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  1. Kirk W

    Parking 5th wheel on grass

    A great deal of the right answer is dependant on what type of ground you have under the grass. Where we presently live the soil is at least half sand and so is actually more solid when wet than dry. Wet grass is still a bit of a problem because it is very slick so tow vehicles frequently spin when trying to pull an RV our even with minimal sinking in of the tires. On the other hand, in places with good loam soils when wet most RVs will slowly begin to sink into the ground. Does the RV have leveling jacks or will you need to use planks under the tires to do that? 2" X 8" planks can work well for that purpose if you don't need too many of them to get level. If the planks are only to spread the weight, then they will work but the needed length will depend on soil conditions and just how wet it will be. If it will be very wet for a long period, you probably should go to 2" X 10" planks and I would make them longer. I'd plan on at least 8' in length under the wheels and perhaps 3' long under the leveling jacks, stabilizers and the front legs. If the proper hookup you speak of in the garage is a 30A or a 50A outlet that fits the RV power cord, then you could safely use it as long as you use a 30A or 50A extension cord, as appropriate. If it is 30A, be very sure that the outlet is a 120V-30A outlet and not the 240V-30A type.
  2. Kirk W

    Sending my guns back to myself

    If you are offended by having to comply with Canadian laws in route to Alaska, don't travel over their highways to get there. You can always take the Alaska State Ferry up and completely avoid those foreign laws and rules!
  3. Kirk W

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    Any idea what the various opinions of the Escapees RV Club have to do with the subject? The subject was the Good Sam RV club and the future of it. I think we were highjacked!
  4. Kirk W

    Service Dogs?

    The service dog (animal) debates are very interesting to me, because of our daughter-in-law. She has no vision at all (a glass eye sees nothing) and is very dependant on her guide dog, but even so, there are places that she uses a cane because it would be inappropriate to take her dog. She tells me that in some of the blind training she has attended, this is discussed at length. Jenny never takes her dog into very crowded areas such as a concert or ballpark. She also leaves her dog behind when visiting the zoo. And since it has been mentioned previously, Jenny never takes her guide dog grocery shopping. When I asked her about that she explained that since her dog wasn't trained to read the labels on items for her she would need assistance anyway. Sadly, there are organizations that encourage the abuse of the ADA laws about service animals. A key one is the Assistance Dog Registry which uses very guarded language to foster such abuse of privileges. If you take the time to read what they have on that site it will help to understand why we see so many questionable service dogs today. If in doubt about that registry is so effective, read the 1-page explanation of the ADA from the US Justice Department.
  5. Kirk W

    Service Dogs?

    With a family member who is dependant on her guide dog, I have come to agree with you on this. The way the law is written anyone can claim to have "self trained" their dog as a service dog. We once met a group who promoted the idea that everyone should go to Amazon and get service dog credentials for their pet so that it would be allowed to go everywhere.
  6. Kirk W

    Sending my guns back to myself

    That is probably because they believe that they are free! I doubt that many of them would appreciate the thought you express.
  7. Kirk W

    15A shore power for storage

    I wouldn't leave the refrigerator on but only because we like ours open to air when in storage. The power should be just fine and enough to keep everything charged.
  8. Kirk W

    Dreaming and planning... would love advice!

