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  1. 5 hours ago, agesilaus said:

    AP had a detailed county by county map of the country. The NO area was indeed the big hot spot in the south. But the rest of the state north of I-10 has few infections. Miami-Ft Launderdale moderately warm, lots of New Yorkers there. And the NYC area was the hottest of all. The other spots were just where you would expect, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, SF etc. Indeed what struck me was that if you put the 2016 Red-Blue county voting map next to this map you'd get just about a 1:1 correlation.

    Urban areas hit the worst, rural areas mostly untouched. So why did the New Mexico governor, who's state is just about untouched, jump to close the state parks? Along with several other states. There are still lots of places to camp. BLM land is open and so far as I know NF land is too.

    I am in Albuquerque area now.  I would say that the main reason is the health care system could be overwhelmed quickly if the "curve" doesn't stay low.  There are areas that won't be easily accessable and staffing to maintain facilities will be very limited and worse if they start getting sick. Fire season is about to start up and that could make it a nightmare.

  2. 1 hour ago, agesilaus said:

    If you can explain the toilet paper and water mad rush

    The hysteria is supplied by the individual interpetation of the information supplied.  No one has to get hysterical because someone gives you information.  The media would be vilified more if they did not do reporting on it at all.  I get frustrated with them at times but I would sure rather have them than not.  Even Fox can put out some factual information at times especially the local reporting but I sure miss Shepard Smith on there for instance.

    pj is surely right.  I will never understand why they don't maintain a stock all along if they can.  I used to.  If I had more room I would keep up a stock of very basic supplies------including Tp

  3. Bobbyb,,  there used to be a lot more activity here but sometimes I guess folks come and go and it changes. Seems to me there was one lady that posted almost daily for a while.   There used to be more activity on quite a few threads on discussions board but I know a lot have disappeared or at least cut back. Even me.  Somewhere on the food thread there were quite a few posts about cooking rattlesnake.

  4. I had W7 home premium and recently upgraded old computer to W10 on the download that was not supposed to be able to be used for free.  On W7 I had sticky notes on it with notes. The new W10 has sticky notes but I don't think my old notes migrated.  Anyone know if it did and just can't figure out how to use it.

  5. 5 hours ago, Barbaraok said:

    You do realize there are 120V adapters available for Mobleys right?  Amazon is your friend.  Ours has been running off of house electric for 4+ years

    works great off the 120v adapter, at least the one I bought. I think I got mine off ebay way back when.  I have mine plugged into an plug in  switch that plugs into an outlet then the mobley and I can turn off power with switch without have to unplug. 

  6. What ever you get make sure it is keyed for rv coverage. And get it sooner than later making sure you know your coverage before you ever need it and I hope you never need it. There is a good chance it won;t go as smoothly as they advertise but stay calm and it can be totally invaluable if you really need it.


  7. 2 hours ago, somewhereinusa said:

    can think of no good reason why someone in a car or light truck would follow a semi for very long, especially since most places cars travel faster.

    I get why you need to be carefull but   I have seen many people that just don't like to pass anywhere if they can avoid it.  They may only be going at the same speed and don't see the need to pass if they have to speed to pass.  Some folks respect a good truck drivers judgment and find it somewhat reassuring to tag along so to speak even if it isn't always a good idea.  Sometimes stuff happens.  I had to tail a trucker on I10 from just west of Deming to Lordsburg at night with just park lights due to a generator failure trying to make the battery last so I wouldn't have been stranded with an infant in the middle of nowhere.

     High value or high security loads are not marked for sure so the average driver doesn't have a clue. I guess none of this is ideal but in most cases it is harmless even if misguided sometimes.  Seems like common sense to me.

  8. On 1/18/2020 at 9:44 AM, sushidog said:

    Thanks for the heads-up, BigJim.  I'm used to boondocking for 2 wks at a time so that's not a problem - as long as I can dump and fill going in and out. If I have a little shade and can run my AC in the afternoon and evening for a few hrs to cool things off I'm good to go. High humidity can be a bugger, but I grew up in New Orleans, so I'm quite used to dealing with it. The deer are the best part!

    I think $10 a night and 1/2 price Metro is about the cheapest way to see DC. I've been there before, but only for a single day, as I was paying $200 a night for a hotel room and had to get back to work. I only got to see the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum, and those only briefly. I could have spent a couple weeks there sightseeing all the free stuff, and indeed I intend to now that there's no work to go back to. But that also means that there's no paycheck coming in, only SS and a small pension, so I must do so on the cheap. We have enough to do what we want, maybe even budget for a nice sushi meal while we're there, as long as we don't squander any of it. 


    Why don't you consider contacting them or somewhere else in that area about volunteering there for a host site with full hook ups. When I did it the work was very easy physically.  There is so much to see in that area an extended time is really needed.  It can make a little difference depending on who you get as co-hosts during the busy part of the season. It was so easy I worked everyday for 2 months when a co-host bowed out on short notice and still sight see'd my rear end off.  Some of the week days I might have only worked 1/2 hour to an hour. The ranger I worked for said just take off several days in mid week but it made our life easier by doing it every day. When I finally got 2 sets of cohost they were at odds with  each other for no good reason I could see but I got along with both couples. The busiest time for host  is usually Friday and Sat late day to early evening. Another thing is that it is good if you can stay at some reasonbly near campground for a couple  of nights and scout your travel route to the park unhooked if you are towing or with your toad if in a motor home. About one of the best times to go around the beltway is Sunday morning.  Good Luck  On the cheap really works for me.

