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  1. Kirk W


    Welcome to the Escapee forums! Is there some way that you could plug up the area where they gained access to the trailer? If you could stuff it full of something, even a temporary fix should keep them out of there long enough for them to find a new home.
  2. Kirk W

    Mt Rushmore area

    With the range that you have, you won't spend much time in the stations, but there are a selection of fuel suppliers in every town in the area. If I remember right, there is even one vendor inside of Custer SP. but they are bound to be the highest priced fuel around.
  3. You are correct about the temperature. As I read the installation materials, there is no way to manually adjust the temperature. Since it is new, I suggest that you return to the selling dealer and discuss the problem with their service department. There must be a way to adjust the temperature.
  4. Kirk W

    Mt Rushmore area

    I don't have specific maps but you should take time to drive all of the paved roads in Custer State Park. Make sure that you travel highway 16a from the park toward Keystone in a northbound direction to get a full view of the monument through the tunnels. And do not fail to travel Take a trip from Hill City into the park on 87 to pass through the "needle's eye" and spend a bit of time in that area. Take a trip through Spearfish Canyon as well and plan some time in the towns of Custer and Hill City. If you use this link to the map you can print it out.
  5. You may be right, since most RV refrigerators go to a "constant cool" mode if the thermistor should fail. Even without knowing the model, you could check for either an open or a shorted one.
  6. When we sold some property we put $100k+ into a "stepped" money market account. It is called that because the CD's each have a different maturity date, thus gradually returning to cash. We have reached an age where our funds are unlikely to need to last more than 25 years so have begun to spend down.
  7. I'm not sure what plastic piece you mean? Is it save to assume that you have adjusted the cooling control to it's lowest setting? Also, what model refrigerator do you have? One problem that some RV refrigerators sometimes have is a pooling effect of the cold air inside so that it creates a colder area at the bottom or in a corner due to poor air circulation inside of the chill box. If that is you problem it cam be improved by the addition of an interior fan and there are fans made for that purpose. We keep two of them inside of our RV refrigerator. These are available at most RV supply stores.
  8. Jimewyatt, welcome to the forums. You probably won't get much response on this one as the thread is now 3 1/2 years old.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by roof tape? If you mean tape that was put over seams and such, I would use EternaBond tape.
  10. If you mean to acquire some land by the US Homestead Act, that possibility was ended in 1976. If you are thinking of buying land you might be able to do that for a reasonable price. It could be very expensive to get utilities there since you would need at least water and a septic system.
  11. And take a look at Brazil, with sits on the equator. Brazil hits record high for new coronavirus cases
  12. Welcome to the Escapee forums! It would sound as though you must have done something if everything worked before and now doesn't . Are you saying that it does work on gas or 120V but not on 12V? Also, if you could post the model number that might help. You can probably find a copy of the service manual for it by visiting Bryant RV Service website.
  13. One other consideration is that if you will not be towing a car, the longer RV could be more difficult to find parking places for when you go out to see the attractions or shopping.
  14. That is the reason that I checked. She joined on last Tuesday, she was last here 5 hours ago, and she & her husband do check out as members of Escapees. Your questions are the reason that I checked.
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