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  1. Some of the same issues apply to rentable facilities in parks. There are 2 covered pavilions for day use that are rentable at one location I volunteer. They can be a big headache as some may rent but not show up and others will show up to picnic early and take over then if the renter shows up there can be an issue getting the first bunch out . I am a volunteer and good at BS'ing and can usually get them to another location if I catch them on first arrival. There often may be no paid staff anywhere near to help me. Some years ago we had 2 sets of folks rent 1 each but the 1st group showed up early and took over both sites. We nearly had a physical fight beentween a large scout group and a local business. Luckily that day we happened to have an LEO nearby. Both sites are supposed to be for 30 people but usually there are at least 40 or 50, sometimes more.
  2. bigjim

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    I am basically a computer illiterate. I can barely use mine and have been helped along by folks like Stan Miller, Rv and others. Even the way I am I have had good luck buying at least 2 "refurbs" from Walmart.com. I get the ones sold by Walmart and usually get it shipped to the local store for pick-up. Like anything used there is a risk involved and Walmart has a limited time to return but you should know pretty quick if it is OK and if not it can be returned through the local Walmart if you maintain your receipts.
  3. bigjim

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    This surely would be maddening with the lack of information. There may be information or answers later. IE: Some years ago I openned my seasonal mail box and inside was check for a significant amount that was my money being refunded due to a saving bank being closed that I was totally unaware of. It was insured under FDIC. But I recieved no notice until I recieved the check and it was included in the envelope with the check. It was a little un-nerving.
  4. bigjim

    Another CG Ettique Question

    Even that depends on where you live. The da that was feeding the bears was doing it at home as was the lady near leadville that was killed by one of the bears she was feeding some years back. I freaking love bears but I am not going to entice them or most other animals.
  5. bigjim

    Another CG Ettique Question

    here goes, I am an animal lover but I really think there is a element of animal lovers that are extreme and not at all realistic. Recent case in point is a man is southeast NM about a week or so ago that had been feeding bears. One bear finally injured him and now some poor bears will end up paying the price with their life and all the while he was putting other people at risk. A few years ago a nurse saw a cub and didn't see the mom so she threw an old jacket over it and put it in the floor board and the first stop was at the ranger station at 6:15 am. As a volunteer I could not make her take it back or drop it at a nearby veteranarian until game and fish could get here. I had no means to take it. She ended up taking it to the hopital she worked at in Albuquerque before calling game and fish. End result it ended up in a sanctuary where if it lived they raised it for about a year and half then took it out somewhere in the wilderness and turned it loose in some other more experienced bears territory. Man, do I get frustrated with a certain element of animal lovers and they sincerely believe they are in the right and everyone else is wrong.
  6. bigjim

    Comparing stream rates

    Glad to hear it Derek. Not that I can really tell here I do get the feeling you are not nearly as stressed and if I am correct that is really great.
  7. bigjim

    Comparing stream rates

    I would assume at this point we are referring to total different people. I am referring to RV on this forum also known as rvroadie.
  8. read back chalkie, she stated reasons u'r suggestion would not work for her. But at least u'r pitching.
  9. bigjim

    Comparing stream rates

    rv is not ray he is derek (sp)
  10. bigjim

    VA clinics

    I concur with RV on the first point about if you are service connected combat related you may get preference and in some respects I would agree with that at the very least in principal as long as everyone get needed care. I suspect he may be right on the his second point at least to some degree and may vary by location and the manangers they work under. I also agree mostly with fly2low. Attitude makes a huge difference but I have seen some that had a good attitude but were still not capable for the postition they are in.
  11. bigjim

    mozilla firefox question-s

    I get that and I would not mind a reasonable amount of ads presented in a not too obtrusive way. (who defines reasonble and obtrusive of course) I was just thinking that Mozilla was a non commercial site but could not remember. I tend to follow news on google news but they mostly link to stories from other sources which more and more are blocking reading it without subscribing. You can't subscribe to all the different ones so I am not sure how to deal with that. Often they use the term "white listing" which I don't know about. Light bulb over head moment, maybe I will google white listing and hope they make the explanation simpe enough for me.
  12. bigjim

    TT hitch height

    Thanks, I should have come back and say I got this trailer moved as in post above and basically did what you said.
  13. bigjim

    TT hitch height

    The tongue was way high with the trailer level so this wasn't and issue. I was trying to get a good idea of the tongue height when the trailer was on pretty level ground. (trailer was level on the site, just tongue high) I got it moved but took two adjustments, first to get it moved a short distance to a pretty level spot then unhook and and readjust the ball height.
  14. bigjim

    Need Towing Instruction NH

    Not sure about NPs but on at least one fed forest I am aware of you are allowed to carry, even open carry but it is illegal to discharge on this district. Other districts of the same forest are different. On this forest district there is hunting but only with bow and arrow. Other than huniting all projectiles are prohibited.
  15. bigjim

    VA clinics

    My new primary is far better than the one I had previously and his immediate staff. One thing that helps is using myhealthevet to communicate. They are just seeing so many people it can be difficult to fit U in and some clinic within the system are backed up worse than others. Ortho is usually one of them. My situation now would make it difficult to disengage but I would likely do it if I could but every situation is different. In general being with the VA has been better in dealing with taking warfarin and being monitered by the "coumadin" clinic but the reason is I also have medicare which means I can get a "Standing Order" for labs that I can use almost anywhere and medicare picks up the tab. If not I would have to go to a VA lab and that doesn't work well if you are not registered in that particular VA hospital system. IE: Albq, Memphis, Dallas. etc. There is supposed to be someone at each hospital that helps facilitate things for traveling veterans but I have never dealt with them so don't know much about how it works. I bitch about a lot in the VA and praise them a lot. It is no easy task to run that type of set-up. I have found that some of the problems that come up are caused by rules put in by our Congress critters that give the VA no leeway plus the fear of politcal castigation for show then oversight goes away when the public are not up in arms. But don't get me wrong the serious screw ups still fire me up.