  9. 5 hours ago, sushidog said:

    I plan on visiting DC in June and staying here: https://www.campendium.com/greenbelt-park-campground

    It's only $10 a night with an America the Beautiful Senior pass. It is a long walk or a short drive to the College Park Metro station where you can park for $5 a day and catch the Metro. You can buy a senior Metro Pass for $2 at nearby library which saves you 50% on Metro around DC.  There's water and sewer but no electric (which doesn't bother me since I have solar with a generator backup.)


    BTW, the most I've paid for an RV park or campground for the last year has been about $100/wk, not $100 a day. If you don't have it, you can't spend it. But it you've got it, why not blow the whole wad on your way out and enjoy life while you can?


    I volunteered there around 2004.  Unless it has changed there is no individual water and sewer hook ups.  There is a dump station in the park. A good bit of it is pretty tree shaded. And I believe generators have to be shut down by 10pm,  This is a great little park in a good location but it is also hot and humid in that area in the summer. I believe there were 3 full hook up sites for hosts.  Check about  what is available before you commit 100%.  I would have had a hard time staying there without Air Conditioning.  Also watch out for deer as you drive through the park especially morning and evenings. 

  10. On 1/13/2020 at 6:08 PM, sandsys said:

    If the site has one of those boxes that has both a 30 amp and a 20 amp outlet, you can bring in a heavy duty extension cord plugged into the second outlet to provide power for particular items. I would never have thought of doing this until friends pointed out our tent camper could have power just by using an extension cord. 

    Linda Sand

    Will not work everywhere and can be dangerous .  One of the large state parks I volunteered at had this set up but it had a maximum availabe  at the site was 30A.  It is risky for your wiring and the wiring at the post.

  11. you do know many civil war battlefields are known by 2 names.   IE: Bull Run is the northern name for the south's Manasass.   Shiloh in TN is southern name for Pittsburg Landing. Many more the same way. That could help you shorten your list but it will still be long.  Like was said they are not "war of Northern Aggression" sites but I liked Yorktown, James town and Colonial Williamsburg. A day or so each was good for me especially in summer with heat and humidity.

    Citing War Of Northern Aggression designates me as being a southerner born and bred.🤨

    I forgot to say I stayed 2 nights at Bull Run Campground on the way to DC area to volunteer in what ever year Hurricane Katrina happened as I recall it is a community campground of some type.  It was not busy at that time in the 1st week of March.  1 HEADS UP.  get your directions down pat and have decent amount of fuel in case you screw up.  I was pulling a 30ft TT and messed up and was sweating running out of fuel on a 2 lane as I could not find a place to turn around. I finally came out some where near Dulles airport where I was able to gas up and give it a second try which was successful.

  12. n

    3 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

    I don't know your banks name or status, however federal credit union correspondence mail cannot be forwarded by law; that's what the USPS and DW's federal credit union told her. She must file a change of address with the FCU stating the new end-point mailing address.

    This is a better explanation of what may be happening. One problem I have found is the bank/credit union sends a notice to your "old" address to give you notice that your address on the account is being changed. The post office then forwards that notice to you if they have a valid forwarding address.   I think they are required to do this but I don't like it since it could be tossed or read and used by someone at your old address.  Of course when I changed to SKP mail service address it did not change again unless I requested a new address change.



  13. First confirm with escapees that you have your correct address for the mail service. Then make sure you have given the others the correct address and that they have recorded it correctly. I have used the system since March 1997 with few problems.  I get maybe 2 or three items from 2 different credit uniions and one Visa bill  even though I do most of it on line I just like to get somethings on paper. 

  14. So does anyone recall when this era started?  I see I will need to get one in Jan when Windows 7 is no longer supported.  Am I  correct in thinking they only support systems 10 years mostly? Meaning I may not get a full 10 years of Windows 10 support.  Of course I am being optomistic that I will outlast it.

  15. Just did it all by mail in NM and I am a "domicilee" of Polk county tx.  New tags were mailed out yesterday from SKP mail forwarding  by priority mail and should be here on Monday.  I had one glitch that slowed it up a little in that I misunderstood something  and ended up being $3.25 short. The tax office called me instead of sending it all back and I mailed them another check for the $3.25.  My glitch had to do with the empty weight. I had my truck weighed and it came out to exactly 6000lb. Empty weights are rounded up to the next higher 100lbs.  If I had run just another 1/2 gal of gas I would have been under 6000 rounded up to 6000.  

  16. Minor correction to Twotoes cite.  It wasn't Buffalo Bill that was shot there it was Wild Bill Hickcock in the NO 10 Saloon while play cards and holding what has been called the dead man's hand, full house of aces over eights

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