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  1. It didn't take nearly that long for the one which I served on, but Winnebago needed you and I!
  2. The product 303 is made by Gold Eagle Inc. and in looking at their website they seem to claim it is good for just about everything but even they do not suggest it for tires.
  3. I would certainly hope so. This sort of story makes one wonder about the members of the jury.
  4. If you are traveling down the highway in bad weather and slide off into the ditch, is that not accidental? I never really thought of that sort of problem but would think that road service should provide a winch-out service. I may have to contact our service and ask about that situation.
  5. Many of the rules that communities make stem from abuses of the hospitality by some of the RV owners. There is a fine line between the rights of we who are traveling in our RVs and those of the people who live in the communities we travel through. It doesn't take very many inconsiderate RV travelers to make problems that all of us must deal with. In our many years of RV travel I have seen more than a few RV people do things that I'd not want near a house that I owned.
  6. Welcome to the Escapee forums! If you have never towed anything I wonder if you really want to take on this size of RV and the big truck that would be required to tow it? The Oregon coast is a wonderful place with spactacular scenery but it also is a very challenging drive for the inexperienced RVer. Since I do not know you at all, I really can't give very good advice but most who have no towing experience would not enjoy a trip like you want to have for their first time towing, even with a shorter trailer. You may be able to do this and enjoy it, but you would be the exception if you can.
  7. Is that the loaded weight as it will be when ready to travel or is it the empty weight? If you aren't used the GVWR for the loaded vehicle you will be pushing the maximum when you tow. You need to get a quality equalizer hitch to tow with. Do you want the very best regardless of cost or do you want the best inexpensive equipment? There is a wide range in prices.
  8. I have heard the debates over which is better for many years and doubt that anyone will ever convince very many people who priefer one over the other that they are wrong. Each one has it's good poiints and it's weaknesses. It mostly comes down to what features are most important to the people that live in the RV, no matter what type it happens to be.
  9. Sometimes the situation requires that the children take responsibility for their parents, their safety and the safety of others who share the roads with them. When we realized that my mother had reached that time we resolved it by my sister borrowing mother's car and just never got around to returning it. In her case it was a combination of not being a safe driver any longer and also her potential to get lost. My dad set an example for all of us as he had a very minor accident at low speed and realized that he had reached the time to stop driving. He sold his truck and returned his driving license. I hope to follow dad's example.
  10. Thank you for the excellent report. Information from one who is there can be difficult to find.
  11. I'm not sure what you are correcting, but it is true that TX really doesn't care if you register a vehicle that is never on their roads. But they will be happy to accept the money for registration no matter where the said vehicle may be.
  12. Hoakken, welome to the Escapee forums! And thank you for contributing.
  13. What state are you wanting to title and register this RV in? I would contact the state DMV in your home state and ask them what you need to do.
  14. I have not used either of these but do know folks who have. There are two that I'm aware of. Track My Tour RV Trip Tracker
  15. I am very sure that the State of Texas will have no objection as long as you renew the registration and insurance each year, but I really don't know how the Canadian officials will take it. I'd strongly suggest that you contact the Canadian vehicle authorities to see if they have any objections.
  16. Fleetwood went through bankruptcy back in 2009 and so it is a different company today but they do still build several models of Class C but not the Tioga now. It was a model with a good track record and reputation so you should do well as long as you remember that it is 25 years old and so expect some repairs and make sure that the powertrain is sound. On the insurance issue, you may want to talk to some of the agencies that are commonly used by fulltimers and who understand our lifestyle. Here are several that have a long record of good service. AIS Recreational Vehicle Insurance Miller RV Insurance RV Advantage Explorer RV Insurance
  17. My trailer came with guards to prevent the issue of dragging the jacks. I did add some small wheels to the metal guards.
  18. There is the problem in a nutshell. I understand the delima as I had to deal with a very similar situation a few years back. If she doesn't carry her cell phone, as you sure that she would carry an alert device with her? You can check the latest Consumer Advocate article from this link. I hope that this works out for you as you may have to make the decision for her, as I was forced to do when my mother was no longer safe living alone. If you are a member of Consumer Reports you can read their article from this link. The two articles do not completely agree with these being the five top rated systems from Consumer Reports in order, in case you are not a member. Bay Alarm Great Call Life Alert Life Station Medocal Alert
  19. Are you wantig to tow a van behind your motorhome? I do not know of any current models that can be towed on their wheels without modifications. To check them out, select the make and model you are considering and visit REMCO Towing website to see if it can be towed and what must be done to do so.
  20. If you carry a road service policy, as most of us do, the service will send a truck to you as long as you are not way off the beaten path when you need help. You would be charged for a new tire if needed but not for the travel to you. This is what is probably most common today. Such service will also pull you out if you should get stuck, bring fuel if you run out, and even unlock the door if you leave the keys inside. Escapees offer a very cost effective road service, as does FMCA and a number of private companies and insurnace companies.
  21. My best answer is yes, as we do still volunteer when at home, driving about 35 miles each way, 1 or 2 times each month to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, but in all honesty I probably would have done less of it when fulltime if we had not received the free sites. With our budget we couldn't have afforded to do so but would likely have looked for a paid position at least part of the year.
  22. A great deal of the answer to this is also dependent upon who you are a working with. There is a very fine line between volunteer with benefits and barter income. A "for profit" business is a little different from something like a national wildlife refuge or historic site where they build RV sites specifically to attract RV owners to do volunteer work there and do not rent them or offer them to the public. In the example, each party believes that they gain more value than they are giving up which could be considered barter. With the wildlife refuge there would be no RV pad expense at all if not to attract the volunteers. The argument in either case can be made that this is no different than it is to give your working time & skills to an employer in return for a paycheck. We have done many RV volunteer positions, as recently as 2018, where we did receive an RV site and some amenities in return for our services to a public agency. I like to believe that we were volunteers because we gave more value than what we received and because we did enjoyed what we did there and that was the attraction. Barter versus volunteer with benefits is a very complicated issue and has long been debated on RV forums. I prefer to think of myself as a volunteer and I never reported barter income, but the only way to be sure would be to go to court over it, which I don't believe has ever happened. I did read of a case with a commercial RV park where the IRS ruled against both the RV park and the RVers on the basis that the park had paid employees living off-site who did the same type of work as the RV workers but that was more than 10 years ago. The IRS has discussion about what constitutes barter for tax purposes in Topic No. 420 Bartering Income and also in Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Imcome. Like most things with the IRS, this isn't easy reading. I suspect that we are all pretty safe because the amounts of tax that would be involved are so small that it isn't likely to get IRS attention.
  23. Kirk W


    Check out Don Wright's Camping with the Corps of Engineers
  24. It would make for interesting reading to know what share of new RV sales go to first time owners. It would also be intersting to know some facts about the sale of used RVs as well, but I doubt that anyone tracks that information. The articles listed were based on information about new units shipped from the factories to the dealers and it is assumed that those numbers are representitive of the new sales the dealers make, which does seem logical. Tracking who the dealers are selling to would be more difficult to compile as it would depend on dealer information and how accurately they collect it. In the times that we bought from an RV dealer, I can't remember ever being asked if we were first time buyers or not and only 2 of the 6 purchases involved RV trade-in's to indicate that we were not first time buyers. It would also be very interesting to know how long the average RV buyer keeps each RV but I doubt that information has ever been tracked. I believe that we keep ours longer than is typical as we kept ours an average of 8.3 years with the shortest being 2 years (a used one) and the longest 14 years. We were just recently talking about the fact that we believe that we see more RVs that are more than 10 years old in use today than in our early years of RVing, but that is based only one a belief and no real data.
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