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  1. I didn't get offered any deal from OVPN (darn), but paid for one month to see how I like it. I am in my third week and am happy with it. Granted I am using it over a captive portal in a campground. My ping right now is 190 MS and download speed 2.78 Mbps. And the cg is full. Good enough for my uses. It does take about a minute each time I log in as I have to log into the campground and then connect the vpn. I have a friend who knows his stuff and he also recommended airVPN. You can goggle a comparison, they both have their pluses and minuses. Guess it depends on your needs. Mine are minimal (mostly to be anonymous like you said).
  2. RV/Derek, I just want to thank you for your excellent advise. I have been running Defender and Malwarebytes Premium for years now without running into any problems.
  3. I have been using OVPN and like it. Whatever you do, be sure to choose one you pay for. The free ones have drawback.
  4. Why would my RV fridge Dometic 2410 work perfectly on propane and then freeze my veggies and go down to 20 on electric? Readjusting the thermostat doesn't make a difference. Plus it takes 2 days for this to happen. The fridge is just 4 years old and up till now has worked perfectly on the 3 setting and I often switched back and forth from propane to electric (no DC setting), being a full timer it has had a lot of use!
  5. Any suggestions for a reliable wireless back up camera? I just have a 22' MH and no toad. Thanks!
  6. I here that the Escapee BOF Boondockers are active on the East coast and was wondering where I might find their itinerary?
  7. I have been using Webroot for several years now with good success. How come I never here about it, and it isn't listed in the comparative charts?
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