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  1. Kirk Wood

    What is This Grate For?

    I have also seen RVs that had an opening for a laundry chute. You just keep a clothes basked under it in the storage bay to catch dirty clothing.
  2. We too became very selective in what state's parks we used much, but not all are double charging the motorhome towing so check before you visit. Every state that I have ever visited had a listing of fees online so it isn't difficult and when in doubt, use email to be sure. I too use the COE parks a lot, particularly once we reached the age to get a Golden Age pass(now a senior pass) that is permanent as it gives you a 50% discount in their parks and the COE does not charge any day use fee for those in the campground whether towing or trailer. We have not found the problem of reserved weekends except in state parks near a major city and many states now keep some sites unreserved. Again, the internet is your friend. In addition to the COE, the Bureau of Reclamation has lakes with campgrounds and the BLM also has some campgrounds. The forest service does also, but many of those are now managed by contractors.
  3. Kirk Wood

    A/C as exhaust fan?

    Even when you do operate the a/c on fan only, it doesn't exhaust any air but just moves the inside air through the unit. An exhaust fan is probably much better for what you want and those are typically powered by 12V-dc.
  4. Kirk Wood

    Rooftop AC Discharge Temp

    Have you considered the possibility that your cooling coils (evaporator) may need to be cleaned? None of us mentioned it but as the coils become coated with dirt the efficiency of them will decrease and over time it can dramatically lower the ability of the a/c to cool the inside air. That same thing is true for the condenser coils if they should become plugged with foreign materials such as cottonwood seeds or most anything else. The inside tends to get bad first due to it normally being damp to wet, but outside can also be plugged with flying debris.
  5. Kirk Wood

    A/C as exhaust fan?

    No. The blower of the roof air conditioner gets power from the same supply as the compressor and all other parts. In addition, the blower uses an alternating current motor and those cannot be operated from direct current as the design of each is quite different. It could be run via an inverter if your a/c unit has a "fan only" selection, as most do. In my opinion, it isn't practical to do this, but it is possible. As to the cooking grease issue, that would be no different than what happens when you use the a/c while cooking. The cooling coils do get a buildup of dirt and grime over time and should be cleaned occasionally. Most of them do not get cleaned until problems develop so the result is that the a/c becomes less efficient as it gets dirtier.
  6. Kirk Wood

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    It sounds like not everyone does so, even though you and I do. My comment wasn't intended to say that you don't, only that we should do so. Sometimes Amazon wins due to location even if not the best price. At present we are about 40 miles from the nearest Walmart so that does give Amazon an edge since with Prime the delivery is free and our state park does accept packages and mail for volunteers.
  7. Kirk Wood

    Custer State Parks?

    Did you review the park in RV Park Reviews and in Campendium ?
  8. Kirk Wood

    Genny Size

    You and anyone traveling with you will have to tolerate the noise and you may be surprised how difficult it is to get truly alone with an RV.
  9. Kirk Wood

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    I have had the practice of comparison shopping with Amazon and other sources for a long time. If you compare prices in fixed stores, why not do that same thing when shopping online? And remember that there is also Ebay.
  10. Kirk Wood

    Ripoff Report?

    I have read what it says, but that doesn't change my question. There are other consumer complaint files open to the public, such as those from the federal government.
  11. Kirk Wood

    Where do I begin?

    Welcome to the forums. I am sure that folks will do their best to answer your questions. Do you mind sharing just what you mean by this? Are you employed at the club offices or......? I don't think that you are unrealistic and while you may not be well informed, that is easily resolved and you have come to the right place to do that. We could give better advice if we had more information. Questions like what your present income is and your savings goals would help as the budget is a major part of your probability of success. What career do you have in mind or what profession will you seek to have while traveling about the country? How long do you have before you finish school and do you plan to work for a time in order to build up some cash before you start your adventure?
  12. Kirk Wood

    CB Radio?

    I used a CB radio a great deal back in the 70's & 80's as I traveled for work and used to converse with truckers and other travelers to break the monotony as well as for emergency communication. When we went fulltime I put one into the motorhome (2000) but I soon discovered that the majority of the conversations were so crude and the language so bad that I soon stopped turning it on. In the years we had one with us we attempted to contact numerous RV's traveling the other direction or moving with us but in that time I believe only 2 times did anyone respond. There have been attempts to develop a CB channel for RV use much the way that 19 was for truckers, but I never saw that have significant success. When caravaning with other RV folks we have in the past used a set of FRS radios as they are less impacted by interference and have better range along the highway. They also cost far less than CB. With cell phones being so prevalent today and service reaching pretty much all major routes, the need for one in an emergency has pretty much disappeared.
  13. Kirk Wood

    Spare tire carrier

    Very few new coaches today come with a spare tire or a place to carry one. That is likely because it is so seldom that one is used. We owned 2 different class A motorhomes, one for 8 years and the second for 14 years and both had spare tires. In all of that time we never once had the spare tire for either coach mounted on the RV. Since you have already spent the money, I do understand wanting to carry it but adding a rack under the rear of the chassis is likely to be difficult and expensive.
  14. Kirk Wood

    More than 2 dogs

    Many parks and campgrounds do not state any restrictions and do not ask, but read each listing carefully as a maximum of 2 pets is a pretty common rule for parks that cater to long-term visitors as are other pet restrictions. Most parks that are used primarily by short-term visitors do not mention or have very few pet restrictions. The key is to be sure that your pets do not bother the other people who are staying in the park.
  15. Kirk Wood

    Ripoff Report?

    In poking about the internet this morning, I came across a site that I had heard of but never investigated. It has some interesting reports and some really hokey ones but it got me to wondering, have any of you used or do you check with the site called Ripoff Report? I'd be interested to hear what you think of the site as it looks entertaining at the least.