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  1. This is sorta a notice to RVers that normally do not do there own repairs. It just mite be a good time to start planning if something happens and they cannot get someone to fix it. What do I need to have with me to at least get it operating. I can see there are going to be some problems with this subject. So if you are in a rv you may want to start thinking differently about solving your problem your self. So we left Arizona early because of the Covid19. I had a few customers ask me about doing repairs for them while I was packing to leave. I could not help them. Just tried to explain what I could so they mite be able to fix it them selves. So mobile rv repair may be a problem to perform in the near future. I do not want to be in a rv that I do not know if the viruse is there. The rv owner may not want someone working on or in there rv that could have the virus. So I have decided to stop my RV repair business. At least for the foreseeable future so that everyone can take some time to reconsider the situation at our front doorstep. Be carful in your travels, Vern
  2. I found this listing on compendium.com. But it will not open as I thought. I am not a computer person so someone else may be able to find it. Safe Travels, Vern
  3. I just found this subject on the net. State By State Campground Closures & Responses To COVID-19 Vern
  4. We are now somewhere in the middle of Montana. No customers to stop by and pester me while I am playing with this project. So I do want to finish this rifle and now will have time to complete it. There is a machine shop for my use nearby but trying to do this by hand. Next time that I get to Home Depot I will get sand and plaster to build a forge for melting German silver for the next rifle. I do have green sand for making multiple castings, but that will be used after I build a forge. I have a applewood blank to make the next rifle out of and the hardware on that gun will be made of German silver. It will be 54 caliber Hawken style rifle also. Fly fishing may slow up this project. Along with some honeydo projects. And gardening. Will keep posted on progress. Stay Safe this summer, Vern
  5. When the water heater tries to ignite the gas valve has to open. You can test this by hearing it open with a soft thud sound. And by putting a finger on it, it should have a small amount of movement internally and be able to be felt with the finger. At the same time the igniter should spark. You state that the light does not come on when the heater is switched on. With those statements I would suggest to replace the fuse to the water heater. Then if that does not work there is a reset for both gas and electric control thermostats. They are under the rubber seals at the upper area of the water heater on the outside. If that does not work you need a volt meter. Turn the electric water heater breaker off as there is 110 volts under that cover. Remove that cover. Put your meter on ac voltage and test the thermostats for ac voltage. Just to make sure. Then switch the meter to dc voltage and test both wire ends on the thermostats. Those thermostats actually have a operating temperature thermostat and a high limit thermostat. They are both on the same metal base. With a wire connecting them. Just a start, Vern
  6. Just curious if anyone is having a problem with there fridge. I am talking about a Norcold n10 lx series fridge. This one will work on gas but not electric. The control board passes full incoming voltage . Operates on 2.25 amps, but will not cool the fridge for ice to form on the fins in the fridge. With same voltage directly to the element it forms ice on te bottom of the fins in the fridge. But the quart size container on the rear of the fridge does not get hot as it should. Looking for solutions for this customer, Vern
  7. Wrknrvr

    PA registration

    It was fairly simple to do. If I remember correctly she is in Helena Montana. But I cannot remember her name. I will ask my wife later today as it is still before 8 in Arizona. The resource guide that Mark assembled may have the office listed. If the lady is still doing the registration thing I do not know. We do our own now. There is a lot of negative thoughts on this subject, but since we registered hear we have moved to Montana. I do mobile rv repair and I can tell you there are many, I mean many people that do it. Any trailer gets a one time payment for registration I think. If you vehicle you are driving is older than ten years you can get a one time permanent plate for it. Yes we have not payed for a plate since 2000. You need to do some searching on the subject to understand it. Safe Travels, Vern
  8. Wrknrvr

    PA registration

    I would think about forming a LLC in Montana and register it there. We lived in Pa until 2009. We went through all that stuff and then would worry about returning to Pa without a legal inspection sticker. Then once they have you pulled over they may look for more stuff. High plate fees every year. And inspections. And taxes on your purchase. No tax in Montana. In 2007 our truck was totaled by a uninsured motorist. So we bought another truck. I had to pay taxes on the replacement truck as I could not trade in the old truck. Double taxation in Pa. my accountant said I had to pay the taxes Also insurance may help on cost also. Never ever register a vehicle again in Pa. I had noticed a truck that was registered out of state in the mid 1990s. A local dump truck. Even met the guy once. I did know his brother. Policed could not bother him. Experience speaking, Vern
  9. Just a few statements about fuel for lp appliances in RVs. With purchasing lp in Arizona it should have Propane which evaporates at about -44 degrees. Then it most likely has some butane mixed in also. Butane evaporates at about 32 degrees. Then they may just happen to put in isobutane also. Isobutane evaporates at Boiling point: 10.94°F (-11.7°C). Now this gas was never really figured in my thoughts of lp gas. Yesterday I had a small propane bottle in my residential fridge for a few hours. I did not check the temperature of the bottle. Now that bottle was filled from a 20 lb lp bottle filled at the local supplier. A small warm bottle of propane was put on a regular propane torch. It had a flame as you would expect it to have. Then the freezer bottle was installed on the same torch. The flame was considerately smaller. I am thinking that the butane was not evaporating. And the isobutane was not evaporating since the flame was smaller on the chilled bottle. Also the pressure of propane at or near 0 degrees may play a factor in this subject. More test today with temperature control hopefully. I do not have time today to do a scientific test. Nor do I have the ability as a lab would. Just thinking, Vern This winter I had a few new AFMD Atwood furnaces that when the weather was cold did not produce as much heat during until the temperature warmed up outside.
  10. I am curious if anyone in the Phoenix area has had any furnace problems that go away when it warms up in the am. So what I am looking for is that your furnace works fine in the evening. But when you get up it is not able to produce heat. You turn the thermostat off and back on and it works when it is warming up outside. This winter has had some below freezing nights around the Phoenix area this winter. Especially north west of Phoenix. Just Curious, Vern
  11. I would suggest stoping at a auto parts store and get a tube of dielectric grease. It is pure silicone, Cover the new blade and seals of the new valve. It will work much easier and will not leave deposits form on it. From experience, Vern
  12. So here is the difference in casting something not very accurate. The small piece is my last casting. It was fairly accurate in size. The other one was a hurry up wax shaping that was over size. I new that, so I made the third wax model. I was casting some bullets so I just poured that second mold and you can see my results are. The lost wax casting process involves shaping the item in wax. Then imbedding the wax model in plaster of Paris. Then you let it cure. Then heat the mold to melt the wax out and continue heating the mold . Then pour the molten casting metal into the hot mold. I have wanted to do this for long time. Finally getting to it. I may have started my buckitlist 40 years ago. It is interesting to try new things.
  13. This is a photo of the repaired tank with a covering made out of a mud flap bought at NAPA. Just about finished, Vern
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