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  1. 19 hours ago, Al F said:

    They do say that if you are registered for "Informed Delivery" then that can/will be used for the ID Verification.  To sign up for "Informed Delivery" go

    This is interesting as I have had "informed delivery" for about as long as it has existed, yet when I did a mail forwarding order they charged my credit card $1.05 which they said was to verify my identity. Could be that is what everyone will have happen?

    4 hours ago, Al F said:

    There is no requirement to have a mobile phone, that I know of.  I have informed delivery notification come to my computer via email. 

    The same with my informed delivery. I may have listed a phone number as I signed up long enough ago that I don't recall but my informing notice is via email.

    19 minutes ago, LindaH said:

    I just tried to sign up this morning, but I keep getting a 405 error when I try to sign in to my account.

    I just signed into mine as a test and it was successful. Might be worth another try.

  2. 18 minutes ago, NDBirdman said:

    I have even lived, many years back, in Jacksonville. 

    So you know east TX quite well & I get it now. We were home based about 20 miles west of Tyler until recently and have done a lot of exploring that area. I had to take Pam to the Athens hospital for what we thought was a heart attack (turned out not the case) and we were very impressed by it. 

    Rainbow Plantation is very popular with most Escapees who spend time there and many consider it to be the premier SKP park. They probably have the most active resident group there of any of the Rainbow parks(those owned by Escapees). They are not far from the gulf but are not right on it. We have stayed at Dream Catcher(Demming, NM) several times and for a week a couple of them. That does make a pretty good base for some exploring that area and if you enjoy smaller, local museums, Demming has a very nice one that you can see in a few hours time. 

    Let us know what you decide to do. 

  3. I would agree with you on the surprise as it is fairly heavy when full of water too. Even so, it seems to be what all manufacturers have been doing for a long time and appears to work. When I did what you are now I considered tieing mine down but to do so might have crushed the foam under any strap and mine had been riding that way for nearly 10 years with most of that fulltime travel so I didn't modify it. 

  4. Before you write off TX, remember that this is a very big state and there are many RV parks that are a long distance from where most snowbirds stay. I was quite surprised to find that there are numerous nice RV parks scattered about east TX that do a good winter business. An example is the Stay a While RV Park located near Murchison is a good example. Another to consider might be Rolling Oaks RV Park that is located just south of Canton, or perhaps the Lake Athens Marina & RV park located just outside of Athens. Both Canto & Athens have good hospitals and all 3 are near Tyler, which is a major medical center for east TX, with 2 teaching hospitals. This area is mostly forested and is located about 2 hours travel from Dallas, Houston, or Shreveport.

  5. Welcome to the Escapee forums!

    National RV was a very highly rated RV manufacturer for most of their history, but failed in 2007 due to problems from some bad materials. The mileage is low but not extremely so since most RVs are only used part-time and typically see 5 - 10k miles per year. I would definately want to have the entire RV checked out either by a professional pre-purchase RV inspector or by an RV tech and a diesel mechanic. It probably sold new for between $140k & $160k and NADA lists average retail today at just over $20,000. If it is in good condition, it should serve you well. 

    Keep in mind that motorhome tires should be replaced somewhere betwee 7 & 10 years of age in order to be reliable so make sure that you check the date codes on all tires. If you buy this one I would also plan to have all fluids and all rubber components replaced before you use it much. 

  6. 30 minutes ago, Alice said:

    I had no idea we should be leaving a bit of water in the black tank between uses and never have.  We dump, rinse, close. 

    It sounds nasty, but you can look into the black tank as a quick check from time to time by holding the toilet flush valve open and shining a light into it. That will reassure you that you do not have a buildup directly below the toilet as well as giving you a feel for the amount of water that you are putting into it. 

    Part of the debate over the right amount of water is not only the size variation of tanks but also the configuration. A tank that is very deep but has a small footprint will need less water to cover the bottom than one that is shallow but with a large footprint, even when the two tanks hod the exact same amount. Closing the dump valve with the flush system in operation is not a bad idea and one that I suspect most RVers who have a flush system use. Give yourself some time to get used to the process as it isn't nearly as complicated as it may seem.

  7. 18 hours ago, Alice said:

    But the amount of water to use keeps varying.  Sandsys says to start with 1 bowl full.  Barbaraok says 3 gallons or so.  Other places I've been told 5 gallons to start with.  If we're dumping after a weekend...there's not going to be much time to dissolve anything, including paper. 

    As Barb said, the differences are mostly a matter of tank size. What you want is to have the bottom of your black tank covered with water. I think that if you take a gallon jug and pour that much into your toilet bowl it will give you a feel for how much water it holds and you will probably be surprised by how little that takes. Ours holds about 2 quarts when the bowl is full. When I say not to be stingy with water when flushing, I mean that by way of the toilet bowl and not by gallons of water. What you don't want to do is to try and flush solids with only a cup or 2 of water. The desloving process probably takes less time than you might think and it doesn't need to be total, just enough to the point where the solids carry out with the rush of water. TP will be mostly broken down in an hour or so(as long as you don't use excessive amounts) and other solids start to break apart in a pretty short period as well. Don't over-think this, but just make sure that when flushing solids the bowl is more than half full. We know RVers who do not put their TP into the black tank but we always have and still do. Also, since your RV has a tank flush system, that minimizes the need for all of the precautions in this discussion. A through flushing will correct a lot of problems inside of the tank.

