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  1. 8 minutes ago, Bigthinkers said:

    Can you share how you've found those opportunities?

    I suggest that you spend some time on our website and in particular going through the pages about volunteering, where we went and how we found the positions. We have now completed 30+ tours as RV volunteers in more than 25 different locations and the story of 28 of those experiences is told in that section of our website. In most cases the places we went ask for at leas a 1 month stay, so with only 2 years to travel you probably want to limit how much time you spend in this way but there are places that seek volunteer help in nearly every state. Let me know if you have questions once you have looked over the pages I have posted. 

  2. 13 hours ago, Bigthinkers said:

    We definitely see the value in knowing how to do all the chores (including driving),

    While it is a popular theme here that everyone does everything, I have known many fulltimers who do not live in that way. Of those we know who only one of them drive the RV, at least 2 of them it is the woman who does all of the driving. We have always had "blue jobs and pink jobs" and that system has served us well for more than 50 years. As nice a theory as it is to have everyone share in every job, that has not been the case for many of us. I think that most couples who have been together for a long time just continue those same life patterns when on the road as fulltimers. You will be making enough major changes without completely modifying the life patterns that have served you up to now. As much as practical it is good for each one to be able to perform the usual activities of the other, but that is true in all lifestyles and while nice, it is far from critical. Many couples start with one doing all of the driving and once they have setteled into the lifestyle the non-driver takes one of the RV driving courses. Driving the RV is like pretty much everything in life, do whatever works best for you and ignore our advice when it does not fit. 

  3. 9 hours ago, Bigthinkers said:

    We've got a long list of destinations and their must-see attractions, as well as the lesser-known places we'd like to visit, and our next move is to consider how long, roughly, we'd like to spend in each area.

    We started with a few points of interest that we considered to be "must visit" locations but quickly discovered that for us a quick visit was not enough. We then shifted to selecting an area in which to spend an entire season to allow is to visit everything we discovered there and to meet some of the local people. We did this by doing volunteer positions in those areas where we did some work in return for our RV site (which saved a lot of money) and that helped us to meet local residents, thus hearing from them what we should see and do there, and we also had activities that we could never had in any other way. For example, in Maine we helped with a black bear study and a Canada goose tagging project, in Montana we helped capture and tag songbirds, in Virginia we helped to inventory trees on a tree farm, and have helped with numerous interesting projects which also involved the local residents of the area. In so doing we have done things that we only dreamed about and we have made friends in every part of the country, some of whom we continue in contact with years later. 

    There is a negative to our approach. That list of places to visit and things to experience had not gotten shorter like we thought it would as each place we stopped we heard of new things to seen and do and so our list is longer today than when we started! I have come to the conclusion that to experience everything out there would take more than one lifestime!

  4. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are here to help so join in often.

    I must agree with Rynosback on the weight ratings. The unloaded weight listed does not include any water, food, clothing, or personal items and so is reall of little use. There should be available weights for the maximum weight rating or GVWR of the trailer and also the tongue weight and use those in your calaculations. The best easy tool for determining your safe weights is this one from Changin Gears website. I suggest that you get it and use it as your guide. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, RV inspector said:

    But if you you want to full-time and you have to watch your pennies, TT is the better bargain by

    That depends on your chosen lifestyle as there are many other ways to stay in the RV inexpensively other than membership parks. Some of us spend time as RV volunteers where full hookup sites are supplied, others spend most of their time dry camping in places that are free, or nearly so. For the right people the groups save a great deal of money, but for othes it is a complete waste of money. There is no one best plan for everyone and that is part of the attraction of the RV lifestyle. 

  6. Encore RV resorts Florida
    • Tropical Palms RV Resort. Kissimmee, FL.
    • Barrington Hills RV Resort. Hudson, FL.
    • Breezy Hill RV Resort. Pompano Beach, FL.
    • Bulow RV Resort. Flagler Beach, FL.
    • Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort. Clermont, FL.
    • Clover Leaf Forest RV Resort. Brooksville, FL.
    • Crystal Isles RV Resort. Crystal River, FL.
    • Fiesta Key RV Resort & Marina. Long Key, FL.

