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  1. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    I wouldn't respond now except for the miss conclusion about putting things between dishware. First of all,we don't like plastic for eating off of or drinking. The reason for keeping things separated is that they get scratched from rubbing against each other. And yes we use Corelle and it does shatter, from one who knows. Also,not necessarily pertinent for this question, in our Class C, it is less noise when going down the road. And, Pat, why do you find it necessary to take exception to a genuine suggestion that you don't use, but that the OP might like?
  2. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    Something between each plate and the side of glassware. Things can go on the bed. Depending on your refrigerator, you might try to block the door. Drive slower.
  3. DW wants an oven

    My wife agrees with you. The temperature is so uneven that in 20 years she only used it 10 or 15 times. She had to constantly check what ever she was baking.
  4. firefox browser

    And free VPN
  5. firefox browser

    I switched to Opera and am also done with Firefox issues. And Chrome.
  6. A little while back, I posted that I am selling stocks to get to a 50/50 split. If the market dropped even 10 or 20 percent I would sell all my bond funds within a week and buy stocks until I was at 100percent.
  7. When to winterize

    A weather report of 32 usually means that it will hit that about 5 am. Even if it hits that for 2 or 3 hours it shouldn't/won't freeze hard in an RV. Even in a vacant RV it is warmer inside than outside in the Fall.
  8. Out of Network Insurance?

    Our insurance is with Blue Cross & Blue Shield. But what is more important is which state you will get you insurance in. My best advice is to find an health insurance broker in your area. These brokers do not charge for their services. They can look at your health needs and help you determine which is a best fit. For instance, our insurance needs to be available in all states. BCBS fits that mode as does Medica.
  9. Out of Network Insurance?

    We pay $76 -a month each for supplemental insurance. That of course is after Medicare cost. We are covered in all states. After 2 hospital stays out of state, pace maker, AFib, both of us cataract, knee rehab, ankle supports it is well worth the extra cost and peace of mind. While some of them were instate, knowing that we had the choice to go anywhere is great peace of mind.
  10. Windows Updates A Week Early?

    I got that update on Sept 28 plus 4security including the ever famous Adobe flash update.
  11. Bet Apple doesn't do anything press wise about this. They won't acknowledge it or tell when it is fixed.
  12. Rule 1 don't do this yourself. There are agents that deal with this full time and you can contact as many of them as you want. 1 or 2 hrs with any one will get you all the info you need.
  13. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    So how much effort is it to blow out the lines and then use antifreeze? Do you know how hard it is to fix or find a leak that is behind a wall. An ounce of etc. Do what you want.
  14. I agree, taking SS and when is eaches choice. But the article makes one major error. 60,000 living expenses at 62 or 67 or 66 does not equate to 60,000 at 70. I don't know the number but I know what it isn't. He throws too many dates and years and growth for me to make heads or tails of the article.
  15. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    RV: just some thoughts for you. Two years ago I looked at Mint but I was using too much software to switch. Now I use much less software and am looking at it again. One problem, not having a large SSD C drive, 128G. So I moved to portable software. I should have done that years ago. Much easier to install a new computer. And frees up space on C drive. After having sync issues with chrome on PC and P.O.S. IPad, switched to Opera. Sure keeps my brain active. Read that Surface sales are almost 1 billion dollars this year. Not bad for a system that nobody likes except the NFL. Tesla is way tool up and down for me anymore.