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  1. Dave; Did you sell the Freightliner? I think I have a "local" buyer for you. Curt
  2. CDR

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    Paul & Paula; Please replace or pressure check the trans cooler. You may want to check the condition of your engine coolant also! Missing oil has to go somewhere! It sure didn't evaporate.
  3. Dave; Sounds like you will need a cyclo polisher for all that chrome! You won't get swirls and it polishes in 1/2 the time of a disc style or orbital polisher. There used to polish planes and Airstreams! 👍
  4. CDR

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

    Daryl & Rita; You are correct with tire upsizing, my rpms dropped from 1500 to 1325-50 @ 62mph, @ 67mph we are at 1500. With 500hp it's perfect for the mountains out here. Nice to go over a peak pulling 22k @70 mph if you like with the cruise on!
  5. CDR

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

    Another way to adjust your sweet spot is to play with rim and tire siz For us we went from 22.5 to 24.5 both low pro. This dropped my revs by 250 to 300 rpm in each gear, plus I gained a bit of ground clearance.
  6. CDR

    Starting another Project

    Hope you don't plan on hauling a 10k trailer on that ball hitch. That 3 point doesn't look strong enough??
  7. Dave; Hate to see you leave the Freightliner gold, but that is a "Good" looking setup! Curt
  8. CDR

    99 Century jake and cruise issue

    Fireguy; Let me know if I can be of more assistance. Curt
  9. CDR


  10. CDR

    99 Century jake and cruise issue

    Fireguy; To "other Freightliner" owners as well! Here is "the" reminder.....if you sign up to Daimler DTNA (ex Access Freightliner), with the last 6# of your VIN#. You will have unlimited access to "your" trucks records and manuals! Including "all" build data, schematics, recalls and parts diagrams! All for "FREE"! This is such invaluable "free" information, it really is a "true" feature of owning a Daimler product! I try to YELL this from the hillsides! I know this is a "perk" the "other" manufacturers wish they would have done! On your problem, check the fuse packs that are tagged into your battery cabling wiring. Or the ground tie of that bank or circuit. One thing to love about the pre emissions Freightliners, they are simple!
  11. CDR


  12. CDR

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    Glenn, I salute you for tapping into "Access", I want you to know it is still available. Now it is Daimler "DTNA". 👍 Curt
  13. CDR

    What's Your TT Set-up?

    Kirk, That's true, but for our use (I use my HDT like a big pickup) it works rather well and we can just about bring everything we need. 😁 Curt
  14. CDR

    What's Your TT Set-up?

    We feel in the towable world a travel trailer is best for our needs...
  15. Fellow Freightliner owner, If you have your manual? There will be a series of ignition key (on off) cycles that will bring you into the diagnostic side and allow you to check current and pre condition codes. It will also allow you to reset the system to get going again if it's not a harmful condition. Using the designated module numbers you will find a problem. But truly it sounds like a loose feed wire at the battery or bad ground. Curt