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  1. Kirk W

    Transfer switch?

    The transfer device should be in good condition after 4 years of use, but if it has ever been abused you could have burned contacts or you could also have some loose wires. The generator should never be started with shore power connected and any large loads in operation. If starting the generator you need to turn off all major loads like air conditioners, microwave, electric heaters, and things of that nature or you can do major damage to the transfer contacts and also the things that you are operating.
  2. Kirk W

    Atwood air commander

    In case you do not have a copy of it, this is a link to the Atwood service manual for the unit.
  3. Let me suggest that you visit the website of Bryant RV Service and download a copy of the service manual for the N61X series of Norcold refrigerators. Based on past experience, I'll be pleasantly surprised if your problem doesn't return.
  4. Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are pleased to have you join us. I am skeptical of the ability of vinegar as a disinfectant but perhaps BarbOK will join in since she is our resident chemist. The following is a quote from Healthy Spaces:
  5. Welcome to the Escapee forums! While we are sorry that it took problems to bring you here, we are happy that you came and we will do our best to help. The first thing which would help is to know a little bit of background information, like the make/model/ & age of the refrigerator you are dealing with. Do you have 12V power, as it is required for the refrigerator to operate in any mode? Most RV refrigerators go into a constant cool mode if the thermistor sensing temperature fails and disconnecting it should give that same result. Have you opened the outside access to the rear of the refrigerator to check there? If so, is there any odor of ammonia or any sign of a yellow gunk anywhere that you can see? What indicators light on the indicator panels and does the interior light come on when the door is open?
  6. Kirk W

    Atwood Air Command Heat Pump/AC

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! This is a very old thread so you may want to start a new one, perhaps in the technical forum, but I'll do what I can to try and help. From what you post it seems that you are working to install your heat-pump system but it might help to know a little more about what you are installing it into. Are you building an RV or replacing the a/c unit in an existing RV and if so what make/model of RV? Also, do you have a copy of the installation manual found here?
  7. Kirk W

    Control the Federal Dept?

    And that is the reason citizens need to be studying the problem and looking to push all of our elected officials to do something.
  8. Kirk W

    Coach Battery Hookup

    Welcome to the Escapee forums. Could you give us a little more information about the Tioga, like the year model? Also if you can get a picture of the battery box that would probably help. My best guess is that all 3 of the red leads should connect to the positive terminal as most RVs use chassis ground for the return side and so only have one cable from negative to ground, or the RV chassis. If shore power is available your converter should supply 12V power and you can try connecting the 3 red leads together and if everything in the RV works, you have found the answer.
  9. Kirk W

    What brand?

    That is quite possible. My point is that it is wrong to just tell new RVer's to buy a specific brand because there is perfect RV of any brand and with a used coach, the older it is the more critical condition becomes, no matter what company manufactured it.
  10. To remove odor and taste mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with a gallon of water and add that to your fresh water tank. Fill the tank and then run the mix through your water system. Let it stand for an hour or two and then drain the system and fill with fresh water.
  11. Kirk W

    Control the Federal Dept?

    While I was thinking the same as you are, I now regret having brought the subject up. I had thought that the majority of posters were big enough people to discuss such a serious issue without going political. The reactions do seem to indicate that I was wrong.
  12. Kirk W

    Battery Drain

    The GM P-30 series chassis of the late 80's and 90's was well known for what was called "hot starter syndrome" where it would start find when cool but not start when hot. Eventually, those cooked starters would fail completely but a heat shield usually resolved the issue.
  13. Kirk W

    What brand?

    That would depend on what model of Tiffin or Newmar. Both of them build several different models of diesel coach and the highest rated ones might make the better choice. Also, never forget that the history of any used RV can make a tremendous difference. To simply state that Foretravel is better than the other two is a very risky approach. There is no RV so well built that it can't be destroyed by neglect or abuse. An RV that is only used for weekends and vacations and is stored inside other times will be far better than even the best RV that has been used fulltime and constantly out in the weather. Brand loyalty can be taken much too far. Get a professional inspection on any possible choice. I have known two participants in these forums who no longer RV or post here because they bought older Foretravel coaches and the cost of operating and maintaining them forced them from the road. If you are like us and have limited financial resources, be very careful!