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  1. Wrknrvr


    I guess I am a little tired and did not respond correctly. My fault. After working all summer and then everyone wants there Rv winterized in the last two weeks, I might be tired. So in the last couple days I have been doing my stuff on our fifthwheel. A few days ago I installed side windows in our truck.Today I need to unload the jeep of some work tools, load stuff in the back of the jeep and get it load on my truck. It is rather frosty outside at sunrise so a quick trip to town for a few things and them back to getting ready to go. And the DW said about a hair cut. Maybe. Yep I do get confused at times,. Sitting in a different chair, Vern
  2. Wrknrvr


    Now Pat&Pete stated I should post in the test post heading. Now I am using my iPad mini and since I used the method to post pictures in the HDT section the test section disappeared. Now siting in the same chair and using an iPad the test post section is there. I am posting this on an iPad mini. Siting in the same chair. Go figure, Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    Weather where you are?

    It was 20 degrees this am. But sunny and warming up nicely. Cleaning and packing stuff. Now can I get the jeep loaded today. Maybe, maybe not. The DW finally said you can go fishing as we are going to have about 10 days of possible 60 degree days. Now the first stop for fishing has no cell service. So do not hold your breath for my fishing report. But she did agree to go fishing. Safe Travels,. Vern
  4. Wrknrvr

    Saving energy during cold temps

    Tha is problem for heat pump users. We do not have heat pumps. What is interesting is if you place the plastic over the vents, them have someone open and close the door. You can see them move. Just a thought,. Vern
  5. This something we does to help stay comfortable in the winter. when we no long will be using the ac units and start heating we cover the ceiling vents with plastic food wrap. Staying warm in Montana,. Vern
  6. Wrknrvr

    Kitchen sink

    First of all I am not a chemist so with what you have in there now mite be a proble with my idea. I have used simple green to clear a drain. Is there any flow at all. If you fill the sink to the bottom will it drain. Even over 12 hours. At all. The simple green may take overnight to do its thing. If not it may be time to use a plumbers snake to clear it. just my thoughts Vern
  7. Wrknrvr


    I was looking for that heading but it is not showing up on my iPad will try next time,. Vern
  8. Wrknrvr


    First of all this was test to post pictures. And it worked. Now that is our electric cord. It is suspended on leftover styrofoam. Last year we had snow and ice before we got out off our spot in Montana and the electric line got frozen in the grass. So just a precautionary measure. In the other post stated Heat exchanger the same photo is there. when I tried to edit the photo post it disappeared . so this is a learning in progress. Vern
  9. Wrknrvr

    Heat exchanger photo

    Well this is not a heat exchanger. That photo is floating somewhere
  10. Wrknrvr

    Weather where you are?

    We will end our travels for the fall at the North Ranch in Congress Az. Now just to get you to laugh, there is white stuff on our steps. Not much, but it is there. So depending on weather and fishing spots to visit and site seeing we are on a ride-about. That is we will know where we were once we pass through there. Heck last spring we passed through Blue Earth Minisota. Where the heck is Blue Earth Minisota. Well that is where the Land of the Green Giant lives. We left Pennsylvania last spring on our way to Montana. And on that ride about we found Blue Earth Minisota . Going to fill fuel tank today. Our truck holds 300 gallons so that should last awhile on our ride about. Safe Travels,. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    Occupancy charts

    What happened to the occupancy charts. There is none for the North Ranch. Just curious,. Vern
  12. Wrknrvr

    Weather where you are?

    Every year Darryl, every year my business ends on October 15th. When the campgrounds close is when I can leave. Now last year my DW decided to injure her left arm on her last day of packing. Then had to see a surgeon, get it repaired and then hang around for a week for approval from the surgeon that she was able to leave. Yes last year was a rpia, but one must do what one must do. With my business ending on October 15th is why I cannot get to the HDT rally. So we are on schedule to leave maybe Tuesday am. Now my DW keeps asking where are we going. Fishing I say. But she says it snows where I fish. Finally we are suppose to have a warm spell. That word fishing is looking better. She cannot read a map. But she can watch the weather really good. Have fun at the rally , Darryl. Safe Travels,. Vern
  13. Wrknrvr


    I don't know about the hitch but face looks really close. Just could not resist,. Vern