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  1. Kirk Wood

    Water tanks full or empty

    That would be to the upper end of time for me also but we just use from the tank about once a month and then refill. I use it down to near empty but don't completely drain it. That probably won't happen until the day you get busy and put off refilling for a day or two. πŸ˜€
  2. Kirk Wood

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    Yes it does. 😊
  3. Kirk Wood

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    With that much lead time, you may want to just go with something inexpensive and lightweight for now and use that to get some experience while you continue to shop/research. You are a wise couple to start your studies and planning early.
  4. Kirk Wood

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    That is a wise move. Being only about 5' 7" (I call that more down to earth) I have not had that issue but one motorhome that we looked at had a seat so far back that I could hardly reach with it at it's closest and Pam could not reach (she is only 5'2").
  5. Kirk Wood

    South Dakota or Florida

    I don't think so, as long as you have your SD address and you spend a night to get the receipt that SD requires for registration. I have never registered a vehicle in SD but many here have and do so hopefully one of them will chime in to give you more detail on the actions needed.
  6. Kirk Wood

    Water tanks full or empty

    Haven't we all! It was a learning experience... πŸ™„
  7. Kirk Wood

    South Dakota or Florida

    Legally, the issue is where the RV or vehicle is "garaged" or kept when not on the road. SD will probably have no issue with you registering it there if you spend the night to get proof that you have been there as required. But that will do nothing to prevent MN from requiring you to license in that state if you take it there and keep it parked for long enough to draw notice. If you will have it parked in MN for more than a brief period there is a possibility you could be ticketed and fined for failure to register it there. There is no law in any state that ties vehicle registration to domicile. The legal side of this is based on where the vehicle stays. For example, people who have two homes often have a vehicle or two that are registered at each location and they leave the vehicle there when they return to the other home. That is the proper/legal way to do that. Most states have laws that require registration of vehicles if you are employed in their state or if you stay there beyond some length of time. While all states honor the registrations and driver's licensing of other states for visitors, they also have laws about when you cease to be a visitor and when a vehicle must be registered there. The law you need to concern yourself with is that where you physically have the vehicle as well as that of the state where you register it.
  8. Kirk Wood

    South Dakota or Florida

    As long as it doesn't impact your healthcare plan, that makes sense. You could probably get away with doing the registration in SD and nothing more as long as you don't spend much time in MN, but you will need to spend at least 1 might in SD to get vehicles registered. And you should also insure the RV where it is registered.
  9. Kirk Wood

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    Sound advice. πŸ‘
  10. Kirk Wood

    South Dakota or Florida

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Do you plan to leave MN and go on the road fulltime, or will you get the van and return to MN to live? If you plan to keep it in MN then you need to register and insure it there as the state is known to enforce their laws on motor vehicle registration aggressively at times.
  11. Kirk Wood

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    While budget should always be of primary importance, I agree that a truck in the 250/2500 series will have far more capacity and probably be a better choice. Since you are just researching at this point, you may want to consider going diesel as well because they have far better towing ability and fuel consumption while towing than a gasoline engine. If you are only shopping new trucks then a diesel may be outside of your budget but you may want to consider a used one. Just as an example, with our current lightweight travel trailer, we have an SUV that is gas and the trailer is 80% of rated tow weight. Without the trailer, the SUV gets 22 mpg and with the trailer, it averages 11 mpg. We also tow with a 2500 diesel that gets 19 mpg empty and towing gets an average of 15 mpg. The downside of a diesel is that they do cost more to maintain than a gasoline vehicle.
  12. Kirk Wood

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    The guy starts by trying to sell you books, then goes into a discussion of a scam that he must have invented! Just one more lawyer who has found a different approach to ambulance chasing. I have come to suspect that there must be a course in law school called "the art of skillful lying."
  13. Kirk Wood

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    Perhaps someone should start a thread about the advantages of a class A? Or of a travel trailer? Or maybe a truck camper? A class C? Or class B? An honest and truly knowledgeable person would realize that every type of RV has both advantages and disadvantages. We need to realize that the best choice for ourselves is not necessarily the best for anyone else.
  14. Kirk Wood

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    Very likely your salesperson doesn't actually understand it, but tries to bluff his way through. Very few of them are actually RV people and some have never even spent a night in one.
  15. Since power could travel from the inverter to the batteries, or from the batteries, you want one at both ends? Never seen that done in an RV.