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  1. 1 hour ago, 2gypsies said:

    I don't think RVers have enough time before dumping for bacteria to really work as one hopes. 

    I have been doing that for years and nearly everything is liquified and Barb indicated the same. There are many others of us who just let the natural process begin in our waste tanks and it does work. 

  2. Like Barb, we only use generous amounts of water when we flush and no chemicals of any kind, but because I do know that there is often some residue left behind on the walls and sides of the waste tanks, I do like to do some preventive removal of that material and have found a pretty easy way of doing so. Once a month or so when traveling and just before we store our trailer for a period of not using it, we fill the tanks about half full of water and then add a generous amount of cold water laundry detergent, just before we will be traveling for several hours. I then dump the tanks as soon as we arrive at the end of that trip. I really doubt that there is any need for the cleaning but it does make us feel better. 😊

    We stopped using waste tank chemicals more than 15 years ago while we were fulltime.

  3. 3 minutes ago, filthy-beast said:

    Think about cooking, using a computer, doing paperwork, working on a hobby or crafts. 

    And do not forget that no matter where you travel there will be days that weather is bad and you are cooped up inside all day or longer. Consider what you will do when you are ill and all of the various problems that you deal with now as all of those issues will travel with you. 

  4. 3 hours ago, oldjohnt said:

    The fact it starts when jumped makes me think the genset and its starter and solenoid are all okay

    Starter motors do fail and it is very common for the first indication of failure is for the starter to draw excessive current which can show up as needing to jump start. I don't recall having seen that happen with generator, but it used to be pretty common on the old P-30 motorhome chassis. 

    My on-board generator experience has all been with Onan and I can only remember 1 starter failure in that time so if yous is an Onan, it isn't a high probability. 

  5. 10 hours ago, homelesshartshorns said:

    If I hold the check battery condition when I push the generator start button I see the voltage fall off five or six volts but no sound, no start. I then start the chassis Engine and then push the generator to start, it will come on then?

    Those two facts pretty clearly point to the power from the chassis batteries as the problem, even though it may not be the fault of the batteries. Did the generator start as it should since you replaced the house batteries? If not there may be some issue with the way those batteries were connected, or some connection not properly made. Most battery level indicators are not very accurate voltmeters and some drop in voltage read as you engage the starter is quite normal. You quite likely would see some of that even with the engine running. When the engine is running there is a relay that ties the output from the alternator to the house batteries so you are basically jump-starting the generator. I would start by cleaning and checking the connections at the house batteries as that is the most easily done of the possible causes. 

  6. If you are certain that you will never need to remove it, you could glue it in place. I would look for some way to prevent it turning that you can change if you should wish to remove it. If there is a mounting bracket or something near to it that you could fasten it to or even add an extra bracket. 

  7. Escapade is the largest and most extensive gathering of the Escapees community and a fantastic way to learn more about the RV lifestyle from professionals and experienced RVers. Escapade packs a wide variety of seminars, social gatherings, nightly entertainment and much more into five, fun-filled days.

    Though we are currently focused on planning for this year's event in Rock Springs, Wyoming, we understand that some like to plan further ahead. We are excited to share the dates and locations for each Escapade through 2022!
    June 21- June 26, 2020
    Rock Springs, Wyoming
    March 20- March 26, 2021
    Tucson, Arizona
    June 19- June 24, 2022
    Lebanon, Tennessee
    Please note that tickets for 2021 and 2022 will not be available until 6-9 months before each year's event.

  8. On 2/11/2020 at 8:24 AM, fpmtngal said:

    Probably a dumb question - is there going to be somewhere easy to get propane if I need it or should I plan on topping off my tanks before I arrive?  

    While here is not usually a propane vendor who delivers to the Escapade, there is an AmriGas vender at 201 Industrial Dr. named V1 Propane and also a Flying J truck stop at the same exit and closer to I-80. 

  9. It is possible that the GFCI that you found is on that same circuit as they can be wired to protect an entire circuit or they can be connected to only protect that one outlet. The best way to check is to open the problem circuit breaker and then try plugging a light into the outlets to see if they have power. 

  10. 11 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

    Since this happens only when on shore power, an effective and lowest cost method is to simply use a set of jumper cables between battery banks..

    The down side of that would be that you would have to rig the every time you want to use them. In some configurations it would be a real pain. Our class A had the coach batteries under the step, with access inside of the step and it wa a mid entry door. 

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