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  1. John Laninga

    Mobley and DirecTVNow

    No, my Mobley like all other Mobley accounts is unlimited. However, since I came from many years of paying for data, I still prefer to minimize my data usage. I don’t know if this ever happens but my old habits are concerned that if I use too much data I will eventually get terminated or have my data plan changed. And I’m getting more and more into streaming (no longer even have satellite capabilities) it just makes me feel better to not be concerned in any way about using too much data. Jkhn
  2. John Laninga

    Mobley and DirecTVNow

    Signed into my DirecTVNow app, via my AT&T Mobley device, and got a message that effective immediately any DTVN usage would not show as usage on my Mobile AT&T account. In other words, you can stream DTVN all you want and never worry about triggering an excessive usage charge. Apparently it will show on my bill as a separate usage from other streaming. Not sure if this goes for any other access, ie phones or cable access, because it specifically mentioned "AT&T Mobility Service". John
  3. John Laninga

    Horrible Direct TV Now performance

    I switched from satellite to streaming 3 months ago, mainly because I got a new motor home and I didn't want to pay for an antenna. I have been streaming NetFlix, Hulu, TV.YouTube and DirecTVNow. Hulu streams the best, followed by Netflix, TV.Youtube and DTVN. It appears to be in the way they compress the streaming signals. I'm using AT&T Mobley for internet access. We spent a month in Buena Vista and Creede, CO where there were no OTA channels. Even my phone showed 2G and 3G speeds, yet I was able to watch perfect HD streaming. On TV.YouTube, I got Denver locals, DTVN had no local channels available. I agree we're still early in replacing satellite with Internet, but it is usable and it is the way the industry is going. Meanwhile I saved a bunch of money...$1,500 saved on not buying a dish plus about $125 in monthly charges (My satellite DTV was $160/mo, vs. $35/mo for TV.YouTube. John
  4. John Laninga

    Cell signal booster

    Does anyone have a cell signal booster they would recommend? Looking to boost cell reception for both my phones and my MiFi devices in my motor home. Thanks, John
  5. Do you know if you can local channels when traveling? YouTube TV DVR service works well but once you get away from your own home area it tries to find local channels where you are and many locations are not covered by YouTube, so no live TV in the more remote places. John
  6. Some time ago I bought the Essential PH1 with 360 degree camera for under $500. You can find them cheaper if you look. It works on all major networks (except Google Fi, but then, only Google phones do). A great deal, the solid titanium body is durable and nice to hold. The screen is Gorilla glass and has a great image. It is regularly updated, I’m now on Android 8.1. It comes with 128G memory, and runs all the Android apps. So I have been happy with this phone and am able to pass on all the high priced new ones and still am competitive with features. I don’t own stock or have any interest in Essential, just a happy user. == John
  7. Saw a post on another forum that ATT was cracking down, like in cancelling, accounts where the Mobley SIM card is used in a router or amplifier. Don’t have any confirmation, this is just a heads up. John
  8. We just bought a new motor home out of state and are on our way to Livingston. We need an inspection done before we can register it. Anyone know of a good place to have a motor home inspected Saturday morning?
  9. In my current coach I have an HD dish (MotoSat), SWM equipped, and an HR24-500 DVR receiver. I receive the NY national channels as well as home channels when I'm close enough. I am trading in my coach and the one I'm getting has an InMotion dish. Can I set the InMotion dish to DTV, then view TV in SD using my HR24-500 DVR? Reason: before I buy another Trav'ler dish I'd like to try Internet TV, which I have working pretty well right now. So the satellite is my backup plan. Then some time in the future if I feel Internet TV is the only way to go I can cancel my DTV. Your input is appreciated John
  10. John Laninga

    Our '09 Monaco Camelot SOLD

    No longer available, traded it in on a new Tiffin. -- John
  11. John Laninga

    Our '09 Monaco Camelot SOLD

    Found our new coach and I would be in a much better position to conclude the deal on a cash basis. So I'm lowering the price to $135,000 for a quick sale. But it would have to be in the next 2 weeks. email me at john at laninga dot com for a quicker response. == John
  12. John Laninga

    Our '09 Monaco Camelot SOLD

    Just lowered the price on RVTrader and so here as well to $144,995. == John
  13. As a former hardware and software developer (I can pretty well guarantee that you've used our products at some time) my initial response was: what's the problem? I thought it was commendable for Apple to provide a solution that would extend the battery life, even if it slowed the phone down some. The alternative would be to just let the battery die suddenly and leave you without a phone. I think all the hubbub about the battery issue was something for the media to make stories about and especially for lawyers who see this as a source of income. == John
  14. John Laninga

    GM's version of "Mobley"

    Dutch: I am not worried about range but the car hotspot turns off after I turn off the car. It will stay on if there is an active connection though but I don't know how long. Chirakawa: They are independent. I do not have OnStar but do have the $20/unlimited. It is not a contract, I can cancel anytime. We use it in the car because we keep our Verizon phones on a 2GB plan because it is cheap so the GM plan helps when we're exploring. Use it to find local places of interest, restaurants, and so on. Also, Google Maps routes work better than any in car DVD based GPS, and the one in my GMC is pretty good.
  15. I am very happy with my AT&T Unlimted Mobey plan for $20 a month. My new GMC Denali came with OnStar, which has a local in car hotspot, also through AT&T. So when the 6 month trial period ended I signed up for the GM version of Mobley, that is, $20/month for unlimited LTE. We use it enough in car to justify the $20. Unlike with Ford, the GM is integrated with the OnStar, which is built in to the vehicle. I had thought to try to find some way to also use it in the motor home, even if the car is parked in front of the MH as I can "see" and attach to the car hot spot. I haven't started any research yet, but will once the after holiday rush is over. Has anyone else tried and found a way to use the GM unlimited hotspot in other locations? It would be cool to have a backup to the Mobley.... == John