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  1. Is there any way to have a basic facebook account without giving them your phone no. and all the personal information they seem to want?
  2. I think they were or maybe still are non-commercial like the other browsers. Which is true? Now they keep asking me do I want to see how to speed it up and when I look it seems to want me to forego my anti adware stuff and that type of stuff. It does seem to take a pretty good while to open up these days but functions ok after opening.
  3. About 2 yrs into my full time adventure I was turned down by a park near San Jose, CA even though my 22 yr old rig looked good it was obviouly pretty old by the look. I offered to sign a contract not to stay longer than 14 days and would be happy with the worst spot in the park as I just wanted to see the area and visit friends. They would not let me stay. That is the only time I have dealt with that. It happened about 1998.
  4. I fear it is not going to be as simple as you would hope based on my limited experience. I mainly use VA in Memphis and in Albq. and even that has issues. I hope you or someone else finds a better way in the system but I won't be holding my breath. How well it works will depend on your basic health and having some type of base even if it is extended visits to loved ones. They will want you to have a primary doc at some location that you will see once or twice a year if you don't have major issues. If you have to be scheduled for any follow up stuff it can take a while to deal with other than simple lab tests, X-rays etc. I had melanoma and it took almost 2 months to work my way to surgery. Last year I started trying to get a hernia worked on in early Nov and finally had surgury on March 23 with 2 follow up visits up to a little more than a month later. (on one of those scheduled visits they literally forgot me in the waiting room and everyone almost left even though I checked at the desk at least every 30 min) but don't worry about that since the president-s and congress are absolutely going to fix this, I know because they all say so.) Sorry about that last part, no not really but I hope you have good luck with your care and I have had some excellent care at the VA along the crappy parts and screw-ups.
  5. I raise it in my mind but then my body starts to object to that conclussion.
  6. I only wish I didn't realize that. sometimes ignorance is bliss
  7. How do you locate these type facilities. Not just in Texas and or other communities in Tx?
  8. Sorry Cap Happy ain't happy but my experience there was postive. Anywhere you can have a negative experience. I have had minor issues at several SKP parks, emphasing the word minor over a period of 21 years. I did not let it cloud the entire experience.
  9. Tickled to death that it didn't get shut down before you could ride it. Now you need to come ride it in the fall. But it can be really busy then when the leaves are turning and not even easy to get a room locally in Chama but I think rv sites are more available but not sure. I don't want to bash our state of Tx but there used to be and may still operate a steam train between Palestine, Tx and Rusk. The problem is it is too straight a run through heavily treed terrain so view is extremely limited. I did it in the spring and it was like going through a giant green tunnel and no veiw of the train while you are on it due to it being such a straight run. The one in Durango is fairly straight and a lot in the canyon but not as extreme as the Texas St. railroad. Nothing near as curvey as the Cumbres and Toltec though.
  10. The forum these days seems way less used than the old days. I always wonder when U don't see posts from some folks like RV for way longer periods of time than used to be common. At some of our ages we wonder if everything is alright. Even with younger friends stuff happens like last week when I lost a friend in a Motorcycle accident. In that tone just for general information I am still here as far as I can tell.😊
  11. trailertraveler, I thought your perspective on Sky City were interesting and it always good to see different viewpoints. You seem to have more experience by far than me even though I spend significant time in the Albq. area. I am starting to get anxious to see redraider89's "official" report of thier trip to see what their viewpoint is.
  12. Ron, it seems you might have been a good source of info for redraider89
  13. I need to move an Arctic Fox 29L travel trailer. The way it is sitting on a slope it is difficult to tell how high to set my ball. It is leveled on a slope with the tongue on the low end of the slope. (again it is leveled) So the tongue is sitting fairly high. If anyone has one and knows what the hitch height should be I would appreciate the info so I can be ready when I pick it up instead of playing with the hitch trying to get it right. I wll probably be doing this about this coming Wed or Thurs. Thanks if you have the info.
  14. Just for the heck of it I will answer your question. If you are concerned about seeing as much as possible there are Pueblos much closer to his location than Taos and some may be more convienent with other stuff they are trying to see. I don't have anything against seeing Taos and it looks like they decided on that and I hope it was great I was just giving other possible options based on the information I had available. Each place is unique so it is dealers choice. One possiblity if going to Taos was to camp along the river at Pilar just below Taos then pull over to Chama which was on his itenery. I hope they went to the bridge at the Rio Grande gorge just out of Taos. BTW I know you are well traveled but wonder if you have toured Acoma pueblo which was one suggestion someone gave out.
