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  1. RBH

    RAm 4500 DRW Question

    Don't ignore the MDT option. A used Sport Chassis can cost less than a new pickup and is much more capable. They have about the same footprint as a dually, air on the rear susp, cab, hitch and seats, big brakes behind the 22.5 in wheels, all aluminum body and deck, elevated drivers position so you can see over most vehicles in front of you, a tighter turning circle and a much greater feeling of confidence when you hitch up.
  2. Please read Mike Sokol's series. An EMS will NOT prevent a hot skin condition. Chuck Woodbury's RV newsletter Has and continues to cover this subject extensively and should be required reading for any RV owner.
  3. Don't have any experience with this particular shop but have been in a few Freightliner shops with my M-2 and would not recommend any of them and will never use a FL dealer again. Have had MUCH better experiences with independants. Any good shop can provide routine maintenance.
  4. I'd put my money on a stuck-open solenoid valve in the machine. Tech help for Splendide machines is great and you should have a phone no. on a sticker somewhere on the machine or should be able to find one by googling. Just turning off the inlet valve at the wall will stop the water flow until a fix can be done.
  5. Remote antenna worked for us. Mounted the antenna under the rear bumper of the tow vehicle and ran the coax up to the monitor in the cab. Much cheaper than the repeater.
  6. My guess is that if you end up with this unit and after the first year of the inevitable dozen or so issues you will have with any new RV this one issue will fade to insignificance.
  7. I doubt that Heartland is the axle manufacturer. Are they not Dexter axles? There are plenty of sources for axles besides the manufacturer of the trailer. Heartland probably has to order them from the axle manufacturer and then send them on to you adding an unnecessary extra step to the process.
  8. Been working perfectly for over five years. Comforting to see empty when the tanks have been drained.
  9. Bearing grease does NOT "settle" under any circumstances. Annual servicing of packed bearings is a good idea if only to inspect the parts and the brakes. It is not necessary to repack bearings annually or at 12,000 miles. My bearings are the sealed cartridge type employed in all modern automotive applications and never get repacked, nor can they be. They have been in use for several years and the only inspection needed is to unload the wheel and check for play.
  10. RBH

    M2-106 Air leak

    Air/water bleed valve on the forward tank has been my continuing problem. Crud gets into the valve then it won't seal up. I've taken it off a few times and cleaned it out but nothing lasts. After every use it refuses to seal because rusty crud in the tank keeps fouling the seal. Finally decided that since I was crawling under a couple of times a year to remove and clean the valve anyway I would just replace it with a plug. I can bleed off the air with the air hose hook-up then remove the plug to drain. I sure wish they would have used stainless steel to make these tanks.
  11. RBH

    RV Batteries

    I would still double check to make sure the wire they are using is adequate. Wire size calculators are easily found on the internet. If in doubt go to the next heavier gauge as there is no problem with too heavy a wire but big problems with too light a gauge and the price difference is not that much of a factor.
  12. Hmmm...... that's not been my experience. I purchased some "moisture resistant" plywood from Menards a while back. If all plywood is marine grade why was this labeled as such? I have also had recent plywood that came completely apart when wet.
  13. RBH

    Bleeding brakes

    Another way to activate the hydraulic brake pump is to use a "remote starter" switch. Essentially a momentary on push button switch that mechanics use to activate the starter from under the hood. With long enough patch cords the switch can be used to activate the pump from under the trailer at the caliper. You are than able to activate the switch, open the bleeder, run the fluid thru until it comes out clear, close the bleeder and deactivate the switch. Of course you have to make sure that the reservoir never goes empty. I up-end a quart size bottle of brake fluid into the neck of the reservoir, it will automatically feed fluid as the level drops and if you are using a quart size bottle and vacuum tube pushed onto the bleeder nipple to catch the outgoing fluid you know exactly when to change out the feed bottle. Once you have the set up the actual bleeding goes very quickly. All this works only if the bleeders aren't seized of course which is a topic for another discussion.
  14. Whatever thickness of plywood I used it would have to be "moisture resistant" or Marine grade plywood. If I were building RVs ALL the plywood used would be moisture resistant.
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