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  1. Thanks, everyone, for your answers. We kinda thought it was an air return for the furnace but before we covered it for the summer, thought we'd better make sure.
  2. We just bought a used 2010 Carriage Carri-Lite 36MAX1 5th wheel. There is a brown loovered type grate in one of the walls of the steps going up to the bedroom. It looks like it opens up into the storage bay under the bedroom 'cause when the bay door is open we can see daylight. Anyone know what this grate is for? It lets in tons of hot air, even when the bay door is closed, and we would like to close it off in an effort to conserve a/c loss.
  3. We are full-timers with a leased lot at the SKP Co-Op in Hondo, TX. We spend most of our time here and it's hotter than H**L in the summer. Our 5th wheel rear windows get the blazing hot afternoon sun. We need to find some way to block some of the heat coming into those windows without blocking the light we get. We don't want to cover those windows with that aluminum foil stuff which puts us in a dark cave. We would like suggestions on the best sun blocking material for making shades to fit over the entire back end of the trailer in hopes that it will help lower the temp inside. We're pretty DIY savvy and plan to do the actual "making" of the shades/screens ourselves if that would be our most cost effective solution. Just need to know what material to use to get the best "bang for our buck". We know many of you have had the same problem, so any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim & Patti
  4. I have glass shower stall doors and they get spots and soap scum quickly. Would Rainex help prevent this? Would that be harmful to the holding tank?
  5. Our vehicles are registered in SD. It's time to renew our driver's licenses. However, we are in TX and don't plan to return to SD any time soon. We lease an RV lot in TX and don't plan to travel much any more, if any. Can we still maintain vehicle registration in SD but get our driver's licenses changed over to TX using the address of our TX leased lot? If so, is it legal? Thanks.
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