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  1. Wrknrvr

    Broken Waste Valves

    If you have room to install fernco rubber fittings in the sewer lines, it will make installing new flange fittings much easier . There could be an alignment issue with the plumbing. The use of the rubber fittings will allow some give. Not a fun job,. Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    Western Smoke

    In Montana the smoke interesting. In the last few weeks I have notice some strange behavior from RVers . I get it now. Trees are not the only thing burning in California. Could not resist,. Vern
  3. Wrknrvr

    150 VAC with generator per leg

    I will talk to the customer when he returns to Montana . But I did say to him to find a deisel shop to fix it. If it was mine I would fix it. But I leave in the fall for the south and he will be back in California. So when there are odd things I just pass on it. Yesterday I had a call about a Onan deisel that was hard to start. He is leaving in a day or two. He can get home without it. And I am behind by adopt 8 jobs at this time. I will respond when I talk to him. Thanks,. Vern
  4. Wrknrvr

    Glacier N P on fire on the west side

    Yes we did. Had huckleberry treat just out of the oven. While there and then fishing the smoke from a fire towards he Canadian border tripled in density. Safe Travels,. Vern
  5. Wrknrvr

    Glacier N P on fire on the west side

    Ok now my wife was doing things with computers yesterday and I cannot copy and paste. Other things are problematic with my computer. I hope someone else can post a news uodate safe Travels,. Vern
  6. We went to Glacier N P yesterday and found there was a fire on the north side of lake Mc Donald. We traveled up the north fork rd for the day. On our return trip the fire had grown in side from our view. The fire looks like it has burned down to the shore of lake Mc Donald. The lodge was evacuated last night. I hope this post shows the subject X . X
  7. Wrknrvr

    Dometic RM3862

    Check to see if you have 12 vdc going to the board vern
  8. Wrknrvr

    Snowbird flight path east of Rockies?

    I would just go on a ride about. That is just leave and go where and when it is possible. Now I have been stuck for a week by going in that mode , but you get to see things in a different perspective some times. Just do not pass me and leave us sit in snow, while are in sunshine. Safe Travels,. Vern
  9. Wrknrvr

    Dometic RM3862

    Is there 12 vdc power to the unit from the battery. The control voltage is 12dc. If there is no 12vdc to the unit the 120 vac will not function. Vern
  10. Wrknrvr

    Frig Igniter

    I would remove the igniter wire from the source . Then install a new wire attached to the source and have the other end about a 1/8" from a good ground. And not near the burn chamber. Try it on gas and see if it sparks to ground. If so then the wire to ignition point I shorting to ground. Does this fridge have a separate igniter . Such as a white box. Sometimes the ceramic that is holding the igniter will give up and let the ignition go to ground. There may be enough dirt to create a trac line to ground. Just a start,. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    150 VAC with generator per leg

    I think Lou is on to the problem with an internal governor. Just did some research and I learnred something new. Apparently they do have a weight operated governor internal to the injection pump. The throttle is connected to injection pump on this unit. When switched on it just pulls the throttle to a set, adjustable setting. Then the weights in the governor assembly controls speed. Which would control voltage. I really thought the weight governor idea was back in the Steam engine time. The customer is gone for now. Will return in set ember to pick his RV up. He was going to find someone in Missoula Mt to work on it. There probable is a broken weight spring broken in the governor system. Learned something new this week,. Vern
  12. One way you could find the board. If there is one would to be use a tone generator. I tried to copy and paste but I could not. To use one you would need to disconnect a motor lead and then attach the tone generator and you could trace through the walls or what ever and follow it to the end of the wire. A few weeks ago I had called for tech support for an older leveling system. They said it had to have another board. I looked everywhere. Nope no other board. Hooked up a tone generator. Yep there it is. It had a ribben wire connection and was mounted on the bottom of the leveling control board. That is the one that had a blown fuse. Fuse was a 3.15 amp and was round about 3/8" dia. Search the net for a tone generator. That tool would have saved me a lot of agravation over the years. If only I had known about it. Safe Travels,. Vern
  13. Wrknrvr

    How many forum members ...

    How many members does it take to tell you how to fix a black tank when it is leaking Vern
  14. Wrknrvr

    A/C no bueno

    Did you smell any burnt wire smell. There is a little device on the start cap that can burnout and will cause no power to the compressor. I have never found that part separate . It is called a pctr. Yes that is what it is called. It can be obtainled with a start capacitor kit for your ac. Now if that is not the problem it is either the thermostat or the board itself. i am on vacation,. I think,. Vern
  15. Wrknrvr

    Volvo running warm

    Several years ago mine was detting warm on long hard pulls. It never showed any lights or codes . Until finally it did on a long hard pull. Pulled over let it idle till normal. Next morning I only could get 10 lbs air pressure in truck. Installed a new air governor . Now the air built pressure as it should . Fan now comes better than ever. Last fall my seliniod for the fan stuck on. Replace it and now the fan comes on at a lower temperature. Maybe replace those two items. Along with cleaning the radiator. Hope it helps, Vern