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  1. Kirk Wood

    1993 National Sea Breeze questions

    Only 2200 miles per year for 25 years? It has sat a lot so probably will need all rubber parts replaced like belts, vacuum lines, brake lines, water heater and radiator hoses and such as that. Tires for sure. Probably needs brake fluid flushed and replaced. I'd want a lab test of oil and transmission fluid. probably power steering fluid also needs to be changed and radiator flushed. Check brakes for proper operation and rust.
  2. Kirk Wood

    RV parks

    Welcome to the Escapee forums and also to the Escapee's RV Club. We are happy that you have joined us.
  3. Kirk Wood

    Where are you spending this summer?

    We will be at the reconstructed Ft. Mandan from 10 am to 5 pm today. Sorry to be slow responding but it was a busy day yesterday as the park we are staying in was hosting a music festival fundraising event for the Cancer Society and I was busy all afternoon & evening. Not sure where you plan to stay, but if you get by the fort and it is late, just ask for me at the desk and you could still wait until tomorrow to see the center museum as the two are separated. I'll also private message you with my cell number. I also sent an email. You might want to spend a night at Cross Ranch State Park, which is where we are staying. It is about 15 miles from the Lewis & Clark Center but is a nice park and is the closest RV park to the center. If you do so, ask for us when you check in and I'm sure that they will let us know you are there.
  4. Kirk Wood

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Welcome to the Escapee forums. Glad to have you with us and please do not hesitated to join in on any of our forums or in any active thread!
  5. Kirk Wood

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    The important thing is that there is supporting evidence that it is really your domicile and little or no conflicting evidence. In the will cases I referred to, both were challenged wills of deceased fulltimers who did have a new will from the claimed domicile that was different from one executed in the previous state, which was the basis of the challenge. I don't remember many of the details now, but a few things that I recall which were used to dispute the new domicile claim were things like a newspaper subscription from the previous home that had been running continuously for many years, the current doctor was in the previous state, I believe both cases had primary banking in the previous state and other things of that nature. One of the overturned was a veteran who was a vet organization member "back home" but not in his claimed state of domicile. Basically in such a case you need to show that you not only plan to return to the new domicile state but also that you have broken ties with the previous state. In both of these will cases, there were more ties to the previous state than to the currently claimed one.
  6. Kirk Wood

    Where are you spending this summer?

    We work on weekends and on Sunday I'll be one of the interpreters at the old Ft. Mandan, which is a part of the Lewis & Clark center but 2 miles away. Entry fees apply to both and one should see both. Try to come on Sunday if at all possible as I'd like to meet you but have an appointment in Bismarck on Monday morning.
  7. Do you pay for her services? Not a bad choice if you have a reliable person who is willing.
  8. Kirk Wood

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    Agreed. And Foremost isn't an agent but direct sales.
  9. Kirk Wood

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Pam first noticed something in the ice cubes from our ice maker. That lead to investigating and I found green algae growing in the white hose by removing it and looking. That lead to checking the water line to the ice maker and since it was clear I could see a small amount of algae growing there also. The line went up the back of the refrigerator which was on the sunny side of the RV which I suspect is the reason it showed there first. I didn't find evidence anywhere else inside. In flushing everything I lifted the upper end of the ice maker water supply to avoid putting the residue through it. I then used a jumper to supply 12V to the water valve for it. The supply hose I used a mix of 1/4 cup of bleach in 2 gallons of water and then filled the hose with that and let it stand for several hours, using a different hose to supply the RV.
  10. Kirk Wood

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    Miller Insurance is an insurance agent while Good Sam is also. The other two are insurance underwriters as is Foremost Insurance. I know that Miller can write insurance for Progressive and several other companies, as does Good Sam and several other agents.
  11. And from The 10 Commandments of Texas Domicile, By K. Susie Adams #134068, Attorney at Law: The entire point is that while most of us are never challenged on our claimed domicile, that does not mean that we could win if we should be challenged. While TX law does recognize the right of a fulltimer to vote in the state and that law was upheld in the TX Supreme Court, even there the law does require more than just getting a driver's license, registering vehicles, and registering to vote. Even if the Escapee intervention should win their point, FL could still demand that you do the other things that are on this list, just as TX could, but had not recently.
  12. Kirk Wood

    Water Tank Sanitization

    I an not a chemist, but I have done a lot of research on RV sanitation issues. I have been using the process linked to on our website for more than 30 years with good results. The only time that we have ever had any issue with this was the summer in KS as a park host where we were connected to well water (tested but not chlorinated) and our white water hose was in the sun all day, every day. That one time we did develop an algae problem in our supply hose and a little inside of the RV water system. The result was that I did another sanitizing to kill the algae, flushed the system thoroughly after letting the chlorine bleach treated water sit for 2 hours, and by covering the white hose with foam pipe insulation the problem never returned.
  13. Kirk Wood

    Cheap places to live...

    Dallas area has a large number of such facilities with a very wide range of prices and amenities as well as financial arrangements. There are those that have a large buy-in that keeps you for as long as you live but there are also some with a much lower cost of entry and then monthly rental payments. There are even some that have a foundation that will supply funds to those in need when more care is needed by one who does not have the financial means to pay the full cost. I did a Google search in Dallas, using CRC and only got insurance companies and others with that in the name but a search using "Continuing Care Retirement Community" brought a list of facilities but if you use "senior housing communities" it will bring far more. The same is likely true for most any community.
  14. Kirk Wood

    Cheap places to live...

    Not just sure what you are asking but they are licensed in TX and have independent living in both cottages and apartments, assisted living in apartments, memory care, rehabilitation care, and complete care facilities for both couples and singles, This particular organization has 3 TX locations and has been in existence since 1972.
  15. Kirk Wood

    Topic in Travel Log

    You are not doing anything wrong. Notice that there have been no new posts to it since Jan. 14 and before that, it was October of 2017. I have reported it.