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  1. Tesla.com in case you have nothing to do for the next couple hours :-)
  2. Vertical Pin Box

    I've toyed with this idea, so I'm in for updates. (I have a ghetto Lippert frame as well . . .)
  3. Mpg

    9.2-9.4 towing; 13.5 bob tailing. Speed for these #s is 62mpg on cruise control Numbers drop considerably if I speed up
  4. Replacement seats

    Are there any seats/seat brackets that let you swivel the seat around (like in a motorhome). We often stop and eat in the truck (with the kids and dogs it's easier) and being able to swing the front seats around would be real nice!
  5. battery/gen slide trays for sale SOLD

    Thanks again, very excited to get these. Going to use them for an under-cab generator install.
  6. battery/gen slide trays for sale SOLD

    I'd like to buy both of them. They will fit my generator shelf perfectly and make filling the genny a LOT easier. I can do paypal or mail a check. Thanks! EDIT: Sent you a PM
  7. Replacement seats

    Went to TEC in Vegas today - no more seats on display. Founds the air bladder in the parts database - discontinued. Wife was not happy but my wallet was! We are going to get one of those seat cushions for her (thanks for the tip) and go to Iowa80 in the spring and see what they have there. :-)
  8. Replacement seats

    Thanks going there today. My wife blew her lumbar air pillow (over inflation anyone) on the drive up from El Centro and now she is demanding something be done asap. My wallet is already crying . . .
  9. Replacement seats

    We need new air seats. Where can we got to sit in these things before buying them? Preferably somewhere in the southwest :-)
  10. Regearing

    I had a 3.58 rear end. Put in a freshly rebuilt 3.07 locker at Vaander Haags in Sioux Falls. It was around $2,500 out the door I think (red wine and age makes the memory a little blurry hahah). I have nearly new nice 24.5 tires on aluminum wheels on the truck that I'd be open to trading for similar 22.5s if anyone is looking to get bigger rubber but doesn't want to spend $$
  11. Meeting Fellow HDT'ers

    We'll be at the Circus Circus RV park for a week for SEMA/AAPEX. If things aren't too crazy on our side we should get together!
  12. 3500W Inverter for 12k split AC

    Finally had a chance to do some testing. I bought one of those energy testers that has a peak capture ability and hooked it up. At startup, the split AC draws around 400W, then climbs steadily to around 1,000W after an hour of running. Sooooo . . . with that said does a 2,000W PSW inverter still sound like a good option? I'd like to have some head room to plug other small items into occasionally (cell phone charger type devices). If so, any particular brand that you'd recommend? I was looking at the Xantrex PROWatt 2000 Inverter, Model# 806-1220 as it has a wired remote switch option that I can put somewhere on the dash to make turning it on and off easier.
  13. Going to be in Albequerque for two weeks for the balloon fiesta and want to get oil/lube done, a few rusty heater pipes replaced, and replace my leaky PS pump. Debating where to take the truck. The Volvo dealer there has bed reviews. Can anyone recommend a good place in/around Albequerque to get work done?
  14. 3500W Inverter for 12k split AC

    Sorry for the delayed reply, been super busy with the company this week. Thanks for all the input, this makes a lot of sense. I dug up the receipt, and learned that it's not a 12K at all (doh!). I had remembered wrong. It's a RAMSOND MODEL 27GW3 9500 BTU SEER 13: http://www.ramsond.com/r27gw3/ The technical specs are about 75% of the way down that page. I think I see 7.3A cooling current input. I have this Northern Tool 1500W inverter that can with my 630 when I bought it from Ray. I tried running the AC with it, but it would not start the compressor, only the fan: http://www.northerntool.com/images/downloads/manuals/4572000.pdf So maybe a pure sine wave inverter in the 2000 watt range is what I should be looking for? Anyone have a used one they want to sell?
  15. 3500W Inverter for 12k split AC

    I'm leaning toward getting this 3500W inverter to power my 12k mini-split AC while driving down the road: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NHS9R6/ref=dra_a_rv_bb_hn_xx_P1400_1000?tag=dradisplay-20&ascsubtag=9ebb96cddaee656ec6809c176dfa6d4c_S I don't plan on running it with the ignition off and I'm 99% sure that the Volvo's alternator is strong enough to supply it when running, but yeah want to see if you guys have any thoughts before I buy it and wire the thing up ;-)