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  1. A Sad Announcement

    So unbelievably sad. Thanks for posting Jack. I know Gail wanted to hear from her friends. Continuing prayers for both Steve and Gail Greet Danielle for us, too, Jack. Wish we were nearby to hug ALL y'all... Dixons, Joneses and Mayers. We love you dearly and hope to see you soon. Heading north early April.
  2. Full-Timing with Cats

    Our 16-year old Kitty has full-timed with us for 10 years. No problem going from free run of the neighborhood to the confines of the rig. She wears a harness and leash when she goes out with me now... never unsupervised. As for vets, keep a notebook with copies of important papers in your tow vehicle, including your own emergency med details and records from each vet you visit. It's been very helpful to be able to hand each vet Kitty's history as we move from state to state. We are now having to give her subcutaneous fluids twice a week since last summer. VetRXDirect.com has been great to work with. I order what we need and they call Kitty's vet to verify the prescription. They ship to wherever we are. drsfostersmith.com will do the same and have a lower threshold for free shipping. As for traveling, Kitty rides with us in the truck and likes to look out the window or snooze in her crate. She only rode in the fifth wheel the very first trip. It took six months before she quit jumping at every little snap and pop the trailer made when we parked. Your cat's going to be happy as long as he's with you. When you get ready to hit the road, come back and ask about cat toys, etc. You'll get a long thread going on that one, too.
  3. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Oh hardy-har-har... I go on vacation for a bit and you folks start makin' jokes at my expense?! I don't seem to recall, "ridicule is the greatest form of flattery" as being an adage. As long as I can entertain all y'alls I guess I'm good, that. Rocksbride - Watch yourself. OH! Touchy! No one was trying to flatter you, Yarome. Just tease you a bit... Who knew we could have such great fun over a cracked pan? Glad to see you've walked out of the woods for a bit and decided to rejoin the convo. And there's no need to be tellin' tales out of school. Piping down now.
  4. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Hey Yarome! I found a recipe on allrecipes.com for "Snakes in a Blanket" that sounds awesome and doesn't require welding your skillet. I may even take it as an appetizer to our Thanksgiving Pot Luck. Here ya go: Snakes in a Blanket Serves 8, ready in 28 minutes. Looks so super yum I may have to make it today. Only requires 8 little green snakes. Okay, okay.... lest I hear any nonsense about cucumbers, here are the ingredients for the recipe: crescent roll dough olive oil 3 cheeses: provolone, mozzarella, and Swiss 8 asparagus spears Italian seasoning The recipe really is called "Snakes in a Blanket." Click the link for directions.
  5. Getting the band together at the National HDT Rally?

    Hey guys, Davena confirmed she got the message and that Henry will, too. She's not sure when he'll arrive, but he will be coming for sure.
  6. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Snake, obviously! But good clarifying question, Eddie.
  7. I thought that might be the case. Glad she found a solution. And I love your wife's name!
  8. Hey JCZ, I don't know how often she gets returns and how often you move, but I never have packages sent to our mail service in Livingston. Even though my billing address remains there, I just change my shipping address with everything I order. If we're moving too soon to receive it, I have it sent to the next address and meet up with the package in a few days. If wherever you're parked won't receive mail for you (call ahead and ask), call the nearest post office and ask about receiving packages through General Delivery. They will hold it for you. I'm sure your wife has tracking numbers on everything so she'll know when to go pick up her stuff. I don't return many things to Amazon or Ebay, but when I have, the seller or Amazon sends me the label already addressed. If your wife as a seller has an option to change her shipping address like the buyer does, that may be an option. BTW, we've been full-timing since '08 and my shipping address list at Amazon probably has 10 different addresses in it. One time I had a package sent to a good friend that lived near I-35. They met us with my package at a grocery store parking lot and after appropriate social protocols, we jumped back in the truck and drove on south. LOL Good luck. I know there is an answer out there for your wife.
  9. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Hmmmm...plausible. But if that's the case, he's probably walked off to get another... let's check back in a week!
  10. Getting the band together at the National HDT Rally?

    Davena sent me an email re RDBE and mentioned Henry was driving in from Florida sans Kechup. She said he'll be doing his seminar.
  11. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    yeah, head crackin' was the obvious first thought, but Yarome is pretty innovative. Perhaps he couldn't find his hammer that day? If I recall, he also travels solo, so hopefully it wasn't his head that cracked! LOL Some of the best stories are the ones you can't tell for awhile. I'm sure it's a good one. LOL
  12. Getting the band together at the National HDT Rally?

    That would be HECK YES! and the chocolate chip cookies.
  13. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    But I just have to... how in the world did you crack a CAST IRON pan? Really, Yarome. It'll be the most interesting part of this thread and a good lesson for the rest of us.
  14. portable propane grill

    Just a follow-up note on the Blackstone Dash. I have had a little trouble connecting the propane to the regulator since I used an old (ahem, rusty) left-over bottle. I called Blackstone Customer Service today to inquire about the price of a new regulator. Whitney asked me exactly what the problem was. I did tell her it may have been the old bottle I used, but I can only get two turns and then have to hand it off to HERO Maker to connect the fuel for me. She wouldn't tell me how much it was, but asked where she could send me a new one? FOR FREE, SHIPPED FREE. I'll have it in a few days. So in addition to a fabulous product, Blackstone has amazing customer service. We've had it at least since January and maybe even a year. She never asked for any information except what was happening and where to send the replacement. AWESOME. Blackstone Dash