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  1. bigjim

    RV "Lawn" Chairs

    I really like those old style aluminum webbed chairs, too. Like you said they can be hard to come by. I like chairs that have solid tubes that contact the ground versus individual legs which can often sink into soft ground. I have used some of the "director's chair" style from harbor freight and like them pretty good but they need to be covered because of the fabric.
  2. bigjim

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    don't worry medicare and health insurance will go up enough to off set any increase
  3. bigjim

    Mobley power options change

    I don't want to jinx my self but I had mine on twice today for over 6 hours each time.
  4. bigjim

    Water tanks full or empty

    No harm, no foul. On this type of communication it is easy to take things wrong since we don't know the person and can not see and hear their body language. All in all I am really thankful to most of the operator out there, even the ones at the south end where the effluent arrives. Heck I am really thankful to the person that cleans toilets and puts out toilet paper. (sometimes thats me too)
  5. bigjim

    Water tanks full or empty

    The problem here is you are taking this personally which it is not. You and I both know there are cities that are not diligent. I have no way of knowing but I would assume that the vast majority do a fantastic job but again no doubt some don't. Sometimes the bad ones are due to politicians squeezing the budget and other reasons. Where I volunteer now they have a well that served the entire complex. I worked with the maint. guy/ water operator often and usually when he went to do water tests. A fair no. of folks critisized the quality of the water but I always made a point of drawing off and drinking a glass before we did the water test. Never once in all the years we did the test did one fail. We maintained the system diligently. I did not take their comments personally they were just ignorant of the process and did not trust the tests. Now we are on a municipal system and I know the water operator and I drink the water everyday but it was a big waste of taxpayer money to change off our well. But I still believe there are cities out there that don't do a good job. Can you say lead leaching in Michigan?
  6. Stores often have more morning deliveries than later in the day. That could have been a factor but who knows for sure. And of course different people interpet rules differently. Some are strict adherents and some are more flexible.
  7. bigjim

    Water tanks full or empty

    Probably better than a lot of cities water.
  8. bigjim

    Water tanks full or empty

    Doesn't make since to drain it that often. Especially in a place like Deming. Use it for flushing or cooking if you are cooking something long enough to boil or even simmer for extended time. It won't hurt to wash your hands with it or shower with it. At the very least catch it and put on park plants. IMO ( might see you in Deming at some point)
  9. bigjim

    Road advice New Mexico

    I went this route recently in my 2002 Chev. 2500hd. I can do a lot of things so I could probably navigate this route with my rv but I don't think I would enjoy it at all. I did it on a slow traffic day for sure and it still got a little tedious and tiresome but pretty scenic. I would probably go around via Hatch and would probably make better time just in the pick up. I like it when it is fun and not work. All just my opinion.
  10. Black bears are pretty smart and learn quickly. Especially if food is involved. If they have heard noise before with no repercussions they will ignore the noise and go for the food. Sometimes they will ignore the repercussions and still go for the food at least for a while. I shot one with a slingshot in the back and backsides and it ignored it all and keep going for the ants it had zeroed in on. Most of us have at sometime seen film of a bear going after honey even though the bees are stinging them at least for a while.
  11. Some state parks in some states require you to move out for a period of time before returning. I know of a few that require this for sure. One is in Tn and you have to leave the park for at least 24 hours before you can stay another 2 weeks. I know of one federal campground that has a 2 weeks per year maximum stay. One winter the Tn state park manager let several of us stay longer as he was happy to have someone in the park but when some higher ups found out they put a stop to it. One state park I know in TX would let you stay longer but you had to move to a different spot in a different camping loop every 2 weeks. Just letting you know to check into that.
  12. bigjim

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    You do have to be an Escapees member which has an annual fee and a mail service member which has an annual fee and a postage deposite. The annual fee can vary by the level of service you want. I have used the lowest fee since I joined in March 1997. There is no set monthly fee just what postage is used to forward your mail. If you are a veteran be sure to tell them when you join. Some things we get a discount for but I don't recall what all it applies to. Call the office at Livingston to get the straight scoop.
  13. I am just guessing but you may have to do it even if you turn around and come back after you do the paperwork. Can't wait for a definitive answer on this.
  14. bigjim

    new to USA

    Right on about the annual pass.
  15. bigjim

    new to USA

    At 1st glance the time and distance just caught me by surprise but I did the math based on distance and driving speed of 70 MPH and it came out to 36 hours but not even considering a fuel stop. Didn't mean to stir up a kerfuffle. Better someone else than me.