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  1. Has been sold sorry I forgot to remove the ad.
  2. Have a brand new Jabsco 12 V self priming macerator with a HD Large hose, electric switch, plug and instruction manual. It has never been connected or used. All you need is a garden hose, couple of clamps and 12V to the pump. Asking $35.00 plus S & H, for this $75.00 item.
  3. Have a 5th wheel tripod support for sale. Don't have an RV anymore so its for sale. There are some rusty spots on it but it's generally in good shape. it's adjustable in height qnd there are tie down spots on it. Its located near Pensacola, Fla. I am asking $150.00 for it. Contact me at 850 572 twenty one eighty two
  4. This is a fully screened Paddy-O-Room made by Dometic. It measures 16 by 8 by 8. There is a 3 ft door and a 3 ft wide skirting to go under the RV. It was bought new for about $500.00 It has never been connected or used. Shortly after buying it, I became handicapped and had to get rid of my RV and all the equipment. It is located near Pensacola, Fl. I am asking $250.00. Please contact me at 850 572 twenty one eighty two
  5. 2004 Double Tree RV Mobile Suites M. 36TK3. SOLD
  6. Sue and I are at the MacDill AFB Fam Camp in Tampa. Waiting for my cancer treatments to start. Will be here for about 2 months. This is really a neat place. Walking distance to a marina and a club with a bar and grill on the beach. If your this way, come join us for a cool one, on site #155.
  7. The saga of Suzy and Sam clam. Suzy and Sam were clams and lived a long and happy life out in the ocean. One day Sam passed away and went to that place down below because he had been a rather wild and reckless clam in his younger days. Suzy was lonely and missed him terribly. So as time passed, she withered away and passed on. She had always been a good clam and also religious so she went up to see St. Peter. After being there for a while she started playing the harp in St. Peters choir and really enjoyed it. She still missed Sam, so asked St. Peter if she could go visit Sam down below. He said, OK but make sure your back for choir practice and don’t forget to bring your harp. So Suzy took her harp and went down below to see Sam. When she got there she found out Sam was running a disco. She went in and found Sam. They hugged, kissed, danced and partied all night long with all the other clams. Were having a great time till she remembered she had to get back upstairs for choir practice. So she bid Sam adieu and hurriedly left. Upon arriving back for choir practice a little late, St. Peter said. Where’s your harp. Suzy said “Oh NO!â€, “I left my harp in Sam’s clam discoâ€.
  8. Dave; I sent you a PM for more info on your rig. Did you get it ? OB
  9. Hello all; I'm a lurker on this forum and really enjoy all the discussions. I'm a retired Navy Chief and a retired landclearing contractor. Am familiar with dunp trucks and transports moving big yellow stuff. I have a 97 Dodge dually and an 89 Newmar LondonAire 37 RL. It weighs in and ready to hit the road at about 15000 lbs. Have been pulling this rig with the dually since 1998 and have had no problems since changing out to the MorRyde IS suspension. Have made several trips to Mexico as wagonmaster on rv adventure tours and go camping as often as time permits. Am now in the process of getting rid of the stick and brick, a lifetime acqumulation of STUFF and going full time. Am presently looking for a newer top of the line 5th wheel in the 36 to 38 ft class and an HDT to pull it. Any comments or guidance on my quest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks OB
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