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  1. Another fairly simple thing to do if your Rv has the ability is to run extra ducts into the lower area. Many Rv gas furnaces do not use all the duct openings on the furnace. Also some rv's have more than on furnace. Ours has two furnaces, but I could only run one extra duct into the basement under the rear of the fifthwheel. The other thing is to partially block some heat ducts that produce more heat but is not needed as much as others. I have also duct heat into the storage area under the bedroom and then have a few 4" holes in the floor hidden somewhere. The first one I had two 4" openings under the bed. Then had a few 4" openings towards the front of the Rv on the side of the bed. The idea to get heat under the floor will make the whole Rv much more comfortable. In cold weather. Just a thought, Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    Downsizing a HDT

    . Just had to post this. . A single lady had this setup. She finds a dock to unload the car when needed. safe Travels,. Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    Travel Trailers/HDT

    Noticed this unit a few years ago in Montana. it is possible,. Vern
  4. This picture shows hitch extended to make clearances for fifthwheel. just a thought,. Vern
  5. We do pull a fifthwheel we cannot turn 90 degrees
  6. Hauling a Jeep Wrangler at a angle. just how I haul a vehicle. Safe Travels,. Vern
  7. The road goes from Wisdom Montana south and eventually connects to I 15. It is not listed as a truck route, but it looks good from aerial photos. So has anyone travel this with there truck and fifthwheel. If so is there any problems. I will watch for snow if we go that way. Thanks,. Vern
  8. I tried to help. Although a few weeks ago I did see a truck that looked similar at a equipment sales lot. I did not have time to stop and look. Ok I am wrong I quess,. Vern
  9. Columbia Falls Montana listing. if you look on Craigslit in Kalispell Mt under heavy equipment there is a interesting rig for sale. I tried to copy and paste but it did not work. Just saying, Vern
  10. I have used https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj3gpWKv5blAhUzGH0KHWDPBYkYABACGgJwdg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASE-RoV45imIsozAGhSa90r_ry0LU&sig=AOD64_3vyV5vU-zFDv0bNY2G2zPJUOjkLA&ctype=46&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjGs46Kv5blAhVLgp4KHZPHD1YQzzkIOw&adurl=. I have tested it in clear bottles to see its effect. On gray water and black water. It takes 5 days or so to break down black water that had very little solids in it. But it did cleanup the gray water nicely. I have used it on dirty auto eguipment. It takes numerous applications. But it does clean oily greasy stuff. Many years ago I bought a old oil field drilling rig that had crude oil on it. The rig needed a lot of repairs that I did over the summer that year. So every time it was going to rain I sprayed it with Simple Green and over the summer it cleaned that rig up fairly good. About two years ago I had our kitchen sink drain clog up. There was nothing in the trap and nothing in the clean out to the tank. It had to be in the flexible pipe for the slide. Water would hardly drain overnight if the sink was filled up. So I put one cup of Simple green in the sink before going to bed. Next morning it worked as it should. No problems since. Just a thought,. Vern
  11. I mentioned chains in the beginning. I have mine ready for our trip south. Do you have a snow shovel with u. Stayyy Safe ,. Vern
  12. This may help with diagnostics on your unit. http://bryantrv.com/docs2/docs/1252service.pdf . Safe Travels,. Vern
  13. Real quick I think they are talking about the thermistor on the fins. That controls the unit to operate or not. My first thought,. Vern my next thought is i am wrong.
  14. It had just over 200 hrs on it. New plugs,air filter and lubed the moving parts on carb and governor. Ran about a minute on one cylinder till it cleaned out old gas from dead cylinder. Then smooth out nicely.. Safe Travels,. Vern
  15. So today I was at a 1990 Motorhome for a generator problem. It just was shaken and vibrating where running. So it thought about installing new spark plugs. I notice when I looked into the spark plug after pulling the wire off. Heck there is green paint on the spark plug. its about time I guess. Maybe even a air cleaner. why note replace it. After 29 years? Vern
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