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  1. Rats crawling into my engne

    When in areas with packrats, it is common to see people leave the hood up at night for prevention of their intrusion. They not only chew things but also build some really nasty nests. In such areas, I hang a drop light on a day/night sensor under the hood but leave the hood unlatched to make sure that I don't forget to remove it before starting the engine.
  2. Amazon Lockers

    From what I have observed on our route, mail carriers operate very much like the drivers for UPS and AmEx in that they use a hand-held scanner to scan each package as it is delivered. In our case, it can be slightly different as we live in a community with private streets and have one of the mailbox clusters down near the county road. That cluster has a small letterbox for each lot and several larger boxes, each with a key on the bottom. Our carrier typically arrives with the mail and larger packages sorted separately and they open the entire cluster with one large door that then allows them to put mail into all boxes. Once that is finished they scam all of the packages in the stack for our location at one time, then place them into the keyed boxes with the key to that box going into the appropriate letterbox. Should someone have a package too large for the keyed boxes, they deliver it to the house. Thus all packages for our 64 homes at this street address are usually scanned at one time. But each package is typically scanned as it is removed from the delivery vehicle, must like UPS/AmEx. I have only observed this for our mail route, but it does appear to be pretty much the same for several different carriers as we have had several of them just lately. It is true that the efficiency of the carriers does vary and so does the time of mail arrival. Our mail arrival is usually pretty consistent but our regular carrier has been out with health issues and that has brought us substitutes and temp people.
  3. Rats crawling into my engne

    Thread on the same issue, now being discussed.
  4. Keeping dump valves from freezing

    I moved mine up to the inside of the RV, next to the potable water tank. It was outside where it not only was exposed to cold but also to dirt and grime from travel. Just put it at the top of the drain tube in place of the bottom.
  5. Amazon Lockers

    Just wondering if others have signed up for the USPS Informed Delivery service? I have found it more useful than I had expected.
  6. Amazon Lockers

    We have a significant part of our Amazon orders delivered by the USPS and we are on a rural route so the tracking isn't as accurate as that but when it shows as delivered, it is always either at our door or in our box.
  7. Flat Towing

    That car is easily a 200k car but do make sure to do the owner's manual required 100k service. It includes replacing the timing belt. The current owner of ours has had it changed again. We liked the 2001 better than the 2013 that we replaced it with. We drove the first one 167k and towed it something more than 40k as a best estimate.
  8. Posting?

    Just use f5 to refresh the screen. It does have a delay between posts.
  9. That tough decision

    We are very close to this decision with our faithful dog, Muffie. She is now past the age of 15 which is quite high for her breed. She still has more good days than bad and seems happy but she is also on frequent pain meds for arthritis and the time is clearly nearing. It will be very difficult.
  10. Flat Towing

    We traded our 2001 CRV at 167,000 and now consider that to have been a mistake. We should have kept it longer as the new owner was still driving it at 100k more. Just be sure that you get the 100k service done as if the timing belt fails it will destroy the engine.
  11. Custer State Park Fire

    Here is the latest I can find. http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/local/update-new-estimate-puts-legion-lake-fire-at-acres/article_2cfc61b0-23c4-5e9a-a0f4-9c479bbed9fc.html It sounds like most of the movement is now east of the park and outside as both Fairburn & Buffalo Gap are well east of the park. That area is mostly open country and ranch land.
  12. Volunteer Nature Park Host

    I don't think that any of the wildlife there is big enough to harm you!
  13. Call the Escapees business office and talk with them about this problem. It is one that they have dealt with many times over the years. (936)327-8873
  14. Patriot Campers

    I believe it was Jayco, but one of the American RV builders did try marketing those from one of the AU manufacturers for a while but gave up on them. They are probably too small a market in the US as most of the serious off-road people here use tents. There are not that many places to go that you can't take a more conventional RV in the US, while more than 2/3 of AU has no paved roads at all and very few roads of any kind. The road system in AU is more like that of Alaska than it is of the contiguous states.
  15. No power to rangetop or washer

    You are using both a hard-wired Surge-Guard and also a portable at the power pedestal and also have a built-in EMS? I have never heard of using 3 different power monitors at the same time. I suggest that you start by removing the portable Surge-Guard from the power supply to see if anything changes.
  16. Use flashing LED lights as rodent deterrent

    We have used rope lights to keep packrats away at several locations. Might work for mice too.
  17. No power to rangetop or washer

    Barb is correct. You can not tell by just looking if a circuit breaker has tripped as the physical handle actually moves very little and in some makes, not at all. You need to find what circuit breakers supply each of your items and move the handle to the "full open" position and then close it again. That is also how one resets the breaker as well. I don't understand those readings?
  18. Random questions from the crack of dawn

    We didn't do much dry camping but we did use laundromats for that part. Very few travel trailers have any way to keep the overhead air conditioner operating while traveling and few RVs of any type have enough power to operate them when not connected to shore power, except via an external gas/diesel generator. Most class A rigs have one built in and many fifth wheel trailers do with some travel trailers offering that as an option. Generators are much more common with the motorized RVs because those have a fuel tank that can be used, while any type of trailer would require the addition of a tank for petroleum fuel, not normally found in them. Air conditioning is the main reason that far more RV people spend time in the boondocks where no resources are available in the winter months than in summer. Those who do dry camp in summer usually do so in mountainous areas of high altitude where no air conditioning is needed. There is no practical way to operate an air conditioner for long when no outside energy source is available.
  19. Horst Miracle Probes

    Thanks for the update! It is good to see another current technology system on the market. Are you building your own RV?
  20. Tires

    Your link is to the Canadian site. Here is a different one from the Saliun US site. Sailun tire warranty
  21. Patriot Campers

    There are several companies in AU that build campers of that type. There have been a few attempts to sell them in the US and thus far the sales have not gone well. I have always been a bit amazed that it has not caught on here. They are pretty common down under.
  22. There are many of that type structure in various parts of Texas. Ours has both an apartment and a full hookup RV site, all under one roof and it isn't that unique. We saw many such buildings in the Hill Country, particularly around the Canyon Lake area. In fact, that was where we first go the idea of what we call our barndomineum.
  23. ERPU questions

    The best bet is probably to call them and ask.
  24. Tires

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Please join in on any forum and any subject. Any tire that is more than 7 years old has a degree of risk that the belt will fail and a blown tire result. Blown tires on RVs often to hundreds of dollars of damage to the RV if they happen at highway speeds. As the age increases that risk also increases. Most tire manufacturers drop all forms of warranty on their tires at about 7 years of age for that reason. I have never been one to pick the cheapest tire but rather I go with what I believe to be the best and safest tire.