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  1. The Escapees are aware of this activity but so far there has been no final decision.
  2. I would assume that you mean the rental program? https://www.outdoorsy.com/list-your-rv If so, my answer is no, but there are significant numbers of RV owners who do this. I suspect one factor would be the amount you use your RV and how far ahead you plan when you do so.
  3. Sadly, I have come to believe that you are exactly right.
  4. Just so that it is a joke, as was the comment about emptying the cassette which you responded to. Your reply didn't sound much like laughter.. 😁
  5. First, welcome to the Escapee forums! Not knowing the details of your situation, I can't address your case but I can tell you what happened in a case that I know of personally. In this case (took place several years ago in Ft Worth, TX) the bank customer bought a new RV that was financed by the bank that he did business with and where he had a good credit record. A short time after delivery of the RV it began to have very serious problems and after involving an attorney the dealer & RV manufacturer agreed to replace his RV with one of the same model but 1 model year newer. The dealership delivered the new RV's MSO(manufacturer's statement of origin) to the bank and the bank then released the title for the defective RV to the dealer. The buyer then went to the bank and the bank had him sign new loan documents that show the new RV's description and VIN and they marked the old loan agreement as paid in full and returned it to the RV buyer. The RV buyer then took delivery of the new RV from the selling dealer.
  6. When you are ready to slow, campground hosting is only 1 of a long list of volunteer and paid positions that are available to you.
  7. And there lies the problem! Legitimate service dog users also understand proper use of their dogs while the abusers of the system just want to take the pet everywhere. My 100% blind daughter knows that there are places her guide dog isn't appropriate(like at the zoo) and uses a cane or a human guide in those situations.
  8. You may also want to look into work-camping to add some extra revenue & a free site or you could try being an RV volunteer as many of us here have done as that dramatically lowers your expenses.
  9. The best way to get an answer to that would be from her employer. It will depend on the plan and how it is set-up. The next source would be a rep of the company that underwrites her health care plan. If her employer is a national company it may not be a problem at all.
  10. How far do you still have to go in order to reach your projected retirement? We were fortunate in that I made most of my career with a company that had early retirement as a part of their benefits package. I was able to meet the requirements of that program and retire at the age of 57, with a health care plan as part of the benefits. I don't know if that programs still exists for my previous employer today or not. I hesitated to leave then as I could have increased the size of my retirement checks by staying there longer but looking back and very glad that I resisted temptation.
  11. I am not big on increasing government involvement in our lives, but since there is no current regulation or licensing of service animals, there is a ready supply of items for those who wish to cheat. In addition, the laws allow for self-trained service dogs so who is to say which dogs qualify? Here are a few examples of what is easily available to everyone. Service dog ID cards Service dog vests Complete Service dog kits
  12. While this story is related to airline travel, the result could impact us all. As one who has a daughter who depends on a guide dog to get around, I have become very interested in issues relating to service animals but experience with some who abuse the protections such animals have makes me look at both sides of the issue. The following story is about a suit against Delta Airlines but the outcome of that suit will probably affect all service animal users and probably everyone. The Grim Effect Delta's ESA Lawsuit Will Have on Travel
  13. I stopped locking the car to the coach after I watched a fellow stop with a pusher engine fire and lose his tow car too because he couldn't get the pins unlocked. By the time he found his keys it was too hot to use them.
  14. Leaving the mess for park staff to clean up? Having been a campground host, I don't see much gray in this one either.... 😝 Maybe just some smart remark might be sufficient to put the guy where he belongs? (I think I saw that commercial too!)
  15. You might want to check out the Pima County Fairgrounds camping as it is very reasonably priced.
  16. I guess I don't put as much trust in the card's bill as you do since we use the cards far too much to remember every purchase, who from & the amount. We track ours and consider the money spent just the same was if it were a checking account, paying the bill in full each month, after reconciliation with our records, just was used to be done in the days of checking account use. Looking online you see the same thing that your bill will show.
