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  1. YouCopia Spice Stack is what I use. The 18-spice one fits nicely in your cabinet. if I could figure out how, I would post a link to one on Amazon. Unfortunately I can’t seem to, sorry! They also make bigger ones if you need one. I fit more than 18 spices, by using the older type of baby food jars.
  2. Thanks, everyone. Useful info.
  3. Has anyone seen any Aldi stores west of the Mississippi?
  4. Thanks to both Bill Joyce and LindaH for your input. We have put an extra freezer in our rig’s basement, mainly for meat and frozen veggies and fruit, and I have my own home-canned and frozen ingredients, but it is the milk, eggs, greens, etc. which have us stymied. We have to be very strict about our organic diet. Even one questionable ingredient will cause us immediate health problems. We obviously never eat out. We are very picky about where things are sourced from. (Not much point in eating organic foods that are watered with fracking waste water!). We generally buy our milk raw right from the farmer, but do trust one kind of Organic Valley milk, for instance. I’ve dehydrated some, but it would be a long, and possibly dangerous, process do make enough to last us several months. We do regularly shop Whole Foods for a few things, but have never found any good organics at Trader Joe or WalMart. We have occasionally found things at health food stores, but mainly non-perishables. Just trying to get ideas that I might not have known about. I have seen freeze-drying equipment that interested me, but the price is exorbitant!
  5. Thanks for good advice, mptjelgin. Will do some heavy-duty planning, for sure! As for Farmers Markets, even the ones we frequent every week are shy of organic vendors! Thank you NDBirdman for the info and site about Natural Grocers. They sound like a pretty good option. They say they have all organic produce at least.
  6. We eat totally organic food and have put off traveling for long distances for fear of not finding fresh organic foods such as dairy, fruits and vegetables. I’m wondering if there are others in our boat or if anyone has been able to solve this problem.
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