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  1. Wrknrvr

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    I would also say propane is safe to use if every thing is working properly. The first and most important item is the LP detection component. Now I have seen several people disconnect the lp detector through the years doing Rv repair. Not a good idea. I would say to learn as much as posible about how and why all the systems function in your unit. One of the extreme things I experienced doing mobile Rv repair was a dry battery. Customer called about her furnace not operating properly. So I get there and start testing things. Finally I asked her when the last time that she checked her batteries. She looked at me with those deer eyes. Did someone steal them she said. No but when did you last check them. With those deer eyes she said 7 years ago when I moved here. The batteries were dry and needed replaced. I would suggest to read these and other Rv forums and try to absorb as much info as you can to better enjoy you Rv experience. Safe Travels, Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    You could use a small fuel tank for that purpose. Say maybe 10 gallons. You would need to figure out how much that amount would work for you. It probably could be mounted just about anywhere , although it most likely to have a return line back to the tank also. Search the net for fuel tanks, so you could see what is available. I have a 9 gallon tank for the aquahot I installed in our fifthwheel. Now our truck does have 300 gallon capacity so I just use a automotive electric fuel pump and a 30' hose to supply the tank. Using a five gallon can was a pain to try and maneuver to fill the tank. So the the pump works great for filling the tank. Just a thought. Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    No water pressure in 5th wheel

    If you look into the fitting where u attach the hose for city water there maybe a screen along with the rubber seal for the hose first. Remove that screen, then look for a white plastic stem looking out at u. It is about 1/8" diameter and it mite be brown from minerals. So that stem should have a peice of plastic across it to hold it from going in any farther. If that piece is not holding the stem from going in all the way, it can go in and block the flow of water past that point. You may be able to pull that chech valve out. It will work on city water that way. But if you use the pump without the fitting pluged it will pump water out that fitting. Five minutes to look for that problem . Hope that helps,. Vern
  4. Wrknrvr

    No water pressure in 5th wheel

    I would bet on the check valve broke on the city water inlet. When no water is in use the valve sits idle. Since it leaked by it has that spurt of pressure when you open a faucet. Then the broken stem moves forward and blocks most of the water flow inward. Now with the city supply hose off water comes out. Turn the pump on and I bet it pumps water out that fitting. If that is the case you need to replace that fitting. To replace that fitting normally just remove the screws from that fitting, pull out enough to take the fitting off and replace it. To get by for wawhile fill the fresh tank and use that water till the problem is fixed. You will need to have city water hose on to stop the back flow of water. But then u can use the water. Just a thought,. Vern
  5. Wrknrvr

    Aqua Hot using up fluid

    I will suggest to put something like cardboard under the exhaust area under the coach. Put.it on the ground and make sure it cannot move up against the exhaust pipe. Then fill the system and operate the unit. If anything is leaking from the unit itself it should come out of the drain pan around the exhaust pipe or the intake air screen area. It maybe leaking from the rear of the unit where the hot water exits the unit. I had one last summer that was doing that. just a thought ,. Vern
  6. Wrknrvr

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

    While you are contemplating this operation on your truck, you just may want to look at what the cab air bags sits on. The above post appeared while I was typing mine. They are excellent info to do while you are waiting for this operation. That cross support for tha airbags can rust out. You may want to have that part in hand when you start. I had quit a time to remove all the parts and replace everything that needed replaced in there. Probable took three times as long as I thought it would. I also made real sure the new cross member was really well painted as Volvo likes to keep there primer under lock. Next thing is old throwaway clothing including a beany cap. I also now use ski mask for grinding and dirty work under there. I no longer like the dirt in the eye trick that comes with such a job. You may need several cut off blades for a the 4" grinder you may need. Now no swearing on the subject either. Vern
  7. Wrknrvr


    I see no good choice there. One time we were headed to Taladega Al for a nascar race, with the DW trying to help with directions. I said do you see that road up there. She said yes, well that is where we are supposed to be. Quiet time in truck followed. Till we were on that road gain. It has been at least 10 years since we have traveled that area. So timing may help with traffic. Maybe The DW can watch road traffic on dot web site for traffic alerts and help with needed decisions. The previous suggestions should be of great help. Safe Travels,. Vern
  8. Wrknrvr

