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  1. Now Randy that would really irritate me to have that happen. But it reminded me of my only time being in Mexico. Mid 1970's , a little more hair than I have now. I posted about it in the general section. Maybe you need to take a little brown bag the next time. Cheer up Randy Stay safe up there. Vern
  2. So this was my first and only time to be in Mexico. Going in was easy. Coming back? Now that was interesting. Three young men in a small car. Easy pickings for the agents. Sent us to the side to be inspected. Remove every thing out and finally found a small paper bag. I really think he found what he was looking for. And there it was. A small paper bag in the corner stuck in for safe keeping. When the agent seen it , I motioned no, no, no. But he opened the little brown paper bag and stuck his hand in real fast. I do not know how to swear in Spanish, . But he was pissed off. And I mean pissed off. In that little brown bag was a cactus.??? Now there where some strange remarks as that man walked away. New agent came over and finished. Back to the US never to cross that border again. Safe Travels,. Vern
  3. Yesterday I was thing about when young geese can fly. Looked it up on the net. Well they have to fly before fall. So they can fly south for the winter. But I did not know that the adult geese shed the feathers for flying and grow new ones. This happens when they are taking care of there little ones. So now the adult geese are trying out there new feathers while the young geese are learning to fly. Never heard of that before. Vern
  4. What engine do you have. That would help for info. Vern
  5. GIT's are geese in training. As in young geese learning how to fly in flocks. I have noticed through the tears that the geese fly around in small flocks this time of year. At low altitude and there maybe only 3 or 4 or maybe up to 10. So I think they are just learning what to do. Teanage kids could be a problem if they had to guide a group of people south for the winter. Now the migratory flocks will be later. The normal size ones. The fires have created a fair amount of smoke this summer. It cleared last weekend. But now it is back again. Safe Travels, Vern
  6. So it has been hot in Montana this summer. Then last weekend there was a cold front come through northwest Montana so the morning temps are in the forties. So now the GIT's have started flying. They go in all directions, but they have started there fall training exercises. I take it that they realize fall is not far away. There has been some frost on low lying brush on the east side of Flathead lake. Yes some fall colors are along the lake. Not much , but most days I travel either the west or east side of the lake so I can tell when to fall is coming. So it is time to think of our fall travels also. Be safe in your travels,. Vern
  7. Just curious if the old goat is stuck in grease. What's happening Henry. Have fun ,. Vern
  8. I noticed mine is not wax yet. What is going on,. Vern
  9. If you do wax the roof while accessing it from the rear of the truck and you are physically on the roof. Wax the front first and work your way back to where you accessed the roof. The first time I did ours I did it in reverse and was thinking about how I was going to land on the ground. Head first. Now that you mentioned waxing, you could practice on ours. Vern
  10. You need to look for Terry Chron on YouTube . Very interesting videos on the cummins engines. Hope this helps,. Vern
  11. Yes . That was the Red Ants Pants festival. In Wjite Sulphur Springs Montana. Shooter Jennings was there Friday night, A Sleep at the wheel was there Saturday night and The Belemy bros. we're there Sunday night. On the way home I did some fishing in some mountain streams. Not a place to take a high end RV. But probably, 5000 people there. It was interesting,. Vern
  12. Last weekend we took our conversion van to a country western festival in central Montana. Now to start with this is our time to this location for the show. So we get there and the pay to camp. They say go find a place. So we do. Now this is in the middle of a cow pasture. So we park, get out and in a few minutes we decide to move the cow patties that are in front of the side doors of the van. Set up camp so to cook and enjoy the weekend. We got there before dark but did not have time to get to that nights show. But could hear the band playing. So fast forward to first light in the am. Now I need to go to the boys room. So get dressed ( very quietly, sneak out of the van . Lock the van. Now on my way to the porta potties, while dodging cow patties and gopher holes. Remember I can just hardly make out the difference between what is not flat ground. So I put my hand in my pocket to check for my one van key in my pocket. This one key has a magnet on it as it is suppose to be hidden on the van, not in my pocket. So I pulled out a bottle opener from my pocket from the night before. This is while I am dogging the terrain and walking. I get the bottle opener out while in motion. But after my hand gets out of my pocket there is a delayed sound. A real light noise. What was that. I reach back in my pocket and there is no key. That sound? What was that sound. Blank key with magnet stuck to the bottle opener,,,,,, but fell off onto the ground. This happened while I am dodging the things on the ground. Ok now the wife will be mad at me twice. Once for waking her up to let me in. The other for loosing the key. Stop, look backwards, was that two or three step back to that noise location. Backup and no glasses to really focuse on the ground. ? I could could say I am in a pickle with this situation, but this situation is different. No I am not standing in one. There is something on the ground that looks odd. Besides the plops and holes. Reach down and it's not the key I feel. Can you believe it.??? It's the magnet on the key. You never what excitement you may find yourself in,,,,,,,, Vern the cow patties were dry . But there were lots of them.
  13. Are you physically in Montana at this time. If your are , take a copy of the form needed to a local police department and ask them about it. Hopefully you are on the good side of the law. If you are not in Montana take a copy of the form to a locale police department and see if they will do a vin check and other inspections as needed. You can do an LLC on your own. I would say class A. Weight could be a problem in it is in another class. Trailer should be possible to get a one time plate. Truck should be if 10 years old. Now some on here think I am outside the law. That just depends on who you talk to. Hopefully this will help, Vern
  14. If you are from Montana , purchase the truck. Get a temporary plate to get it home. Do the things that need done to convert to a motor home. Then get it inspected. Before your temp tags run out. Your done. Much planning and some work for 30 time limit. Now if your not from Montana much more involved. Maybe, that depends if it has everything done for a inspection. Then it needs to be in a LLC. And that process is in the resource guid. if this is incorrect, I just woke up,. Vern
  15. I think it is the PC board for the ac. The thermostat sends signal to the board for the unit to come on. the board controls the fan spreads and when the compressor comes on. Just my thoughts,. Vern