap. just a thought,. Vern
  13. I would second getting to the valve itself to make sure it is opening. I have found a way to clean some clogged drains by putting a cup or so of Simple green into the drain from the sink. Letting it sit for a day. This is for the sink to the gray tank. I do use this treatment once or so a year for prevention. I have done a test on gray water scum and real black water to watch how Simple green reacts over several days. It does dissolve a fair amount of the fiscal solids. But what you are saying I think is that it is open to the tank. Now I have had toilets seem open to the tank with a snake. But the snake went trough the plug sorta easy and then when removed the plug closed up again. You may have a blockage after the valve before it enters the 3" discharge line. Just a thought ,. Vern
  14. Wrknrvr

    measurement help

    I just watched that video. Very nice work to build that system. And thanks for posting it fir all to see. Vern
  15. Wrknrvr

    measurement help

    If you look at the rear of my bed it shows the hitch in the forward position. I can leave it there to pull the 5th wheel. But if the jeep is loaded then the hitch needs to slide to the rear most position. At that point the centerline of the pin is 27" behind the bed. I used the original sliding hitch mechanism to make the hitch movable. I you were to use a ET hitch to do this project I would think about making a sliding assembly for it to fit the subject you are thinking of. It is doable ,. Just need to think it through. Just thinking ,. Vern
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