    N14 Cummins Jake Has Issues

    Just a thought that Darryl had on the throttle position sensor may help. I replace different sensors and parts as I have cash in my pocket or feel I need. I do buy stuff online at times. So three years ago I had purchased a throttle position sensor for our N14 cummins. During the summer. Now the truck was running good, but just thought I might replace that part. Now I always worry that when I do work on electronic stuff that it will not work. So now it is after New Years and I think I might put that part on. Three mounths till I really need the truck. So I replace the sensor and try to start the truck. It stated what I thought was better than before. Ok now drive the truck and it acts like it has better response. Just was not thinking it would make any difference. So I was not really paying attention to how it was running before. So we leave for summer travels in the spring and I notice the cruise control is working better. Now we purchased this truck in 07, it is a 2000 VNL and the cruise would waite till it really needed throttle to catch up to speed when it was on a decent grade. I just got use to helping the throttle on those grades. Now it works the way it should. Just a thought,. Vern
  9. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    So there is probably a bad connection there somewhere. I have not touch the board since it started working. It snowed in Congress Az yesterday and was well below freezing last night. Not to warm up for awhile in Az so will let it be for awhile. The plug connections come from the factory with a pure silicone base sealer and there is no evidence of corrosion at any place. So if it will work for a week or two as is I will let it alone. I will get back with what I do find in the future. Safe Travels,. Vern
  10. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    Not gonna touch it a few days if it keeps operating. Now I did try a new wiring harness on the lower right plug connection. It did not help. Last summer I threw out the top right connecting wiring harness. I did keep the terminal end for the board. whisky for now,. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    Ok now is the time to laff. Or get out a bottle of good stuff. so today I was going to really try and see how these printed circuit boards work. Trace what part of the system I think is bad. Study what to do when I start working on it. Now it is snowing out side in Congress Az. But today is a good day to attack this subject. As you can see the pcb I am talking about. It is more than just an igniter board. Now I have installed three different pcb including the one in the picture. I have installed three different control boxes on the burner itself. Still it will not work correctly. Tighten every connection, push pin connectors sorta and just finally frustrated. Pull pcb forwards to test where 12vdc is and is not. Studied where to test on the relays on the board. With printed circuit board pulled forwards off the pins it sits on and darn ------- thing starts working on its own. happy new year everyone,. Vern
  12. Wrknrvr

    Front mount swivel wheel platform

    Now this idea could allow you to balance the load as needed. Just build a rack system 8'6" wide and as long as you want and is not over legal length. Now it needs to fit the body shape all around the truck, clearance for the tires turning and other such needs. Install it so you have a platform to use as a step to enter your truck. Then you have all kinds of space for storage. The weight can be adjusted as needed. Then you have a work platform for working on things on the vehicle. Maybe even use it a a seat for when one needs a cold one. Or putting on fishing gear. Ok I was reading the original post again. Yes now tou could install lights to fancy it up. Use expand metal to save weight. Except where tire spinoff may mess things up. Now I never build anything out of the ordinary. But I my just start being different. Now one has a lot to think of on this idea. Safe Travels,. Vern
  13. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    I may just buy a new board for the unit. But I would like to figure out how fix the board. I do have three used printed circuit boards for it. Just not one of them operated properly. I like a challenge but the DW is getting irritated about this subject. In 6 years I have only sold 1 of these in my repair business. So I could just stock it in my supplies if I get one of the old ones operating. At least I am not bored sitting in the desert while testing things. Safe travels,. Vern
  14. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    I am working on my aquahot that I installed in our fifthwheel. So now this install was done with used parts from my work. I finished it two winters ago and it has worked great. Now that it is not the DW is not happy. I am a Aquahot dealer and did talk to Aquahot tech support for there input. Now what gets confusing is there is a printed circuit board to control all functions of the heating system. Then the printed circuit board controls a control box that operates the diesel burner operation. So they have to work together. So the unit has shut off occasionally in the last couple weeks. Turn it off and on and it will work for a day or two. So I pulled the burner assembly and installed new bearings as they we're noisy. So installed a new fuel filter and nozzle for the yearly service. Now no laffing allowed on this subject. Installed burner unit and it will not ignite. ??? Finally got the fuel lines reversed to the way they were suppose to be. Still not operating. Go to bed and think. Get up in the am and get to look at the system. Pinch pliers and still on the fuel lines. Ok remove them and it still will not operate. No laffing yet. Ok so now check fuel pressure, supply and install another control box. Now apply 12vdc to burner motor ...... Now the burner works. But while trying to get this unit operating the exhaust has lots of diesel fuel in it. Now I can send up smoke signals. I have an exhaust vent up the side of the fifthwheel for a smoke stack. My neighbor came over fast a few days ago as his wife said its burning. So now wait for wind blowing away from the campground so no complaints can be issued. Remember no laffing. At all,. Yet So with different parts from different aquahot units I really do not want to call aquahot yet. Now I was never around anyone working on printed circuit boards, so I have fixed some basic boards with soldering or replacing a few parts. Now Aquahots printed circuit boards are printed on both sides and some trace lines are converd by connection plugs. So sorta difficult for me to trace. I am not good at figuring out what all those extra things are for on the board. Now I have three different control boards. I finally have one the works if I jump two wires together. But those two wires are are power to the thermostat control system and back to the burner control box. Thermostat does not operate system with wires jumped. Well now I have a working control box on a operating burner assembly. Just need to figure out what is wrong with the printed circuit board. Another printed circuit board works the thermostat buts has a low voltage problem.. Now I mite be confused to say the least. I have wanted to learned how to repair printed circuit boards but it is getting frustrating . Now you can laff, Vern
  15. Wrknrvr

    Help with identifying part

    I will say the story is long. Still frustrated with said subject. Will tell the story in a week or two when I get it solved. Bringing beer, . Vern