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  1. 7 hours ago, packnrat said:

    i was planing on being there friday afternoon. but you say the gates are open in the am, so will be there earlier.

    as to staying a extra day?

    If you are into really early arrivals, we officially start parking at 8 am but there are nearly always 2 or 3 RVs at the entry waiting by 7:30 and as soon as all team members are ready we start to bring them in so you can arrive pretty much any time after about 7 am but would have to wait for everything to be ready. The parking team & security team both start to prep at 7 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

    As to the extra day, in my job I will be there a week before Escapade and stay until everyone leaves. Along with the directors and their assistants, we are the last to leave. The directors & assistants are usually there for more than a month and staff positions arrive at various dates, depending on the position duties. Most staff leave on Friday or Saturday with the last out on Sunday. 

  2. On 9/4/2019 at 7:12 AM, Twotoes said:

    Not sure about all models but the 770 can update maps without being plugged into a computer. You just go to settings and click on update maps, it will ask you to connect to WiFi.

    I have the 660 version of that same Garmin and as of yesterday it still requires a wifi connection to update maps and software. I installed Garmin Express back when I registered my previous GPS with lifetime maps and then just added the RV660 when we upgraded to it. When I activate Garmin Express with wifi available it goes online and connects to Garmin automatically and tells me if there are any updates available. If I connect my RV660 to the computer, Garmin Express will pop up automatically and no fake people have any opportunity to get in the way. 

    It has to connect to the Garmin organization in some way if it is to get any data of any kind. I guess it could use cell phone if you somehow tie that in. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Al F said:

    Note, I have not read or researched the MSA plans.  Just recommending that those interested, try to find out as much as possible from Medicare.gov and then go to companies offering the product and see if what they offer is better than what they have now. 

    I agree with this comment and would add that the MSA has no connection to an existing HSA. I have an HSA that is funded by my previous employer to help me in purchasing a Medigap policy(supplemental policy) and for us it pays most of our premiums for our plan G supplement but not quite all. It would be nice to have some governmental donation but..................  😏

  4. 17 hours ago, MrsSquid said:

    Was that addressed somewhere and I missed it?

    I'm not quite sure what it is that you are asking? Are you wanting their opinion on the question "My residence address is a single family dwelling, apartment, motel or temporary shelter." you should answer honestly with what you believe to be the most accurate. Most posts here argree with my view and that is that our RV is a single family dwelling. 

    You could also call the Livingston office and ask them!

  5. I found both stories, and thanks to each one of you! The each have some very interesting information about the company. For the complete story one needs to read both articles. It was interesting to me that back in January, Lemonis stated:


    “We view our existing Gander Outdoors stores as the most cost-effective opportunity to increase our RV sales presence and grow our Good Sam Club, particularly in key RV markets where we are underpenetrated,” said Marcus Lemonis, Chairman of Camping World Holdings.

    Contrast that with a current news release from Camping World Holdings Inc. on September 3.


    Camping World (NYSE:CWH) says it's moving forward with a plan to strategically shift away from locations where the company does not have the ability or where it is not feasible to sell and/or service RVs .

    The company is in the early stages of evaluating the impact of the plan and has had preliminary discussions regarding the sale, repurposing, relocating or closing of certain locations. The current expectation is that 27 to 37 locations will be either sold, repurposed, relocated or closed.

    Source: Press Release

    The most interesting reports are now coming from Market Watch

  6. 8 hours ago, Ed Mitiu said:

    IMHO, SKP has good well priced mail service but a weak presence in SD. 

    If you read up on the legal issues which can arise with domicile, the strong presence needed is not your mail service but your personal ties to the domicile. It is things like doing business there (banking, doctors, legal work, etc.) and a social presence (club memberships, church membership, newspaper subscriptions, etc.) The anount of physical structure a mail service has in the selected state is really not the issue of where you live, but the issue is whether or not you truly intend to reside there. I suggest that you read the article Where Do You Live:Domicile for Full-timers. It is also important to consider how likely you may be to have the issue arise. The fact is that the most common issue is one of state income taxes from the state you were previously domiciled in and paying taxes too. Once that has been resolved it is quite rare for a fulltimer to have such an issue arise. I did a lot of research on these issues some years back and found only a very small number of such cases. 

    7 hours ago, rynosback said:

    As you get a choice of two to use when going with Escapees.

    There are 3 states to choose from. TX, FL, & SD. Depending on Ed's age he may be better served by selecting FL since it has the most choices for health insurance. Also, none of the mail service companies I know of in SD actually own any RV sites while Escapees do have physical sites in both TX & FL.

  7. 19 hours ago, packnrat said:

    but yes i do know early reg is mandatory. also want to add in one day/night up front.

    try to beat the traffic.  then watch the show as some try to park.

    Handicap campsites will be limited but there should be plenty of full hookup sites for all who attend. The parking team and security team will be there to start parking attendees on Friday and that is usually the lowest traffic day of the 3 arrival days. We park RVs from 8 am unti 2 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since actual planning for 2020 is just starting to take place, my information comes from past years but we generally park closest in first and work our way out s an early arrival usually will mean you will be closer to the events. Registration on line will begin on Tuesday, September 10.

