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  1. Aldi stores are in 35 states including most of the states west of the Mississippi.(I last shopped in one in TX yesterday). I suggest that you visit the Aldi Store Locator.
  2. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I would agree with the previous suggestions for an RV park near Yellowstone NP but also have a couple of comments on your route. You don't say where in Colorado you are going, but if it were me, I would change the route to visit Co. and then Mt. Rushmore, then go toward Yellowstone NP with a stop at Devil's Tower NM in route and also one in Cody, WY. Doing it in that order could save you some 400 miles if coming from the east or south, unless you are coming from the far northern part of the country.
  3. What concerns me is the assumed weights that you are using.... The proper way to compute what you can tow is to take the motorhome, fully loaded as you will to travel with all people and supplies on board to a scale and weigh the RV. The suspect area is that 2000# for people and everything the bring with them.
  4. World Health Organization Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)
  5. Not sure what happened to the first link, but it has been repaired and works once more.
  6. The Salk vaccine began to be used in 1954/55. The oral version from Dr. Sabin was not introduced to the public until the year 1960. History of polio vaccination I received the Salk vaccination (with a syringe) in school as soon as it was available and I believe a second one just prior to my graduation in 1960. I believe that I was given the sugar cube, Sabin version again by the Navy. None of this has anything to do with the question brought up by Vern in his first post. The question is, would a visit to an area that is frequented by visitors from Asia pose additional risk to the RV community of contracting the coronavirus? Based upon the current news, I personally doubt that it would, but I think that such things are decisions that each of us must make. The news from USA Today is that there are now 5 confirmed cases in the USA but only in China have there been any deaths from it and all confirmed cases thus far were contracted by visitors to that part of China. While I plan to stay current on any changes in the issue, I do not plan to make any changes in travel plans.
  7. There are also other companies with similar plans. I have not tried any of them................, yet. 🤤
  8. I just got set a link to the new Visible Group Phone Plan. Anyone heard of it and know anything about it?
  9. There was a family in the Kansas community where I grew up that had that experience with the result that their 9 or 10 month old baby did not survive. Each year there are several infants and elderly that succumb to influenza. The same for me. And I also do my best to avoid those who choose not to be vaccinated if I know. I believe that qualifies as trolling, just trying to start something. You may want to read the forum guidelines again.
  10. How do you keep the camera inside while using the toilet? And I hope that you aren't making a video! 🙄
  11. Welcome to the Escapee forums. You didn't give us any information to diagnose with but I'll give you some things to check. First make sure that both the electric supply and the water supply are both good. If then are, is it getting cold inside? Is the freezing tray full of ice but not emptying? Have you tried defrosting the unit? If you would tell us more about it, like the make and model and any other symptoms, we may be able to help.
  12. I know some folks who never wear a seat belt, but have never been injured in an automobile wreck. Perhaps we should all stop wearing them? I also had a relative who smoked all of his life and yet lived just short of 100 years with almost no health problems................. If you are interested in actual facts, rather than fiction, try this article: Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine What Vern brought up was not the common flu/influenza but Coronaviruses. If you want information about that try reading this from Web MD. ...
  13. It doesn't sound like they accommodate people with an RV.
  14. We are a long way from North Ranch. I think that 1200 miles would be a bit far for that job. 🤤
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