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  1. I don't want to hijack the OP thread so I have moved here. I still don't think I am being clear. It is on the Manufacturers site where this happens. I do know how to do  private browsing but I am still going to read through it and give it a try just in case I am missing something.  I don't mind giving them a zip code but I don't like that they limit their responses to only dealers in a certain distance of the zip code or address you give them instead of all dealers that handle their product no matter where you are located. And the only way around this that I know of is to give a zip relating to some other area.  Like Albquerque or Dallas of Memphis.

  2. I flat don't get part of this new forum set up.  I found some comments regarding it as late as minutes ago under I think activity. I did not /do not see how to add to these comments. One big question I have is how I went from bigjim to bigjimgraduate and how do I get back to just bigjim.  I don't know who will get this or where it will be posted. I assume I will adapt to this eventually.

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