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  1. Welcome to the Escapee forums. For winter in cold climates, there are only a few made to really be comfortable in and even with the best you will need to make some special preparations and efforts. It is vital that you skirt the RV to keep wind and snow out from under it as it will be nearly impossible to keep even the best RV warm without. Arctic Fox makes some high-quality RVs as do several other manufacturers like DRV or New Horizons. I don't think that you will find many to agree with this thinking. It is true that diesel fuel usually costs more but diesels also tow better. Towing our small travel trailer, the V-6 gas SUV gets only 11 mpg while it gets 23 alone. Our diesel truck (2500) gets only 19 mpg empty but towing it gets 16 mpg and it handles the trailer much better especially on long steep grades.
  2. A lot of the answer depends on what type of sealant is there now. If it should be a silicone base then you have no option but to remove all of the old material as silicone will not stick to anything once cured. If you have an EDPM roof then it should be a latex material which you can clean with a good detergent but it wouldn't hurt to wipe it with alcohol once you finish before you add caulk. You want to use a self-leveling, lap sealant and Dicor makes the one most popular with RV owners.
  3. I ordered a MS4021B from Walmart, online for $14.99. I had read that Walmart is now working to compete with Amazon and since they beat Amazon in price, I thought that I'd give them a try.
  4. I just found information on them on a friend's subscription to Consumer Reports. Here is a summary of that report. It looks like the ACCUTIRE Digital TIRE Pressure Gauge will be my choice! Thank you, everyone, who responded.
  5. While I have never had an RV's windows upgraded, I have owned 7 different RVs and of them only 2 have had dual pane windows. l have lived in two different stick houses that had single pane windows that I had replaced with dual pane.
  6. I'd assume that you are familiar with tire care? While you are about it, there are some things which should be done in the RV. Not sure how much of this is of interest, but don't overlook the refrigerator, water heater, and furnace for cleaning of the burners and general checking. I also like to do a leak down test on my propane system annually.
  7. Welcome to the Escapee forums. I believe that you will find that most work camping positions are filled well before your January arrival date so you may not be successful this year but by starting your availability in late fall you should be able to find positions in the future. One of the best ways to find work camping jobs is through the magazine Workamper News.
  8. Internet shows both Walmart & Sears are selling it for $14.99.
  9. What is missing is the personal liability insurance, which typically comes with a home owner's insurance policy.
  10. That picture looks like it was taken only a few miles to the south of Douglas, WY on I25. I have traveled that many times, but not recently. With I25 leading to Denver and south I'd bet that a lot of those vehicles had Colo. license plates. I am not surprised about that as I'd expect that most of that traffic was the tourists from the Black Hills area. We went that route when we left Hot Springs back in 2014 as we stopped to visit old friends in Cheyenne and Loveland on our way back to TX. Lusk is far enough from the interstate highways to probably avoid much of the crowding. I imagine Douglas was packed. I have spent many nights in the city park campgrounds of both Lusk and Douglas. But when the next one comes in 2024, we can view it in totality from our own TX home-base!
  11. I have come to the time when I need to replace one one of my tire gauges. This one is for the SUV and it would be best if it were to be compact enough to keep in a fairly full glove box. In looking through those listed on Amazon, I find that most of the highest rated ones are analog, while only a few digital models are a match. The round dial type seems to solidly lead the pack yet I have read many times on RV forums that a digital should be used for better accuracy. So if you will share with my the type, make, and (model if you know) of tire gauge that you are using, along with how you like it. Tell us why you do or don't like yours. If you recall, share also where you purchased it and what the cost was. Thanks in advance!
  12. I wonder how folks liked the aftermath?
  13. The operator of this site is a long time member of Escapees who has offered his services by collecting each of the listings in the Escapee Directory, that is part of your membership, but he keeps them updated and has long offered them by CD and more recently make the online data base to member use. Each month some are published in the Escapees Magazine under "Days End" but the reader then must compile them. Guy does this in an ongoing operation and keeps them updated from the member/contributors as well. He is not an employee. As I remember, the price was only $10 back when I first heard about his services so the $15 of today is quite reasonable.
  14. expYou should probably try some of the agencies that specialize in dealing with the RV community. Let me suggest a few: Miller Insurance AIS Insurance Explorer Insurance RV Advantage Foremost Insurance
  15. Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community currently has 4 lots available for sale. It is located a short distance to the west of Tyler, TX in a rural community. The park is organized much like the Escapee co-op parks, but is not affiliated with Escapees and does not require Escapee membership. Members purchase a lot/membership and currently pay an annual fee of $700 for water, sewer, streets, community center, and associated common areas. We do not require church membership but it is strongly suggested with the community representing some 20 different churches of about a dozen different denominations. Management is by an elected board of directors made up of members. For information on any of these lots, contact the owner by phone, listed below. For information on our community, feel free to reply to this post. Johnny Myers 214-542-2177 BJ Rasco 903-952-1540 Teresa Jones 903-882-3666 Tracy Collom 903-352-6879