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  1. If you don't like the park you are in, why stay in it? With family in that area we do stop there for a few days every few years(most recently in 2018) and while there are a lot of working RV folks in some of the parks, that area has many RV parks to choose from. RV Park Reviews shows more than a dozen to select from.
  2. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We will help you all that you are able. There is really no way to remove the large risk of buying an RV without ever having seen it completely, but it can be mitigated to a degree. Many people do buy from places like RV Trader or others but most do not actually close the deal until they have actually seen the RV. One way to remove much of the risk is to hire a professional to inspect the RV. If you can't find an inspector, most mobile RV techs will also do an inspection for you. There are dealers who sell used RVs to people from outside of the USA but in most cases there is some sort of contingency for approval after arrival. In such cases the dealer may provide a period of warranty or they may sell or enclude an extended warranty contract in the purchase price. I have no way to know how often someone does buy an RV without first seeing it, but my best guess is that it would be very rare. One thing that you also need to know is that there have been many cases of someone advertising an RV that does not exist and then dissappear with the money if someone does send money without seeing the RV.
  3. So what you don't like are local full time workers? I'm not sure just how that would be defined or how long must a worker is there to be considered local? Does it matter what his occupation is? I suspect that what you are concerned with is the rundown RV that appears to have not moved in a very long time and which has had little or no maintenance since it was parked there. To me at least, the issue is more one of appearance of the RV and the conditions of the park. One thing that does sometimes bother me in parks with many construction and/or energy workers is the noise and traffic that come with the workers keeping long hours. I don't blame the people who do that but I do prefer to stay in parks that are dominated by vacationers, weekenders, and extended travelers becuase they tend to come and go less and to sleep later. When I find myself in a park mostly filled with workers, I find that most of them are just hard working folks like most any other. The thing is that we all have the right to find parks that suit our needs and desires and to not stay in those which do not meet that standard.
  4. Let's start with the legal definition from Black's Law Dictionary: The word domicile is a legal term of our courts and is rarely ever mention in legslative process or state laws. It is the issue of import on things like voting rights, federal income tax and social security and in matters of legal jurisdiction. It does not remove you from any taxes of a different jurisdiction since state income taxes are due in the place that the income is earned. It has no impact on property taxes or sales taxes. You can claim anything or anywhere that you wish and be fine, so long as that claim is never challenged in court. While state taxes are sometimes dictated by domicile for other than earned income, your domicile also determines where your will should be executed and/or challenged. It can play a part in the validity of insurance if you have a major claim and is determined that you are not paying the proper premiums by insuring in a place other than your legal domicile. There are many possible ways that domicile could become an issue, but it really doesn't happen very often. In cases where domicile is challennged in court, factors to be considered as proof of where a legal domicile actually is are things like where you bank, shop, and conduct business; where you belong to clubs or subscribe to a newspaper, where your doctors are located, and generally where you maintain permanent contacts. It is also where most legal documents would be served. As far as income taxes owed to your present home state, those accrued up to the day that you move away will be owed, no matter where you may move but the day that you leave that state and establish in a different one, those tax liabilities stop and any tax laws of the new domicile state take over. In Texas there are no income taxes but that does not relieve you of the tax liability that you have on the last day that you live where you are now. I suggest that as soon as you permanently leave your present state you should file a partial year tax return which will serve notice that you are no longer a resident there and won't be paying taxes to them in the future. If you take paid employment while traveling in your RV you will be liable for any income taxes accessed by the state where you are then employed and will need to file a state return in that state or in each state where you have worked in that year.
  5. RV parks that are packed together, poorly maintained, and provide minimal services tend to proliferate in areas with very high construction or mineral growth rates, not so much because the mobile workers like that but because there is such high demand that the park can stay filled with workers without improving it. The less attractive conditions that can be common in such areas are not due to the workers wanting that but they are caused by owners who can fill the park without doing things to attract the tourism market.
  6. As a retired tech, I assure you that using the proper tool can save you much expense later in repairs and general grief.
  7. So share with us who the services that are so expensive are so folks will know to avoid them. Most companies do add postage to your bill but unless you get many packages at your mail sevice, that is seldom anywhere close to the costs that you quote atthe services frequently mentioned on these forums. If you choose to have mail scanned or if you receive large volumes of mail it could run that high.
  8. Let us know if you should have further problems in the near future.
  9. Joe & Kay started the club officially on July 4, 1978 and all of the founding members were fulltimer construction workers. Joe was a construction electrician and Kay ran the newsletter which lead to the development of the club. It is true that over the years as those founding members retired the majority of the club became retired RVowners but families have always been welcome and there have always been some of them. Today with the subgroup called Xscapers, the share of younger, still working members, many of those families are an increasing group and there is a healthy share of still working part-time RV folks. I suspect that the majority of Xscapers work via the internet if fulltime but there are also traveling nurses, business owners, and probably even some who work construction. When Travis Carr became the 3rd generation of the founding family to be in club management (his brother has been part of the IT department for some time), he was given the initial job of finding a way to increase the portion of the club that is made up of younger, still working folks and he has done a very good job of that. The annual Escapade now has a growing attendance of children once more.
  10. There are several influences that drive the conditions and the prices of the RV parks in the Loveland/Longmont area. There has been a recent boom in energy and construction jobs and that has brought in a large number of workers who have no plans to be permanent residents because they follow the jobs in their work. While they may stay in a location for a few years it iw always done knowing that when the job supply wanes they will move on to the next location do they have no interest in buying a home. In addition that area has a very strong tourist market in the summer months so they do very well in season but the relatively short season keeps many entrepreneurs from interest in building new parks, along with the rising taxeCs and regulations. Cheyenne is far more tourist dependent for RV parks but they also have a pretty short season to stay busy. The last time that we stayed in Cheyenne (we lived there for 18 years) we did find some RV parks had longer term folks in some of the sites but to my knowledge none are kept in business from that trade. One word of caution on getting an RV site in Cheyenne or even close by, the last full week of July is Cheyenne Frontier Days, one of the largest and best attended outdoor rodeos in the world so RV sites are nearly impossible to find.