  17. How do you check your statements to be sure that all of the purchases are yours?
  18. I don't know why but my links don't work so try this http://bryantrv.com/docs2/docs/atwoodwaterheater.pdflink to the Atwood Service Manual.
  19. If you are still working on this problem, by far the most likely cause is the spark probe, which also is the sensor that detects the flame once it ignites. There are several different versions of probe so make sure that you get the one for your model. They usually cost between $20 & $30 and are readily available from most RV supply stores or from Amazon. I strongly suggest that you not start by replacing the circuit board as those are quite expensive and can't be returned to the seller. In the past, I have probably replaced at least 30 spark probes in water heater belonging to me or my friends and so far I have replaced only 3 circuit boards in them. While I am not an expert, I did make my living in the service industry for 40 years. Before you start to swap parts to see if it helps, visit Bryant RV website and download this service manual for Atwood water heaters as it should be helpful.
  20. Welcome to the Escapee forums. No manufacturer is so good that every unit is always trouble free which is the reason for a warranty. To take a month to get to a customer in the peak season as it is now isn't uncommon, unfortunately. If you are dealing with the place that you bought the RV, try speaking to the salesperson who sold it to you as they might be able to help. You may also want to contact the manufacturer to see if they would authorize you to get it repaired by one of the mobile RV services. As to the problems you have, does the leak happen all of the time, or only when using the shower? If only when showering you could use the RV but take your showers in the park's facilities while you wait to get repairs. Also, the fact that it only leaks when in use would seem to indicate that the leak is in the drain pan or drain plumbing which may be owner repairable. If you can pin down where the leak is located it may be as simple as tightening a fitting.
  21. Thank you, everyone, for chiming in! I have believed for some time that with technology improving the wireless cameras should be also. I have pretty much the same setup as Jon with our 19' Sportsman towed with a Dodge 2500, crew-cab. Watching Amazon, prices for the systems seem to be falling and selection is increased.
  22. For most new RV owners, I agree.
  23. This is the sort of information that I was looking for, which is the reason that the subject of the thread is wireless cameras. I would be interested to know what make equipment you have and how far from the receiver it is located? Nobody needs to explain backup cameras to me as I have had them before. What I was looking for was current information on the latest generation of wireless camera/receivers. Technology is changing rapidly today and while they have not had the best reliability ratings in the past, I was hoping to find some owners of recent products that have served well.
  24. First, let me welcome you to the Escapee forums. We are all about helping each other so you have come to the right place. The best choice in an RV is always most dependant on the lifestyle and preferences of the person who is using it, so we are doing a great deal of speculation when we advise you and know so little about you. How do you plan to use the RV when you get it? Will you be living in it all of the time and if so, how much do you plan to travel? Is it your intention to spend most of your time in RV parks with full hookups and amenities, in state & federal parks with limited facilities, or in places like the BLM Long Term Visitor areas where there is nothing at all? How much storage space & weight capacity will you need and what hobby equipment do you wish to take with you? The fifth wheel has by far the most living space and while it costs less than your second choice, you need to consider the additional cost of a truck to tow it with unless you already own a truck capable of doing so. The brands that you are considering are some of the better-rated ones. Your second choice is also one with real potential but you don't mention how large it is so we are left to a great deal of guessing. Many singles do seem to prefer to travel in a class C and towing a vehicle gives you the advantage of having a higher fuel mileage car to use for the bulk of your daily driving. We lived in a class A and towed and in 12 years we put about 80k miles on the class A but more than 250k on 2 different toweds. The class B has the fewest people living fulltime in them but it is being done. Keep in mind that if you choose that way you will have to unhook the RV for every visit to a store or attraction and you will be very limited in what you are able to carry with you. There is no doubt that they can be lived in but the question is, can you live in one? If you share more about yourself and what you plan to do with the RV we can probably be much more helpful.
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