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Thank you for putting your faith in us and we will do our best to live up to that responsibility. You mention your husband is in IT and you plan to domicile in Texas, that seems it could be a good match as Dallas is second only to San Jose as a hotspot in the computer-related industries. This could be a very good match as the Escapees mail service could well serve as your domicile base and should not be any problem for him to be employed in a different city in the same state. In addition, TX has no state income tax which makes our pay go farther. I suggest that you take a close look at what the club has to offer in support. It is very important to understand that an RV is a depreciating asset, in much the same manner as an automobile. You can save some in depreciation by buying a used RV of a couple of years old, but no matter how well you shop you should expect to see the resale value of any RV to decrease by 10% each year. There are other states that can work out well for domicile but what state is best is really a personal choice. While I prefer to travel in a motorhome, I believe that for families the best choice is usually a fifth wheel and crew cab truck. It is a very rare motorhome that has bunk beds, while they are very common in trailers. In terms of cost, the price range for suitable RVs is very wide but you will probably find very few class A motorhomes that will fit well for a full-time home for all 4 of you. We know several families that live and work on the road and all of them have chosen truck & fifth wheel combinations. It is less complicated if you buy the RV in the state where you plan to register it, but that isn't absolutely necessary. If things have not changed, you can get an RV loan more easily and usually at a lower interest rate if you still own a home, but there are companies who do finance RVs for fulltimers. I am not the best source of information on RV loans for fulltimers as I have not had one in 15+ years but there are others here who do have so hopefully they will join in. I suggest that you check out the website of X-scapers since that is where most of our younger, still working families tend to exchange information, and come here with any and all questions about RVs and RV experiences that you may have. We are here to help so visit us often.
  9. How do I close a topic I started?   Taxation w/o representation


  10. Kirk W


    Sidney Nebraska is the county seat of Cheyenne Co. and has a population of just under 7,000 people. It is located next to I-80 and is about 60 miles east of the WY border or 100 miles east of Cheyenne and the intersection of 1-80 and I-25. And there have been layoffs and economic difficulties.
  11. Kirk W

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    The way that I read the story I posted, it isabout the demise of the Good Sam Club begun by Art Rouse many years ago and has little or nothing to do with what the organization has to sell or with Camping World stores. Art Rouse had many of the same qualities asJoe & Kay Peterson and was recognized for those qualities many times. As one who has observed the changes since the 60's, it seems to me that with every change in management there has been an increasing distance from the business side and the club members. The present management abandoned their national rallies for the last time back in 2016 and nothing has been said of them since then. If you check out the local chapters, they are an aging group and the numbers are decreasing, with fewer and fewer state rallies. The club is becoming nothing more than a marketing tool. The most interesting part of this to me is that Escapees were experiencing some of the same issues of aging until Travis Carr left the Army and joined the business. He was given the task of finding a way to change that trend and so created the X-scaper movement which is quickly becoming the largest growth area of the club.
  12. Kirk W

    Taxation w/o representation

    The answer is that when you choose to spend time in a state or to leave your RV in that state you have in practice agreed to abide by the laws of that state. You are asking questions about laws in AZ, not about what the majority of this forum think would be fair. Even if you were to convince everyone here that you are right, it would not change AZ law. As a friend who was a judge once pointed out to me, the word "fair" is not to be found in any law anywhere.
  13. Kirk W

    The Ranch

    If you have a cell phone, just call ahead when you are an hour or two away and they will tell you. There are many reasons why Escapee parks never used to accept reservations but the Rainbow parks have gone to accepting reservations. Since that change, the cost has also been increased to offset the work involved in tracking them. Each co-op park makes its own rules which come from the board of directors that is elected by the member/lot owners.
  14. Kirk W

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    Welcome to the Escapee forums. What type of RV do you plan to put this diesel heater into? If it is powered by diesel now it might be a workable plan as the larger diesel class A motorhomes have had diesel fueled heating from Aqua-Hot company for quite some time. While I have never owned an RV with one of them, I do know that they work well but also require regular maintenance to keep them working. As far as I know, the type heaters that you are looking at are all designed to be used in vehicles that are powered by a diesel engine and use it as a source. I have seen one of them installed in a boat but never have I seen one in an RV, but I'm sure that it could be done, but I suspect having it done could be very expensive. I would be very interested in knowing more about your plan to use diesel for heating, so please share your plans with us. As to propane safety, no fuel is without some risk and that is true of diesel as well. I can tell you that I have used propane fuel in all of our RVs for 30+ years as well as to heat our home in rural WY and presently in rural TX. But I also realize that fear is something that can't always be relieved by any amount of logic so will say no more on that.