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  1. need a little help

    I visited the Winnebago Aspect website to check the weight ratings they show. This is what it shows: Gross Combined Weight Rating 22,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 14,500 Trailer Hitch 5,000-lb. drawbar/350-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight
  2. I have a grandson in the Army and another in the Navy and I am proud of them!
  3. job?

    That sounds like our experience as volunteers at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery.....
  4. Death while full timing

    As one of the older regulars on the Escapee forums, I must agree that for your parents it is probably well that they passed so close together. With 55+ years of marriage, it is a little bit frightening to think about one of us going on alone, but we also realize that it is almost inevitable that this will happen. Grief of loss is the price that we pay for having loved and been loved. But most of us would make the same choice even if we had realized the cost going in. I do feel for you.
  5. Van or Truck Camper?

    To address the Airstream question, if you check you will find that while they do last for a long time they are also the most expensive travel trailer on the market today. The Airstream Sport is only 16' long with no slides and has an MSRP of $46,000! Just one example of what you can get in less prestigious brands is the KZ Sportsman Classic at 18' long for $13,000 or even one of the all fiberglass trailers like the Casita for less than half that amount. To buy Airstream you need really deep pockets! As to "someone menacing come creeping along" I am wondering where you plan to spend your time? And do you really think that you would somehow be safer in a truck camper that you have to run around to the cab to drive away? Even a van that you could get to the driver's seat isn't a wise thing to plan to stay in dangerous locations with as you may not wake up in time to drive. If you are that fearful I do not believe it wise to even consider the RV lifestyle. In more than 35 years of RV experience, I have never had reason to rear for my well-being. You are at far more risk walking down a city street than when sleeping in an RV park or campground.
  6. Water Help, CRAZY mystery, Calling all Plumbers.

    First of all, welcome to the Escapee forums. If you have similar questions you are welcome to post but I would suggest that you do so in the technical forums as this forum is normally used for politically related subjects that impact rv folks. That is my analysis also. Like Barb, I have seen this many times but it don't answer the problem of no water at all in the kitchen sink. Replace that check valve first, then come back and we will deal with the issue of the kitchen. Here are a couple of pictures of the check valve that may help locate it. They are usually the plastic type and may be about any color. They look more like a nipple that a valve.
  7. Paul Evert RV fire

    No, but I do have an ARP-rv device to prevent overheating. Since there were at least two different versions of how it started by different news sources, do you happen to know if the paint booth is in that building? No matter how the fire started, a paint booth would probably make it more difficult to control.
  8. You clearly read that article to say some very different things from what I saw in it. Big changes are coming to Army basic training We (parents) have to share at least share part of the blame. I expect less from my kids than my folks did. I know my parents expected less than their parents. Life and society HAVE gotten easier physically. Recruiting and basic training have to take what is available in the qualified pool (an estimated 60-70% of the American 17-24-year-olds are not qualified), that actually have the propensity to join the military. We (society and parents) produced those "slugs"
  9. The benefit is that they replace the people who can't be deployed with others who can be.
  10. Paul Evert RV fire

    What video? Your post shows a .pdf file that isn't available?? The fire began in the auto body-paint shop. Investigators say an RV inside the building started smoldering.
  11. Domicile/Tax Question

    Now that is a friend!
  12. Paul Evert RV fire

    Here is the latest from the Fresno Bee, newspaper.
  13. Need new tires 235 80R 22.5

    I ran Goodyear, G670 tires on ours and had excellent service from them. But I haven't shopped tires for it in several years. Those tires are specifically compounded for motorhome use.
  14. Proper Towing Vehicle for 22' Travel Trailer

    Not quite what I am hearing from family who live in CA. Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices
  15. Tires Off Ground

    I don't remember where it was but we stayed in one RV park where an employee lead you to your site, directed you in parking (another subject for discussion) and then placed the parks blocks under your jacks before you were allowed to use them. We were directed to just leave the blocks where placed when we left the park. I have seen a few other places requiring the use of blocks and most have them available in case you do not. Usually, it is because they have asphalt paving and some of the leveling jacks do have very small footprints. In most cases, the park's blocks were very little larger than the footprint of our Bigfoot jacks but unless they have made them larger in recent years, those of HWH were quite small and frequently leave marks in newer asphalt paving.