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  1. bigjim

    National Pass

    I agree with Al. ?? More explanation needed for understanding your question.
  2. bigjim

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    You might be ok with the charcol at the KOA but a lot of the forest out here are likely to be in stage 2 fire restrictions or worse so the table top probably would be better in most places. Sometimes counties can have stronger restrictions sooner. That happened here. If we are not in forest closure I will most likely be working the interpretive hut at Doc Long picnic area on Hwy 536 which is the drive up to the overlook on the east side of the mountains. (basically a must see) and not far from where you will be at that KOA. Maybe 25 miles from KOA to the top with some stuff to see on the route. I should be there from about 10am to 2pm or so on Saturdays and Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day and maybe during the Balloon Fest. Might catch me at the ranger station about 1/2 mile south of I40 and old 66 also but there are plenty of folks in this area to help you find cool stuff to see and do.
  3. bigjim

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    RR 89 if you are talking about KOA on the east of Albq. at the Juan Tabo exit you will find it pretty convient but possibly a little noisey from traffic on I40. Another opdtion in the east mountain that is more scenic is Turquise Trail Campground about 7 miles north of I40 in Cedar Crest NM and it is scenic and more interesting going north on hwy 14 to Santa Fe about 50 miles going through scenic tourist area old mining town of Madrid and it will be quicker than going up I25. The other KOA is about 20 miles of Albq. at the town of Bernalillio up I25.
  4. bigjim

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    I hope you see this in time. The High Finance restruant at the top of the tram in closed. It is being rebuilt and I believe I was just told that it is expected to be open not this summer but late next summer maybe in time for Balloon Fest 2019. That could be affected by any restrictions on using power equipment due to fire risk, We went into stage 2 fire restriction last Friday which means if you picnic and want to cook you need some type of stove or grill with a shut off valve. Smoking only inside an enclosed vehicle. There is speculation that we could go into full forest closure after Memorial Day if we don't get some moisture. Closure means you won't be able to even drive up the road in the east mountain area to the overlook at the top. I don't know if they will close the tram then but if not you won't be able to get off the deck at the top. At the top of the drive to the overlook there is a gift shop and snack bar with limited service and food. There has been some issues and they have not been open on weekdays at least some of the time recently. The overlook up there is great so I hope they won't have to close things down but the fire risk situation in the forest here is pretty bad and it ain't looking good.
  5. bigjim

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Sandia Ranger Dist. of Cibola NF is just outside of Albq. There is very limited dry camping there and not real accessable for RV's. This is a good area to spend at least 3-4 days but I would look Private campgrounds while staying in this area. I have been volunteering on this district almost every summer for about 18 years. JMO
  6. bigjim

    New Orleans Visit

    There are 2 La. SPks on the north side of Lake Ponchatrain that I like and are only about 45 min. from the French Qtr. across the causeway except at rush hour.
  7. bigjim

    Check valve?

    That sounds good. Here's hoping that you are correct in my case. With over 20 years of hard use I will try not to grumble too much.
  8. bigjim

    Escapee Parks

    I think the majority of campers act reasonably but in any group there are always some that think only of themselves. When I volunteered at one particular SP it happened enough that we knew who a few of then were and would open the site as soon as we could.
  9. bigjim

    Check valve?

    I seem to have a similar issue. In my case it is preventing fresh water from entering the RV. Looking in the nylon "nipple" is loose and laying to the side. I used to stand out straight. My fresh water inlet is incorporated into a rectangular panel that has the fresh water tank fill built in. I hope there is enough slack in the tubing conneting it to the tank to change it from the outside because accessing it from the inside won't be easy. The check valve seemed to be pressure loaded by a spring or something similar when it was functioning properly.
  10. bigjim

    Escapee Parks

    I have seen folks with enough money reserve sites in at least two popular state parks just in case they want ot use one then often not show up at all many times. They only lose one nights fee on their credit card while leaving others holding the bag. I don't know if this can happen at escapees parks but I can see the possiblity of it or something like it in the future given the large numbers of people retiring and getting into rv'ing and no doubt that certain escapees parks are going to be in demand more than others especially seasonally. I would think that even the park at Livingston could be fuller seasonally or they could be having some type event that brings in a lot of rv'rs.
  11. bigjim

    Starting Batteries....

    Years ago I was working for company that had some machined I started servicing in the break areas and lunch area of what I believe was at that time Gould Batt. manufacturing. In going through the factory and inventory areas I saw battery cases for many many different battery brands including Die Hard from Sears. Upon doing a little checking I was told that each brand was built to that brands specifications.
  12. bigjim

    Considering getting a small TT

    If you go to RV shows just be real careful about what they will tell you that your truck will tow. And I do mean real careful. You can get some good ideas and such but try to determine what you can tow with what from other sources. I want you to have a pleasant experience. One thing about the Casita and Scamp and a few others retain their value more than some of the expensive rigs.
  13. bigjim

    Has it really been 7 years?

    Congrats! I hope you have paid attention to a lot of issues some of us have had so you will be better prepared. As cool as this is there can be issues and it can make it easier if you are forwarned.
  14. Sometimes see through fuses can look perfectly good and be bad so always test it or just replace it.
  15. bigjim

    National Park Week free admission

    Absolutely true but you need to keep the 4 $20.cards to turn in for the permanent one which could be a little tricky on your memory. I am not sure about if they all have to be consecutive.