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  1. That is exactly the point. It is common for threads here to point out that local taxes don't matter to fulltimers since they are seldom, if ever in their domicile state to pay those taxes other than vehicle registration. In our 12 years of fulltime travels, we did return to TX each year (only 1 time were gone for 17 months) to visit our doctors, kids, dentist, and banker. But all of those were in Ft, Worth while we voted in Livingston. We never voted for any of the local officeholders or bond issues and such, but those who live in Livingston have no way to know for sure what I voted on. In addition, I did vote for those who represented TX in the Congress and for those representing Polk County in the TX legislature, even though I never spent more than 1 month continuously in Polk Co. I was a TX resident before I registered to vote in Polk County and I am now a permanent resident and property owner in Smith County, TX but those who live and work in Livingston only know that I was registered to the Escapee mail service. I believe that every US citizen should be able to vote but understand the local objection. It is not unusual for us to discuss how seldom we spend time in our location of legal domicile on this and other RV forums. At times it seems that some boast of the rarity of spending any time at all at the location of domicile and that is the root issue currently in SD.
  2. Your owner's manual should address towing, even though it may not call it flat towing. According to REMCO towing equipment, it can be towed with no modification.
  3. Kirk W


    Gateway Arch has no onsite parking at all. The guide to parking in St. Louis city center can be found at Get Around St Louis. I don't know of any RV parks in the central city as most are found in the outlying areas in most cities. When we visit cities we just stay in a local campground for a night or two. I can't recall ever seeing a place in an RV park intended for storage of an RV for a few hours but they might be willing to allow it if you call them before you go. You probably could leave your RV in a Walmart lot, but I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable doing so. If I did, I would sure want a high-quality tongue lock on it.
  4. The only limit to the number of different ways there are to live in an RV is your own imagination and ingenuity.
  5. That is the real issue since there is no national domicile and no special provision in voting laws in the states of preferred domicile. It would be nice if there were some provision for those who live fulltime in an RV, but there is not and I doubt any of us will live long enough to see it happen. If I had the power to change state voting laws for us, I would create a special registration for those who domicile by mail service to be able to vote only on statewide and federal issues and offices. I highly doubt that we will see that happen.
  6. I suggest that you leave the city and travel to Boulder Beach campground on Lake Mead for at least a night or two.
  7. According to NADA , the retail price of the van alone is $18,000. when I look up a 2010 Roactrek on the same chassis with the same mileage, it lists as average retail of $52,000. I doubt that you can consider the two to be the same inside so you need to somehow determine a way to compare them. Basically, you would be paying $11,000 for what the previous owner built into the van. A Roadtrek this clearly isn't nor is it close to the same thing. With something that is home built you really have to decide what it is worth to you. Does it have any waste water tank? How is access to the portaPoti for both use and emptying? Where will you bathe if you travel in it? Does everything work and is it in good condition? You probably would be wise to have an RV tech check it over before you buy.
  8. Kirk W

    Co-op questions

    I have never heard of any reports of this from any of the co-op parks and I think that it would come up on the forums if it were the case. I suggest that the best way to get that information would be to contact the department of motor vehicles office in each of the areas of interest and ask them. In most states, it is different if you are permanently employed(very short period) and much longer if not employed, usually 6 months or so.
  9. Welcome to the Escapee forums. We are here to help you so feel free to ask any and all questions that you may have. It is difficult to give any information of value since you really have not asked anything that we can respond to. Budgets are a very personal thing and many members of the forum have links in their signature lines which lead to information that they share and budget information is often part of it. My best suggestion at this point is to recommend reading of some books on RV living. You can find a good selection on Amazon.
  10. We do pretty much the same but at first, carried a lot in the supposed fireproof box, but then realized that the box isn't fireproof but has a time/temperature rating that is far from really fireproof. I would add wills, power of attorney, passports, vehicle registrations, insurance policies, medical information/ directives, DD214, and any other legal documents. We carry certified copies of most of them today. We carried current copies of our medical records with us at first, but never once was a doctor we visited on the road interested in seeing most of them so we cut back to only carrying our latest physical reports and medication lists as well as the doctors we see with contact information.
  11. There are things that you can do to lower the cost of RV sites. Many of us do volunteer work such as public park campground hosts or on national wildlife refuges helping out and in return get a full hookup site for working a few days each week. Another way is to join one of the campground discount groups like Passport America. If you join Escapees RV club they have 18 parks that you can stay in for a low cost. There are also places on public lands where one can stay free. Most RV parks have a monthly or weekly rate that is much less expensive than the daily rate.
  12. Would you expect any salesperson who only makes money if they sell something to say otherwise? The 30-day warranty does lend some credibility to that statement but I would ask them for a written warranty to read completely before you pay any money for it. Warranties very often have exclusions written into them to not cover some of the most expensive and high failure parts. The battery is quite possibly on that list. I suggest that you insist that the 30-day warranty cover every part of the RV. You have told us nothing of the age or mileage it has so we really can't say much about it.
  13. Walmart & Lowe's stores both have wifi available in all locations. Most Burger King restaurants also have it as do the majority of fast food locations. B Dalton books also have it and many shopping malls do as well.
  14. There are tests for lithium batteries, but it isn't likely that all RV inspectors know how to test them. Part of the answer would depend on just what was wrong and how bad the damage is. If the RV you are considering has one, I would ask any inspector if he does test them.
  15. You do sound like a good candidate for the life that you are planning. It might not be absolutely necessary to do a rental as a trial first, but if you have any doubts I would plan to do that. The one other thing that I would suggest is to do some shopping for them via the net so you know well the prices they bring. RVs can be difficult to get accurate numbers for prices that are fair as bargaining is usually part of dealing for one. It is rather like car shopping. You can get a feel for what is fair by looking at the NADA website and if you are serious you should check with your public library as they usually have a current paper copy which is updated more frequently and more detailed.
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