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  1. rocksbride

    Convection Oven Metal Oven Pan Replacement

    Pyrex, Corningware, and regular metal bakeware work fine in my convection mic. Haven't used a regular oven for 10 years. I also bake at the temp called for in recipes and just set a timer at 10 and 5 minutes early to check for doneness.
  2. Here is the publication Social Security sent. It's a .pdf or I would post the link: What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits Social Security Administration | Publication No. 05-10077 ICN 468300 | Unit of Issue — HD (one hundred) January 2018 (Recycle prior editions) Produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense On page 5 there is an interesting section on what you must report to the government. Here is just a little highlight of many: Let us know if you plan to go outside the United States for a trip that lasts 30 days or more. Tell us the name of the country or countries you plan to visit and the date you expect to leave the United States. We’ll send you special reporting instructions and tell you how to arrange for your benefits while you’re away. Be sure to let us know when you return to the United States. Here is an excerpt from page 4 of the same booklet: "How we’ll contact you We usually mail you a letter or notice when we want to contact you, but sometimes a Social Security representative may come to your home. Our representative will show you identification before talking about your benefits. If you ever doubt someone who says they’re from Social Security, call the Social Security office to ask if we sent someone to see you. And remember, Social Security employees will never ask you for money to have something done."
  3. rocksbride

    "Pilling" a cat? Hyperthyroidism

    Thank you First Responders! Love to hear your cat stories. Hearing how you've handled chronic issues is minimizing my initial Shock and Awe Sh*&%#~t! I could hardly talk for 30 minutes after that first diagnosis and prognosis (max 3 months if left untreated). Thankfully we caught it early and she's NOT underweight, even though she was dropping weight fast. Kitty begs for cheese but rarely eats it unless she sees it come right out of my sandwich in a 1/4" x 1/4" piece. Too bad we can't hide that pill in a potato chip. LOL. Liverwurst sounds like a great plan ~ at least I like it if she doesn't, unlike the 6 or 7 flavors of open cans of cat food in the fridge. Was pretty desperate trying to find something she'd eat after she quit the Hills kd fare. She's starting to look better after a week of eating again. Turns out there's a lot of discussion among vets on the right amount of protein for senior cats with renal issues, but I can tell you her "no protein" diet wasn't working. Will try the other gymnastics, er.... pilling techniques this weekend before the cat sitter takes over Wednesday. He is one of the few sitters she likes and maybe the cuddle technique will work. I found a compound pharmacy (closed today) that may make up an ointment for the sitter to apply in her ear while I'm gone. We'll see. As for stink-eye, I've been giving her a water chaser via syringe before I let her go, followed immediately by kitty crack (Party Mix). She might grumble a bit munching on snacks, but at least I don't have to see the stink-eye. LOL Dollytrolley, thanks for the comments on the radiation. I may track back at a later date. The vet tech had it done for her "Leo" two years ago and he's been fine since. She did say the specialty vet keeps the patient a week and then sends the radioactive cat home. BUT you are not supposed to spend a lot of time with the cat for a week... gloves for box duty, etc. I don't know how we'd manage that in a fiver unless we all wore hazmat suits. I don't want to get stopped or held at the border as a radiological undesirable. We don't take the rig to Mexico, but we travel back and forth a lot in the pickup. 2gypsies: Thanks for the lead on Wheeling It blog. Love Nina's style and appreciated her research and great links to more resources. Bookmarked several pages and will go back often. Here is a helpful page she linked to on the clinic they used for the radiation treatment for their cat Taggart. How awesome to have a Kitty cam to watch your sweetie in post-treatment quarantine: RVr's blog re their experience with radiation treatment for their cat They show it's doable in an RV and it looks like Taggart just moved to France with them 2 years after treatment. Here are more details for future Escapees looking into radiation treatment: Cornell vets explain feline hyperthyroidism & treatment options One thing at a time. This issue is new news and I have a short window to solve the pill problem before I have to leave her for nearly a week. I'll be back after a few days just to do the sub Q treatment and then head back to Mexico for the rest of the week. Thanks for your stories and advice. I really appreciate all you've shared and find great comfort among those who get what we're going through. ~Sheri & Kitty
  4. rocksbride

    Full-Timing with Cats

    What do you know? My husband said we could do that with ours, too! Does it turn itself off when the power comes back on?
  5. rocksbride

    "Pilling" a cat? Hyperthyroidism

    I think the pill popper is going to be a finger saver! LOL
  6. Any tips on the easiest way to give a cat a small pill? I'm hoping to find something to hide it in so she'll just eat it. I tried the chicken flavored "greenie" but she chewed the empty sample up. The second one had the pill and she spit the first bite right out and wouldn't even eat the "pill-less" leftover as a snack. I've had success with a pill popper but don't want to make the pet sitter learn that trick. As an update, we've been doing sub Q fluids almost a year now and the vet just said her kidney disease numbers are better than when we started. The bad news is she's just developed hyperthyroidism. The pill is the best treatment for our situation right now, but there are other options available to consider. Have you had to deal with your cat's hyperthyroidism? Has anyone gone the radiation route? Thanks for your help and sharing your experience, friends. ~Sheri and Kitty BTW: 100 tablets of 2.5 mgs of Felimazole ran $30 at the vet; $23 at http://drsfostersmith.com; $13 at http://vetrxdirect.com. So hoping NO ONE needs that factoid.
  7. rocksbride

