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  1. I'll pass your number on to the guy that bought my truck. He wanted my smart also but because of speedo only reading in kms it couldn't be imported. Good luck and say Hi to your mom for us. Mike
  2. The time has come, after 7 years of full timing to turn the page and start a new chapter.Don't feel bad for us. It was all in the plan, we were just never sure on the timing. Whatching the tail lights of "Kenny" heading down the road yesterday stirred a mixture of feelings that's for sure. As I sat and reminisced a bit yesterday I came to the conclusion that the best part of the HDT gig was the people that we've met through the years and it all started with this forum. I can't thank you all enough for the help,info and entertainment that you have provided over the last ten years. It has been a chapter in our lives that we will never regret. Be safe and enjoy life! Mike and Christine
  3. No worries Pat. I assumed you weren't running a CB. I know alot of guys either don't run one or have it turned off. We were headed to Bullhead City AZ from Nova Scotia. We fulltime so home is where we park. Our mail goes to our official address in Calgary at the kids house. We had the rig parked for the summer at a lake lot we own in Nova Scotia and that will be where we settle down whenever this lifestyle stops being fun. Sounds like you had a great adventure in your travels. Hope to see you on the road again another day! Mike
  4. Passed a grey Volvo today carrying a smart car and hauling a NH on I-40 just west of West Memphis today. Gave them a toot on the horn and tried calling on the CB. Never even got a wave or a flash of the headlights in return
  5. He was heading north on I-81. I hollered on the CB but didn't get any reply Mike
  6. Go for it Mr Cob! I don't regret for one minute my choice of buying a W900. Have traveled all over North America with it and enjoyed every mile. Mike
  7. Barncats

    Kenworth 600

    Ahhh good point. I've never dealt with the twin turbos but now that you mention it, I have heard some negative things about them. Mike
  8. Barncats

    Kenworth 600

    They stopped making truck engines because they didn't want to play the BS emissions game. I've put hundreds of thousands of miles on Cat engine in work and play. Best engine going as far as Im concerned. Mike
  9. Barncats

    KenWorth W900L

    Welcome to the HDT long nose group! HDTers are a rare breed. Long nose HDTers are even more rare Mike
  10. Didn't get a chance to see you and thank you for the great job before we pulled out Carl. We pulled out cpl days early so we could stop and visit an ex HDTer in Indiana. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I didn't get a chance to put anything in the suggestion box, but I was thinking a Smart car poker run might be something to consider. Been on many poker runs on motorcycle and I think it might be alot of fun doing it with a bunch of smart cars.
  11. Yes sir, that was us! We are now parked at our lake lot just outside of Annapolis Royal NS. All settled in and waiting on the rain. Mike
  12. Barncats

    ECR Final Post

    Probably be going through Amarillo sometime Early Wednesday. PM sent Mike
  13. Barncats

    ECR Final Post

    I'm living it too brother. Sitting in Chetwynd BC as we type. Flying out of GP tomorrow to head back south to momma in AZ and get ready to head east.
  14. Barncats

    ECR Final Post

    Sure am happy that I have a head start and my rig is already in AZ
  15. Barncats

    ECR Final Post

    A week away and still looks like we'll make it. Worse case is possibly arriving a day or two late. Congrats on your win last night Rick. It's the only time I've cheered for the Oilers. Hoping for a battle of Alberta in the second round Mike
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