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  1. Full-timing in a TT?

    Yes. The company is relatively new started by former executives from Keystone. They have a good reputation. I know a gal who has their TT called "Imagine" 2650MK (the company's lightweight TT) very nice interior and she has no problems except for an imbalance in one of the slides that the dealer took care of with no problems. I would look at one although I would look at insulation and weight since its a "Lightweight" And as I recall the CCC was low for the size
  2. Escapees Creates "Free" Job Board

    Error You are not authorised to view this resource. skp#? Is that my Member#? If not I do not have a SKP# as I thought those were groups or the Escapees parks? Please explain..Thanks
  3. "This Is What Campers With Pets Want"

    I just saw my first Japanese Chin in the campground I am in now in Texas. Darling dogs!
  4. Full-timing in a TT?

    I have been full timing for three years in a 2005 20ft Sunline. I am sure it was never meant to be a full time rig but it has been remarkably trouble free except for the usual minor things. Personally I like the older rigs, I think they were better made. I would look at older Artic Fox, Nash and I love the Bigfoot. Older Holiday Ramblers also. Older Komforts made by Komfort before being acquired by Dutchman. The Escape and Olivers are wonderful too but quite small
  5. Hello, I am currently in Lajitas, Texas but plan on going up to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington this coming late Spring/Summer. Since I have never been there I would appreciate suggestions for campgrounds, full hooks or not. I have a small TT with small holding tanks so the longest I could do without full hook ups is 6-7 days. Thanks! Joan
  6. How Much Can I Pull?

    Yes I agree. I really do not consider the light weights a good choice for full timing I did not know that KZ was bought out by Thor although apparently they went to a Lippert frame in 2010 and I have concerns with them, weld failures. I do prefer wood framed as they are better insulators, do not sweat and are easier to repair. Of course they are heavier soooooo I am coming to the realization that I probably will not be able to find a wood framed fifth that I can safely pull and need to look at trailers I called Northwood and was told that all Nash products are still wood framed Although I am not sure I can gain much space than I already have with a trailer either given the weight restrictions of my truck *sigh* Thanks for your reply
  7. How Much Can I Pull?

    Oh that's great, thanks! I have started looking to find small 5ers that I could pull safely made with quality and I found this one made by KZ. http://www.rvt.com/KZ-Sportsmen-235-FRONT-TWINS-2008-Houghton-Lake-MI-ID6179522-UX68852 I have heard of them but do not know much about them. However, my initial research is that owners like them and they report a well built product. I did find that they went to Lippert frames in 2010 so I would look for one made prior to 2010
  8. How Much Can I Pull?

    Yup, with a 4:10 it would be a higher weight However, even though I am disappointed I have no intention of trying to exceed the correct weight I want to be safe, not sorry Thanks!
  9. How Much Can I Pull?

    I certainly appreciate the information! According to the Chevy Forum VIN # Check my truck IS a HD and the axle is 3.73 The front axle capacity is 3800 The rear axle capacity is 6000 The CAT scale weight of my fully loaded truck is; Steer axle 3480 Drive axle 2900 Gross Weight 6380 Thanks!
  10. How Much Can I Pull?

    I wish I was wrong but got numbers off manufacturers labels on the truck Combined gross weight was from running my VIN # at a Chevy Forum (which provided a bunch of other info on my truck too). I weighed the truck twice at the CAT scales just to make sure it was weighed with me in it as I had to get out to press the call button
  11. How Much Can I Pull?

    That looks interesting but slightly over $1,000 Apparently most people do pull over weight. The gentleman whom I bought the truck from had a big fifth wheel. The gentleman last night who said he would not hesitate to pull a 30ft fifth wheel with because he did! He reasoned that because the weight of a fifth wheel is over a axle that you could pull more than with a bumper pull!
  12. How Much Can I Pull?

    It's just hard to accept that a 2500 diesel can only pull less than 6,620 lbs That really crimps my shopping! I was focusing on 5ers since everyone has told me how much better they pull and how much easier they are to maneuver and back up than a trailer. Specifically Arctic Fox or a (Triple E Topaz if I could find one)but apparently those are out of the question, even a 23-5N if I could even find one since Northwood isn't making them anymore. The only Arctic Fox trailer I could pull is 22 model but not much bigger than my current rig. I had a gentleman tell me just tonight that he would not hesitate to pull a 30 ft 5 er with my truck. He said he had a very similar truck and a 30ft that he pulled all over. The gentleman I purchased the truck from was pulling at least a 32ft fiver How do theses people get so lucky to not have any accidents? I do not even know the brand/type of brake controller that I am using now. It came with the truck. I will have to check but excellent idea on the trailer breaks and controller. Thanks!
  13. How Much Can I Pull?

    The run away truck ramps. Saw them when I went through the Teton Pass. It was a white knuckle drive and I wasn't pulling!
  14. How Much Can I Pull?

    Well I agree! That is why I am trying to calculate how much I can pull....safely. I guess I am just trying to get a confirmation on my calculation of a loaded trailer weight of 6,620 -8,000 I do not intend to buy a new truck but I may still be able to look for a larger trailer once I can confirm that my calculation is correct. For instance I know I could pull a 25ft Bigfoot ( if I could find a reasonably priced used rig) Thanks!
  15. NOP at Cottonwood, AZ WalMart Enforced

    Great. I am headed that way