    Full-Timing with Cats

    In 10 years we've never been charged for Kitty, but when asked we tell them we have a cat. I like the manager to know she's in here in case of some emergency. It rarely happens, but sometimes power goes out in our park on high-demand days when it's super hot. If we're away from the rig, I'd like a call if that happens. Yesterday (June 8), it was 90 degrees at 8 pm INSIDE the fiver after towing all day through south Texas. It could be that and more in no time if the electricity goes out mid-day here at the border in the summer. If I can't get back quickly to rescue Kitty, the manager knows how to get her out. Our pet sitter also lives onsite and knows the emergency plan. Just something to think about when deciding whether or not to tell management that you have a cat in the rig.
  8. We just went with National General. They gave us a tremendous rate for the Volvo and DRV. We went back and forth on the coverage limits until we finally settled. Make sure you SEE full timers on your quote. Even though we asked for it we got a vacation quote back the first time. Also make sure you are comfortable with your personal contents coverage. When you think about replacing just personal tech gear it adds up fast. National General also offers a significant discount to Good Sam's members. It was worth joining just for the insurance savings.
  9. rocksbride

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    Here's a link to happy fun loving encouraging facts. It really is the tag line in the URL. I'm not making it up. Happy fun loving encouraging fact #11: 11. Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon, wrote his daughter initials there. They’ll be there for at least 50,000 years.
  10. rocksbride

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    That's wonderful you all are settling in to a new life. Some cats will actually walk on their leash like dogs. Mine may take me along a fence line if there is good stuff to sniff. But don't be disappointed if your experience is like pushing a string. My Kitty would rather roll around and snooze in a sunny spot while I stand there holding the leash for however long I can stand it. I finally got a stroller for her so we could walk... or I could walk and she could loll while I push her around the park. Works great, but one thing at a time, eh?
  11. rocksbride

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    "That only works if you're standing on the side the door opens." You've got a point there, remoandiris. LOL. Kitty still occasionally squibs out if I'm coming in and she's hiding inside and ready to make a dash. I should have clarified that it works well if you are inside the trailer and so is the cat... continually lurking at the front door. Yeah, if you're both inside the bottle works. After all these years, Kitty knows at which of our regular stops she gets to go out and where she can't. She USUALLY waits for me to get her "belt" on (harness), but if we're in our regular place in the RGV where she feels comfortable sometimes she makes a break for it. The wildest I ever saw was a pair of Siamese cats in a trailer that had the kitchen counter by the front door. One of them learned to jump on the counter and press the lever-type handle on the screen door and he and his sister both made a break for it anytime their "mom" forgot to do some fancy lock she'd improvised. Smart cats. Kitty knows where the latch is on ours. Fortunately she's too short to reach.
  12. rocksbride

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    A small spray bottle that will shoot a stream of water will back kitties away from the door of the trailer. A blast of hot air from a hair dryer applied to the back end of a cat will also pop them out from behind the couch when it's time to go.
  13. rocksbride

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    Get your kitties harnesses and several bright leashes. When we started, I had 3 leashes about 6' long and hooked them together so if Kitty did make a dash I had a chance to step on the leash OR a bright red line to point to where she was hiding. Only needed it once or twice for the dash business. She learned she never leaves the trailer without her harness on. We went for practice "walks" (mainly sniffs and sits and lolling around) 'til she got used to it. We did the same as other have said, put her in the carrier with her gear on and carried her to the truck, Until I knew I could trust her I didn't open the truck door 'til she was locked back in. The other thing I did was take her for short rides in the car for something fun so it wasn't associated with the vet anymore. Treats always in the carrier at the start.She got used to it pretty fast. We've been on the road 10 years and now she sleeps in her crate most of the time, but she can come and go as she likes. She learned really fast not to get on the dash or the driver's side. They'll figure it out. Make It fun for them and tell them all the cats do it. That usually works for us. Ask your vet about "Feel Away." It's a spray that calms cats down. Amazon has a lot of links for it. I don't know if you have slides or not, but the cat always stays in the truck until the slides are out. That way home always looks like home, she doesn't know the walls move in and out, and the only thing that changes is the view. It works. Enjoy your new life. Your cats want to be with you. They'll get it. BTW, I found the forum and Escapees by searching for info on traveling with cats in 2008. That led to great friendships and lots of help along the way. Kitty is still with us at 16.
  14. rocksbride

    A Sad Announcement

    So unbelievably sad. Thanks for posting Jack. I know Gail wanted to hear from her friends. Continuing prayers for both Steve and Gail Greet Danielle for us, too, Jack. Wish we were nearby to hug ALL y'all... Dixons, Joneses and Mayers. We love you dearly and hope to see you soon. Heading north early April.