  11. If there is any mail service that charges $100/month, I am not aware of it. Some do charge as much as $15/month but Escapees charge between $95 and $135 per year. Of course that service is only available to members but a membership gains you far more benefits than just access to mail service. You mention an address for potential employers and most mail services also serve as that address, depending on the laws of the state you domicile in. In TX, the Escapee address is legal for all purposes and has been supported both by the courts and the state legislature. Where you are only thinking of a few months rather than a permanent address, I doubt that there would be great benefit to setting up a new domicile with a mail service address. You might benefit however, from reading up on just what domicile means and how to change it. It is much more than just where your mail is sent.
  12. I have been following this one closely also because our current part-time RV travel is with a small travel trailer that has only 1, 20# bottle on the tongue and I keep a spare inside of the locked shell on the back of our truck.
  13. Kirk W

    Bug Out Bag

    One of the reasons that this list of items is so debated is that so much depends upon what you need and what your reason for leaving is. Ours is based on fire or other RV emergency and in it we keep things that may be replaceable but take time, such as our passports, and emergency funds. I do not believe that there is one single answer that will satisfy everyone. I didn't base ours on a fall of government at all, but based it on a total loss of the RV. Those items that can be scanned can easily be stored in the cloud or some other internet access point and only need to be there if the originals are important to you, under our approach but if preparing for anarchy you need an entirely different approach. You probably also have different needs based on where you stay in the RV. We very seldom stay in really remote areas any more so our needs are much less than they were back when we took a popup and 4WD vehicle far away from civilization.
  14. Try reading this to answer some of your questios. Lead acid vs. lithium-ion battery comparison
  15. That is one of those things which sound much worse that the actual experience, but you do need to know how before you make your first attempt as it can be a memorable mess if you do the wrong thing. Once familiar with it you will find it a rather minor chore. And that is also one of the reasons that so many of us suggest the renting of an RV before you buy. If you only plan to keep the RV for 6 months or so, you might be wiser not to buy one at all but if you both enjoy the travels in it, you just might find a new and way to travel as most of us have. We too have been in all of the states and we have spent time RVing in 48 of them, actually having an RV as our only home for nearly 12 years. Let me assure you that there is a great deal that you have not seen and even more to experience. One of the reasons that we avid RV folks love it so much is that we see and experience so many things that can only be done when you slow down and spend more time along the way. The real America is found in the small towns and along the byways of the countryside, away from the interstate highways and major cities. The secret to our way is that travel ceases to be just a means of moving between points and is a purpose of travel, much as Lewis & Clark did when opening the west. We left the fulltime because of age related health issues, but in our years on the road, we discovered that there is more to see and do around this great country than one could manage if he had an entire lifetime to explore.
  16. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to be able to help and will do our best. In my opinion, starting now to plan for retirement is not too early but rather it is a wise decision. Those 4 years will pass far more rapidly than you expect. I am a transplant to east TX myself and believe that you are on the right track to consider this area. We found the area aroun Tyler to be avery good place for retirees as it still has much of the beauty and security of rural places but has a city of 100k as an anchor. Tyler is the medical center of east TX with 2 major teaching hospitals and 4 major medical facilities. Taxes here are still reasonable and real estate prices are modest. We do get cold weather but it rarely stays below freezing for 24 hours and snow is very rare. Spring is a long season here, starting in late February most years and flowers are out in March. It can get hot and and sometimes humid but nowhere is weather perfect. TX is a very RV friendly state. As a side note, the Winnebago View was intorduced in 2006. We live in an RV community and one of our neighbors has a View and is very happy with it. I do think that before you completely drop the class A from consideration you should go on a test drive with at least one and preferably 2 or 3 as you may be quite suprprised by how easily they can be driven. I would agree with the comment about spending more than just a few months traveling in the RV as there is far more to see and experience in this country than you can evern touch on in such a short time. It may also be worthwhile to consider renting an RV for a trip before you make up your mind completely. Doing that would enable you both to experience the life before you comit to buying one.
  18. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I am no soloar power expert, but I do have a lot of electrical work experience. Here are some basic instructions that may help. Solar Panel Charge Controller Wiring Diagram & Steps In addition, you may find it very helpful to visit Youtube and watch some of the videos available there.
  19. Let us know what you eventually choose to do. 🤗
  20. None of the three states mentioned (Fl, TX, or SD) have any state income tax.
  21. While that is correct, if you choose a county that has the same level of inspection as the county of registration. Since Polk Co. does not require a smog test, any county will do but if you do get the inspection done in a county where smog test is required, you will be required to pass and pay for the smog test. If your vehicles are registered where the smog test is required, an inspection from a county that doesn't smog test will not be accepted.
  22. Thanks for the update! All too often the things that we own, control us.
  23. Welcome to the Escapee forums! As one who retired prior to begining our fulltime life, I don't have a great deal of information to share with you but I do suggest that you take some time to read Health Insurance Options for the Self Employed RVer on the Xscapers part of the Escapee website. If you read the entire article it gets inot the issue of domicile and the impact that it has on health insurance coverages and costs.
  24. Welcome to the Escapee forums. You could stay at the Hy-Land Court RV Park that is only about 8 miles away, or there is also the Wagon Trail Campground also nearby.
  25. You are correct and the stations located in any area requiring a smog check can't do the non-smog inspections.
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