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  1. Just curious if anyone tried this. So just stumbled into this subject on YouTube. thanks in advance, Vern
  2. Got one more done. More photos tomorrow More work to follow. That is a good site for tanks. Thanks for that info. So one big problem for installing a new tank is getting the fittings in place for hooking up to old pipes. Now I have done several black tanks in fifthwheels but this would be really hard to fit new pipes to match the old lines. Only one person can work on the pipes when the new tank would go in place. So I think this may be the best way to do this job. Thanks, Vern photo did not post. Will try later.
  3. Got one more done. More photos tomorrow So th hole on the bottom was drilled out with a 4” hole saw. I also have the end repaired with a piece of material installed and welded in place. The end of the tank took more work than I thought. But with watching u tube videos and some practice things look good. So the welding is actually being done with a 200 watt soldering gun. The kit that came with the soldering gun actually has two different ends that work good for smoothing out the weld joint. I just cut thin strips of the mud flap to make welding rods. I do think of fishing when working, Vern
  4. A friend of mine had a tire problem on his class C. So since i am bored I thought I will try to repair it. We did look at buying a new tank. It needs to be manufactured then shipped. And not at a friendly price either. So I told him to get me a mud flap from NAPA that was made of the same material. And I would see what I could do about repairing it. So I did look at it closely and I think I can repair it. I think it can be repaired with patience. Now what would be a real problem would be to buy a new tank which would have no waste hole, vent hole or sink drain hole in place. So then one must install those holes and attach the pipes accordingly. So the toilet is set on a plate form and has all these pipes connecting under neath it. Which has very limited space. We are planning on reinstalling the toilet with fernco rubber collars. I did a short test of welding on the tank that you can see. For welding rods just cut thin strips of material as needed. I should be fishing,, Vern
  5. Well now folks I gotta say a few things happened lately for excitement. We went on a ride towards Baghdad Az Sunday just looking around. After leaving Hwy 89 north of Congress headed west about two miles there went a mule deer. Did not even know they were in Arizona. So when we got back I looked up there range. There are several subspecies of mule deer. One goes down into Mexico quit a distance. Now that may not sound like much to some, but my normal day in Montana there are usually quit a few spotted on my travels for work to play. Wife spotted a large Owl in a tree. Two wildlife sightings in one day. Now some Arizona history was also discovered on the adventure. I noticed a turbine pump sitting out on a platform on the north side? Now who needed that much water in the dessert. Then there was this machine sitting on the left. v So what is it. So then just after this machine there was a large orchard . Water needed. Also on the right not far after the turbine pump there was a old irrigation system there with growing trees going up through the wheels and drivers. Water needed. So on the way back i noticed there was a man made ditch that started on the north side of the road and headed all the way to that turbine pump. I mean a large long ditch. Most of the ditch was overgrown with trees so it was hard to really understand its purpose. Water needed again. Old filling station for steam locomotives. That pump had a 8” pipe under the road to the area of the railroad tracks on the south side of the road. Not so bored, maybe,,,, Vern
  6. I have seen a fair amount of Atwood afmd model furnaces have problems operating properly. Right now at the North Ranch in Congress Az there are at least 4 of the furnaces that have problems. Another one was under warranty and I told the customer I would not work on it. I have heard of quite a few other ones not functioning properly also. If you google it you can see what I mean. Even tube it and you can see the water on the power board problem. So has anyone replaced the afmd unit with a Suburban furnace? Curious, Vern
  7. I would like it to follow the rv. So if I need a tool or anything in the (towed) or use it for its own purposes it would be with us. If it went to its destination then I would need to wait for it to return for what I wanted todo at that time. But one could have one meet you at your destination and one follow me. Or have a rental fleet for a business. Just thinking, Vern
  8. About two weeks ago a customer had a generator problem where the solenoid only clicked. Did all kinds of testing and cleaning connections. Finally put a long set of jumper cables from the batteries ground to the generator ground. Hit the start button and generator fired up . Determined the frame had some rust on it like there had seen some beach camping. Installed a ground wire from the battery negative to the generator ground. Along with the generator and now the jacks worked much better. This was on a class C. Vern
  9. Wrknrvr

    HDT sighting

    A few days ago I was in Wickenburg Az and I believe Dirt with his gold International was headed west on Hwy 60. Just the truck , no fifthwheel .. I was in a Jeep with no CB so I could not contact him. Safe Travels
  10. We are bored with the desert. Without really going to the Phoenix area we have sorta run out of things todo. And today I never took of my insulated blue jeans. I am keeping track of how much fuel we are using for heat. So I have been working on that muzzleloader I started 40 years ago. Heck it’s antique and not even finished yet. I am making most of the parts by hand. I did buy a barrel back 40 years ago. So now to make my old Jeep self driving. That may take some thinking beyond my capacity. Vern
  11. This is my thinking how it may be installed. In this area but not sitting on a plastic step There is some thought needs to be worked out. But it gives me something to think about. Maybe run ducts toward s kitchen area? I do have a Aquahot system in the fifthwheel that can operate on off road fuel. 55 gallon drum for storage tank in Montana. The truck holds 300 gallons of fuel And two regular propane furnaces in the fifthwheel. Vern
  12. That seems like a good way to separate the vibration at the joint and make a good connection between the different make of pipes. I use the shark bite style fittings a lot in rv repair business. Vern
  13. We are both sorta bored with the South for winter travels. So we are planning on staying in Montana next winter. No I do not need to be in a mental institution. Yet So the other day I got a Suburban furnace as a benefit of a rv job. So I got a idea to close in the fifthwheel with 4” styrofoam and maybe install that Suburban furnace at the back of the fifthwheel so that it will heat the area under the fifthwheel. With 12vdc power, thermostat and propane tank at the rear of the fifthwheel we mite feel warm. Back in late October we had 0 degrees before we left for Arizona. I have worked outside at 20 below so why not. Just thinking, Vern
  14. Let’s say I am 65’ long with the fifth wheel. Then I have two self doing cars following. One Smart car to fit that gang. Then maybe a corvette for that gang of enthusiasts. Just thinking. Maybe a self driving pickup pull a horse trailer with horse in it. Really bored , Vern
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