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  1. As of 11/18 Now priced at $28k. Curt
  2. Sorry.......Priced at $30k As of 11/18......Now at $28k
  3. Thanks to all that have belonged to this group! We have come to the realization we will not be continuing our RV lifestyle. We have sold the trailer, so the truck is next.... 2001 Freightliner Century loaded factory model (930k / new engine at 350k (recall issue). Detroit Diesel 500hp series 60 (pre emissions)! 10 speed Eaton Autoshift / 3:42 gearing (2nd gen) Remanufactured 9/15 w/ new clutch. 24.5 lo pro tire upgrade / singled 9.5ft bed 2- 150 gal fuel tanks New tires, etc,etc.... The Russell’s 2001 Freightliner Century HDT Hauler (Chassis miles 930K) vital vin# H28500 (Pre EPA!) Owned truck, Title free and clear. Licensed Washington State RV. 500hp 1650ftlb 12.7L Detroit Diesel Series 60 (replaced at 479K recall issue) Consistently 10 to 13 mpg. Eaton Gen 2 Autoshift 10 speed Trans. (replaced with reman trans @ 890K with new clutch 2015) Jake and Exhaust brake. Singled with Traction Control, Locker and Air Dump 3:42 ratio (changed with tire and rim upgrade) Upgraded tires and wheels 22.5 lo pro to 24.5 lo pro (seemingly upping the ratio to 3:30 range?) Truck was ordered with just about every option in its day. Dual air high back chairs with armrest/ Airbag steering wheel. Full gauge package with automatic Detroit Diesel engine start stop climate. Full fairings/ Dual stacks/ Dual spotlights/ Fog lights/ Heated faired mirrors. Factory side sleeper windows/ Twin 150 gallon fuel tanks. Full factory interior cabinets and shelving, refrigerator, 12volt TV plug, shore power, inverter control. Modifications: Interior…… Upgraded stereo system 1000w with subwoofer/ Replaced refrigerator 2006 with new. 7” rear view safety rear and trailer color camera system/ dedicated on board 3 step charger. Prodigy brake controller Exterior……… Singled drive / 9 ½ ft X 8 ½ ft sided bed/ Rear camera/ rear sleeper windows Rear air supply system with shutoff valve/ hose and air fittings / Class 5 receiver hitch with plug. Upgraded tires and wheels to 24.5 lo pro / external shore power inputs/ Block heater Will include Discount Ramps Big Boy foldable ramps with total combined 3Klb rating. Good….. Great running reliable dependable truck! Ready to go coast to coast! Always serviced as scheduled, new tires (front 2016 / rear 2017) Charge air cooler replaced (2012) New air dryer (2015) Belts (2014) Overhead done (2007) Besides other items previously mentioned. Bad…… Truck is 17yrs old, period. But dependable and simple as heck with all the “Sub” modern features! Paint is bad (spots of clear failure/ Bed will need touchup), Bent passenger fairing wing. Bad fitting driver’s door (wind noise). Windshield leak (recommend resealing) Some light bulbs out on gauges, (all gauges work.) Some dash trim cracking. Truck Video...... https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am6H16w_reuXjSbJsjhnN_EMq2sV https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am6H16w_reuXjSQZUa79zNUgJSvC Contact us for more information! 2wheelin@comcast.net http://
  4. CDR

    Fuel economy vs HP

    Glenn is spot on! I have seen post for mpg from 6 to 15, but "no" one ever gets rid of their HDT's due to MPG. But if you can't afford to fix it, you just have a lump of unusable metal!!!
  5. Hey Dave! Wish I could have put my 2 cents in before you pulled the trigger. I am pretty sure I gave you a ride in my midsize LE Ranger. That being said, sliding into the seat instead of dropping into it is much easier as we age. If your not going to jump or trail faster than 40mph, a utility cross may have been more useful and comfortable. Sure would be easier to carry the dogs or supplies and they are "just" as capable only at lower speeds. Personally I am a Polaris man, a General or 1000 or loaded 900 Ranger will do anything you want, reliably! I "do" like the Honda Pioneer 1000 special edition also, can't go wrong with a Honda! Did you have a chance to see any of the Washington state UTV groups/forums/boards? They have "many" great rides, weekdays and weekends. From mild to wild, short to over 250 mile routes (some Including street travel). Since you made your decision, please get it street licensed. Best fun "dingy" ever! If you get it licensed here? Push for the "white motorcycle plate" not the green restricted. Anywhere/ anytime use (on 35 mph and under roads) then! Good luck my friend! 😁 Curt
  6. Dave; I will talk with them and get back to you. Curt
  7. Dave; Did you sell the Freightliner? I think I have a "local" buyer for you. Curt
  8. CDR

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    Paul & Paula; Please replace or pressure check the trans cooler. You may want to check the condition of your engine coolant also! Missing oil has to go somewhere! It sure didn't evaporate.