  7. 6 hours ago, RV inspector said:

    Fluid analysis won't tell you everything but the information it provides is well worth the relatively small investment.

    While I agree with that idea, if the fluids were just changed since the last siginificant trip, the information won't tell you much. In this case, well used give much more information. 

  8. We didn't like hand signals for several reasons. By using the FRS radios, the driver's just sat in easy reach and the mike was pretty much keyed by the director, unless the motorhome stopped moving, which indicated a question. By doing that, when a campground did insist on their person directing into parking (and that does happen at times) the one directing would just move well back behind the park employee and speak softly to either direct, or confirm the directions of the employee. I have twice known RV owners who damaged an RV from scraping the roof on a tree thanks to trusting the employee who was directing them. In neither case did the park take responsibility for the damage. Working in an RV park does not make one qualified to direct other RV operators. We now just use our cell phones. 

  9. 11 hours ago, KayoCan said:

    I think my van's interior is 2016 model? (though it's registered as 2017)

    You have the answer on that as the manual that you have is available on the Pleasure-Way website, but it is under the 2016 Luxor. And Daryl made exactly the right suggestion. 

    8 hours ago, KayoCan said:

    one of the screws is stripped and I cannot remove it.

    When you get backto work on this, use something like a wedge or wooden tool to put outward pressure on the edge of the plastic as near that screw as possible while you attempt ro rotate it counterclockwise to remove it. It make take a significant amount of pressure to do this but that should get the screw to back out if enough outward pressure is applied. I have found that sometimes you can take the screw above partially out, slip sometning into the crack between the cover and the wall, sliding it as far as possible down toward the problem screw. Next tighten the good screw enough to apply pressuer against your wedge and holde it in place, then try backing the reluctant screw out again. 

  10. It has been a few years now since we last drove into Canada, but in all of the numerous crossings we made we never once had any serious problems, even though our vehicles were searched on two occasions. We simply responded to any questions asked and did as directed and in every situation the Canadian border guards were professional and courteous. Perhaps they weren't friendly, but they are guards, not greeters. 

  11. 1 minute ago, KayoCan said:

    I found where the fuses are based on the manual (cabinet above the kitchen) but it is sealed with a white panel and it does not open. So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be messing with it? 

    I am wondering if you have the same manual as I am looking at? It says this:


    This load center is located in the cabinet below the driver side ottoman cushion. This DC load center controls all the multiplex wiring systems and switch panels. This load center also has resettable breakers for the various components.

    If there are fuses inside it should be fairly easy to open. Does the panel that you found have the resetable breakers numbered 1 through 46?  2017 Pleasure-Way Luxor


  12. 1 hour ago, Bigthinkers said:

    How you deal with that eventuality is a lesson I think will prove valuable.  I may have to insist on a pre-arranged conflict-negotiation agreement!

    Some of the best advice that we received when we were just starting to go on the road was that we should set up our own way of communicating and always use the same terms in the same way and anytime the one driving doesn't understand, stop and discuss it. Using that advice we very soon developed our own communication system and never parked without one of us doing the directing. If a campground insisted on directing us in, Pam would go well back behind the employee and quietly speak to me via FRS radio so the director could feel that he was doing the directing. 

    We developed patterns like always saying driver-side/passenger-side and never left or right. We learned to have the one directing stay so that he/she could see the driver in his mirror. If you can't see the director, stop. We also had a few hand signals. If the driver wished to speak to the director, he would stop. There were others but the important thing is to develop your system and stick with it. 

  13. 2 hours ago, KayoCan said:

    This morning, my water pump is not working. No sound or nothing. Just dead. I checked the breaker panel but those breaker buttons are numbered up to 48 and the water pump says 56.

