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  1. bigjim

    Fifth Wheel Inspection due

    Off big 5er link , I would go Langdon's, Pratt. or Shady Pines. Exit Hwy 59 south and all are on W.7th. Shady pines rv sale and service is farther out on the the right by miles. Langdon and Pratts are close together. Langdon's is essentially at the southeast corner of 7th and Hwy 59. Go on online maps and look at it in advance to see the best access and to make sure it hasn't changed since I was there last. Shady pines has a campground just a little bit further east than their location. You probably know it isn't too far out to Wright Pattman lake with a COE campground and further south and a little less accessable is Atlanta SP
  2. For me, I would rather leave a lot than run out.
  3. bigjim

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    I agree that is what the postal regulations say but I have had more than one instance where some business or entity has made my address APT 0000. I have had some that could not seem to put the Pmb #, Apt # or anything like that. One was a major insurance company that finally after years got it right. I know that if the PO decides to enforce the regulation it could cause issues but I think unless it is massive or done by our mail service they will simply ingore it.
  4. bigjim

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    After mostly tenting and even rougher methods I fell into a deal on and old 13' Scamp fiberglass bubble. It was old but basically sound and just one or 2 trips and I was hooked. I was planning on buying a brand new Casita fiberglass but ended up getting put out to pasture at a few days short of 47 years old due to a medical issue. I didn't have any trouble getting more than my money back on the Scamp. About a year later I fell into full timing and volunteering almost accidentally with a 22 year old Holiday Ramblet 27ft. I have been doing it ever since. The only thing I really did not like about the Scamp was all it had was a small porta-potty and that thing really sucked. You could go other ways even with a pop up tent camper or the like but I think something small could hook you. Most of the Scamp, Casitas, and the like hold their value pretty darn good. The new ones are definatly more expensive than when I was pricing them almost 25 years ago.
  5. don't dismiss vinegar out of hand. I use regular cheap white vinegar to eliminate some tastes and smells. It rinses out pretty easy to get rid of the vinegar taste and smell. I just used it on a small container about an hour ago. I like the idea of the apple cider vinegar but I am to cheap to use it much. I have used it on some really small containers. I use it a good bit to deal with calcium deposits on surfaces. I am in areas where this is a big problem for extended periods.
  6. bigjim

    Roof reseal costings

    Didn't mean to hi jack some one else's thread but I really wanted a perspective from someone else that has used it. I speculate/wag that a factor in my situtuation may have been the local municipal water used. This water is bacically safe but it has a lot of suspended calcium ? like minerals in it. IE: if you boil a measuring cup of water in the microwave then pour off the liquid there is serious calcium ? left on the glass. Same of course to pot of water boiled. I am able to reach the edges up to arms length from an 8ft step ladder and am using eternabond where I can but it is a real chore cleaning the spot I apply it to get good adhesion from the eternabond. I am prescrubbing with alcohol then rinse and letting it dry before applying the eternabond. I would considered going over with something liquid product like Hengs or even Hengs if I could make it work right. I could reach most of it with an extension handle with a roller if I could get it prepped properly. In truth I am just trying to hold this rig together for 6-more months at maximum I estimate. Some of lifes schedules are being a challenge for me at present. This trailer doesn't make sense to put much money into as the water heater is dead , the frig is dead, and a few other things are dead and I can adapt but I can't be having no leaking roof. Thanks for your viewpoint and insight johnt and I hope this will be usefull to others.
  7. bigjim

    Roof reseal costings

    John, did you use some kind of cleaner or other chemical prep with the Hengs? I can't do roofs anymore and I paid a guy that should have known and purported to have used Hengs with good results. In my case it did not stand up and has caused me problems within less than a year of application. I am trying to understand what might have caused this. He did a pressure wash prior to applications. I know you sure want to get it rigght the first time.
  8. bigjim

    Ladder Needed

    I carry a standard 8 ft aluminum step ladder and I believe they come in taller models. Works well for me though it is light duty. I just use it more carefully and I'm glad it isn't heavier.
  9. bigjim

    New Medicare Card

    For those of you who have known me for any length of time, I know you are surprised that someone of my superior intellect could have possibley misspoken but it it true. Lets chalk it up to a historical milestone, ok.🤣
  10. bigjim

    New Medicare Card

    I'm just outside Albquerque and I ask around the table at the coffee shop this morning and no one had received a new one and most were not even aware they were going to get one. It was about 8-9 people besides myself. Now if I could get the VA to stop putting my entire social security number on almost every single sheet of paper they have or give me. Ironically as most VA users know they only ask for your last four digits to verify who you are with your name. I guess I will have to try and memorize the new number on my social security card.
  11. bigjim

    Is this really true?

    I don't want to start false information but I believe there can be an issue in some cases and it would good to get the correct information now so you will know. I think I know more than I remember😀 and I should update my knowledge about this sooner than later.
  12. bigjim


    depending on where you are staying I would ask park managment about using hay bales before I did it. At least one place I have stayed a camper did it without asking and was told to remove them.
  13. bigjim

    New Medicare Card

    got mine at least 3 weeks ago
  14. bigjim

    Voting in Livingston

    ronbo, are you a Txkna resident?