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  1. What blue tape are you speaking of, the painters tape?
  2. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I have run into some that won't give a discount on the walmart gift cards. That was both Sam's club and Murphy stations. Usually though you get the discount. One if memory serves was a Walmart inWest Memphis Ark. and at least one freestanding Murphy Station-convience store. I have only pulled up to a 30-32 TT and have really wondered how some of you longer folks get into some stations. I can get into most places but I have had issues on occaision and I'm pretty good at maneuvering if I do say so myself.
  3. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    I am very sincerely happy for you Glenn.
  4. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    for infomational purpose; the Oliver fiberglass factory Hoenwald Tn. I think the longest is about 23-24ft.
  5. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    human beings have discipline and mental toughness in varying degrees. That is a fact. Some can learn it or inhance it but the basis needs to be there. Nature at its basics or what God gives it to you if that is what you believe.
  6. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I can think of some that are real challenging. One at Txkna/Nash Tx comes to mind. I had one like that in OK once that worked by waiting in the parking lot eating dinner until about 10pm then no problem.
  7. Polk County Tax Office changes

    I have jumped to the conclusion that it would almost have to allow for dates you cannot get it inspected. Also if it is raining even a mist the inspection station may not, in fact should not do an inspection on the vehicle requireing a test drive. That happened to me once in all the years I have had an inspection done in TX which is most of my driving life. It was just a light mist and I was surprised. The guy said if he got caught by the one who isnpects the inspectors he could get a big fine and could even lose his license to do inpections. I don't know but I just thought that it could have something to do with his insurance also. I asked a couple of other places about it later and they said the same thing. That was maybe 10-12 years ago in Corsicana, Tx. In recent years I have been transiting Tx in the fall without get the inspection as I did not go to my home or my destination just passing through. It could be an issue if I got stopped by a Tx LEO that interpeted it differently. (My home is Livingston and I haven't got further south than Dallas) and exit through Texarkana. I had trouble locating the 3 day thing even though I knew it was there.
  8. Polk County Tax Office changes

    TomnGina, I thought this was wrong so I just looked it up on the link you provided. It took a little to find it but it says, " Once you return to the state, you must complete a Texas vehicle inspection within 3 days of arrival at your home, duty station, or destination." Just a heads up on this for everyone.
  9. Polk County Tax Office changes

    So I get this on the puchase and registration intitially but are they doing this for the annual registration? I don't recall that on my online annual registration or anything informing me that is being done.
  10. Polk County Tax Office changes

    Thats serious money, you got my attention.
  11. Polk County Tax Office changes

    I believe I posted something about this in another thread some time back. I got a note back saying that they would honor my check on the one I had sent in but all in the future that were paid by check would require the copy of the DL. It might apply to using a money order too.
  12. Which gen set is more reliable

    I don't know about the newer ones that seem to be going against the honda's style for certain applictions but the statement above is certainly true of most of the ones I have been associated with. That would make me pay particular attention to the noise levels for camping. The one I spoke of earlier was bought new and I put the fresh oil and did the intial start up. In reading the manual (the horrors) and inspecting the machine I could not find a place to drain the oil. Turns out you have to turn the machine completely upside down. Even though this is a 2500 watt so not huge, it is still a chore hence the poor maint. It operates at anywhere from about 5000 ft to up to 10,600 ft of elevation with no adustments. Never run with low oil and who knows how often the air filter gets checked but the little sucker won't quit. Granted it may sit for months between use or used fairly regularly. But again seriouly noisey.
  13. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    While I concur in principal, I almost always allow for the exception. I think I may have spent the night in the truck parking area of Flying J 2 times. One of those only for about 4 hours. The reason is if I don't get some rest then I am a hazard on the road to truckers as well as the general public. I definitly try to avoid this type of situation but sometimes stuff just happens. One other time I had to spend 2 nights in another truck stop due to breakdown. Again sometimes life just happens.
  14. Which gen set is more reliable

    It might be apple to oranges but I have had really good luck with other B&S engines and 1 "work' genny by B&S that just won't quit even though it is poorly cared for. It is very noisey and I wouldn't use it for this application but it might make me look closer at the B&S.
  15. It ain't always you talking over my head its just that my head is so low.