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  1. Head light restoration

    Well last year I was tired of the sanding and polishing the head lights. So I sanded then with 320 or maybe 400 grit. Tested with water over the sand makes just to see if they sand marks show Ed through . They did not. Before sanding the lenses were cleaned with the proper prep cleaner for automotive paint. Before sanding and just before spraying the lenses. So then sanded the corner and back the sides a half inch or what I could. With an out 220 grit would have a better grip so to keep the edge from coming loose. Then sprayed them with regular automotive ( Martin Seynor) clear coat . This was not from a can. Yesterday I waxed them and they look great. I did another truck at the same time and they still look as when painted. I had the clear material so cost was already covered. Just my thoughts.
  2. Great idea for the crime committed Vern
  3. Failure to start

    You may have a problem in your dash in itself. Call the manufacturer of the coach or search the net to find whoe made the dash display. Years ago I had one that did odd stuff. Called chassis and coach manufacturer for help. After doing the normal stuff. It turned out to be a bad connection where they spliced the j1939 communication cable for the engine to the dash display. While searching the net I heard about the j1939 cable. The way to find a j1939 cable is to look for several sets of twisted 2 wires. They twist the 2 wires so they do not get signals confused in the system. Ok that is not a good explanation. But it should give your an idea how to explain the situation to the builder of the coach. Hope this helps,. Vern
  4. Farmington N Mexico to Chama N Mexico

    Just curious if anyone has driven this road with an HDT. It is route 64 and is not listed as a truck route. We arm on our way to Montana by way of Pennsylvania . Yep another ride about. Going back to Pa to visit family and friends in central Pa. My wife's parents are there so it is time to visit again. This trip will include some stops at interesting things to see. But will include interstate time as needed. Thanks, . Vern
  5. 2000 Volvo part no longer available

    Just to finish this subject the valve is rebuilt, installed and works as designed with no air leaks. For a few thoughts on rebuilding a treadle valve. I did have a rebuild kit for a year just in case it was really needed. If you have done it before you know what I mean. First the thing is to be in a rested and in a good state of mind. Take pictures as I did not. Ifinally found a good description on putting it back together. Take your time as I took extra stuff apart that was not nessisary. That made it more confusing. I finally figured out two small assembly's where in the kit and just replace the those as a unit. With those assembly's a part there were to many parts in front of me. I was really tired when I took the valve aprart. Not a good thing to do. While I had the valve out I replaced the O'rings in the push connect fittings also. Trimmed the airlines back just enough so the new O'rings did not sit where the O'rings were on the line.The air now seems to build air faster now. Safe travels,. Vern
  6. Fan clutch solenoid

    I installed the new seliniod. Started the truck to leave the air build up so the fan would release from the clutch. When the air built up pressure the clutch released as it should. Then I checked for faults on the engine,. No faults. Safe travels,. Vern
  7. 2000 Volvo part no longer available

    I did try that at last and no success. The bolt heads were extremely tight. I mean extremely tight. And that is just the heads as the other end is cut off. I am not cheap when money needs spent, but with no part available I was sorta in a bind. And not in a mood to go to Pheonix to a junkyard. Just a warning for others that it could be a problem. Vern
  8. Fan clutch solenoid

    Just for a update on the fan clutch seliniod. New part is in hand. Now to get it installed and the treadle valve subject satisfied. Then test all new parts. Yea now back to work,. Vern
  9. 2000 Volvo part no longer available

    This really needs a photo, I cannot post pictures on this site. So let me say I have taken a lot of stuff apart with good and bad success. I have had a rebuild kit with me for about a year and finally said it was time to fix the problem. So as I had viewed the repair video that was posted in the other subject on valves and had taken time to test the system as that video was describing and finally decided to remove the valve. So one of the first things I started to do was to soak all the threaded connections I could see. Two of the bolts on top of the adapter have treads exposed at the end and as they pass through the adapter. The head of the bolts are not exposed until you take the assembly off the floor board. So the threads that are exposed were soaked for atleast 3 days. So once the assembly was of the vehicle I noticed the head of two bolts had aluminum oxidation around the heads. Try to pick out the oxidation, little success at that so make a hole saw tool to drill over the heads. Do not go to deep as it will ruin the adapter. Apply some mild acid to remove the oxidation. During this time I called about the valve at class8trucks. Only the valve is what the part number shows. Call Bendix Corportate for what is going on. Yes they provided a special adapter for that valve to fit Volvos application. That part number is no longer available form Bendix. Nor can class8 trucks find one either Finally have the assembly in a vice. Socket head bolt takes 1/4" Allen wrench. So install a driver backwards in drill driver, with a 12" adjustable wrench on the shaft and the hammering drill driver. Two bolts will not budge in either direction. Finally strip the socket out out of both bolts. Get a dremel tool out and cut both bolts off at there mid way point. Ok now I have the adapter off the valve. With another HDTr helping I drive one of the bolt heads out with a punch. Yes it was just smudge tight. Today I will get the other bolt head out. Beer sounded better at 4 pm the more ???????? The part of the bolt in the valve had to have a small pipe wrench to remove it. If this was done at a Vovlo shop it may be a problem . To say it mildly??????? So heads up on this subject,. Vern
  10. 2000 Volvo part no longer available

    Well now I have been slowly working on my air leak in our VNL. It has been a little frustrating up to now. Ok I finally got the treadle valve off the truck as it is the problem valve. I did get a kit to rebuild the valve a year ago just in case. So with valve in hand the adapter for a VNL has three bolts holding it to the valve. one of them came out . Two are stuck. I call Bendix cooperate for a part number and availability. Ooooops. Not available. Call class8trucks . No no no. Not any anywhere that can be detected. So now to get the old parts separated. The treadle valve is readily available , What is not available is the adapter to mount the valve on a VNL Volvo. Will search the net, but if yours is really stuck, drastic measures to separate . Will post as to what happens,. Vern
  11. Detecting a air leak in a sealed system

    Thanks for that info Srap. I may get to that tomorrow as I am still working partime. Yesterday I pulled into a job to look at an RV. When was walking towards my jeep there was a big puddle under the engine. So go find a water pump for a Chevy jeep Volvo vehicle and it took several attempts to get the right water pump. Installed water pump and will test drive today. And do one job later today so it may be tomorrow till I get to look at the Volvo. Thanks again for that info Srap,. Vern
  12. Detecting a air leak in a sealed system

    So today I may try to see if my whispered leak detector will pick up what valve is leaking. If you follow the video and understand that the treadle valve is not bad. As with the one red line on the passenger side of the valve is passing air when it is disconnected and the treadle valve quits leaking air. So the problems the valve that is connected to that red line. What diagrams I have looked at is not exactly specific to the line that is passing air. Tired of thinking,. Vern
  13. Detecting a air leak in a sealed system

    so this is what I am talking about . Vern
  14. Truck Repair

    Now just think about this a few minutes. Just trade that Smart car in on my jeep and you would have all the tools you need. Plus a little more power to boot. When things happen you do need to look at it with a good attitude. Just kidding, my jeep is not for sale. Atleast the bad weather has stayed in front of you. Hope you get home safe, Vern
  15. Can a small air leak be detected in a sealed system. There is a small amount of air leaking out of the exhaust port on the treadle valve on our truck. I watched a YouTube video on testing the treadle valve for leaks. It shows how a air leak in the system can leak out at the treadle valve exhaust port. that air leak is from a valve somewhere in the system. Can a Lnfineon whisperer detect the leak. The line that is leaking is a red 1/2" line on the passenger side of the front part of the valve. I am exhausted trying to read schematics to see where to look next. Thanks in advance for your thoughts,. Vern