  15. In Albq. the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 2401 12th ST NW, just north of I40 and not far from Old Town in Albq. phone 505-843-7270, www.indianpueblo.org. They can probably give you information on how to do that and maybe where to access the same info in Santa Fe. If you can go to a Pueblo Feast Day that can be interesting. There are quite few Pueblos within reasonable driving of where you are. I think you can just plug in indian pueblo feast days and it will pull up some of the schedules near you. I have only done this just to try it but didn't look extensively. If you are still going to Chama you will go up the the 599 bypass of Santa Fe to 84/285 west and you will go through several pueblos includling their sacred casinos😀 . If you get to go to Bandelier NM and or Los Alamos you will go the same route and pass the same pueblos and casinos. A little to the south down I25 there are several pueblos. Read up and heed the rules for visiting especially in regards to camera. Some of the older areas on some pueblos are more interesting to me but I can't remember which one just now. Taos is cool but not as convient to his location as some others.
  16. Very interesting non techincal test. And you almost quoted "Dirty Harry"- "do you feel lucky, punk."
  17. I am not surprised that reservations on the train are tight as I bet a lot of people are re-arranging their schedules and choices due to fires, etc. I just had dinner with an old friend from this area and we were talking about the catapeller stopping the train but when I brought it up he thought I was talking about another major rail route in NM that has had trains stopped buy a catapeller. Just to give it away it is a migration of a massive amount of catapellers crossing the rails on a steep grade and when the engines squash them it is like greasing the rails and the engines lose traction. Amazing to think of if you never heard of it and real interesting when you are riding the train.
  18. My suggestion if you can change it is do the ride from Chama to Antonito on the train. You will enjoy it either direction but I think the ride from Chama to Antonito is the better choice for the first time. I tried to look it up to see when Chama has its "frontier days" type event but could not find any info. I stumbled on to it one year and got to watch a chicken thievin sorry excuse for a husband get lynched. That was as interesting as when the catapeller stopped the train. That may have been in the fall. I never stayed at Santa Fe Skys but I think that is a good general location to access other places. Sounds like you have made some good choices and will have a good time.
  19. I second the possibility of the train ride on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad train ride between Chama NM and Antonito Colorado. If fact I was told way back that if you could only ride one to do the Cumbres ride over the Durango ride and I found that to be true. I would suggest the ride from Chama end first but I really liked it in both directions. It is probably too late in the season to see a catapeller stop the train. There are some nice campgrounds in Chama and a decent elevation so cooler. One campground is right along the water way and the train track. There is a COE park about an hour south I think at Abique lake and some others near also. I still would not rule out Albq or near Ablq as there is still decent stuff to see within reasonable driving distance for day trips. Cochiti lake is kind of in the middle near Tent Rocks and not too far to Albq and Santa Fe and a little further to Bandelier Nat. Monument. Campgrounds there but all could be closed depending on the fire situation.
  20. New info. We got notice today that we are going into full forest closure at 8AM on Fri June 15. The Mountainaire district just south of us likewise. The Santa Fe forest is in full closure now also. I don't know about the rest of the districts in NM. It will severely limit what you can do here in the Albq. area. You almost certainly will be able to ride the tram but won't be able to leave the deck at the top. I won't be working the interpretive hut in closure but may man and entry point barracade, be part of a patrol, or help out at the ranger station in Tijeras depending on what is needed. I am at a volunteer site behind the ranger station. and of course if you are following the news the 416 fire in southern colorado is near Durango but accordint to news at 6 Pm Durango is still open for business.
  21. Sandia Ranger District just outside of Albq. until Nov. 1. May be closing the forest next Friday June 15 unless there is significant rain (which ain't going to happen)
  22. I really don't like the idea of carrying them in that dark enclosed container. You are correct you absolutely need to have good venting very low on the container. It would be best if vented out the bottom or right at the bottom. You don't want gas leaking into a confined container just in case. Propane is heavier and settles to the low point. I am a little extra cautious as I had a propne delivery truck burned out from under me at the edge of Terrel Tx years ago. Nothing blew up but it sure did burn.
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