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  1. 1 hour ago, GlennWest said:

    On an inverter system should one have an AC volt disconnect at inverter out?

    I'm not sure what you mean, but you should never have both the inverter and another source of 120V power connected to the same circuits at the same time, so if you mean a device to prevent that, the answer is yes. An RV that has an onboard generator always has a transfer device that opens one side before it closes to the other source. This should work the same way. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

    The Western half of the U.S. has a lot of live road cameras, East half, not so much.

    As far as I can tell, the data doesn't cover anything to the east of MT, WY, CO, or NM. There are many cameras east of that area that I have looked at, but none are listed. A good example of that is the site Kan Drive Roads which has dozens of cameras that you can access, yet none of them show on that program. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, mommy4Jesus88 said:

    Um 😐 I just joined today? A helpful informative Reply to the post would be more appropriate.

    Welcome to the forums! The only people that I have known who traveled with birds were in motorhomes but I have seen RVs that moved birds into cages in an SUV to travel when towing a trailer. 

  4. Welcome to the Escapee forums! 

    Like most others, I don't really advise storing your RV somewhere to avoid winter weather unless you were to take if far to the south and then leave it where you plan to winter. If you keep a close eye on the weather you should be able to travel south on dry roads for the most part. I do not advocate driving the RV on slick roads for most people but that should be avoidable and storing the RV in Kansas City would still leave you with nearly as much risk of snow unless you are willing to wait out the weather. You didn't say if you will be traveling solo nor if you are retired, but I do suggest avoiding travel in any major storm. I traveled the highways in my job so did travel in bad weather and 20+ years of that was in CO and WY so I am familiar with driving on bad roads. Just keep in mind that with your RV you can stop at the nearest RV park and just wait out any bad road situations. 

  5. 12 hours ago, agesilaus said:

    Think about it.

    Quoting Chirkawa from the HD forum thread..............


    Everything people are saying about being aware of your surroundings and situational awareness and such is true.  I agree.  However, understand that most crimes of this sort don't happen with someone lurking or sneaking up on a campsite or crawling through the weeds.

    Most likely this criminal/s engaged the rv couple in some normal manner.  Maybe they were just a couple walking along the beach, or they met at a restaurant and decided to get together on the beach.  Maybe they enlisted their help with a stalled vehicle.  There are hundreds of scenarios and we really won't know what took place.  Chances are that this rv couple let their guard down, felt comfortable around these strangers. 

    My point is that just because they were located at a secluded area doesn't mean they were vulnerable.  And, just because someone carries a firearm in their waistband doesn't make them safe.  There are dozens of stories of serial killers befriending their victims, luring them into their homes, gaining their confidence.

    I don't think there is any way to be totally prepared to protect yourself against a ruthless predator.............and still live an enjoyable and relaxed life.  All we can do is use common sense and trust our instincts.  If something doesn't quite seem right, it probably isn't.


  6. Welcome to the Escapees forums and also to the RV club! We are happy to have you with us and are here to help as much as we are able. You may want to take the time to visit some of the websites listed in the signatures of many who post here as they tell stories of how the authors did what you are planning and may give you some new ideas. Keep in mind that the only limit to the ways you can live life in your RV is your own imagination. As you head out next spring, consider joining us at the next Escapade in Rock Springs, WY.

  7. 22 hours ago, SuiteSuccess said:

     It is my impression that there has been an uptick in semis and commercial trailers stolen and crossing the border, so might we be a target?


    22 hours ago, spindrift said:

    I hadn't heard of that situation, I'm sorry to say.  And I live in Texas.  What time frame?


    16 hours ago, SuiteSuccess said:

    Apparently very recently, this month on South Padre.

    I think that what spindrift was commenting about was your thought that there have been increased thefts of truck/trailer combinations. Like him, I too live in TX and while I did recently read an article about that type of theft, the article didn't indicate a major increase recently, only that it has been happening for a long time and that it still does. The other thing is that the article was totally about commercial trucks & trailers and never made any mention of RV thefts at all. If you read the subject story completely you will find that there is nothing in it to indicate any motive but based on the history of the two perpetrators I would suspect that they had in mind to disappear into Mexico and live there in the RV. 

    We live in an information age and we are made aware of every bad thing that takes place anywhere that a news reporter can get the ugly details for a sensational story. It isn't so much that these things never used to happen as it is that we didn't know about every incident, everywhere. This is no different that stories of weather destroying RV parks, earthquakes, mass shootings, or forest fires. You need to be aware of your surroundings but not allow hysteria destroy your enjoyment of life. 

    Chirakawa sums it up well. 

  8. 3 hours ago, johnjessjourney said:

    If your vehicle is currently out of state and you are unable to complete a Texas vehicle inspection in order to renew your registration, you may self-certify that the vehicle is out of state and will be permitted to register online, by mail, or in person.

