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  1. All DC dead in Class C

    Let us know.....
  2. Winter travel

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Palm Springs has some nice parks, but the same is true for Yuma, Tucson or even for the Rio Grand Valley of Texas. As long as you stay far to the south you should not need to worry about bad roads and even in the rare case when it does happen, you can easily wait it our by sitting still for a day or two.
  3. Extended Service Contract Too Much

    A very good decision!
  4. Looking for campsite membership

    He hasn't bothered to return............
  5. Question about mailing address

    You need to discuss this with your insurance agent. The county tax issue could be a problem, but not probable but the $2400 difference in premiums in all probability will be. Will you be establishing a relationship with a doctor that is near to the home-base? If you do so it will be a red flag. This could be extremely important!
  6. Question about mailing address

    Do you plan to move into the house or rent it out or................... That part matters. With the difference in premium, they are likely to watch for a conflict. With most things, the issue is pretty minor but you are talking about $2400/year. Technically speaking, you are supposed to have your vehicle registration & insurance, driver's license, and all other insurance in your home county. If there is that much difference in health premiums, the same could prove to be true for other insurance. You will need some means to have any mail to that house forwarded to the Escapee address. I think you may want to visit with your health insurance agent if you know him well.
  7. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    I weighed all items that could be on a bathroom scale to try and even thing out and to also be aware of the location of your available cargo weight. Take a look at your axle weights and pin weight as you are loading. And be sure that you get your individual wheel weights as possible as load balance will impact handling. It is very easy to exceed the design limits.
  8. How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    I really don't think that anyone can do much more than a guess on what you will want as needed space is a very personal thing even without the two dogs. When you add the dog you again have personality issues to deal with. Some dogs are very active and constantly on the move and so require a lot of space while others tend to stay in one spot most of the time. We once met a couple who were traveling for half of the year in a 26' travel trailer and had a very large great dane living with them. That would not have worked for us, but these folks were comfortable and satisfied.
  9. Looking for campsite membership

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Tell us a bit more about yourself and you would probably get much better advice. Unless you have already done this, I think it is excellent advice. Are you new to fulltime RVing? There are several other organizations which would be very beneficial, such as Passport America.
  10. Water Valve Help

    That is a great piece of work. As a retired electric tech, that looks much like the way I was taught to diagram an electric circuit in order to analyze it. It most definitely is, but in your case, there are two items in your photo that are not on the drawing, and probably not on 57becky's user panel either. That is the two "low point drains" which you have on yours. That is the red/blue water lines with chrome valves which can be seen to the lower right of the picture. If you look under the RV bay where these are I'm sure that you will see the end of each of those lines, extending a short distance through the by floor. That would be the discharge from each one and the chrome valve is there just to allow you to drain each section when preparing for storage or winterization. The two horizontal lines leaving the 90° valves will go behind that panel and connect into the hot & cold water lines at some point. The blue(cold water) line would attach in becky's drawing at some point in the outlet side from the water pump and the red(hot water) would connect about where the red line in the drawing makes it's 90° turn.
  11. Getting into Full timing

    It is a nice intro to the lifestyle but isn't long enough for any deep probing. It is a good starting point for new folks who are thinking about it, which I suspect is the reason he wrote it.
  12. All DC dead in Class C

    They do fail. In my years of electrical maintenance work, I have seen many a circuit breaker get weak and need to be replaced. Circuit breakers are designed to slowly trip at lower and lower levels as a safety factor in design. It is done to ensure that the reverse never happens. If those breakers have tripped many times then probably they should be replaced, even if not suspect. The only way to be sure is to use a recording amp meter so that you know what the current draw was when the circuit opened. I don't get this one either. I suspect he is thinking of the 120V-ac side of things and it is never a good idea to start your generator while shore power is in use because the generator is typically the "preferred" source for the ATS and if you have some heavy loads on shore power when it auto transfers, that will cause damage to many things if done very often. Your issue is on the 12V-dc side of things and in getting the generator engine started.
  13. Water Valve Help

    Let's start at the top of the picture you posted. The pair of valves with the blue hose & pink tag between them would be your outside shower. The valves would be hot & cold and they are supplied from the interior water system as are the faucets inside. Bet the other end of that blue hose has a hand shower head attached to it"freeze guard" is a part of the winterizing system, probably a place to attach a hose for sucking RV antifreeze from a jug when winterizing. You should have instructions to go with that in your paperwork. The next item down is labeled "city water connection" because that is exactly what it is. Get our your white water hose and connect the female fitting to the park water hydrant (using a pressure regulator to be safe) and then connect the male end of that hose to the screw connection here. Once you remove the cap to keep dirt out, you will a fitting that has a knob around it and turns that is for this purpose. Once attached you can turn on the city water hydrant and shut off the RV water pump and the city water will supply your entire water system. Moving down you find a caution tag and then another water fitting. It is there to supply water the waste tank flushing system. It connects just like the city water connection but this leads to your waste tanks and you should never connect your drinking water hose to this connection! This is only used after emptying the waste tanks and is there to flush out any remaining residue from the waste that may have been left behind. The two T handle valves at the bottom are the waste tank drain valves, one for each tank. Should be self-explanatory. Move to the right and start back up you come to a red and a blue water line, each with a valve. I'd bet that those are low point drains, red is from the hot side and blue is from cold. They are used when putting the RV into storage to drain the water system. Just above them is a black valve labeled "tank fill, power fresh" and that is probably the vale to send water from your city water connection into the potable water tank to fill it for travel. Check your instructions to make sure that I am right about this, or with city water connected you can try turning it on to see if the tank begins to fill. If I'm right this is a valve that should only be opened while you fill the water tank and then closed every time. Above that is a black valve labeled "winterize" and it is there to work with the Freeze Guard connection when winterizing the water system. See your instructions on how that is all used. Above that and just below that pink tag (behind the blue hose) is the water heater bypass valve. It is there to allow you to drain the water from your water heater and then leave it empty when you put RV antifreeze into the system for winter storage. It is very important to remember that while we can tell you in general how all of these items work, no two RVs are built exactly alike and so there are differences unique to each RV and you must understand your RV in order to adapt the general instructions we give here to your particular RV.
  14. Extended Service Contract Too Much

    If you are asking about interest on the cost of things added into the loan, then yes you do pay interest on them. In theory, at least, you would be paying for your 5 years extended warranty over the entire life of the loan.