    Since you have been using the pump, it seems fair to assume that you already checked to be sure that the pump is turned on. I will also assume that you are looking at the same manual for the Luxor that I found online? On page 26 is mentions that the pump has a water filter that should be checked regularly. Have you done that? (The inline flow filter is located on the inlet side of the water pump.) Your manula also states that the water pump is supplied by a fuse that is #56. Unfortunately it does not say where the fuses are located but if there as an openable door on that panel, I would look inside for the fuses as they are probably somewere in that power distribution panel. The buttons numbered 1 through 48 are circuitbreakers and not fuses. Do your lights and other appliances work as a loss of 12V would stop more than just the pump. 

    If you have a volt meter of trouble shooting light you can check for power to the pump. The place to check is at the connectors shown with red & black wires in the picture of your pump on page 26. If the pump switch is turned on and if the fuse is good, there will be power to those leads and if there is, the next item to suspect is the pump. 

  14. 1 hour ago, FL-JOE said:

    The problem with membership/time share parks is that if you don't use them frequently that "extra tool" is costing you a lot of money. 

    I really don't think that anyone would disagree with that statement, but some folks do use them a great deal. I have never chosen to buy into TT, RPI, or C2C but I know many people wo do so and get a great deal of use from them. It is a matter of choice. 

  15. RV pricing is a very subjective issue with very few hard rules. If the seller is satisfied with his sale price and the buyer believes the RV is worth the price that he paid, then that RV was sold at the proper price no matter what an expert may tell you. If you pay the asking price and are satisfied, or if the seller refuses to negeotiate and finds a buyer, then who has the right to tell either one that they were wrong? 

  16. 9 hours ago, fpmtngal said:

    I think it’s interesting that as many answered that they don’t disinfect annually as full-timers.

    To be totally honest, I didn't sanitize my RV water systems for first 20+ years that we owned RVs and nothing bad happened, at least that we were aware of. I don't know that one can say with certainty that none of us ever had any water caused issues, only that we didn't know that was the cause, if it happened. But I didn't wear a seatbelt when traveling in a car for the first 20+ years that I drove either and nothing bad happened! Sanitizing your water system is very much like wearing a seatbelt or getting a vaccination, or most any other preventive practice. To never sanitize your water system doens't mean that you will have some problem, it only lowers the probability that you could. 

    In our more than 40 years of RV use, I can only think of two times that we had an issue which sanitizing did resolve, both of which happened while fulltime. The first was a summer when we were campground hosts in a park that supplied us with well water and our white hose was laying out in the sun, resulting in growth of the green algae that probably doesn't harm you but sure makes for problems. I resolved that problem by sanitizing with chlorine bleach mix and then covering the hose to keep it in the dark for the remainder of our stay there. The second issue as a rotten egg odor (sulfur) from the shower and to a lessor extent from hot water faucets. The two incidents were more than 5 years apart and may have been prevented by sanitizing, or maybe not but both were eliminated by the sanitizing process. 

    Sanitizing the water system is rather like washing your hands before leaving the bathroom. Many people never do it and no harm comes to them!

  17. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Removing that screen is the main reason that I have never purchased one of those screen rooms to our awning. Most of those who I have observed using them just leave the awning down once the screen room has been added and they then tie the awning roll ends to anchors that are sold for that purpose and leave the screen room up until they prepare to travel. I have never seen such a screen that can be left attached to the awning roll tube and rolled up with the awning. It would seem to me that doing so would make for a very oversize roll and probably cause damage. 

  18. 2 hours ago, fpmtngal said:

    So where do you do it if full-timing? ...................................... Or am I too sensitive about it?

    We were fulltime for 12 years and I did sanitize the fresh water system at least once each year, as I still do. I would start by asking at the park office if you are in an RV park or public park campground when it is time to do this. Most of those we asked would thank us for asking and OK doing so, sometimes with a direction of where we should be when doing the job. Another park brougnt me a plastic eves trough to use to direct the drained water off of our pad and on to their grass. I have also done the job while in Corps of Engineer parks and did ask first while there as well. At present I sanitize our RV system each year at home before using and I copy that RV park from days past by using an eves trough to direct the water on to our lawn. 

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