    That is the answer. While not motorized, your RV is still a vehicle traveling the highways and as such is licensed the same as motor vehicles. 

  9. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

    A Utah man wanted in connection with the missing New Hampshire couple found buried at a Texas beach is back on U.S. soil after being apprehended in Mexico.

    Adam Curtis Williams, 33, was booked into the Kleberg County jail in South Texas about 10 p.m. Wednesday on suspicion of felony theft of service and assault on a peace officer. His bond was set at $1 million, according to online records.

    Sheriff's officials are planning a Thursday news conference. Amanda Noverr has been named a person of interest in the case. It wasn't clear if she too had been found in Mexico. Authorities haven't released details on how the pair may have known James and Michelle Butler.

    Wednesday, Williams was found in Jalisco, Mexico, according to Mexican news reports and relatives of the Butlers. Court records show Williams already was facing several unrelated charges out of Utah. He was supposed to be in a Utah courthouse in October but failed to appear. Utah criminal records show Williams was ordered to appear in a Utah courthouse on Oct. 1. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Oct. 8, records show. 

    He has nine pending charges against him in Utah. Williams is accused of object rape, a first-degree felony, forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony, and forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. Court records show the offenses happened on April 18, 2019. Williams is also accused of two counts of aggravated assault, assault by prisoner, interference with arresting officer, intoxication and unlawful purchase by interdicted person. Court records show the offenses happened on Aug. 4, 2019.

  10. 3 hours ago, GR "Scott" Cundiff said:

    If I might interrupt - is the tower being built or not?  On Escapees property or not? Will it enhance local cell service or just be a relay?

    It is important to note that the CARE facility is not owned, controlled, or in any way managed by the Escapee organization. It was begun by Kay Peterson as her special project and the land that it sits on was donated to the CARE center by the Escapees/Petersons. Quite a few years back the CARE center was incorporated as a non-profit, IRS 501c3 charitable organization and completely separated from the Escapees. The Escapees management/ownership plays no part in the operation of it today other than sponsoring fundraising efforts for CARE. Therefor the Escapees are not involved in this decision in any way. 

  11. 73515757_535524783912998_455035877740825

    Kleberg County Sheriff's office has released the names of the two suspects in the Butler's homicide investigation. Thirty-Three year-old Adam Curtis Williams is wanted in a felony theft warrant (theft of the Butler's vehicles) Thirty-Two year-old Amanda Noviera is wanted as a person of interest in the case. The Kleberg Co. Sheriff's office is working with Mexican authorities to locate the couple. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Jimmy61 said:

    You have never met me or spoken to me.  Yet you can make a personal assumption about me? 

    I don't really think that anyone intended to make disparaging remarks about you but only to make suggestions. Written responses sometimes come over differently than intended. My one question would be if you have shopped a wide range of both class C and class A rigs? My own preference has been with the class A but I have known others who prefer the class C and that is OK. The location of the waste tanks is something to consider if you expect to go into rough roads when boondocking. That can be a problem with many models of RV so be sure to check it before you buy. 

  13. 1 hour ago, edatlanta said:

    But now I'm leaving Humana completely.  They obviously are exiting the portion of the business that I participate in since they are doubling my monthly premium for 2020 and increasing the deductible also.


    With all due respect, I think the only deductible associated with a Plan D would be the Medicare Part B 

    Ed your experience with drug coverage is exactly the same as my own. I take 2 tier one prescription drugs as maintenance and neither one are expensive or uncommon. My premium for the Humana/Walmart part D has bee $20.70 for 2019 and recently got notice that it would be $56 for 2020. I have already signed up with a new part D from Well Care that has a premium of $13.30.

    All plans then cover drugs based on a schedule of rates for each drug tier. Some have no deductible at all for tier 1, while with Humana I was charged $3 for each of the drugs I take. As the tier level goes up (from 1 to 5 I believe) the amount paid by the patient to the pharmacy each time it is renewed increases. 

    Most companies do have a deductible that is based on the tire level a drug falls into and the amount charged for each tier is not the same from one insurance company to the next. It is the tier level pricing that makes it so difficult to determine what drug coverage (part D) you will get the lowest out of pocket from. In my wife's case, it takes a great deal of math to determine because she takes a total of 9 different prescription drugs and some are tier 1, some tier 2 and one of them is tier 3. Because tire 3 usually has a high out of pocket charge from any plan that has a low monthly premium, you need to balance the total out of pocket, including premiums and prescription costs for the entire year between the drug plans that you consider. My former employer provides us with that service but there are companies available to assist you in doing this. 

  14. 11 hours ago, Barbaraok said:

    We've done the alternate route, more hassle than any perceived time saved.   

    We tried it also and while it might be worth the effort if you know the route well or during high traffic periods, we just time or transits through El Paso and stay with I-10, but I am quite used to driving on high traffic volume interstate highways so if you are not, then the alternate route may be of more value. 

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