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  1. Kirk Wood


    You can't delete a post, but if you use the "full edit" function you can edit the title to as "SOLD" or some other appropriate term.
  2. Kirk Wood

    Water tanks full or empty

    I don't know that you would know that water was bad, but that is part of the reason for the filters in the supply line. I think that it would be pretty unusual for an RV pad in any public or commercial park to not be supplied from an approved water supply. Here are the specs for the second cartridge that we used. We had a dual canister filter housing and the first used a cheap sediment filter and the second one was carbon block below. Stick around at least until we get there. If you don't stay for Escapade, we are part of the advance staff, arriving on Tuesday before the event begins so we could meet somewhere for lunch or dinner even if you won't be participating. As a side note, I just registered for our staff position today!
  3. Kirk Wood

    Umbrella policy for full timers

    When we were on the road fulltime, we were domiciled on Rainbow Dr., Livingston and we had our fulltimer's coverage through AIS insurance. We also had a personal liability policy through them. It has been a few years since we reverted to part-time and we now have a local insurance agent.
  4. Kirk Wood


    The Craig's list ad has probably expired. They only stay up for about 6 weeks.
  5. Kirk Wood

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    My opinion as well!
  6. Kirk Wood

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    I would check with the two, also do an internet search and check with a mobile RV tech. If you are considering a motorized RV you should probably have it checked by a mechanic and possibly have an oil sample analyzed.
  7. Kirk Wood

    03 Monaco electric question

    I do remember a few days like yours back when I was making a living in field service.
  8. Kirk Wood

    Water tanks full or empty

    A carbon filter removes most of the chlorine and other water additives so it isn't really chlorinated water in the tank. We have been using a carbon block filter for all of the water that enters our RV so may be able to help. We were fulltime for nearly 12 years and kept water in our tank all of the time, using from the tank about once each month and replacing it with fresh and in that time the only problem we ever had was green algae in our water supply hose once when campground hosts with well water for our RV. I would go through the sanitizing process annually .
  9. Kirk Wood

    50 Amp Service Question

    I think that most of the problems of the type you refer to came about because the owner or an amateur employee who thought that they knew about electricity did the work. With the increased numbers of 50A RVs and even the higher power demands from those using 30A have helped to get parks to make more efforts to do things right. I'd not be surprised if RV park insurance has played a part in all of this as well. Forums like this which educate the RV owners probably increase the pressure on park owners to get things done right as well.
  10. Kirk Wood

    In wall slide vs through the wall slide

    Might the difference be in where the hardware is located? Some in the walls of the slide and others have it under the floor of the slide?
  11. Kirk Wood

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    You are assuming that what the video tells is actually true. I'm telling you that I do not believe that ever happened. I have been in the RV community since 1971 and have heard of plenty of dealerships offering to do the inspection for a customer for a price, but not 1 time have I heard of what he claims is getting to be common. I would like to see the video guy document where and when it happened, as I'm betting that the entire thing is fiction.
  12. Kirk Wood

    Any Brit's out-there

    An insurance company that you may want to contact is Foremost Insurance.
  13. Welcome to the Escapee forums! If you don't mind my asking, is this a business you will operate while traveling by RV?
  14. Kirk Wood

    50 Amp Service Question

    Chad is correct. If the two legs were in phase the connections would be in violation of electrical codes.
  15. On the rare occasions when we have spent a night at Walmart that is where I go to ask but I ask to speak to the store manager if possible. I have done that at Lowe's as well.