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  1. The power pedestal is the place that your RV's power cord connects to supply electricity. They usually look something similar to this ...


    The power distribution panel is the place inside of the RV where the power cord is attached to the electrical systems and all 120V-AC circuit breakers are located.


    Contrary to common belief, an ATS doesn't default to one side on. Both relays need to be energized (one at a time) to allow its feed to be connected.

    While I would definitely take a look at the ATS, it isn't true for all transfer devices. Both RVs that I owned that had one, the contacts were closed to the shore power position if there was no power present at all. Just how they work and are designed varies depending upon the make and model of the device but since that is the main device between the two power sources it is suspect.


    1.The electric would shut off for a 1 to 20 minutes period, sometimes a number of times in the same day. Then it wouldn't happen again for a week or more.

    I'm not clear on exactly what is happening. Do you mean that your 120V-ac power shuts off, then returns again with no action by yourself? Have you taken any voltage readings? Have you examined the power cord to see if there is anything suspicious in it or the power plug? Does it show any signs of having been hot or damaged in any way?

  3. When we finally go back to a fixed location I think 800+ would feel like a McMansion. And don't get me started on " Epic Log Homes ". Ugh.

    After nearly 12 years fulltime, we live in an RV based community of homes that have a maximum size of 900 sq. ft. We find that it is not only all that we need, but it is also all that we really want now. It is worth noting that the 900 does not include the RV port, storage, or workshop space. Having just last night arrived back at home-base after spending 5 months in our 160 sq. ft. RV, we wonder if we will get lost in here!

  4. Let me offer you a belated welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy that you have stopped lurking and have joined into the action here.

    We figured out that we only to endure about 104 more Mondays at work! Woo hoo!

    That is great news. I will offer a couple of suggestions. The first is to get yourself a membership in Passport America or Happy Campers, as they provide 50% discounts in many RV parks and the cost of membership is only $44/year. Usually the length of stays are limited under the discount but they can save you a lot of money when on the road.


    For budget purposes, play out an imaginary route of travels for some period and then get yourself a copy of one of the major campground guides and use it to price out the nightly stays. For longer term stops you can also call the parks for weekly and monthly rates.


    CA is such a mess right now we're afraid to stay! Do you think its a good idea to change domicile before buying the RV or selling the house?

    Keep in mind that you must leave CA in order to change your domicile. While you don't have to sell the house before you go, you can not just do things to claim TX or SD and continue to live in CA until the house sells. One of the key issues will be CA taxes and most find that it is good to submit a partial year income tax report to the state in order to notify the state revenue department of that change. Of course that will also mean that you won't be able to be employed in CA when you do this.


    I did make some other suggestions in the other thread that you have on this subject.



  6. We are using more cash than we used to - - I use the Debit Card at bank ATMs and get enough for our eating out, etc. for a month. A year ago we charged almost everything, and paid it off every month. Only problem with using cash is we don't get the % off rebates. And banks are really going to be hurting if this continues to drive people to use cash - - no % from the merchant (and % from people who don't pay them off each month) to the bank.

    That was really tongue in cheek, but it could become a possibility. We have almost stopped using the debit card for most shopping but use credit cards much more. Both cards that we use have not only online records & also alerts so watch them closely.

  7. Ikea decided to have a little fun with an Apple parody, actually it is sounding pretty good as I am back to worrying about Home Depot just as my P.F. Changs and Target credit card worries were winding down.

    I love it! I wonder if Microsoft is working on a copycat product to respond with in competition? They must have a better way! :P


    You might be interested in a radical new idea that is being tested to get around credit card security issues.... The new payment system is being called "use-cash."

  8. The iPhone already has the start of a wallet called passbook. We have our Starbucks card on it and just scan at the counter when we get coffee. Easy to add new gift cards (family and credit card rebates) to it.

    We used that for our boarding passes and such last summer on a flight to Alaska and back and it worked very well. But we also used an app from the airlines on the phones and in some ways it was actually better.

  9. There is a great deal of speculation about what Apple will be announcing on Sept. 9.

    One thing that Apple can't do, is to appease those who are determined to attack them. It is interesting how many of the most innovative companies are always criticized for doing things wrong at every turn. History really does repeat itself. Business really isn't all that different from politics. Economic tactics of those with ties to the old ways are pretty much the same in both arenas. :P

  10. That seems awfully high for propane use? What do you base the amount used on? Keep in mind that the cooling unit actually opperates far less than constantly, especially in moderate climates.


    I'm not saying that it isn't justifiable, but can't think that the use is that high. I'm not a dry camper so don't have a lot of experience in that sort of thing but have run an RV refrigerator on propane(electric when parked) while traveling as well as a water heater exclusively on propane and our tanks last far more than 16 days.


