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  1. If you will, we would appreciate an update as things progress as this could possibly happen to others.
  2. Kirk W

    Diesel acceleration issue

    Could the exhaust brake be applying itself and then releasing after you apply it?
  3. Kirk W

    HELP with slides

    How did you check the fuses? The only way to be certain a fuse is good is by removing it and checking it with an ohm meter. It should read 0 ohms or very nearly that when good. Also, how many fuses are there to supply the slides? Are your slides electric or hydraulic? Do you know which slide manufacturer made the slide mechanism?
  4. Is there any indication of what happens next if you do not comply? If not, have you inquired to see what the penalty may be? How and where are you to respond or contest the demand? I suspect that this probably isn't the best place to get advice since I don't believe any of us are attornies practicing in CA so probably you need to ask some questions to see what will happen if you don't relicense the vehicle. Depending on what the response may be, you probably need to either leave the state of CA for a period of time or contact a local attorney.
  5. Kirk W

    RV Inspection

    See if you are able to locate a local mobile RV tech as that would probably cost less. And compare the expense to the risk. How confident are you in your own abilities to check it out yourself? If you send me your email address I can share a checklist with you, should you choose that route.
  6. Kirk W

    RV Inspection

    I think that your prices are a little high. I am looking at several inspection services on the web and they range in price from $200 to $500. If you use a mobile RV tech you will probably pay him somewhere around $100/hour for 3 or 4 hours of work. Consider just what the inspection will cost when compared to the amount of money you will be risking if you do not get it professionally inspected. I voted yes, even though I don't think it needs to cost what you anticipate. Premier RV Inspections, $399 - $449 Professional RV Inspections, $389 - $479 Lemon Squad,  $299 Vehicle Inspection Service,  $279 - $369 Testdrive Technologies,  $500 - $1200 All Pro Insptections  $495
  7. Looking at this one it seems to me that they offer a nice range of outputs and one of them should supply all that you need. Their website states that split phase is available, which should meet your 240V needs, I think.
  8. Kirk W

    Converter as Charger

    While I am not a fan of WFCO products, I see no reason why this should not work reasonably well. It won't do all of the things that a good battery charger will, but it will charge a battery and should serve well enough for intermittent use like would be the case in most shops. My primary issues were of longevity and reliability and those should be much less issue in your kind of use. The WFCO website says that you do have 3 stage charging ability.
  9. Kirk W

    Propane Pressure Question

    Where the pressure drops that way I'd suspect that you are correct, but either way it would be helpful if you would let us know what happens next.
  10. Kirk W

    RV survey

    In order to get the email that announced the survey you need to be a current member of the Escapees RV Club and be subscribed to Escapee News.
  11. Kirk W

    Pearl Harbor Day +77 years

    Let us not forget!
  12. Kirk W

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Please allow an outsider who isn't part of any "class" to offer a comment if I may. While Escapees is all about inclusion, part of that is the accepting of people as they are, even if that means allowing them to not be a part of some group. It is rather like the policy on hugging folks when we meet. While greeting each other with a hug is the tradition we should always make allowance for those who are not comfortable with the practice. Privacy and socializing should be no different. The reason the RV community seems to be dominated by extroverts (like myself 😏) is that because we are extroverts we are always visible but we should never forget our introverted friends and we need to remember that they are just as important to the community as we.
  13. Kirk W

    RV survey

    While there does seem to be a rash of that on our forums, let me assure you that it isn't typical of most gatherings of members. The forum members are not all Escapee members.
  14. Kirk W

    RV survey

    Try it now. I just copied the link after I took it and so it thought you were me. Let me know if this one works.