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  1. I respect your point. for information purposes- Marine Corps, Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve.16 year DOD employee of Ft, Hood. Letter Carrier, FS Volunteer, COE volunteer, Nat. Park Volunteer and more. On duty yesterday, today, tomorrow at least and for free. Poor or incompetent leadership where ever it comes from can be very expensive or even deadly-- for what it is worth. May of may not be interesting I graduated HS in Charlie Wilson's district of E. Tex. I also once had a family member that was responsible for hanging someone. I started getting over being a big racist when I swore in 1966 and realized the black guy next to me might be needed to save my butt. I ain't over it entirely but sure have made headway. I'm still irate over what happened in Jasper Tx and now with George Floyd. I used to think I was a conservative but I guess I have been proven wrong. I used to think I was a Christian but may be wrong about that according to many these days. Boy am I in trouble now. I think I better stop now and for a long time to come. Apologies to anyone I may have offended BTW I had a pretty good working 4th and no forest fires here caused by careless humans or otherwise. Spoke too soon, we had a minor fire controlled immediately but no determination as to cause so far. Updated 7/6/2020
  2. Don't think you are wrong. I can not deal with what happened then only what is now. I don't like any of it. Sure it is political. What today is not political. I tend to deal with the most obvious threat at the moment and that seems obvious to me. That is why I prefer concealed carry over open. I was taught to take out the known threat first and I can see theirs but they can not see mine. I did not name anyone in particular I don't believe but to me it seems obvious. I consider one of the biggest threats anyone that would do anything to subvert the vote and that seems obvious these days. Way back in Escapees history one party help protect our voting rights and since then they seem to have moved to the other side. I may regret I ever posted what I said but sometimes I just think I have a duty even if I pay a price. PS RV I forgot to say I don't do facebook. (from a PM)
  3. i want to say the same but I am still upset about the possibility of a bounty being offered for killing American GI's and plenty of politicians ignoring it. Among other things. So I will just be happy that the 4th means I have a right and a duty to vote the bastards out. So I say happy Voting duty day. Sorry, I know this will probably get kicked out and that I may catch flak for it on here but sometimes I just can't help myself.
  4. Are you also getting her a funeral plot for her birthday? Way back when I was married I stopped getting my wife birthday gifts since she didn't use the one I got her for her 40th bday. ....... a funeral plot. TADA
  5. I would feel a little better if some that do nothing would at least use the bandana. Better than nothing.
  6. Does this mean you are still able to safely get on the roof and do the work?
  7. With the Forest Service I have been at a location where they paid me mileage along with my site. And later at different sites i got $45. flat per week per diem. And if I recall The Lincoln NF would pay $10. per day for 3 days per week per deim. I think it was BLM that had at least one site that had a per deim of $115. per week. It was seriously remote. With the budget in recent years I have not received the per deim for quite a few years. I guess I thought about this in regard to the host at Quartzite since it is remote.
  8. I have said this before and I am not disputing anyone but in 30 years and 2 1/2 trailers I have never had or heard the "burp" personally. I sort of feel left out. That being said I have definitely come to know my rig and my usage of the black and grey tanks and I just know when to dump.
  9. Now I see it. Between the age, the medicine, and the trifocals don't expect too much from me.
  10. Where the heck did you find a Radio Shack. I think they must be rarer than the tube.
  11. Pm sent to Barbaraok concerning another subject. If you can answer a pm is good or in the techincal section if it might be useful to others.
  12. never checked on speeds but I have a Mobley just outside Albq. Nm. I have had a bit of a slowdown recently. It wasn't too bad so i didn't really note the time frame but it seems back to normal now. I think in the time I have had mine this has only occured a few times. I have had it so long I don't really remember when I got it but it has been one of the best buys on anything I have ever bought.
  13. I'm glad some of U asked first so I wouldn't look foolish.🙂
  14. Bummer. The new paste sort of looked useful but I sure wouldn't want to put stuff with petroleum products based on what I know now. I am always leery of stuff that is pushed so hard in ad's on TV.
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