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  1. Actually, the executive order includes all persons traveling from the tristate area of NY, NJ, and Connecticut. NO has also been put on the quarantine list. While it is self quarantine, the TX HP will be verifying it.
  2. I have cleaned and disinfected as well as washed my hands so much that I think my system must be absorbing that stuff! This morning when I went pee it seemed to clean the toilet!
  3. The TX governor has ordered that anyone traveling from NY or NJ must be in quarantine for 14 days.
  4. We do not have any planned for this summer but our friends who have been going to a COE campground in Minnesota for years have been told to come even though the campground will be closed.
  5. It is that and in most, if not all states you have to deal with a long string of laws because they do not define what makes you a resident and most do not ever use the term domicile in any of those laws. For example, here in TX there is a law about registering your automobile, another for your driving license, another for voting, another for fishing & hunting licenses, and so on. None of those laws ever uses the term domicile and all say resident. That is pretty typical.
  6. As a transplant to TX, I too have struggled with the idea that the leader of the county commissioners is a judge, but it is simply a title and in reality the commissioner's court is exactly the same as the county commission in most states. It is rather like Louisiana where then call political subdivisions that we call counties a parish.
  7. This may replace toilet paper and waste tank chemicals as the hottest topic!
  8. I would think a little bit about the purpose of the census. The #1 item is to allocate US Representatives. Would you no choose that to be where you vote?
  9. No Escapee owned RV park is closed. (Rainbow Parks) Some of the co-op parks have closed to non-member visitors while others have not but they each make their own decisions by the board and the Escapee management has no control over them. Escapee management has done what they can to influence them to stay open to fulltimers, but that is limited. This lack of ability to control is one of the reasons that they no longer take part in creating more co-op parks. Have you not bothered to read the notices the club is sending out?
  10. The Walmart in east Garland, TX is at $1.57 for gasoline and $2.18 for diesel this morning.
  11. You are correct, although there are some financial institutions that have been reluctant to deal with the federal laws that require either a permanent, physical address or an alternative address of some close relative who will always know where you are. Here in TX and especially in Livingston most of them do know the difference and have learned how to deal with the issue. The statement that no mail service is good for banking is not correct, even though a few investment firms have been very reluctant to use the alternative address as provided by current law.
  12. They are not the only states that allow the use of a mail service for registering vehicles, keeping a driver's license, voting, etc. but there are no specific things which create your domicile although those are key items. If you have not done so, you need to read some of the articles published by Escapees to explain what it is. For most people the listed things are the most important parts. What is unique about those three states is the fact that they are the only ones that do the items listed and do not have any state income tax. I have never seen a listing of all states to accept the use of mail service addresses for such things, but I do know that the list would be pretty short. Unless things have changed, both TN and NV also accept a mail service address. Absolutely! Owning real estate has nothing to do with domicile. Domicile is a legal term that is generally determined by the courts if a dispute should arise. The dictionaries say that it is where you live, or where you plan to return if/when you travel.
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