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  1. Hi all, We have spent over ten years active rving (over six months on the road a year) and had five new fifth wheels (not pre-owned). We continue to have trouble with our kitchen sink waste tank valve. We are very careful to wipe down our dishes to remove grease before we wash them. My husband has replaced the valves but we seem to end up at the same place repeatedly. I have used dishwasher detergent and hot water (a YouTube suggestion) with no luck. I know the cable from the valve to the outside has had an impact on some of the valves but ultimately the valves eventually become so clogged they won't move. So we would love to hear about a new kind of valve or a new way of cleaning/emptying that would help us. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, We have tile in our entire fifth wheel except on one of the living room slides. We also have a senior dog who is deaf and has a bit of doggie dementia. We are loosing the battle of preserving the carpet (of course that's the only place he likes to pee!). We want to replace the carpet with tile. We have done research, found a few Youtube videos and think it's a project we can tackle. We'd love to hear from anyone who have done it. I also have concerns about anchoring the recliner stadium seating on that side (hubby says he's got a plan but I'm dubious). Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, Our water pump does weird things. Most times no problem. Sometimes when you turn it on it runs without any water running. It stops by running water sometimes, by turning it off then back on sometimes, or by just turning it off. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. PAylor

    Traveling with health conditions

    He has to have bloodwork done every time. Plus there are insurance restrictions. At this point we've had three different doctors confirm this is the best course of action.
  5. Hi all, No one has been able to find the problem with our fireplace. We have had it in the shop, taken it back to the manufacturer and contacted the fireplace company. We have an Ambition fifth wheel made by Augusta and a Greystone fireplace. It cuts out occasionally. Right now it has been running fine for two day. Then it cuts out-sometimes in an hour or two, sometimes in a day or two. When you try to restart it cuts out within a minute. Obviously one of the problems is that it doesn't cut out consistently. Augusta sent us a new a new fireplace. Greystone sent us a new motherboard thinking that the replacement might be from a bad lot Augusta might have had. Augusta also reworked the wiring to the outlet. We took the fireplace out and ran it in the house, it ran fine. We plugged two space heaters in the outlet, they ran fine. Nothing indicated that there is anything wrong. Any thoughts on this mystery? Any more diagnostics we might try? A real head scratcher! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, We have been very active RVers for nine years. We do own a home but travel at least six months of the year. We've been to Alaska twice, every state in the lower 48 as well as BC, Alberta, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. We mix volunteering with touring. It has be been such a wonderful adventure. One year ago my husband was diagnosed with mylodisplactic syndrome (MDS), what they call pre-leukemia. He is what they call low to intermediate risk right now. He has been stable since his diagnosis. At some point he may need a bone marrow transplant but for now he just requires shots every one to two weeks. Needless to say it put a crimp in our travel last year. We were able to get away for six weeks. It took lots planning and record transferring. Everything went well though. We are currently on another six week trip. The planning and record transfer has been much more difficult. His doctor says that he could stay stable like this for four or five years. Also any health decline will be slow so no risk of a sudden problem. We want to try another big trip to Alaska. I am sure that many of you have health conditions but continue to travel. I would love to hear positive stories about your experiences. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, We have a 40 foot Augusta Ambition fifth wheel. We have a progressive industries power management system which has a read out of power in and out. The power is divided between two lines. Of course we keep the power output under 50 amps. Should we also try to keep each line under 25 amps? On occasion one line has gone over 25 amps with no breakers blowing but I wasn't sure it was good to do. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, I like the idea of front living rooms with the duel slides. Seems like you sacrifice some room in the bedroom in the rear but we spend more time in the living room anyway. Anyone out there have any thoughts or opinions? Thanks!
  9. PAylor

    Traveling with bananas part 2

    Glad to put your mind at rest!
  10. Would love to have input- We purchased our fifth wheel last November. We have had three previous fifth wheels and are experienced Rvers. Also we have done extensive plumbing and electrical work to all our rigs. This was a custom high end unit. The manufacuturer was purchased and merged with another company during the final weeks of the assembly of our unit. We have never had an Rv with so many problems, many major dangerous problems. At this point the company has been great about taking care of all repairs. The warranty runs out in November. I really do think that this unit was caught in the chaos of the transition. The things that we've found makes it clear that there was no quality control. I want the company to extend the warranty past a year. I don't want to take legal action unless I have to. Based on Rv industry newsletters I know my problem isn't unique.
  11. Thanks for all the input on my first request. I know you are all anxious to know what I consider to be the ultimate way to travel and preserve those precious bananas. Here it is- After the bananas reach your desired ripeness separate them from their bunch. Wrap the end in saran warp (got this trick online). Then gently lay them on a towel in the the fridge. It's a bit of work but it seems to work for me.
  12. Hi all, I know this sounds inane but I am tired of throwing away food! We are on the road. I love to have a banana every day. One day of travel bruises my bananas terribly. I have tried to put them in a padded chair, on the carpet on the floor, nestled in towels and they always get bruises from the shaking of our fifth wheel. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, The hubby and I have a difference of opinion and I would love input. We have a new fifth wheel that is still under warranty. I don't want to say it's a lemon but we have had it in the shop several times. The manufacturer has taken care of everything but it's still a hassle. Anyhow the A/C quit working. We took it to the service center and of course they couldn't find anything wrong. So we had to pay the bill. Got it home, packed to leave on a trip and turned on the A/C. After letting it run for two days the A/C cut out again. Took it back (after canceling our vacation-grrrr!) and they were able to find that the Dometic thermostat was bad. Of course we didn't pay for that repair. I think the repair shop is responsible for the first bill. I feel like they didn't do enough to find the problem. Hubby thinks Dometic is. He contacted the dealer requesting they contact Dometic. One thing I am sure of is that we're not responsible!
  14. Hi all, We purchased a new fifth wheel that doesn't have carpeting in the living room. It is so much easier to keep clean! But I am noticing scratch lines in the tile floor where the slide out rolls over the tile. I'm sure there must be others without carpet that don't have this trouble. It has to be something wrong with the rollers the slide out is seated on, right? It's still under warranty and the company has been great. Thanks in advance for input/advice.
  15. PAylor

    RVing with cancer

    Hi all, My hubby and I have had so many exciting adventures over the past 8 years in our RV; national parks, Alaska, Canada, family and friends. He was just diagnosed with myloplastic syndrome (MDS), a kind of leukemia. The only cure is bone marrow transplant. He is asymptomatic and very healthy now. His treatment plan is weekly shots and observation. We will reassess his health in June. If he stays stable I would like to do some travel. This will involve coordinating doctors on our travels to give him his weekly shots. Also this disease can turns very quickly so it may require we both have to fly home and leave the RV. I'm sure there are other people who have had health problems and continue to travel. I would love to hear experiences, suggestions and resources. Also would love to know what our.options are if we do have to leave the RV in terms of storage and transport. I think this is emotionally important for both of us. We love traveling.