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  1. Kirk Wood

    Extended Warranty for RV

    First, welcome to the Escapee forums! I am not familiar with that particular company but did find a rating of A- from AM Best on the internet. I suggest that you take the time to read this article on extended warranties from Escapees Magazine before you make your decision.
  2. Kirk Wood

    Elio Motors

    It seems our resident Elio promoter has even bailed on them! 🤣 I don't think that it was probably a scam in the legal sense of the word but it was in that the company was founded more on dreams than science.
  3. Kirk Wood

    Security cam > 35 amp battery > solar panel

    Or if the system is a home version it would need to have a 120v-ac power supply which would require an inverter.
  4. Kirk Wood

    Florida Residency Assistance

    I wanted to say hello, and welcome you to the Escapee forums! I'll not comment on your question since I know little or nothing about your question. I do encourage you to take part in our forums!
  5. Kirk Wood

    Used RV Models to stay away from

    Sounds like it should be a winner. We all have favorites, but in reality, there are more than a few brands of good, used RVs. While I don't list the Discovery as one of my favorites, it is not a bad RV and I know and have known several owners of them who were quite satisfied. Keep us posted on your progress.
  6. Kirk Wood

    deep cycle battery maintenance

    We typical RV users usually just visually check the cell levels by removing the caps and we don't remove the battery cables but just minimize the loads. While the experts and those who do extensive dry camping usually use a hydrometer to check each cell and do several other special things, I found that for more average use the cost in acid eaten clothing and the inconvenience of doing that far offset the extra use that I got for my efforts. The most critical thing is to be sure that the plates are kept covered with electrolyte and do so by adding distilled water. You can get it at any grocery store but be sure you get distilled and not one of the other types they have for sale. I would check them monthly for a time until you determine the pattern of water adding that is needed for your use. That will be determined by your pattern of use. If you usually stay where you have electric hookups you will probably find that adding water is not needed frequently.
  7. Kirk Wood

    Dometic Fridge has no power

    That does sound like the overheat protection that Dometic uses on some models of refrigerators. If we are correct then any dealer with a Dometic parts line should have it but make sure that you get the right one. In addition, if the new one should fail, make sure you get the unit checked as without it you could have a fire. It is a safety device so don't wire around it. Bryant RV Service does have your service manual. Dometic 12 Series and 52 Series Service manual
  8. Kirk Wood

    Class of 2018

    That is great news! We spent 12 happy years on the road and while Pam's health problems have now dictated our return to part-time traveling, I still miss living on the road. We are currently at the Escapade site and will head to ND for the summer a couple of days after you gain your freedom! If you come toward ND please let me know as we would love to meet you!
  9. Kirk Wood

    Dometic Fridge has no power

    Welcome to the Escapee Forums! I agree with what Darryl said, but am not familiar with a refrigerator having one of them like nearly all RV water heaters have. Can you tell us the make & model of your refrigerator? If you visit the website of Bryant RV you may find a service manual for the refrigerator that you have.
  10. Kirk Wood


    We spent pretty much all summer exploring Maine and the eastern part of Canada. I really never thought of Maine as having a west coast? Along the east shore is Acadia NP which is a do not miss attraction. We also spent a good deal of time exploring the area around the Bay of Fundy. The Main coast has many miles of shoreline dut to its rugged geology and most of that is scenic.
  11. Try some of these companies: Miller Insurance RV Advantage Foremost Insurance AIS Insurance
  12. Kirk Wood

    keeping bugs and rodents out

    I have had very little problem of that sort since I went through the RV and sealed all of the openings where things pass through with expanding foam. Nothing I know of will be 100% but I've not had any mouse problems since.
  13. Kirk Wood


    There are professional RV inspectors in some areas and you can usually locate them with an internet search. If you do not find any that way then contact one of the local mobile RV techs to check the RV and for motorized RVs you should take it to a trusted mechanic to check out that part. I would expect to pay between $150 and $300 for a thorough check of a motorhome. It should require several hours and you can expect it to cost as much as the same amount of service time. I suggest that you start the process by reading this article.
  14. Kirk Wood

    Closing account

    At the request of the person who posted, IT has removed him from our membership. You can see the evidence of that if you choose to look at the first post in this thread.
  15. Kirk Wood

    Navigation App.

    Thank you for that information. I only recently started to use that feature, though I have had mine for a while. Me too! Too many years of depending on them I suppose. Is there is a published paper campground guide anymore?