    One more thought. I have always stayed an extra night after the Escapade is over to avoid the rush to get away. If you do not wish to stay the extra night, those who wait until after lunch to leave have much less traffic to deal with. While there is a team in place to help you park when you arrive, the departure is pretty much a freeforall. 

  8. I have not been through there is several months but if it should be closed there is the I-435/470 bypass to the south. I have traveled the eastern half of that route as we came up I-35 from the south to go east on I-70. I would be very surprised if the entire higway is closed for construction, but anything is possible. I did look at both the Kansas & Missouri highway department road reports and found nothing to indicate any interstate roadclosures in KC, KS or KC, MO. 

  9. 4 hours ago, george rallios said:

    Can I use my generator while driving?

    First of all, welcome to the Escapee forums. We are happy that you have joined us.

    I am guessing that you travel in a motorhome and that it has a built-in gererator for 120V power the answer is yes. In fact it is very common to do that, especially in summer in order to use the roof air conditioner to help keep the entire RV cool and comfortable. 

  10. Are you thinking of the town of Green River, WY when you said " thinking  green lakes through ceder springs areas?" If you can be a little bit more specific in what you are asking, we may be able to help as I am pretty familiar with the area but it has been some years since we were last there. Also, when you sign up to attend Escapade, you may want to reserve a handicap site as there are some sites reserved for this use. 


  11. RVrepairhell_guy,      Thanks for the update. Do come back and join the forums from time to time.


    update 2

    Maybe this info might help someone who has a stuck motor shaft. I loosened motor enough to take oscillating saw tool cut through motor shaft then hammered remainder out with a short screw driver or use a punch bit. 3 day project Done. Great design Atwood great design. 

    Edited Sunday at 03:36 PM by Rvrepairhell guy


  12. 11 hours ago, chirakawa said:

    So, what exactly are you warning us to do, or not do, or say, or not say?

    Notince also that this was his first post and he has not returned. Like Bob, I have serious doubts about this ever having happened. 

    13 hours ago, Bill&Anneli said:

    IRS won't call you or come knocking un-announced on your door (whether in a house or RV). IRS will send you letters.

    .................. Always consult IRS.gov if you have questions, or want to know your  rights, 


  13. 12 hours ago, Bill&Anneli said:

    My  question for you experienced RVers - did you ever want to just return the coach to the dealer when the learning curve felt too steep ? and just forget about the whole thing;  or did you love it from the first day ?

    I am guessing that you are in your first RV and have no previous RV experience? While there are thouse who have done as you are, many of us began years ago with a small, much less complex RV and then worked our way upward over a period of years. There are several advantages to doing thins that way. When you start very small as we did, the first RV is much less complex, as we began with a very basic tent-top trailer that was little more than a tent on wheels, then a nicer pop-up trailer that had a stove, furnace, refrigerator, a hand operated water pump, and nothing more. By the time that we bought our motorhome that we lived in fulltime we had worked our way through 5 different RVs, each one a bit more complete & complex. That gave us two big advantages in the youger people grasp new things more quickly and with more confidence and it also ment that we had much less to learn with each new RV than you are dealiing with. The point is that you need not be all that impressed by our knowledge as most of us didn't have to learn so much so quickly, but you are getting there and very rapidly!

    One thing to keep in mind is that you only live through that first week one time! There may be days that it is difficult to believe, but one day you will look back on this first few weeks as one of the best experiences of life. Do not be afraid that you will make a mistake because you are very unlikely to make one that has not been made numerous times before by many of us. There are very few mistakes that you can make which can't be corrected without serious consequences. Just take your time and if things begin to overwhelm you, stop & relax as nothing has to be done immediately. One of the advantages of living in an RV is that you have everything right there and all day to do things so there is no rush. 

  14. 59 minutes ago, palmeris said:

    The random spot checks dont appear to have been conducted on people, just rigs. 

    In a few cases of walking over the border crossing, I have seen people taken into a more private area for a search but never anyone that I knew. Once when walking back from Los Algodones we did see a person that we didn't know taken from the line of exiting people when a leashed dog went to alert as he walked by. I would assume that the dog was a drug dog but some also alert for explosives. The person involved appeared to be a middle aged anglo. 

  15. 22 minutes ago, palmeris said:

    Please expound on total jerks comments 

    Since 9/11 our border patrol officers and customs agents have been more rigid and less friendly, but I still believe that those who experience inspections by a jerk nearly always bring it on themselves. The officers there are doing the job that those in command expect of them and doing so the very best way that they can. It has been my experience at numerous border stations and airport customs areas that if you simply answer the questions asked and allow the officer to do his job without comment or unnecessary action you will have no problems at all. Your own attitude will have more to do with how your experience goes than any other factor, so long as you are not attempting to sneak something through. 

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