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  1. 5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    You talk about going to National/State Parks. Most that I have been to usually have a 30 foot max for RV's. We have found it easier to park in a RV park or as a Elk going to a local Elks lodge and then using our toad for sight seeing inside the parks.
  2. 4113 Jayco seismic

    I know what I own is different, but my MH has a bath and a half but the front half bath toilet/sink and the kitchen sink all dump into one black tank and then the full bath in the rear has a black tank and a grey tank.
  3. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    We have our Thor Hurricane MH for sale (yes I know a louse time of year to try selling) and we are looking at USED Keystone Cougar 333 MKS 5th wheel to replace it. We bought the MH new because my wife loved the floor plan and interior colors. Never again will I buy new and take that hit.
  4. Extended Service Contract Too Much

    Please read through your paperwork again. The warranty on the tires is covered by the tire manufacture NOT the RV manufacture.
  5. How do I figure tow rate on a truck??

    BlueLghtning, Thank you for the information and the link.
  6. Trying to wrap my brain around towing rates for one ton diesel trucks. I was looking at a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel 4x4 long bed dually on CarMax and they show a tow capacity of 29,000 lbs a payload of 4430 lbs., curb weight of 7761 lbs. and a GVW of 11,300 lbs. they do not show axle weights, but the 3 weights they do show do not add up to 29,000. Help?!?
  7. Parking/Storing for 3 Months

    I have to ask does it every get down to freezing at night during the winter where you are? If so I would add RV antifreeze to the sink drains and the toilet. But then I live in Colorado and we do get down to freezing temps.
  8. '86 Holiday Rambler class A questions

    If you buy this MH just plan on spending some $$$ upgrading (a replacement frig usually is around $2K). It also depends on what type of traveling/camping you are planning. If you want to go to High end campgrounds a lot of them have 10 year age restrictions. If not and you like state parks and simpler camping than go for it.
  9. Dinghy/Toad

    I tow a 2011 Dodge Dakota V8, auto, 4 door, 4X4 behind my gas MH. The truck weights about 4000 lbs. The Blue Ox tow set up ran about $3300 installed (including Patriot braking unit). Camping World was over $5000 for their unit installed. CW does not sell Blue Ox.
  10. A little more info on what you are building, the size and weight would help with giving info & opinions. Are you building a tiny house on a trailer or what?
  11. Help me understand the CGVW on 2018 pickups

    Or the price tag on a new truck, $70-80K on up is a lot of $$$$ for a towing rig. I can see where people end up buying a used over the road truck to haul a big RV.
  12. 2015 Thor Hurricane 34E, V10/auto on a Ford F53 chassis. Sleeps 7 and bath and half. 13,927 miles, spare tire For pictures go to Craigslist/Denver https://denver.craigslist.org/rvs/d/2015-thor-hurricane-34e-class/6312826408.html Contact Clint @ 720-296-8336 Parker RV and Marine $87,900.00 OBO
  13. Small Truck for TOAD

    I tow a 2011 Dodge Dakota 4 door, 4x4 V8 auto (about 4K weight) behind my Class A MH.
  14. Carefree of Colorado. Priceless

    I've dealt with Carefree of Colorado also, summer of 2016 I had the 17 foot awning on the drivers side balloon out after it was hit with a 35 mph wind in Wyoming (first day of a 5 week trip in our Class A) I got out my ladder got up there and cut off the awning cover so we could proceed with our trip. On the way home I called Carefree which is in Broomfield CO and they gave me the name and # of my authorized dealer.I stopped by the authorized dealer and did the paperwork so order a new slide out cover. Went home, they called me when the new cover came in (had to pay $75 for shipping 15 miles to shop) I bring MH back in to install, it is too short by a couple of feet. They would not let us will call the cover (had to be shipped) all in all it took about 7 months for Carefree to get this right.