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  1. MaximumSignal Update?

    OK, I'll order one. Thanks for the info. == John
  2. MaximumSignal Update?

    Thanks for that speed check, looks good. So all I do is buy the 815s, remove the SIM from my Mobley and install it in the 815s? ==John
  3. MaximumSignal Update?

    Rynosback, all I really asked was if there were enough benefits to switch from my Mobley/WFRanger system to a Unite Explore system to spend another $130 or so on buying the Explore. And in so doing stop using my Mobley/ranger setup. John
  4. MaximumSignal Update?

    Just for my info, since I haven't been following this thread much... what benefit would I get to using a Unite 815S with my Mobley SIM versus using a stock Mobley ZTE and WFRanger Go as a router? Is this a duplication or are there definite benefits? Thanks, John
  5. Mobley problems

    Thanks for all the replies, but I think I found it and it was user error. I always use a WFRanger to attach to the Mobley, than use the router of the WFRanger with all our (many) devices. My WFRanger was sent to Idaho a few weeks ago for repair and I now have too many devices trying to log in to the Mobley. So now I started policing who and what attaches to the Mobley and all seems well. I get my WFRanger back this week and I should be back to normal. == John
  6. It's been almost a decade since we started full timing (and I had my heart surgery) and for the last 8 years we lived in our 2009 Monaco Camelot (purchased new). It has been a great coach, and has had meticulous care and all services performed (all records available). And it has had substantial upgrades on virtually every system. For full details check out here We will be in the Houston area until Christmas, then Dallas for a week, then in Port Aransas, TX for a month. We can arrange a viewing at your convenience and of course we can deliver as required. We are asking $149,500 which is well below the book price for a unit without all the upgrades. We hate to give up on this fantastic life style but life marches on and decisions need to be made. == John
  7. Mobley problems

    I was an early adopter of the Mobley device, and have it hard wired into my RV. It has worked fine, I've used as much as 90GB in one month with no noticeable slowdowns. But recently I am having undefined issues, and am wondering if anyone else has seen and fixed this? When I log into my Mobley as usual, speeds are fine, everything works. Then all of a sudden the Internet connection drops. If I try to log back in I get the message "Cannot connect to the Internet". If I then do a cold reboot it comes back up and works for a while, then the above cycle repeats. It used to happen once a day, now maybe 5 or 6 times a day. I know when it goes down not only for myself but by the looks I get from DW I'm wondering if maybe it is location specific, as I am in an area where phone signals are weak. Tomorrow, I move to a different location, and I'm hoping all will be well again (love the $20 unlimited!). Meanwhile, if someone has any other ideas, I'll be open to anything... == John
  8. Researching 2009 Monaco Camelot sale

    Thanks, got it. The coach you referenced is smaller, lighter and not a tag axle and has an MSRP some $50,000 less than mine, but they're asking $10,000 more. Maybe I should be asking more! John
  9. We bought this 2009 Monaco Camelot in 2009 and it has been our full time home since then. We are thinking of going off the road and so are interested in the sale ability of our motor home. Thought we'd look here first. Of course, every maintenance has been done, and we have all the records. But more importantly, we have steadily upgraded pretty well everything on this coach. From drivability (custom shocks, sway bar) to live-ability (custom internet, satellite, faucets, SeeLevel, Samsung fridge and much, much more) to safety (Safe-T-Plus, Progressive EMS, recent tires, alignment) this coach is in excellent condition. For full details click here. Average NADA retail, without all the upgrades, is at $177,000 for private seller. So we are asking $150,000. We have clear title in hand and are currently traveling in Montana, then to the Oregon coast, then back to the Dallas area. Delivery can be arranged at any time. This is our first attempt to explore getting off the road, and although we are interested in selling our coach we reserve the right to pull it off the market without notice. == John
  10. Avoiding Cell Phone Spam Verizon Android

    My own phone number starts with 828-817-XXXX. I keep getting spam calls from that same prefix. If I block it, as you describe, it comes back later with a new number. For example, I may block 828-817-1111 but then the calls come from 828-817-1200 and so on. At this time I have almost 100 calls blocked and they still keep coming in. I can't block the whole prefix because then my wife and I can't call each other anymore. So just keep rejecting calls as they come in. == John
  11. Gluing WIFI Ranger to top of RV

    I have three hotspots in my RV: an unlimited ATT via Mobley ZTE, Verizon 2GB jetpack, and an 8GB T-Mobile jetpack. The ATT was a recent addition, and will soon replace the T-Mobile which I bought two years because of unlimited streaming. The Verizon I use primarily for my phones (I have Verizon phone service). So my WiFi Ranger comes in quite handy when I'm traveling. I have about 7 devices in my RV that access the internet, and all through my WFRanger. So all my devices have a constant access point. When I arrive at a park I check on my WFRanger for any local free access points that have enough speed, and I will log in to that. If I can't find one, I use the WFRanger to find the best of my own hotspots in that location. So the WiFiRanger system allows for a better choice of how I connect to the internet while keeping each device in my RV on a simple connection. By offloading some of my unlimited to "free" local sites I keep my data use down, even if it is unlimited. I do a lot of photography work and use a lot of data... after a long trip last month I used 92GB of ATT data, plus a bunch of "free" local sites. Hope this helps. == John
  12. Not sure if this applies to anyone here, but just in case your dish uses a GPS (I think the Trav'ler does as well): My service is DirecTV, and my original receiver is an HR23, almost 10 years old. I have a MotoSat HD dish, and replaced the controller with an Eagle RE-1 controller two years ago. It uses a GPS "puck" to set the in initial aiming of the dish. The "puck" was Velcro'd to the top of the HR23. My HR23 receiver finally gave up the ghost, so ATT support came out and replaced the HR23 (no longer available) with an HR24 (current version, same size, same features). Except the HR24 uses SWM, my dish wasn't. So the ATT service guy replaced the LNB with a SWM unit and used one of the already installed coaxes to bring the feed down. But now the Controller gave a GPS error code, which resulted in really slow find times. Turns out the HR24 emits some kind of interference which confuses the GPS. Simply moving the GPS "puck" to a nearby cabinet (the cable was plenty long enough) solved the problem. So if your dish uses a GPS and you replace the receiver there is a chance it could interfere with your GPS ability to perform. == John
  13. Gluing WIFI Ranger to top of RV

    If this was aimed at me, I installed it 6 months ago or so, have got maybe 3,000 miles and no issues. I don't expect any, but those are always "famous last words".... == John
  14. Our coach is now 10 years old and the DirecTV receiver and Motosat dish have worked well. Until recently, when the receiver went bad. Had an ATT service guy come out, needs to replace the receiver. No problem, I have a service warranty. But the newer receivers don't have the same LNB so he replaced the LNB. But there still stuff to do, safe to say it probably will be a week or so before I get everything worked out. We are currently in Buena Vista, CO with no, zero OTA TV. So I was wondering how much of the same stuff I could get via Internet, as I have Mobley/ATT $20 unlimited internet installed already. I was curious anyway, as my DirecTV DNS DVR account is $150/month. So I already have Netflix ($10/month), Amazon Prime, and added CBS Access ($10 month). Got FOX, NBC, ABC, History Food and several other channels free. So far, I am able to get live CBS channels and access to most other stuff we used to watch. So, we may be able to replace our DirecTV with Internet. Time will tell as we will be in the boonies this summer and we'll see how well the Internet TV works. Just thought you might be interested.... John
  15. Another one: testmy.net. It works well on all my devices (Win 10, Mac, Android and iOS).