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  1. Aftermarket cruise control

    Look on YouTube for Terry Chron. At Heavy Duty Powertrain. I think he has about 46 video's on Cummins engines very good reading,. Vern
  2. Aftermarket cruise control

    Just a side note on our 2000 Volvo with a cummins N14. The cruise worked normal except when it noticed a hill in front of it. Then it was lazy, as in it would not open the throttle to accommodate the power needed to stay at speed. It would then almost at once try to catch up to its cruise speed. I just got use to helping it along until it was pulling as needed. About two years ago I replaced the throttle poison sensor. It not only fixed the cruise problem, it also made the throttle more responsive . Hope this helps someone,. Vern
  3. Parking and trailer air valve fix for air leak

    If it is where the supply line enters the body. Then yes there should be an o'ring in there that can be replaced. If you have not taken a fitting apart yet, I would suggest you take one apart that is not in the system. That is to see how they come apart. Do that before you try to take one apart in a critical location. Now the other thing to correct is the air line itself. It probably has compressed where the old o'ring has been squeezing it and it needs to be trimmed back. I now try to trim them back almost to the correct size. That little narrow spot I'll help with the airline going in easier than if the line is cut at the true size. Also is there enough airline free to cut the line back to a good spot. That line may have a new nickname before you are finished. Just my thoughts,. Vern
  4. Looking for a Good Samaritan in Phoenix Area

    Glad you got it covered. I would have came along with Noteven. Let us know if you need anything else. Glad to help,. Vern
  5. RV converter problem

    Maybe a 9245 model may suit your needs better Kirk. Stay Safe. Vern
  6. RV converter problem

    Take a look at a progressive dynamics 9200 series conver . They have worked good for replacements and only seen maybe two go bad in my time as a rv tech. Just pic the amperage size you need. Maybe 9260 for a 60 amp unit. Now if you have time to fiddle with your unit it would be interesting as to what really is bad with it. Safe Travels,. Vern
  7. HDT air leaks

    Stop by a Napa or maybe Oreily s auto parts. Buy a fitting that is the size you need. Pull on the loose end and pull it out. You may need a pair of pliers, or side cutters. But that piece should pull out easily. Then you will understand how they work. I bought a box of auto air conditioning O'rings for a steady supply. Have fun ,. Vern
  8. HDT air leaks

    I think rescue tape has no place for airlines on your truck. Next if your fitting that is leaking is clean where the oring is then you can just replace the oring. As was stated before cut the old line back enough to have the proper shape airline. Apply sone pure silicone for lubrication before assembly. I have removed the collet that was in not such good shape, but the area that the oring sits in is good and installed a new oring and a good collet. I have a collection of fittings from not knowing one can remove the oring and replace it fairly easy. So now I can use parts out of a spare fitting and fix one on the truck. I sat once for a few days waiting to get a tee. Yea I did not think of changing the oring then. Someone on this forum mentioned it so now I carry a box of O'rings in the truck. If you do not have a Whisper air leak detector. You may want to get one for your leak detection subject. You are not allow to use any bad words on your project,. Vern
  9. Now Randy you should not fib like that, but sometimes ya just cannot resist. People ask me how I get the jeep loaded on the back of the truck. 90 miles an hour and slam on the brakes. Yea right? Ok so then I tell them about the winch and how I do it with a remote control. Safe Travels,. Vern
  10. PM cost these days

    While the fluid is out of the coolant system. Maybe change any sensors that are in that system. Also change the thermostat. Two years ago I did the coolant change and hoses. But the thermostat is in the cab. Never thought to do it then. So it may be changed in a few weeks. Air filter and maybe new batteries. I would change the basic stuff so now you have covered all the normal things. I would even change the speed sensor on the rear of the trans. Then the air governor , oops I am spending your money. But it will be well spent it it keeps you off the hook. Safe Travels. Vern
  11. PM cost these days

    You may want to replace all the hoses and fan belts. As preventive maintenance . Just a thought ,. Vern
  12. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    Hey Kirk,. I have test for you to try. First get a good spark plug. Then a propane torch. Just a simple one as for soldering. And a DC meter set on milivolts. Now hook one lead of the meter to the center post of the plug. The other on the metal outside threaded part of the plug. Now light the torch and put the flame over the spark end of the spark plug. Make sure the flame is covering the end and see what you meter reads on DC milivolts. Just for fun ,. Vern
  13. Past time to leave Montana

    Finally in warm Vegas weather. Pulled into Clark county shooting preserve late today. Hang out here till Saturday morning then on to Congress Arizona. Truck did need fuel filters in Missoula Montana. It has run great since then. Did drive on some 1" of ice on I-90 but stoped asap and rested for 3 hous. Then south to Idahoe and to Vegas . Resting ,. Vern
  14. Generator front cover on motorhome

    Dig the wood out and clean it extremely good. Sand the old glass where the wood was and then fill it with glass and resin Vern
  15. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    After driving on some ice on I -90 just west of Butt Montana on Tuesday , we are at Nephi Utaw. On I-15 at Mike marker 222. 337 or so miles from Clark county shooting preserve in Las Vegas. Hopefully be there tomorrow night. Vern