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  1. I'm trying to recall, but I think it was the same OP for that thread as for this "Best Internet" one....
  2. Unbelievable! (and I responded to that thread refuting their claim).
  3. It is possible there were more mentions of Chris and Cherie as well. Unfortunately, iRV2 has a policy of deleting links to any site they know of having any sort of income-related links on it or sites they consider "promotional", even if the information in the direct link is free and of general RV interest. There is some history with Technomadia links being blocked by their moderators in the past and they have been known to ban users who post such links.
  4. Technomadia's information is also much more comprehensive since this is one of their "day jobs" and they've been following mobile Internet options for many years.
  5. What are the monthly fees - is it simply a Verizon pre-paid unlimited account with the SIM put in a $300 MoFi?
  6. We had a similar problem a little over a year ago with a 722ViP receiver; it was the receiver itself. Occasionally hard rebooting would get it running OK for a while, but it would fail to receive 129 again. We had to replace the receiver.
  7. All insurance is state-regulated. Companies cannot sell across state lines. Individual policies most certainly depend on the state (actually, the COUNTY) one is domiciled in. Moreso than registration, taxes, etc., if one is pre-Medicare and buying an individual policy, the cost and policy coverage often usurps any of those other concerns since it is often the single highest expense someone in the pre-Medicare, individual-plan-purchasing situation can have.
  8. There are only a few very small markets where what is currently being called 5G exists. Don't be mislead by what your display may say, either. AT&T rolls out fake 5G network AT&T Sued for fake 5G labeling
  9. The old VZW grandfathered UDP plans do have texting limits. We still have 2 of them.
  10. It is NOT the same as the Mobley RV Mobile Internet's review Best to subscribe to that site to keep up-to-date on options
  11. As I understand it, network management is a transient slowdown that occurs only when towers are experiencing high levels of activity. Throttling is a complete slowdown once you've reached a data limit for that billing cycle, and things don't return to normal speed until your next billing cycle kicks in.
  12. True, but basically there is no rush to jump to a 5G phone at this point - the networks aren't there, won't be widespread for years, and the actual specifications haven't been finalized by all the players. Since this is an RV forum, from an RVer perspective this is a "wait for larger deployment" situation.
  13. Chris and Cherie have been tracking the 8800's drop out issue for a while now. If you are an rvmobileinternet.com member you can follow and contribute to the discussion in their forum.
  14. Ignore 5G for now ...5G relies on millimeter-wave signals which can't travel as far as those we use for today's 4G networks, so a 5G network requires a greater number of access points. Wireless carriers would need to invest in an entirely new infrastructure in order to roll out true 5G to their customers with any degree of consistency. Carriers looking to buy themselves the time needed to build that network have been falling back on grand promises, and some muddled messaging about how their new "5G" offerings will take shape.... What is 5G? ...Although 5G will undoubtedly change the way we interact with each other and consume media, the change won’t happen overnight. It will be years before 5G is up and running smoothly across the U.S. While it’s ultimately a personal decision, it may be wise to hold off on buying a 5G handset in early 2019. In addition to the fact that coverage will likely be very spotty, the hardware will also be first-gen. With the exception of a phone AT&T plans to release at the end of 2019, most of the 5G smartphones that will come in early 2019 will likely have single-band 5G support. Telecom giant Ericsson makes a good argument for waiting on a 5G smartphone. It reports a second generation of 5G chipsets will be announced by the end of 2019, featuring enhanced architecture and lower power consumption.
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