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  1. Just did it all by mail in NM and I am a "domicilee" of Polk county tx. New tags were mailed out yesterday from SKP mail forwarding by priority mail and should be here on Monday. I had one glitch that slowed it up a little in that I misunderstood something and ended up being $3.25 short. The tax office called me instead of sending it all back and I mailed them another check for the $3.25. My glitch had to do with the empty weight. I had my truck weighed and it came out to exactly 6000lb. Empty weights are rounded up to the next higher 100lbs. If I had run just another 1/2 gal of gas I would have been under 6000 rounded up to 6000.
  2. This model appears to be overloaded to me. Any type of rv can be overweight and humans seem to be able to do that on all types.
  3. bigjim

    Mt Rushmore area

    Minor correction to Twotoes cite. It wasn't Buffalo Bill that was shot there it was Wild Bill Hickcock in the NO 10 Saloon while play cards and holding what has been called the dead man's hand, full house of aces over eights
  4. What I find interesting is that at least more than 25 years ago I came to know a lot of folks have rural address that are listed as PR, Private Road. IE: John Doe, Box 10, PR (number or name) , Jonesville. Tx , zip code. I don't know about that any more so it might have changed especially after 9-11
  5. I think this input will be helpful when I can get a chance to explore it. Thanks
  6. I think u are right but i was hoping.
  7. Is the built in tv antenna signal amplifier testable without removing it the outlet? Not the 12v power outlet.
  8. wRather than the water supply itself something could have nested in the faucet itself if it was not used even for an hour or two before you used it or may have even been in the new hose. I always run at least a few gallons from the faucet throught the hose before completing the hook up. I often spray the faucet with bleach or alcohol including up into the faucet and let it set for at least few minutes before flushing it then completeing the hook up. Thes winter I stopped at a park that had just been vacated. When I opened my grey tank I got a back surge out of a sewer vent at the site. When the owner tried to clear it he was going to hook up a hose and try to use water pressure to break it loose. He put the wrong end down the dump first then reversed it. I saw all this and was tempted to leave but he used alcahol as a disinfectant. After he left I used straight bleach to do it again twice. I guess it was alright as I never had any issues but it sure made me nervous. There is no telling what goes on that we don't know about so it pays to be careful.
  9. I was about to try it but think I will wait another year thanks to towboater sharing his experience. doncoyote too
  10. Sometimes it is not as easy to understand and this time fills that description. Are you trying to put some kind of vent to cover an opening on the veritical side of your rig like a window. I guess we are trying to understand what type of opening you are trying to cover. Also is this a permanently stationary rig? If it is going to have to move on the highway it would have to be pretty secure to keep from blowing off or being damaged. IE; I once forgot to close a crankout window on a camper shell and poof it went away at highway speed. I don't forget anymore.
  11. I have used 1 gmail address for so long I don't remember when I first started. Some time ago when they wanted to have a verification phone # or email address I added another email address. Now all of a sudden I was unable to log in to the 2nd one but eventually go in using of their steps. One was there muddled letters to type in like "recaptcha" The problem was I couldn't make out all the letter with my vision. As an option I could hear it "spoken" but it wasn't clear enough to understand especially since I have severe tininitus. I finally figured out a way to regenerate the letters until I could read one. ( No instruction on how to do this) I finally got in. I was able to access both accounts. This morning I could not get into either one. Thank goodness I had an old third account at Aol and was able to get a code to access the 2nd one using a code they sent. I first tried to have it sent to the primary account which is how I found out I could not access the primary accout this day. They seem desperate to force me to give them my phone number. I am barely computer literate and just flat don't get it. What can a person like myself do in this type situation? We are so tied into the internet I pretty much have to access some thing IE: My healthevet, OPM services online, etc. Can someone plainly give me some insight that I can understand?
  12. No arguement intended. Just a curios observation.
  13. you can use the apple vinegar but it costs a little more and will only do an equal job so why woud you. I have use it on somethings sparingly in a pinch.
  14. Not questioning your veracity and you obviosly talk to a lot more Canadians than me but the ones I have talked to seem to think their system is good. Also interesting in that Rand Paul, a Dr. elected to go to Canada for treatment on injuries he sustained in physical attack by one of his neighbors who I think was also a Dr. Just a curious observation on my part.
  15. my cost has been $22.08 then went to $22.58 in May 2018 and up to $23.32 in June 2018 and has remained at that ever since. I cannot remember for sure but I believe the first month I had mine it was significantly higher due to activation fee or something. I actually bought at a time when there was some kind of deal and my activation fee was refunded and that gave me a credit for a month or so.
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