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  1. Wrknrvr

    No starting

    Are the battery terminals clean. Not just looking good. But take them of and fiscal clean them. just a thought,. Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    No starting

    Ok I did not read every post before typing. Sorta got ahead of Exile. I think if you could test the voltage on the main battery cable at the batteries while attempting to start it. Then if that is good try testing voltage at starter end of cable on the seliniod while attempting to start it. Then try the voltage on the starter side of the Soleniod . Then there is a relay for the start system somewhere on the firewall. I do not know if it is inside or outside the cab. Mine has on occasion not transferred power to start since we bought this truck in 07. But so far that part has not failed completely yet. Anyone have a idea where that relay is. just thinking,. Vern
  3. I would call Cat with the engine SN. They hopefully will be helpful. I do not think there would be reverse bolts on it. Just my thoughts,. Vern
  4. Noteven,. When I see the low battery's on that blue wire situation. It most likely will have blown the fuse in the truck to charge the blue wire subject. I have one siting across from me now that has that problem. Just thinking,. Vern
  5. Just curious about charging two different types and sizes of batteries. Now let's say I have three 8D sealed batteries for RV power. And I have four group 31 12vdc starting batteries for stating the engine. Should the two different groups of batteries be charged separate or can they be charged at the same time. Some motor homes will charge both at the same time. Some will not. Some people ad a really for that purpose. Sorta bored waiting to travel in a few weeks. So I was thinking. Maybe good or just mite be bad. Just saying,. Vern
  6. This is just a thought. If look on the firewall on the passenger side behind and under the air cleaner, there may be 3 ground connections. Try cleaning them. Like taking them apart, and clean till shiny.them install and test. Now there maybe 3 on the drivers side in there somewhere. Just maybe a help,. Maybe not. Vern
  7. This is a sign of water infiltration into the inside. if you see this you may want to try to remove the screw. Do it with a screw drive slowly. If you use a power device it may twist the head off. Now if the screw just rotates then the wood inside is probably aloft. Hopefully if you find a problem it is a small problem. Safe Travels,. Vern
  8. About ten years ago I was at Lazy Days in Sefner Florida. Looking around higher ends motor homes that were new. What the heck is that plastic soda bottle doing over the slobber tube. Ok now that coach will probably will sit on a concrete pad somewhere. Now we cannot have a new coach leaking oil now can we. Someone's cheep fix. Vern
  9. The proper spelling for my handle was already taken. Vern
  10. I needed that when I chose my handle on the forum.
  11. I am curious if anyone is having issues with having there furnace repaired if it is a new style Atwood furnace. They models would include afmd in the model listing. This model may be installed in 2015 pr newer units. Just curious ,. Vern
  12. notice the only outer access. Yes the furnace needs removed from the inside to work on it. But that is not the real problem. There seams to be several things that can make it not operated correct . And if you put it back in and it does not work??? Now when I remove a furnace to repair it, I always hook it up to a good 12 vdc power source and a propane system with a regulator independent of the Rv The old style are easy to diagnose and repair. Retirement may be forced upon me with these problems. Vern
  13. I had a service call yesterday for a new arwood furnace not operating. It only has the exhaust pipe on the outside. No access cover as in the photo. So the furnace has to be removed to do any testing. If there was a access door as in the photo in 5 minutes there could several test completed. That door cost about 50 bucks for the manufacturer to buy from Dometic. The next problem is Atwood has in my option problems with there new style furnaces. They are very similar to the ones they had for a long time. Vern
  14. If you have an Rv that has no access for the furnace but from inside the Rv to work on it. Then you need to remove the furnace to service it and what pain that is to do. If there is an access cover it only takes a few minutes to be working on it. I am curious if anyone has installed a outside furnace door for access on a Atwood furnace. The new style arwood furnaces tend to have some issues that I have been dealing with and they can be sorta difficult to pinpoint what is wrong wth them. I you have had this done or did it your self I am curious as to how it worked out. This is what I am thinking about using . It is a factory access door. Sorry the picture is not the best . The exhaust pipe is on the lower corner. Also this furnace is on end. Not laying flat like normal. thanks,. Vern
  15. Well that little guy was back again. Yep he wanted to take shower so he did his thing. There was a critter that bit me while working on this job also. Not working on that job again. It has a lot of hiding places for things to hide. And a lot of evidence of unfriendly critters. Just a thought, Vern
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