    In your case I sure would look at the change if replacing the refrigerator anyway, but not so sure as long as it is operating well.

  11. Thank you very much for all input and advices. I hear that the portable one some time get stolen..is that true?

    I have never heard of it and I have used a portable now for more than 15 years with two different RVs. If you are worried about that the manufactures do make locking devices. I used one that locked the Surge Guard to the RV power cord for a long time, but when I replaced the plug on my RV power cord the lock no longer fit so I stopped bothering. with it. I have not used one now in at least 5 years, including this summer while a campground host in South Dakota.


    Theft in RV parks and campgrounds is rare and like Stanly suggests, there is really little market for one that has been stolen.

  12. As a former electrical service tech I would say that a great deal depends upon you. There is very little difference in the two brands suggested and while the installed one has some advantages, that same thing is true for the portable. Should you ever need to service the unit, the portable is far more easily done and I have repaired both types for myself and others. I see no reason that you can't put one in yourself if you have the capability but you do need to understand what the possible result of miswiring could be, since you are not a trained electrician. Most of them come with reasonably good instructions for the installing of them but since I have no knowledge of your skill set, I won't advise you either way but I do not find it difficult if access is good. The only need for understanding of electricity is to be able to have confidence that you have things connected properly once the job is completed.


    For myself, I have used one of the portable types for a long time and have no problem with them but if you get the remote display model and install that display where it is easily seen, I would consider that to be one of the greatest advantages to the internally installed units. At the time we bought our first one those were not yet available and with our present we use portable because our tiny travel trailer has nowhere to install an inside one.

  13. We have spent some time at Evergreen Co-Ho this summer and past summers. When we first stayed, in 2011, visitors were

    invited to come to the ice cream socials and happy hour and folks were friendly. This year is not the same. Visitors are not included in any activity in the club house. Really do not feel very welcome. I don't know if this happens at other co-ops but a fair number of residents are locals, not former or current rvers. Some have only joined Escapees in order to be able to lease a lot.

    That is sad to hear as that was our first experience with a coop park and lead to our preference of staying in them. We have not spent any time at that one now since 2009 so were not aware it had changed, but we spent 6 weeks there in 2000, our first year on the road and will always have fond memories of that experience. It had a lot to do with our becoming more active as participants in the Escapee programs. With the parks being self governing and those who sell needing to get their money back, I can see how that can take place.

  14. . We will be staying at her home every 5th week. That is legal right?

    What is legally required depends upon the state. Each state has requirements to be considered a resident of that state and they each also have requirements about when you must become a resident. I assume that the state you are speaking of is Arkansas, from your profile? If so, verify what they require there for you to do things like renewing your vehicle registrations, insurance, driving license and any other legal documents or issues that you may need to consider. As long as you meet the Arkansas legal requirements you should be fine. I am not familiar with the residency laws of AR, but no state that I know of has any sort of requirement that you return to the state in any particular time interval, once you have qualified as a resident.

  15. We met some folks who are members of a gun club owning a shooting range not far from where we are currently campground hosts. In discussing possible use of their range they leaned that we are RV volunteers and the club has been seeking information about getting a volunteer position started for the club range. At this point they are mostly seeking information about what they need to do in order to attract RV folks to stay at their range. It is located just a few minutes northeast of Hot Springs and on a major highway. If you are at all interested in working for a site on a shooting range at some point in the future, the club secretary would love to hear from you. I will attach the information that he has shared with me.


    Shooting Complex. We as a club partnered with the Wildlife Div. of the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department. They spent a considerable amount of money in the construction of the range and we provided labor and other facilities. The club wanted to monitor the range on the five public days (Wed. - Sun.) to lesson any misuse the of range. Mon. and Tues. are member only days. The range is open 9 a.m. - one hour before sunset every day.

    As can be suspected, it is more difficult as time goes by to fill those five days a week when the range is open to anyone. (our first day was Oct. 25, 2013)

    At this time we do not have power or water.

    What we do offer is.

    A beautiful setting

    No congestion as in camp grounds (no other units would be present)

    Opportunity to shoot every day.

    Cover expenses for generator operation and dumping fees.


    Kirk, you may pass on my e mail address and cell # 605 890 0181

    The club web site is fallrivergunclub.org


    Thank you very much. Hope to meet you soon.


    Sec. Owen Meadows


  16. Just trying to make the OP aware that whatever protection he applied it was unlikely to protect his precious historic windshield against one of the common rock hits.

    You make a good point. It might be that he should consider some type of windshield cover for added protection. I think that most of us look more at rock chips in our paint than on the windshield. Before we got our rock guard, I don't remember having chips in the windshield but sure did in the paint on the front of our CR-V. I tired one of those mustache/brush type of things that go under the rear of the coach and as far as I was able to tell, the only thing that did was to lighten my wallet!

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