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  1. 23 hours ago, rving mr said:

    I steal need to know if the rv will take damage from taking long showers in it every day !?

    Only if you forget to empty the gray water tank. You will need to open your bathroom vent while showering to minimize the increase in humidity that showers cause. An RV has far less volume of air so the moisture that is put into the air from your activities, like cooking, showering, and even breathing will cause the humidity to be very high and that could cause your windows to sweat the same can happen in closets and behind furniture. Dual pane windows are less prone to this problem but even then the window frames may collect moisture. 

  2. 21 minutes ago, testingwithfire said:

    I haven't received any mail at my Escapees address in a while.

    Also, USPS has started to send nastygrams to my bank about how my mailing address isn't valid.

    Have you spoken to the bank about it? When you moved, did you make a change of address at the bank and all others who would be sending mail to you? Make sure that all of them have hour Escapee address and that the box and zip are accurate. If you want to test things, just mail a note or postcard to yourself at your Escapee address. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Dennis said:

    When attached to the Rv gas does the grill regulator need to be disconnected?

    That depends on how you connect it. If you have the connection in the low pressure side of the RV propane system you should not need it. There are RVs with the connection in the high pressure side and in such case you would need to use the regulator. Unless a previous owner has had the fittings installed you will need to have that done. The connection is usually found in the area of your propane tank and if you have one it should be easy to see if it is installed before the pressure regulator or after it. 


    This is a picture of a motorhome propane tank that shows the gas fitting installed in the high pressure side where you would use the grill's pressure regulator. Looking from left to right you can see the propane shut-off valve, then the disconnect fitting, and then the pressure regulator. If this were a low pressure fitting it would look much the same but that hose & fitting would have been installed to the right of the pressure regulator. If your Ista doesn't have anything like this then you probably would need to have one installed. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Dennis said:

    Are you able to connect a Weber grill to the on board propane tank?

    Welcome to the Escapee forums. The answer is yes, if you have a quick disconnect installed into your low pressure propane lines in the RV and also a flex hose to match attached to the grill. If you are in a trailer with removable propane cylinder bottles, you could disconnect a bottle and install your grill's propane regulator to it and so use that propane. 

  5. It is that time of year once more. Like most part-timers our RV is put away for the winter and we will be near home-base for the holiday, spending time with our two son's who live  in the area. We do have travel plans for just after but that won't involve the RV either since we are going on a cruise. Whether in the RV or not, how about sharing your plans for Christmas this year?

  6. On 12/16/2019 at 7:41 PM, Zebopman said:

    Can anyone give me an idea "how I could reach out and let the RV community " know about such a project?

    You might get more ideas if you were to post your information request in the General Forum as many do not read these ads unless they are shopping. Once you begin to develop the RV property idea you would probably do well by advertising in places like Escapees Magazine and FMCA magazine. 

  7. If the fifth wheel is in Texas then that is the place to get it registered. I have never heard of the $200 thing but I have licensed a trailer after it has sat unregistered for several years here in Texas and it is quite simple and no extra fee was charged. I was typing this when the reply above came up and my experience was pretty much the same as his. I had to sign an affidavit that the trailer had not been on the road in the years it was unregistered. If your travel trailer has a gross weight of 4500# or greater it will need a vehicle safety inspection. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, noteven said:

    I also dint want to give the grad of The School if Arguing Semantics on the Interweb a reason to point out a truck camper is not a vehicle, the vehicle is the vehicle, and quite likely not their preferred brand 🤣

    Why don't you join in and let everyone know what you like about your RV and why you chose it, since that is the only point of the thread? 

  9. 7 hours ago, hasti14 said:

    we were thinking of mustang island state park or padre island national seashore.

    Mustang Island has been a favorite of ours too and if you stop there, the length of time that you stay also plays a major part. I never spent more than a week there at one stop and only once a year. We did wash everything about the RV which was exposed to the weather as soon as we would leave each time and didn't suffer as a result. Many people spend extended time on beaches and consider it worth the extra effort required. Obviously, most of us here are not part of that group. 

  10. There were some built much farther back than that as they began with the racing community to my knowledge. While I am sure that they have been some made since before the year 2000, finding used ones may be very difficult because they were not common and were built in pretty small numbers. The company Show Hauler began production in 2000, so there should be some of those around. By looking in RV Trader for ShowHauler, I was able to find several from prior to 2009. I believe that there were a few others even earlier than that, but I don't recall the brand names. 

  11. There are many discussions or debates about what RVs are good or bad, but lets talk about the RV that each of us currently own and share some facts about it with readers. It seems to me that this could give a new reader some hard data to use in shopping.

    We presently own a 2012 Sportsman travel trailer built by KZ, a company currently owned by Thor Ind. This is not an all season RV and it is toward the lower end of the quality/price scale but it has proven to be all that it was claimed to be. As an ultra-lite model it is very easy to pull and requires less towing capacity than most but it also has very little in storage space or cargo capacity. While it has served us well I would never recommend it for all season use because it isn't well insulated and it does have water lines that are exposed to outside temperatures.The air conditioner does pretty well as long as you park in shade on very hot days and we never use it in weather with temperatures much below freezing. We have towed this trailer over most of the US totalling an estimated 30-35k miles. When new it had a 2 year warranty and had only 1 warranty repair. In year 5 the converter failed (WAFCO) and was replaced. (Progressive)  While this is a small, seasonal use RV from the low budget side of the market, it has served us remarkably well. We have spent as long as 5 consecutive months in it and most years we use it at least enough time to total close to 3 months. 

    This RV was purchased from Athens RV in Athens, TX and was the most simple RV purchase that we have made with the price quoted as including all taxes, title, and licensing, and out the door price was $12,000. We bought it when downsizing after leaving the fulltime lifestyle and while we sometimes wish that we had bought something a little bit larger, we consider it to be one of our best RV purchases of the 6 that we have owned.

  12. From the website being discussed..............

    EDITORS NOTE: We do not know the actual methods used in this study. Some of the conclusions reached about why a particular brand was rated poorly jibe with the hundreds of postings we have observed at the Facebook group RV Horror Stories. But, we realize there are two sides to every story, so please keep that in mind.

    Think about the source just a bit. The author is such an authority that he uses as his source not just the internet but Facebook, already known for trash and the page chosen is RV Horror Stories, a site that solicits negative reports! And we then debate the validity of his data! The world has some really stupid people and some of them even have web or Facebook pages.

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