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  1. I agree with almost everything 57 becky says except these are not the same as the set -up for boat trailers and the 2 are not interchangeable. At least all the older ones. Boat trailer may have been updated someway since I last owned one.
  2. Uh oh, I think that qualifies as a "my bust" on my part.
  3. Gridwall Literature Holder - 9 x 1 3⁄4 x 10" Enlarge Build your own customized gridwall display. Display marketing materials and product information. Crystal clear, durable acrylic. Gridwall adapter clips included. Use with Gridwall Panels and Mobile Tower sold separately. I like this as it it usefull in other ways also.
  4. I took this to mean the poster realizing he had misunderstood and therefore given the wrong info. I am wondering if this is a saying that is more prevelant in some parts of the country than others. I had not heard it before there was a new weather guy added to the local tv station.
  5. thanks for the explanation.
  6. I'm just watching but I am not clear on the price so maybe someone esle would be, too. The $47,500 is for the trailer. Also does this mean you are taking it to Hemet. It might be easier for some to come see it there. Just curious and hoping to make it clear for all. Now I just have to look up where Hemet is since now I a curious about that. good luck.
  7. Lots of repair shops besides a dealer can do this work. Napa shops can. I had a major axle problem and was towed to a Napa shop that did great work. In this case I needed a whole new axle and due to the location of the shop I was able to stay in the trailer for 3 days until the new axle was delivered and installed. I had a grease cap stolen once at a Walmart and purchased a new cap at an autoparts store and tapped it on. If you are not used to doing this it is not hard but if it is a good tight fit you can bend it up trying to install. I had not done it in years so I installed it right in the parts house parking lot in case I messed up and needed another one. I have had the best luck taping them on with a rubber headed mallet. Get it lined up good and tap lightly at first until you get it set. A block of wood between the cap and a regular hammer can work too. If you have any doubts just get an independent shop somewhere to clean the beariings and repack and reinstall with new seals.
  8. So if you have 2 Mobleys does that mean you have 2 accounts or do you just have one in reserve just in case the 1st one plays out and then you will activate the second one?
  9. I think I love fly2low. Not eveyone we deal with is as cool and knowledgeable. But most are pretty nice. I explain to lots of them about issues because they may not be as knowledgeable and most are appreciative and sometimes it leads to interaction that helps us/me learn something. I have found from experience that too much information is far better than not enought. Right now we are selling the heck out of the Senior pass' before they go up to $80. so we are getting lots of interaction. As I said it is MY view since we are the government agency regulating their use or their (public) lands we owe them an explanation expecially if they ask for one. Since I am not a mind reader I don't know who knows what or is knowledgeable like fly2low I tend to offer and explanation. That being said employees are not meant to be punching bags althought they are largely thought of that way for most politicians it seems. I have gotten bitched out by a few folks when they have seen me clean a toilet and put out paper when I am clearly a volunteer trying to make their visit more pleasant. Fortunately the good ones far outweigh the others and even make up for the butt heads. I' ll keep doing what I do and if that bothers anyone then so be it.
  10. fly2low comes across as an intelligent, friendly soul and maybe a bit more knowledgeable than quite a few but that doesn't mean he would not appreciate an expanation. Most people do and again it hurt nothing and might generate a little good will. After all in all technicallity the public is the employer of government employees. I have been one and am currently an unpaid one and I try to practice that view. We are currently dealing with a situation that has a lot of people in this area upset. I don't even like it but someone is making their best guess on how to deal with protecting the resource and the public. Most of them seem to feel better if they get a reasonable explantion. Each person can do as they wish but that is the way I see it. I did NOT say anyone said it would hurt anything. I said it in a general observation. Again thank you Trooper Miller as I was guilty by being careless. In truth I blame it slightly on my stupid trifocals but it is still on me to get it right when I am driving.
  11. So what would it have hurt for the employee to offer and explanation. Good communication leads to good results in most cases. I think I helped myself dodge a speeding ticket on Tuesday by using good communication. " Thank you Trooper Millier for your kind consideration."
  12. Don't be too sensitive yourself Bruce T. A lot depends on how you read it. I actually found both your and Linda's posts as kind of funny. Especially in relation to each others posts. I will say yours wasn't real new and mea culpa I have probably said the same thing in the past. And Linda fess's up that out of necessity she requires a "larger" wardrobe. Heck my brother seemed to think he needed and extensive wardrobe when he was a teenager. OK now lets make fun of Kirk for not wanting to be a cowboy.
  13. Anyone disabled this annoying Web Push pop up for all sites. Any repercussions to doing that? Do you have to do it on each (crud brain freeze) Firefox , IE, Chrome, etc? (freeze thawed - search engines?)
  14. Are you still at Hueco? If so what is the weather/temps. there this time of year as far as comfort level? I was there in very early spring years ago and it was still pretty cool. I may be in El Paso for a few days next week and might try to check it out. I know it will be seriously warm on the west side of EP where I am going.
  15. Really interesting but easy to get yourself turned around or lost hiking there. when I was there they didn't have water available. It is so popular that some guys offered to pay me the cost of the site if they could put up a tent which was allowed even with my rv on the site.