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  1. There's some discussion of this on the Escapees' FB page. This is basically a supplement to help with routine preventative exams along with an indemnity plan that can help with up to $10,000 for serious illness care (depending on which option you chose and what the illness is). You will need something else to cover major medical and catastrophic care, especially as someone pre-Medicare age like us. This new offering in no way replaces health insurance.
  2. It's a Prevost H3. There were some photos posted of the side view on the Prevost Owners Group. The majority of the damage seemed to be mid coach, kitchen aft to drive axle. No propane (or absorption fridge) on this era Prevost.
  3. Stay off anything labeled "Parkway" in NY, no matter what your GPS tells you ;-) You're not allowed and you won't fit under the overpasses.
  4. If you're only gone a month, you might be better off having the mail held for you rather than forwarded. That way you also don't risk mail arriving after you've already left Florida. Another option might be the USPS's premium forwarding service, which is supposed to forward ALL your mail (including junk mail) once a week via Priority Mail. The downside of this is there is an initial fee, plus a weekly fee. That said, I know from our financial institutions, statements and 1099's will not be forwarded via traditional mail forwarding. The latter looks like a change of address (albeit temporary) to the USPS system so this is likely due to security/identity theft concerns.
  5. Xscapers seem to be more active on their Facebook page than here. Michelle
  6. 54 and 55. Have been RVing since we were 38 and 39.
  7. We had the gauge go bad after it froze. Replaced the gauge with one we found at the local hardware store. Michelle
  8. Also check with National Indoor RV Center in GA. They installed 4 corner scales at their Lewisville, TX location this year; not sure about the GA one. Michelle
  9. There's a new campground in the Acadia area - Schoodic Woods in Winter Harbor. Has some W/E hookups. Michelle
  10. Out the Rangeley way, probably your best bet is either Cupsuptic in Oquossoc or Cathedral Pines in Eustis (check reviews on Tripadvisor first, though). The state park has no utilities at the sites. Recommended restaurant options in the area are Bald Mountain Camps, Loon Lodge, and Forks in the Air Mountain Bistro (plus Red Onion for pizza and Parkside and Main for casual dining). You will definitely need reservations at the first 3. Near Bangor our preference is Palmyra Golf and RV park; 50 amp FHU sites, generally pretty quiet. It's about 30 minutes to Bangor. Not much in the way of restaurants close by, though (Pizza Hut, a Chinese buffet, and Vittles in Pittsfield which is mostly for lunch; dinner only on Fri/Sat). Closer to Bangor is Pumpkin Patch in Hermon which a lot of folks like. You should have no problem with your driving preferences on the interstate. Headed out towards the western mountains, though, routes 2 and 4 are generally 50 mph or slower (speed limits plus road conditions), 25 mph through towns plus you have the twists and hills. 16 from NH to Oquossoc in a 30 ft class C made me carsick. In NH, Chris and Cherie just posted a great review of Ames Brook July and August are the peak "campah" season, especially weekends, and lots of folks do seasonals in these areas. Since there aren't a lot of options (especially the Rangeley area), reservations are highly recommended during those months. Michelle ETA - I missed that you asked about northeast of Bangor. Not much close on that side, multiple friends have recommended Sunset Point in Harrington and Sunset Point RV Trailer park in Lubec (the two are not related).
  11. We have had good luck with Capture, which is an enzymatic spray/powder (likely diatomaceous earth) combination product. It is available at Home Depot last I checked. You mist the stain with the spray, work the powder in with a brush and let it dry for several hours, then vacuum. This is a similar product to one marketed as pet-specific, if you need larger quantities. Now, if the stain is a lightening/bleaching of the carpet, this unfortunately won't help. Michelle
  12. Slightly tangential discussion but the highlighted text in the quote above brings up a point. Something I ran into during a interstate move years ago - wherever you have the vehicle registered, you MUST have insurance in that state or you risk being fined for operating a vehicle without insurance. I had obtained a license and insurance in my new state and cancelled the insurance in the prior state, but waited about a week to register the vehicles in the new state. Several months later, I received notice from my new state that my DL was being suspended due to "unpaid fines" from my previous state. The fines were because of the one week my vehicle was registered in the old state but had insurance in the new state. The old state did not accept the insurance in the new state, considered my cancellation as being no insurance, and flagged my electronic record. This was back in 1993 and my fine was over $200. It would have been cheaper to have an overlap of insurance coverage. So make sure, at least with vehicle registration and insurance, those credentials are both from the same state. You will want to check with the registration state to see if your DL also needs to be from that state. Now, regarding the 3 different scenarios, it is probably best to call the folks at and ask them what to do. Joe explains that he is "moving from TX to FL on or about January 1; what is the proper thing to do during Open Enrollment to ensure continuity of health insurance coverage?" Michelle
  13. I don't believe you would be constrained to choosing your 2017 coverage within the Open Enrollment since moving is considered a qualifying event to change coverage. Now, you *may* need to select something within the OE period if it ends before you "move" (if your current plan isn't being offered in 2017 and you need to choose something else), but once you have a new address and a move date, you should be able to change your coverage effective on or about your move date. You'll probably need your new address to submit for the move/qualifying event. Michelle
  14. Our favorite products for leather furniture are Lexol and Horseman's One Step. Both available at Tractor Supply in the equine section. Either a natural tack sponge for Horseman's or a microfiber cloth for Lexol work well. Another good product for cleaning is Murphy's Oil Soap. I used Horseman's and Murphy's for years on my tack and they can clean. Would give the edge to Horseman's for its ability to gently clean off the grunge. Michelle
  15. All of those are stated in the ad.