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  1. I had a bad cord reel last year. I would strongly suggest to eliminate the reel a sap. It may do more harm from disconnecting and connecting often. It just needs to the wiring connected directly. I am a mobile Rv tech hiding in Montana. Safe Travels,. Vern
  2. That could be the speed sensor on the rear of the transmission. It happened to me once. Just out of nowhere it just limited the Rpms to 1500. It drove fine up till that rpm then just did 1500 Rpms. That was probably 10 years ago. So I do not remember about any codes. I did drive from San Antonio tx to Midland tx that day. Once I figured out how to drive it, it was ok. BBBut it shut off about 3 miles from the destination. Turned key off for awhile. While we were sitting along the interstate I tried to start it and it fired up and ran the last few miles. Called Cummins on a Saturday night and they thought it was the speed sensor and the replacement fixed it. Simple remove old, clean opening for new and plug and drive. Hope you have an easy fix,. Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    His and hers B++

    I need to make a correction to my beginning post. The local RV dealer where this is at has an ad on tv that shows this unit as a toy hauler. Yep that is what it is. Sorry I cannot find the video, but I do need to correct myself. So it should fit on one site. Safe Travels,. Vern
  4. Wrknrvr

    TSLBH head pin key?

    It would be interesting to see what happened to your hitch. If you can get a picture of the parts . Maybe keep the old hitch for discussion. Curious,. Vern
  5. If you have the exact model I might be able to post the service documents for your situation. I carry a spare low volume fuel pump for testing. It should be easy to install it with a separate gas supply for testing. Safe Travels,. Vern
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/fsus4eSa6c27wSBk6 i needed to use a different computer to post this picture. So if one put grease on top of the moving parts in this position it would help lube them .Not perfect but better. Vern
  7. Wrknrvr

    TSLBH head pin key?

    I was looking at your hitch photo. I wish I had a picture from a remote camera in that open hole on top of the hitch head. Mine does not have that hole but it may get one installed this week. I may take a remote picture of mine later today. Safe Travels,. Vern
  8. This what I do for greasing that unknown area. No it is not a perfect way to do the job. But any grease in that area is better than none. Some of that grease should find its way into moving parts. It can be aimed at the pivot points of the jaws, top and bottom. Also it can be pointed at the rotating pins also. Along time ago I had a good friend come buy for a month or so to visit. So we got there fifthwheel positioned in place. Went to unhook and it would not unlatch. Now this guy is very smart on mechanical things. Just never bought grease. I do not think he even had a grease gun. If he did I never seen it.. In another business I had for years I would look at used equipment for sale. So it was either new ( no grease at bearings ), or used and lots of grease at the bearings. But the worst thing was a used piece of equipment with rust at the moving parts. Jjjjust need to explain it better,. Vern
  9. Just curious as to the thinking on greasing a Binkly hitch head. On top of the hitch is the tool I use to grease the underside of the hitch head. Was just reading the hitch post problem and wanted to share what I do. JJJust Curious,. Vern
  10. Just curious as to what you are pulling it with. If a pickup then you could think about a HDT. A heavy duty truck will haul a lot of toys, tool and just stuff. Then you can keep the fifthwheel that you really like. Just thinking,. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    TSLBH head pin key?

    Where is the grease. I do not see any signs of it being lubed. Just curious,. Vern
  12. Wrknrvr

    His and hers B++

    Just a thought separate sleeping areas Vern
  13. Read the manual on how to initiate the system. It will probably be at the end of the installation instructions. It mite be a little confusing but it is there. Print that and keep it handy. You may need it again. That is how to reset the controls. That may fix your problem. Safe Travels, Vern
  14. What thermostat do you have. It may just need reprogrammed. Vern
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