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  1. google security

    I really appreciate the comments but in my estimation it is just as easy to compromise your phone # as a password and it makes you easier to track across multiple devices. Somewhere I read something about this on more than on occaision. To me a security word properly configured much like a pass work is safer. For instance if they ask your dogs name you don't have to answer the actual dogs name, you can pout in any combination of letters and numbers and maybe symbols that you want. How would they know if that is your dogs name or not. If I thought it would work I would give them something like that as a phone no. but that would be obvious. I guess I may have to open up another email account with all the hassels involved with more passwords, more updates, more trying to weasel more info out of you.
  2. google security

    I just got hit with google security update issue. I tried to log in and it wanted my phone # or an alternate email address or the answer to my security question. My security question was one I could not get wrong except maybe capitalizing the 1st letter. Something went wrong and the security question got deleted. Now I have found that there is no way to retore or use a security question. I don't want to give them my phone # and I don't have another email address since the old ecapees email went away. What should I do?
  3. Is this the same one listed as sold previously?
  4. Little Domes Everywhere

    Thanks Bill
  5. Little Domes Everywhere

    Briefly what is Roku and sling?
  6. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    Do you know if they have weekly or monthly rates and do you get any OTA tv reception off the repeaters?
  7. Blood testing, PT/INR

    I am monitered by the coumadin clinic at the VA. I am on Medicare so the VA gives me a standing order (on paper In my case) and I take it to a local lab. I try for Quest labs or another big one is Labcorps. Some places they have smaller local labs that you can find on line or even contacting a local Dr office and ask who they use. Sometimes you may have to go to a lab and a local hospital. I did that once in Livingston while at Rainbows End, once at Deming and once in Farmington NM. There is a quest in Memphis that used be convienent but they moved across town and I found a smaller local lab that was more availble. Most or all of the one's I have been to would accept an order faxed from the Dr. VA usually writes one good for a year but Labcorps in some states requires one not over 6 months old. Doesn't make sense to me but they contacted the clinic and got a newer one faxed. That might be because I always to befriend the one with the needle. The medicare covers the cost of the test outside the VA. I assume that would be the case with an insurance company.
  8. Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    I wouldn't count on leaving the areas in the vicinity of the fields to tour locallay between morning and evening events until you get a sense of the traffic. They just opened a smaller Cabela's at I25 and Paseo del Norte and a friend that lives locally said it took him 1.5 hours to go a short distance from Sandia Casino to Cabela's. It might be a little better next year as the Cabela's was a draw this year as it just openned prior to Balloon Fest. It was a destination on its own. If you go to ride the tram it doesn't come up at the overlook you can drive to on the east side of the mountains it is about 1 1/4- 1 1/2 mile walk along the Crest Trail.
  9. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    Those stickers are called goat heads most places I have been. A friend owns 3 town lots with mobile homes he rents out in Deming. Once while helping work on one I got shoes so full of goat head that I nearly fell when I walked on a tile floor at the hardware store. Literally the worst I have ever seen. I have not had an issue at Dreamcatcher or some other places I went in Deming. I like the location at Hidden Valley and everyone has been pleasant but lord those spots are close together. They have a small area of fulltimers that is slightly different but it looks a little trashy looking to me but I still might go in there. I wonder about dealing with the entry road-hill in bad weather. If he hasn't passed just recently I have an aquiantance that has lived therer full time for years. WAIT! I AM TALKING ABOUT A DIFFERENT HIDDENVALLY not at Deming. Mine is just east of Albq. off I40. My bad.
  10. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    Anywhere in NM you are going to have to deal with dust. Some places extreme dust sometimes. Due to the nature of the terrain a lot of places that might be considered run down are normal there just because you won't find a lot of grassy area's. They tend to do xeriscaping to save water. There are about 4 parks in the east mountain area near Albq. from 10 to 20/25 miles from Albq an easy drive but each have there own issues some good some bad. There are some on the west mesa 2 of which are new and seem decent. A lot of the ones in this area have very little shade. There a good number in the Deming area pretty reasonalble but that is an aquired taste area. I think there are a good number in the Elephant Butte and Caballo lakes areas but I don't know that much about that area. I think they can have a big influx on weekends and holidays.
  11. Health and Long Term Care Insurance

    Just thinking about some friends, a father-daughter-grand-daughter. I think he is now 92/93. They have been together for more than 20 years but I wonder if he might have been better to have gone into some group type home when he was still mobile and able to develop friendships there to supplement his other family. They live in a rural area and the daughter still needs to work and the grand daughter is in a nearby Med. school. Even though he mostly has his faculties he has limited mobility and has to rest a good bit during the day. I don't know if I am explaining my thoughts well but maybe you will understand. It has me rethinkng some of my strategy.
  12. Well said and very true.
  13. On my old trailer the rv fridge catches didn't always work well so I went with bungee cord through a couple of eye hooks. I was brand new at rving so I added a little flag note on it to reminded me to crank down the tv antenna and I put a note on the tv crank reminding me to use the bungee. I need all the help I can get. I had a small spill accident due to door openning before I started using the bungee. Thank goodness it wasn't syrup or honey.
  14. How Much Weight Can We Pack On A Slideout?

    I'm still leaning toward someone inexperienced but who knows for sure.
  15. alcohol strength (external)

    I considered using something else to clean/prep but the instructions said to prep with alcohol so I went that way. I used the cheap stuff 50% from Dollar General and that got me to thinking about the percentages. I had also used it on the inside of my windsheild on the film that develops over time. It didn't work well for that. I used something else on another windshield years ago but can't remember what it was. May have been Acetone. I tried vinegar, ammonia and a couple of other things that didn't work. I did use some WD-40 in just the area of the registration sticker but of course had to get that off before I put the sticker on.