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  1. I just saw these guys on Shark Tank and so visited their website. Even though they did get an investor, I really doubt that Winnebago management is at all worried. Anyone seen one of these yet? What do you think?
  2. Looks like I'll give LibreOffice a try. My son the programmer says I should stick with Google documents but I'm not sold on it.
  3. And it will give your heirs a nice boost to retire early and enjoy life! When we became friends with a couple who are both attorneys specializing in elder law, we took their advice and began to spend those payments to whittle down the amounts our kids will have to divide. It is amazing how frequently estates cause family fights.
  4. If both versions were put into one article with pro & con it would make it much more balanced. There is really very little that I would disagree with in either article, other than the presentation. If we had someone like Independent Lady still reading the forums, I am sure she would endorse the first one posted by Joel. Having been active in the RV related internet forums now for more about 30 years, I assure you that many of those who make a first post to announce that they are getting ready to become fulltimers live to regret that decision, just as Independent Lady did. I don't have any scientific data to support my opinion, but I would suspect that of those who try the lifestyle, fewer than half stay with fulltime for as much as 5 years and that may be an optimistic estimate. The US Census Bureau estimates that there are 45 million retirees in the US as of 2019 and most estimate fulltimers at about 1 million, so obviously this isn't the life for the majority. And all of this ignores the families and still working people who are living on the road. It has long been my belief that we who frequent the RV forums are guilty of failing to caution the newest people that join the forums of the challenges that go with living in an RV fulltime or even for extended periods. We tend to promote the positives because only those of us who love the lifestyle stay here to reply to those coming here to learn more.
  5. How do you know this? Will you share your information source?
  6. Or could it be that you operate from the battery when in the car but with power connected when at home? If this is the case, try running on battery when at home and see what happens then.
  7. We have purchased from an out of state dealer before and had somewhat the same issue as Grizz1 and have also had a case where it was no serious problem. The problem situation was one where we had shopped the local dealer and the one in the nest state sold for about 10% less then the local guy. The first time it was in for a minor issue nobody knew us and it went fine, but once he discovered who owned it, I got really shabby treatment. Once we went fulltime and were in a place where they knew no different that problem went away. While the dealers are reimbursed for expenses of warranty work, in many cases that is at a lower labor rate than is charged to other customers. For warranty work on your appliances you do not need to go to a dealer who sells the brand that you have but can go to any authorized service center for the brand of appliance that you have. Nearly all RV shops and many mobile service techs can do warranty repairs for companies like Dometic, Atwood, Suburban, and the various vendors who supply the components in your RV and so you can get work from most of them. I have found that service only shops and mobile RV techs are generally better qualified for service and perform better work. About the only thing that I return an RV to the dealer that I purchased from is for structural things that are RV manufacturer specific. A refrigerator, furnace, water heater, or other appliance can go almost anywhere. Most RVs only have a 1 year warranty for the parts that are exclusive to the RV manufacturer.
  8. If she returns to the forums, she can read it, the same as you. Most people who have never owned an RV do not grasp what it costs to buy one or the annual cost of keeping it, even when only used by the owners. Neither do many realize that it takes specialized & expensive insurance to cover an RV which is being rented out. A post of this type is probably looking either for a motorized RV or one that includes the tow vehicle, since there is little chance that they own something to tow a fair sized travel trailer or fifth wheel. With even used motorhomes costing in the neighborhood of $50-$75K, and travel trailers about half of that, few non RV owners really grasp the cost of owning one.
  9. True, but would you let someone you have never seen before drive away in your RV for a cheap price? And are you aware that your RV insurance most likely will not pay if the RV is damaged while it is rented? Commercial insurance is much higher priced than what most of us pay, which is a significant part of the reason rental rates are as high as they are.
  10. That would be a mighty big yard, even here in Texas! 😷 It is 35+ miles from Ft, Worth and twice that from Dallas.
  11. While I have never used one of the domes, I do have experience with a portable dish and know that it needs to have a clear shot at the southern sky to get TV. With a portable you just carry it to a place not under trees but I don't know how much the domes are impacted by parking under trees.
  12. Kirk W

    Mt Rushmore area

    We always stop at the highway welcome centers as we enter a state and pick up a copy of the official state highway map. I think that you can download a copy from this SD Dept. of Transportation website as well.
  13. Are you sure? In looking through that literature this was all that I found. All that I can see is on/off and auto/LP/Electric.
  14. With the new computer, I am also reviewing what software I want on it. Does anyone out there use one of the free word processor programs? Do you use MS Office? Why did you pick what you are using?
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