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  1. 10 minutes ago, Twotoes said:

    The problem was an air bubble in the line. He opened the valves on the outside showerand the air passed out. I have never used this shower or opened those valves so not sure how the air got in. He said that the outside shower valves were the closest to the location of the pump and that is why the inside faucets didn’t let the air bubble out and the outside shower did.

    That is a new one on me, but as long as it works.😳 I hope it keeps working as the explaination sounds pretty strange. 

  2. Back when we were fulltme in the class A which the house batteries under the step, inside of the coach one battery developed a shorted cell and really did the rotten egg out-gas. That RV didn't use the combination CO/LP detectors but had the LP in the stair well and the CO was in the bedroom. The alarm that went off on ours was the LP, although it was also right next to the batteries, even though the battery box was vented out the bottom. I don't know that it would not have triggered the CO as well if allowed to continue, but I pulled off of the road and found the cause in a fairly short period of time and then isolated the defective battery and ventilated the RV. 

    2 hours ago, RV_ said:

    Make sure like Kirk and me to only use RV certified CO alarms. I prefer the one for $50-$60.00. The $30.00 one from first alert is fine, but Atwood is an RV appliance manufacturer and knows our systems.

    I used the one from MTI/SafeT Alert because there is a hole in the paneling that the original OEM combination was mounted in. Safe T Alert is not the same company(and costs more) as First Alert, which is commly found in department and home supply stores. Like RV I'm no fan of the First Alert units for RV use. I strongly suggest the Atwood CO detector because it is not only RV cirtified but it also has the digital display to tell you homw much it is sensing. It is normal for some small amount to be in all air but most alarms will trigger somewhere between 50 & 70 ppm according to what I recently read. Better sensors also consider the length of time a level has existed.The following comes from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


    The health effects of CO depend on the CO concentration and length of exposure, as well as each individual's health condition. CO concentration is measured in parts per million (ppm). Most people will not experience any symptoms from prolonged exposure to CO levels of approximately 1 to 70 ppm but some heart patients might experience an increase in chest pain. As CO levels increase and remain above 70 ppm, symptoms become more noticeable and can include headache, fatigue and nausea. At sustained CO concentrations above 150 to 200 ppm, disorientation, unconsciousness, and death are possible.


  3. 2 hours ago, Sehc said:

    The small amount of hydrogen from a b attery will trigger a CO detector.

    You probably have a combination CO & LP detector as it is the LP side that can be triggered by battery outgassing. Hydrogen does not trip a detector for CO only.

    As an additional point, I have replaced the combination detector that came with our RV with one for LP and a separate one for CO which also shows the amount of CO. I did that because most of the combination CO/LP detectors alarm without any indication of which part is alarming. For some reason those have become pretty common in the RV industry and I suspect that it is because they are cheap, rather then working well. 

  4. 1 hour ago, LindaH said:

    Natash223 has been prevented from posting to the group, but that apparently doesn't stop him/her from sending private messages. 

    First of all, I blocked her from the forums as soon as I want on line and found the early reports, as well as a PM to me. I also forwarded a copy of "her" PM to Thom Bruning in IT and he believes that her being blocked should prevent further private messages. If you should receive a message from Natash do not respond but do make a report or contact one of us, if that message was composed after midday today. The time when you read it isn't important but when it was written is of importance. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, RV_ said:

    It is a small post office for a small village my old home is in. It was supposed to be effective the next day but we were delayed so was there two more days.

    The postmistress in Lindale, TX told me last spring that even when you put in an address change or a forwarding order at your local office, an employee then types it into the computer in very similar fashion to what you would if doing it online. She also said that all mail sorting is done at the central sorting center and it arrives at the local office, presorted by carrier and is only corrected if your carrier happens to notice some problem. I'm not sure if that is true for help mail as well. 

  6. Interesting news! I had long wondered how long Newmar could continue as a family held business. After the founding family members pass away it becomes inevitable at some point when the number of owners grows too large and some members are not interested in the business or simply want the money it represents. It is kind of sad, but nearly always happens at some point unless the business gets passed from the founder to an involved heir and the other family members do not share ownership. That seems to happen eventually to nearly all family businesses, even the successful farm/ranch. A close friend of mine resently passed and left all of his farm and farm assets to only one member of his family as that son had been operating the farm for some years. He had told me of his plan to do that and leave only other assets to the other children. Pam used to work for a state cardealer association and that is yet another family business that is dissappearing into big corporations. 

    Here is that same story but from Market Insider.

  7. 2 hours ago, Packman said:

    I wish I could set up domicile sooner but I plan to work (in MD) until just before Christmas.

    That shouldn't be a serious question. The reason many say to change earlier is so that you can file a partial year return, which sort of announces that you have left their previous tax jurisdiction. You could still do this if you think it important if you plan to be gone before then end of the year. I'm not sure how important that is for MD but do know that historically it has seemed to be helpful to those leaving the more agressive taxing states. If you actually move your business connections to FL and thus demonstrate that you have severed ties with MD, it should be fairly easily resolved if the issue happens to come up when you do not file the following year. Let me suggest that you take the time read and absorb the issues which are discussed in this article.

    The Ultimate Guide to Establishing Your Domicile as an RVer


  8. 8 hours ago, Solo18 said:

    And don't be afraid to ask your camping neighbors a lot of dumb questions.  Fellow campers have saved me a lot of grief along the way. And as someone posted, they may not have the same unit as you do, but many of their systems are the same.  And campers usually very willing to help newbies. 

    There are only 2 types of question that makes one look foolish. Those that you have and fail to ask, and the ones that you ask but fail to heed the answers. 

  9. The name of the river through Branson & Hollister is the White River but that strecth of river is one series of lakes, with Table Rock Lake just above, empting into Lake Tanneycomo, which then emptys into Bull Shoals Lake, which then returns to the White River once more. I suspect it is one of the most contained stretchs of river in the US. Chindog is right about Turkey Creek which does back up to that area when/if Lake Tanneycomo reaches flood stage. I suspect that the RV park may be in a floodplain as RV parks often are. 

    Upstream from Table Rock Lake is Beaver Lake.

  10. 14 hours ago, Ronbo said:

    The rod in my left femur triggers their X-ray machine so I get the wand.

    It is interesting to note to note that Pam has had a complete metal ankle replacement and it does not trigger the airport detectors. Not sure about her metal hip as the only time we have flown since that was put in, we were both put though one of the fullbody scanners. 

  11. 17 hours ago, Packman said:

    The only local address I can use is my son, who has the same name, and it just creates confusion - I'd rather not!

    While there are legal alternatives, many financial institutions employees are not aware of this because it so rarely comes up, except in cases of fulltimers. I agree with several others that you would be wise to get your new address at least 3 months ahead of the departure date as it will not only allow ample time to get things changed over, but it will also allow time for dealing with an kinks, such as your CU realizing that you are using a mail service and refusing to accept that as well. This link will take you to a page of information on setting up your Floriday domicile.

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