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  1. On the subject of #smh, it's this: Free traders are all "Let the market decide," unless it's their own ox being gored, and then it's "Federal government, please protect me from the heathen Chinese!!!" And the current regime (don't call it an administration, they ain't administrating shit) is led by a man so ignorant, so impulsive, so repugnant (he wants to do his DAUGHTER) and so corrupt, he'll probably sign off on the proposed 35 percent tariff on solar panels. 

    I don't know if you remember Vladimir Lenin. Led the Bolshevik revolution against the czars in 1917. I think one of his most famous quotes is this: 

    “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." I call myself a commie because it drives the alt right people crazier, but in fact, I'm a BernieBro, Democratic socialism. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. No offense intended. 

    1. bigjim


      I see we at least tend to think in a similar vein.  Funny thing is think might be a key word. Seems a lot of the folks you named don't think anything through or search for facts before the lycnh mob comes out. Of course you have to be able to recognize and accept facts. Not alternative facts. I donated the most  money I have ever donated to a polictical entity to Bernie.  I really questioned Hillary's judgement in many ways but her knowledge was exceptional.   Blow it off on me though and don't let this hit the forum. Their intent is to stay away from heavy discord and we know politics is a big producer of discord.  Since we  cannot see any point against another party we may never know if they were suspended for a time.  I know of one or two over the years but that is all I am aware of though I suspected some other were gone for a while.  Obviously I cannot say I missed them while they were gone.

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