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  1. Check with other Insurance Companies, Farmers is not people friendly. Try Gico, Progressive, USAA (if ex military), AAA, and there are many more. I'm sure others will chime in with their own opinions and suggestions.
  2. We own a 2019 Keystone Cougar 30 RLS 5th wheel with a loaded weight under 12K, I tow with a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel single rear wheels. Averages 9.5 to 10.5 mpg. Wife wanted a 38 foot 5th wheel (333MKS), what we gave up by staying at 34 feet was a larger closet and a dresser in bedroom. I like what we own, stayed in our price range and I am happy with how it tows.
  3. Can I add a little real life experience here. Back in 2004 I got divorced, bought a 2004 27 foot TT and placed it in a small RV park about one mile from the beach in Southern California, I was still commuting to Los Angeles for work so for me it was a inexpensive place to live ($500 a month rent plus electric). What it did lack was closet space (most TT do lack that). You will find having a topper on your truck will be helpful for storing bines of clothes. But you will still be short on hanging space for clothes.
  4. You don't mention where you are located, but do what I did when I had a MH and wanted to have a spare tire, Go to a local truck tire shop and ask about purchasing a good used tire. That's what I did, paid $80 for a good used tire of the correct size with good tread and no patch's inside. I did not mount it on a steel rim. I was going on a 5 week trip to the Pacific North West and Canada and yes I did have a blow out and used my AAA RV towing to have the MH towed into the next town and had the tire switch out. Had to wait till I got closer to Spokane WA to call the Goodyear Truck Tire shop and order a new tire to pick up when I got there.
  5. I use 2" x 10" planks 6 feet long for under the tires for leveling. For the front mounts I would make as big of a wood plate for under each front jack as possible to spread out the weight, maybe 2' x 2' about 2" thick. Or as one poster stated a load of gravel to make a dry parking area for your trailer.
  6. You mention decent gas mileage (15 mpg). In April 2018 I sold my Class A 34 foot gas MH, it go 6 to 7 MPG.I now own a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel truck and a 34 foot 5th wheel trailer. I average 9.5 to 10.5 mpg. Like others have said if you are planning on selling it off after the trip you will be $$$ ahead renting a Class C MH.
  7. I've been the buy brand new route before. Paid about $1800 - $2000 for a matched set of Honda 2000I with the adapter to run off both. That was in about 2009. Sold them off when I sold the last TT in 2014before we moved to Colorado. We were going to move up to a Class A Gas MH with a built in generator. In May 2015 we bought said MH, 3 years and 14,000 miles later we sold it and moved up to a Diesel truckand a new 5th wheel trailer. So craigslist shopping I went again. This time bought two used Honda 2000igenerators for (1) $750 and (2) for $650. Changed the oil/spark plug and filter on each and away we go. Mine do not get a ton of use, but it is nice for the few times a year we dry camp.
  8. Also keep in mind the age of the vehicle you purchase. If you plan on staying at City, State and Federal campgrounds age is not a big deal. If you are planning on staying in RV Parks, even KOA's there usually is a 10 year rule, too old no you can not rent from them. Just my $0.02 cents.
  9. Is there a website somewhere that would list what states allow triple towing. I have one ton Dodge Ram 3500 and a 34 foot fifth wheel trailer and am looking at adding a side by side on a open trailer behind that. It is legal here in Colorado where I live, but what other states??
  10. Thank you all for the responses. Looks like a tri pod is not something I need to rush out and buy.
  11. Do people still use a tri pod on the front of their 5th wheel trailers when parked? Or is it no longer needed?
  12. Thank you for all the reply's. I previously owned a set of Honda 2000i with the connections setup to be able to run the A/C on my last TT, made the mistake of selling everything off and buying a MH, that was a bit over 4 years ago. MH is gone, 5th wheel is here and we are now again in need of generator power. I was at Costco last week and they have the Yamaha ES2000 gas generator for sale for about $500 each vs the Honda units at $1000 new. I know the Honda units, but was wondering if the Yamaha units would provide as good service as my old Honda's did. I know I can find the Honda's used, the Yamaha's not so much.
  13. I'm researching Yamaha and Honda 2000 generators for my new 5th wheel trailer. Open to comments and opinions.
  14. Do any RVers use a CB in their RV or tow vehicle while traveling?
  15. I have not purchased yet, but I am going with a set of the Honda 2000i units. I have found two sets for sale locally (within 60 miles) that are low hours and a little cheaper than new one's cost.
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