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  1. It would be a very rare thing if you have any 120V lighting. If the lights work when no outside power is available, they must be 12V. I have added lights on more than one occasion. If you use 12v lights to add you just go to the nearest light switch or you could run a new wire from the 12V fuse panel as I have done both. The most difficult part is getting the wire through walls or into places where it does not show. RVs are wired before the interior is installed so there are places that you just can't get wires through. Let me suggest that before you get too far you should take time to read The 12V Side of Life by Mark Nemeth.
  2. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy that you have joined us here and we will help all that we can. I have little knowledge of the Work n Play line other than that I do see them in areas with many construction workers who seem to think well of them. I do have some knowledge of the Dutchman line & Keystone products. Both of those brands are now owned by Thor Ind. Both companies build a range of price/quality units. Montana by Keystone has a very good reputation for quality and reliability and I think that the Raptor is pretty much the same unit but in a toy hauler configuration. The Voltage by Dutchman seems to be growing in popularity. As dealers go, Camping World has a very checkered history for service and support. I have never bought an RV from them, but based upon the stories that I hear I never will.
  3. Welcome to the Escapee forums! To go north from where you are and not return over US199, the only alternative is to travel at least some distance on US101. In order to reach 42 you will have to travel about 110 miles on US101, OR126 is 185 miles to the north and US20 is 235 miles. You have not said where it is that you wish to go so we can only guess. US101 is probably less challenging than what you just traveled over but there will be times that the visual effect may make it feel so as there are many places that you see the ocean far below you on your left side as you go north. As BarbOK has said, you already came over a road that is as difficult as any part of US101, so just relax, take your time, and enjoy the scenery.
  4. I suggest that you read through the Guidelines so that you know what the rules are. There aren't very many so it will only take a few minutes to do. If you look at the top of the page, next to the word forums, Guidelines, Staff, Online Users.
  5. There are many different models of Dometic refrigerator so to be of any help we need to know which one you have.
  6. I have been rather remiss in keeping the website up since we left fulltime. I have several new volunteer experiences to tell but seem to be lazy. I do recommend looking for a place in South Dakota in or near the Black Hills. We were at Angustura SP because Custer SP was difficult to get a place and both are very good places to volunteer.
  7. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are here to help and support new folks and we will do all that we can to help. At the same time, I believe that it is best for us to be completely honest with you, even when the news is not good. The first part of this is that an RV which sells in that price range will probably need significant investment before you start to travel. Things like tires, belts & hoses, and all fluids should be changed before use, even if everything in the RV is working. If you visit RV Trader, class B you will find a range of them, and RV Trader also has class C RVs in your price range. If you are not familiar with RVs then you need to get someone who is to go with you when you shop and getting an RV professional to inspect it before you buy would be even better. RV appliances typically have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years if used much so you could very easily find yourself needing to repair or replace the appliances soon after purchase. Do not spend all of your capital to buy the RV because you will need repairs and some of them could be expensive. That same thing is true for the chassis and running gear. Living on as little as $1300 per month is possible, and there are a few who manage to do so and still enjoy life but most of us spend much more. The question here is not if it can be done but if you can do it. Most RVs get fuel milages of 10 mpg or less with a few in the teens, so extensive travel is expensive. In California last March we saw gasoline priced above $4/gallon and all states prices seem to be rising. My first suggestion is that you keep very accurate records of what you spend on every category now as your daily needs will not change significantly in an RV. RV sites can cost anywhere from around $25 to $80 and more, depending on where you happen to travel. The coasts and tourist areas are at the high end of things and rural areas with few attractions are at the other. Amazon has many books on RV living and you can probably find some at your local library.
  8. The pin that he is asking about only supplies the vehicle running lights and turns on and off with the tow vehicle headlights/parking lights. Pin #4 is the one that supplies 12V to the trailer batteries.
  9. We never did that volunteer gig but my wife & I have done more than 30 different RV volunteer tours and in all of those only two times did we have less than a great experience. In fact, we have been back to part-time RV life now for several years but we still do some volunteer positions with the most recently last summer in ND. It is a great way to really experience an area and not just skim the surface like any tourist.
  10. That is pretty high hours as RV generators go. It would be equivalent to two months of continuous run time. I can't find anything on RV generator life expectancy but I did find a recommendation that a Generac engine should be torn down for service sometime between 1000 and 1500 hours of run time.
  11. I suggest that you try to get it advertised in the Escapee magazine since it reaches all members.
  12. The story behind that boat is also worth some time.
  13. Damon used to post on several of the RV forums that I visited but I haven't seen him on one in several years. I had wondered what happened to him.
  14. We really enjoyed our time in Quebec City, which is the only walled city in North America and was founded the same year as Jamestown in the US. Plan plenty of time there as there is much to see. Be sure to take the time to visit the Huron First Nations cultural center that is a short trip from the city. In Maine do not miss Acadia National Park as it is worth several days time. Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, near Calis, has the highest density black bear population in the US. As you travel back to Maine from Quebec City, if you have time, travel east and visit Prince Edward Island and also Nova Scotia. If you get out that far, make a stop in St. Johns on your way back to see the reversing waterfalls and also visit Flower Pot Rocks. A good place to stay in the area of Bangor Maine is Pumpkin Patch RV park. If you pass through the area of Detroit, be sure to spend time at the Ford Museum Complex and give yourself at least 2 days there. In Wisconsin do not miss the House on the Rock and allow at least 2 days there. If you pass through Nebraska, be sure to stop at Chadron State Park, one of the most intact forts from the days of the Indian wars and the place where Chief Crazy Horse died. There is also an RV park there. I'll leave it to others now as I could easily fill at least 6 months of travel with things in the areas that you have listed on your route.
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