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  1. No doubt about that. The other problem is that many RV techs are not all that good with air conditioners. It is an area that they just don't get much practice working on.
  2. Kirk W

    WE DID IT!

    Always worth looking and anything is possible. And you found some good stuff so it wasn't a loss. Just thought that you might not have known where to look first. To tell you the truth, I was thinking of a motorized RV too when I mentioned the monitor. 😏 In your situation it probabaly would have been stored somewhere if the prior owner had left it.
  3. Kirk W

    WE DID IT!

    If it has a backup camera, it would normally be installed outside or at least where the lens is open to the outside and not in a storage cabinet. In addition, it would have a display of some type, usually mounted into the dash.
  4. Welcome to the Escapee forums. Based on what you describe, there is no doubt that your air conditioner is the problem. It should draw about 12 - 15A when the compressor is running and perhaps half of that when just the blower is running. You will need a clamp-on ammeter to do real trouble shooting but what you did with the load swap with your buddy is a good start. That eliminates your generator. I don't know what you mean by it cycling too fast but it may be that it isn't leaving the compressor off long enough for the refrigerant pressure to drop before it starts again, which would cause a big jump in starting current.
  5. All camping areas on Council Grove Lake are closed due to high water.
  6. The step motor turns off when the current draw rises due to something stopping the step movement (like if it hits something) and that does sometimes cause the step to fail to go out or possibly in. If you look up from below you should be able to see a link that you can disconnect to lowr the step when the motor isn't operating, but when you use that you need to prop the step up to prevent it from dropping down before you are ready. Below is a link to the current service manual for Kwikee steps. Kwikee Service Manual
  7. Here in eastern KS it is only 82° also and that is the expected high. We have a north wind now, where we had a south wind on the hottest days. It is expected to be in the 80's for a few more days and then get back to 90's again. That north wind is much more popular in July that it is in January! 😁
  8. I never had the windshield problems but we used an outside windshield cover that was reflective (white) for many years and it makes a huge difference inside on hot, sunny days. Doing that also keeps the reflected heat all outside of the RV and you can still see out.
  9. Let me suggest that if you buy soldering equipment that you then take the time to practice on some scraps of wire before you attempt to use it. Proper techniques are needed to get a good electrical bond as looking good does not always mean that the connection is good and a cold solder joint can introuduce some problems which are difficult to locate. Just as you need to learn use of a meter before use, that same thing is true for soldering tools.
  10. Even though it seems that I failed to keep current on the newest lithium battery RVs, I would like to offer just a few thoughts on the Winnebago versus Coachman debate. The reviews clearly give the Winnebago a serious lead in the power race but there are some other areas that I think you should consider if you look at the companies that build the two RVs. Coachman is a brand name with a long history, but not all of that history is the best. The company had financial difficulties and was purchased by Forest River in 2008, a company whose history is that of making money for it's owner, Berkshier Hathaway, but also of putting profits ahead of quality or support. While I've not owned any recent Coachman products since then, they have a somewhat checkered reputation for quality and support. Winnebago is one of the oldest RV manufacturers still in business with a very long history and with the same family based ownership for that entire time. In recent years they have enjoyed one of the best reputations for factory support in the RV industry and the motorhome owners usually rate the company over all to be one of the top 3 manufacturers. (The other two are Newmar & Tiffin) In addition, starting in 2018 the compay has sent a team of their design engineers to the Escapees national rallies (Escapade) each year to discuss the changes that need to be made in future products and to review the things that they are considering. In my opinion, Winnebago is one of the top RV manufacturers in the industry.
  11. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We don't have a lot of owners of popup trailers here but many of us did travel in one in the past so we will give it a shot at helping you. One of the best sources of help with things of this nature is YouTube and in this case I find some possible answers. Here is what I'd watch first. NO 12 volt DC power but everything works when plugged in Next, thake a look at this one: Powering Your Jayco If you look around on YouTube you may well find some other videos that will help you a great deal, but I suggest that when you have time you would also be well served to take the time to read The 12V Side of Life by Mark Nemeth. There are two sections to this article and they are as good an explaination of how an RV system works as I have seen. Welcome to our group and I hope that these links are helpful. It has been some time since I last worked on a popup but please do return and let us know how things work out for you.
  12. Guess I'll do some reading on it. Thanks... Impressive! Lichtsinn RV Blog
  13. High here in Morris County, KS was only 87 today.
  14. Many things can influence the length of time it takes to sell and RV. If it is located in an area with few people who own RVs the sale will take longer as most people will havee to travel to see it. If the price is too high, that will have the same effect and if the RV has a bad reputation it will also slow the activity. RVs sell better in the spring and very slowly in winter so the season of the year matters too.
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