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  1. Random questions from the crack of dawn

    We didn't do much dry camping but we did use laundromats for that part. Very few travel trailers have any way to keep the overhead air conditioner operating while traveling and few RVs of any type have enough power to operate them when not connected to shore power, except via an external gas/diesel generator. Most class A rigs have one built in and many fifth wheel trailers do with some travel trailers offering that as an option. Generators are much more common with the motorized RVs because those have a fuel tank that can be used, while any type of trailer would require the addition of a tank for petroleum fuel, not normally found in them. Air conditioning is the main reason that far more RV people spend time in the boondocks where no resources are available in the winter months than in summer. Those who do dry camp in summer usually do so in mountainous areas of high altitude where no air conditioning is needed. There is no practical way to operate an air conditioner for long when no outside energy source is available.
  2. Horst Miracle Probes

    Thanks for the update! It is good to see another current technology system on the market. Are you building your own RV?
  3. Tires

    Your link is to the Canadian site. Here is a different one from the Saliun US site. Sailun tire warranty
  4. Patriot Campers

    There are several companies in AU that build campers of that type. There have been a few attempts to sell them in the US and thus far the sales have not gone well. I have always been a bit amazed that it has not caught on here. They are pretty common down under.
  5. There are many of that type structure in various parts of Texas. Ours has both an apartment and a full hookup RV site, all under one roof and it isn't that unique. We saw many such buildings in the Hill Country, particularly around the Canyon Lake area. In fact, that was where we first go the idea of what we call our barndomineum.
  6. ERPU questions

    The best bet is probably to call them and ask.
  7. Tires

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Please join in on any forum and any subject. Any tire that is more than 7 years old has a degree of risk that the belt will fail and a blown tire result. Blown tires on RVs often to hundreds of dollars of damage to the RV if they happen at highway speeds. As the age increases that risk also increases. Most tire manufacturers drop all forms of warranty on their tires at about 7 years of age for that reason. I have never been one to pick the cheapest tire but rather I go with what I believe to be the best and safest tire.
  8. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    The industry news is projecting that 2018 will be an even bigger sales year than this one. But it is a market that goes up and down a lot, mostly with good or bad economic times.
  9. Better kept for an in-person discussion. I tend to be moderate politically so neither side really likes my views.
  10. Are You Still In?

    I sure don't get my investment advice from public forums like this one! I do read it occasionally for entertainment value.
  11. Small Travel Trailer

    He has not bee back in quite some time. Note from his profile:
  12. Interesting thread! I just wrote what I thought was a good response to some comments here, but after reading it again I realized that my reply was a bit political, as are several others here. For that reason, I deleted all of that good reply. Healthcare is clearly an important issue, but a difficult one to avoid politics in discussing.
  13. Domicile Question

    Twotoes is correct so be sure that you know what county is being quoted. If you are not yet on Medicare, be sure to also look closely at health insurance availability as well as cost. And when you do so, don't ignore FL as one of the possible choices. Even for those of us who are on Medicare the issue matters as the majority of us carry some type of Medicare supplemental coverage and prescription coverage (Medicare part D). And you may need to consider things like estate law if you have significant assets. I always get concerned when too many folks push the choice that they made as good for everyone since it is a rare thing to find an issue that has only one answer that is best for all.
  14. Chevy Colorado Diesel

    I completely missed the fact that he is looking at the little 4 cyl diesel. Good catch
  15. lakewood, new mexico

    This park has long been noted for being particularly friendly, many saying that it is the most friendly park that they have ever stayed in.