    The pile of solids below the toilet isn't something that happens overnight nor is it looming out there waiting to get you. I believe that you are over-thinking this issue. 

  8. My wife was born and raised in CA and most of her family still reside there. For that reason we still vist the state fairly regularly. In addition, we wintered there in RV volunteer positions on 3 different occasions, staying between 3 & 4 months each time. The state has some wonderful things to see and visit and is not visitor unfriendly any more than many other areas with a high volume of tourist traffic. While I sure do not have any desire to live in the state, I agree that it would be a shame for people to miss seeing Yosemite, the redwoods and sequoias, and a long list of other attractions worth the time to visit. Like many here I don't like the large CA cities, but then I'm no fan of large cities in most parts of the world. There are cities that I have visited and others that I will visit in the future because of the things to see in them, but I'll not live in one of them if I have a choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions: California Residency Rules ...


    The test for legal residency is complex and involves many factors. You can spend more than 6 months in California without becoming a resident, but you should plan carefully to make sure an extended stay plus other contacts don't result in an audit or unfavorable residency determination.


  9. 8 hours ago, FL-JOE said:

    An RV black holding tank is not designed like a residential septic system.

    For the past 8 years I was involved in management of a community with septic systems for 65 lots and have been working with professions in the field for that entire time, with my maintenance assistant being septic system design engineer, so I do know just a tiny bit about them. I have also owned self-contained RVs with black tanks since 1984 and we spent nearly 12 years living in one. 

  10. Welcome to the Escapee forums. With any version of that vehicle you will be very limited in what you can safely tow. From Cheverolet:


    Trailering Capacity
    (lb. / kg):

    5000 / 2268 (3.6L with avail. trailering pkg.)

    1500 / 680 (2.0L with avail. trailering pkg.)

    If you have one of the front wheel drive models you will be limited to a maximum towing weight of 1500# which means a small popup trailer is about the limit. If you have an all wheel drive with a V-6 and towing package you are then safe with up to 5000# of RV, which still limits you to something around 20' maximum length if it is an ultral lite trailer. It is critical that you keep these weights in mind when you shop for an RV as if you exceed them you will find it very difficult to control and tiring to drive. If conditions get difficult you will be in danger if you try to tow too much. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, filthy-beast said:

    I believe they want to pump diesel into the super C and gas into the toad on the trailer without having to move from truck lanes to auto lanes.

    In that case it is usually possible to get both from the outside end pumps of most stations that have both products. We fuel our diesel truck with travel trailer in tow at such stations on a frequent basis. Nearly all Walmart stations now carry both and can be accessed even by large RVs.

  12. 2 hours ago, bouncybounder said:

    Any tips or ideas you guys have might be helpful. Does anyone know of valves/switches that need to be checked? Or the best way to access the furnace?

    Edit: The fan makes a loud screeching sound when it fist starts and then after a  minute or so goes quite and the vent continues to blow cold air.

    Welcome to the Escapee forums. I'm sorry that you have problems to cause you to post but we are still happy to have you join us!

    In anylizing what you have told us I have some pretty strong suspicions about the problem, but will deal with your questions in order. There are several possibile causes as the propane supply valves occasionally fail, there is a high temperature linit device that can fail, and there are a few other possibilities such as a failed ignitor probe, but the thing that I suspect most likely is what is called the sail switch. The sail switch is actuated by a vane that is located in the air flow path to the combustion chamber and it prevents the ignitor from sparking unless it is pressed to the point of closing the sail switch to make sure that your furnace has enough air movement from proper combustion before it starts the flame. If the switch does not close in a proper span of time after the system attempts to light the propane it will shut off the propane and in many models of furnace the blower will continue to run until the inside thermostate is set low enought to stop calling for hear or turned to off to allow things to reset. The fact that your blower is making a screeching sound makes me believe that the fan has not come up to speed and so the sail switch is not closed and thus no heat. The time to get the sail switch closed to get heat is usually under 30 seconds so it probably has stopped trying by the time your blower is up to proper speed and supplying enough air movement to operate safely. 

    As to how to service it, that depends on both the make and the model. Atwood furnaces and some Suburban furnaces have an outside access panel that can be opened to service them, but most models of Suburban require that you remove them from the RV to gain access to the interior and work on it. It would help us to know what make and model of furnace you have but most likely it is one of the two brands that I suggested. If you know what make and model you have, you can go to the website of Bryant RV and download a copy of the service manual which may help. 

  13. If you are no longer employed, I would get started in your change of domicile ASAP. I would get started setting up your Escapee address tomorrow. While you are about it you need to consider changing to doctors in the area of chosen domicile as well as making other permanent ties to that address. I strongly suggest that you read the following article which was written for us by an attorney who specializes in dealing with this type of issues.

      Where Do You Live: Domicile for Full-time RVers

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