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  1. What's this sealant?

    Is it a spray foam or perhaps an RTV product? That looks rather rubber-like and I suspect that it is not from the factory but was added by a previous owner. If it is RTV then I would just dig out enough to make an opening for the wire, or just punch a hole through it. Same thing if a spray foam.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    I'll add my vote to this greeting! All of you traveling, please be safe and have a good trip!
  3. The current annual fee is $800 per year and it includes well and city water, sewer, streets and common areas as well as our community center.
  4. Dogbone versus flat adapter

    This is generally true because the adapters that just fit on the power plug are nearly always very cheaply made and could overheat and cause a new set of problems. There are several things which could happen or perhaps nothing at all. The key thing to remember is that you will be limited to less than 15a of total power. I would not turn off the converter to the battery as it should be able to keep up with the load from the furnace blower as I have done that many times of the years we have been RV owners. The converter will draw somewhere around 5a of 120V power to keep the furnace blower happy and the batteries charged. You can probably also use the TV but no way the microwave and no electric heater. That heater alone will draw about 13a or if on low power perhaps 8a. The idea of using a separate extension cord to power an electric heater from a separate outlet that is on a different circuit from the one your RV is plugged into would work if you can find a way to run that cord inside of the RV without losing too much heat through the opening for the cord. It will be important to make sure that the two cords are supplied by different house circuit breakers.
  5. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    The Dinosaur boards are direct replacements but are sometimes configured somewhat differently from the OEM. When I changed the board in our Atwood water heater in the previous RV to one from Dinosaur, I did have to use the mounting bracket from Dinosaur because of a different configuration.
  6. But a blowout is somehow OK if you have it driving a big truck towing a fifth wheel? I don't think that you can find anything to show that the risk is any greater with a class A than for any other RV. The worst RV wreck that I have ever seen was a blown tire on the right front of a GM. Kodiak towing a very large fifth wheel on I80 in rain. With more than 35 years of RV travels using several different types of RV, a blown tire, especially on a steer axle is always a high-risk situation for most RV owners. Even professional drivers at times get into trouble in such situations and the majority of RVs are driven by people who have far less expertise in dealing with emergencies. It is a very foolish shopper who allows the personal prejudices of others to sway them away from whichever type of RV that they prefer. I could give you scare stories about what is bad about pretty much any type of RV and reasons what a different one is safer, but we can set up that argument for or against any choice. The answer isn't to avoid one type of RV but rather to learn how to safely handle any emergency for the particular type of RV that you select.
  7. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    One very common failure of the spark probes is the ceramic insulator that encases the high voltage probe will develop a very fine crack. Once that crack fills with carbon from the burning gas it then shorts the high voltage to ground and even though you can still hear the tick sound, there is no spark. Because the spark probe is relatively inexpensive and easily installed, I always try replacing it first. There is a very easy way to determine for sure that you are getting propane from the valve. If you have one of those long, butane lighters like we use to light a barbeque you can light it and hold the flame in the area next to the ignitor probe while an assistant turns the water heater on. If you really have propane it will light at least briefly. The same probe that supplies the spark to light the flame also returns a small signal to the circuit board that tells it the flame is burning. It is quite possible that your probe is not returning that signal. When that happens the propane will light but the spark continues to try for 3 attempts and then because it didn't detect the heat the circuit board will turn off the propane for safety. That return signal is in the micro-volt range and you can't detect it with a meter.
  8. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to have you with us and hope that we can be of some assistance. I think that you will find there to be a lot of very experienced RV folks in our group as well as a healthy number of newer travelers. Like most things in life, there is no one answer to this question. To answer in a way that will be useful one has to see the RV in question and examine the location of the two gray water tanks and determine the amount of access to each one and to the plumbing associated with them. In addition, if one tank is mounted physically higher than the other and you connect them, the lower one will always fill first and whatever drains into it will not drain but back up into the sink/shower before the upper one is full. If the two tanks are at the same physical distance above the ground you could pretty easily install a line to cross-connect the two tank drain lines and they would then equalize naturally. If one is above the other, that line would need to have a dump valve installed to prevent overfilling the lower tank, thus you could empty part of the upper one to it, but if the tank which fills first is the low positioned one, the cross-connect would not work. What the are doing is that nearly all RV users tend to fill the gray tanks first and they drain part of the gray water into the black tank to increase usable capacity. I have never heard of anyone draining the black tank into the gray and have no idea why one would wish to. It used to be quite common for the RV builders to install two tanks of the same size, one for gray and one for black. In such a situation, the gray tank will always fill first.
  9. All DC dead in Class C

    Let us know.....
  10. Winter travel

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Palm Springs has some nice parks, but the same is true for Yuma, Tucson or even for the Rio Grand Valley of Texas. As long as you stay far to the south you should not need to worry about bad roads and even in the rare case when it does happen, you can easily wait it our by sitting still for a day or two.
  11. Extended Service Contract Too Much

    A very good decision!
  12. Looking for campsite membership

    He hasn't bothered to return............
  13. Question about mailing address

    You need to discuss this with your insurance agent. The county tax issue could be a problem, but not probable but the $2400 difference in premiums in all probability will be. Will you be establishing a relationship with a doctor that is near to the home-base? If you do so it will be a red flag. This could be extremely important!
  14. Question about mailing address

    Do you plan to move into the house or rent it out or................... That part matters. With the difference in premium, they are likely to watch for a conflict. With most things, the issue is pretty minor but you are talking about $2400/year. Technically speaking, you are supposed to have your vehicle registration & insurance, driver's license, and all other insurance in your home county. If there is that much difference in health premiums, the same could prove to be true for other insurance. You will need some means to have any mail to that house forwarded to the Escapee address. I think you may want to visit with your health insurance agent if you know him well.