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  1. Wrknrvr

    Wiring diagram 96 Beaver Patriot

    If you had a tone generator you could trace where toes wires go.https://www.amazon.com/Extech-TG20-Wire-Tracer-Generator/dp/B00APD16D2 with the power off you could find where those wires go. Just used one the other day to trace a wire to a jack controller on an orphan rig. Safe Travels,. Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    3.15 amp 250 vac fuse

    Customer is getting the fuse. Could not find it locally. It operates a coile to release pressure on a rear jack. Will keep informed. Safe Travels,. Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    3.15 amp 250 vac fuse

    Thanks for all the good thoughts. If it was mine I would do something to fix it. But it is a customers , so should be done correctly. I did think of a appliance repair shop that I am going by today so will stop there. No Grainger in the local. Safe Travels,. Vern
  4. I am curious where one may find one of these locally. Or in another controller used on RVs. https://www.alliedelec.com/search/productview.aspx?SKU=70149708 This is just a picture, but I need one that is 3.15 amps 250 vac. I have a power gear leveling controller that has stoped retracting a rear jack. I talked to power gear and they say, and there service documents say to replace the fuse. So I never Sean a fuse as such or did not realize what it was. The customer would like it fixed a sap . So just wondering where one may find one . I have lots of RV boards laying around . But I even thought they may be in a CB radio.. Thanks. Vern
  5. Wrknrvr

    C C S system

    Ok . Now what is a C C S system. That is a jakebrake without noise control. Critter Control System is designed to get attension of critters crossing the road in front of you And it works Now one needs to be carefull when using in some towns as it my bring out a bear from his sleep position. And that would not be fun. Safe Travels. Vern
  6. Wrknrvr

    Brake controller

    That is a good thought Rick. I normally touch my brakes to activate the lights if things happen in a hurry for that reason. The other thing to do is use your 4 way flashers. I see several petroleum tankers usually every day using flashers on the hills in Montana during my work travels. Safe Travels,. Vern
  7. Wrknrvr

    Brake controller

    One simple statement. With a HDT the brakes are only suppose to be used at a stop sign, or light. Or in an emergency situation. The engine controls speed otherwise. I use a prodigy and it works good. I have used electric brakes on construction trailers since in the seventies. I have electric brakes on a triple axle 24000 lb fifthwheel. Test the operation every time I hookup. With the hand actuating lever. I can see where time from the pedal moves until the brakes reacts cold be delayed. Also I think the prodigy will not register amps unless the unit is in motion. Just saying, Vern
  8. Wrknrvr

    Simple green to clean waste tanks

    Just for information on using simple green. Our kitchen sink is in a slide out, so there is a flexible pipe that joins the slide to the floor in the RV. The drain is open past the trap under the sink as the waster will flow back into the dishwasher. There is a clean out fitting before the drain goes down into the basement. So with access to the clean out fitting I discover there is only water on the very bottom of the drain clean out. So the blockage is in the flexible drain line. Note that the drain line has a drop of about a1/4" before or connects to the drain line I think the water drained down as far as it would go in about 3 hours.So I put about a half a cup of simple green in the sink Friday night, then maybe a pint of water. Then about an hour later another pint of water. Saturday morning I access the clean out and run a 1/4" diameter snake up the pipe. So now some water and stuff flows out. I slowly keep pushing the fish farther up the line. And more water and stuff flow out. Finally I think it is open. Now what came out was fairly clean dissolved stuff. Now this suddenly said I was sorta a dummy. I have a remote camera and did not take a picture before and the after. So the sink was happy. But my wife was really happy. As I had to go to work on Saturday morning. So now I need to do a test on how simple green will work on a sample of gray water. I will find two one gallon jugs and do a test on how simple green reactes to gray water. It maybe a week or two but I will get back on this subject. Now I do use a macerate for my black water through a 75' hose. It is buried under the grass for the summer. The gray water drains on its own through the hose. But I hope to use the simple green to keep that line open. Questionable,. Vern
  9. Wrknrvr

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Kalispell Montana till mid October. Safe Travels,. Vern
  10. Wrknrvr

    Kalispell Montana

    We are about 1/2 mile east of hwy 93 and on hwy 82. There is a traffic light there with a Exxon station on the west side.Just north of Somers Montana. We are hear for the summer, so give shout where nearby. We can try to get together. I am working for the summer, but I will take time for a visit. Safe Travels,. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    Kalispell Montana

    Just happen to see. 610 sitting in the elks campground today. Any one on this site . Just curious ,. Vern
  12. I am curious if anyone has used a product called simple green to clean there waste tanks. Especially the gray tank. I have used it for years to clean the clear fitting that I use between the sewer hose and the so that I can see what is draining. In the summer I need to discharge through a 3/4" hose. So just gray water will drain but the black must be maceratored to get it to the sewer connecting. My kitchen drain is about 99 percent clogged at this moment. Tried a small plunger but I have a dishwasher so that did not do much last nite as it vented to the dishwasher . I may pinch that rubber line to the dishwasher this am. But there is a vent under the sink that may not hold pressure also. I call them a sniffer valve but that is not the correct word. Now I have used simple green to clean road oil from driving and it works good for that Also used it on heavy equipment and othe greasy things. Now it will cut the buildup of grease in that clear fitting in my sewer line. Just curious,. Vern
  13. Wrknrvr

    A/C stopped yesterday

    For future reference to a unit like this.For who ever is working on it should call the manufacturer. For a Coleman unit it would be https://www.airxcel.com/. They are the manufacturer and do have a top of the line tech support. It is frustrating when there is an answer out there but the repair person dos not know, or care. Hope this may help,. Vern
  14. Wrknrvr

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    Try this, http://www.twinslan.net/~n0nas/manuals/onan/ I hope this helps. Some times my iPad mini just takes me to the correct site. My 1970 Miller welder generator that has a on an gas engine is even in the documents. Safe Travels. Vern
  15. Wrknrvr

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    I finally remembered the other name. Flight systems, they doe repair boards and make some aftermarket Oman boards. Did you take a look at the Twinslan site . Vern