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  1. Kerrville is a wonderful town. I have spent time there every year for the last five years. Good luck with your sale. Jim
  2. You don't make any profit or suffer any loss until the position is closed. Berkshire Hathaway has been a long time holder of Apple stock. So I would assume their cost basis is well south of today's price. Jim
  3. Disclaimer ; I'm not a tech guy, so take what I say here with a grain of salt. I guess the roll out of 5G is going to solve a lot of Verizons problems with this data issue. I got on their unlimited data plan when it came out and I like it. I have however noticed a reduction in their service coverage since the unlimited plan came out. I'm full time and tend to go to some of the same area's repeatedly. Since the plans introduction I have gone to area's that used to have a good strong Verizon signal and now have weak or sporadic signals or none at all. I've noticed it outside of Chattanooga,TN. I visit my brother there and have never had an issue with a signal until this last visit. He also has Verizon Wireless and agrees the service has gone down hill. I notice the same thing around Kerrville TX. I think Verizon over sold this unlimited thing and don't have the infrastructure to support the demand. So do you think it's possible in some area's with high demand they weaken the strength of the signal coming off the towers? By doing this they would keep the bulk of their customers happy in the high density areas at the cost of losing a few customers in the outlying area's. I've been with Verizon for decades and have no plan to switch. I think they will work this out and they seem to be in the forefront of the 5G innovation. Jim
  4. John, weren't you on this forum some time ago? Jim
  5. Sounds like you made a good decision on buying and selling you Tesla stock. Good luck in the search for a new home. Jim
  6. You put some plastic gloves on and rinse your sewer line with fresh water. It's really not that difficult. Jim
  7. I’m in the Texas Hill Country and it registered 108 degrees in the shade today. And I’m really proud of my old RV. I keep my AC set at 77 during the day and anything under 100 degrees and my AC will cycle off and on during the day. But the last few days have really been a test. This is my fifth summer in the same spot here. The RV is in the direct sun all day until just about 5PM. Today she didn’t cycle off. The best I could maintain was 82 degrees in the direct sun. But she maintained a reduction of 26 degrees under direct sun with just one 15K Colman AC. Now my RV is smaller than most at 34 feet. I also have just two slides and being an older RV the interior height of the slides is less than modern RV’s. But still, I think it’s impressive. I have slide toppers which greatly help keep things cool. I also have window awnings all the way around which also help and led lighting inside. For those of us in Southwest this week. . . how is your RV doing in the heat?
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/3b7127eb-8fb6-3298-9842-5d55273eb090/ss_he-collected-nearly-%24200k-as.html Jim
  9. Has anyone here had the misfortune of damaging a rental car and using your own insurance to pay for it? In the past, I have never purchased the add-on insurance when I rent a car. My insurance co. (USAA) will cover me in a rental car and when I charge the rental my credit card (USAA) will cover the deductible. I will be renting a car next week and decided to research this a bit. I actually called USAA and spoke to someone about the coverage and was surprised at the answers. They said that I had coverage but it "may" not cover everything. They said the rental car company can bill for things such as "loss of use" fees and those "may" not be covered. The bottom line from USAA is that you might want to consider paying the car rental company for their insurance. I'm curious if anyone here has damaged a rental car and what the process was like? Jim
  10. I use a weBoost 4G-M. I was amazed at how well it actually worked. I was in an area with a very weak Verizon signal so I gave this a try. Performing a speed test with and without the booster showed a remarkable increase with the booster. Jim
  11. Five Wood


    I saw a sign in Kerrville TX that said. . . "we don't know them all, but we owe them all". I thought that was kind of nice for Memorial Day. Jim
  12. I would like to see the number of complaints presented as a percentage of units sold. For instance, Montana is on the list but there are a very large number of units sold. So the complaint ratio may actually be quite small but they still make the list because the raw number is high. I have considered replacing my RV for several years but I'm scared to do it. The product quality and dealer support is abysmal. Jim
  13. Five Wood

    Fallen Hero Cart

    Thank you for escorting our service member home. Jim
  14. Well, I purchased this adapter from Apple and it seems to work just fine. https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD826AM/A/lightning-digital-av-adapter?fnode=97&fs=f%3Dadapter%26fh%3D458e%2B45b0 Thanks for the replies. Jim
  15. I purchased my RV nine years ago at PPL in Houston and was very impressed with their operation. I have stopped in twice since then to look at RV's and on both visits my opinion remained the same. They have the selling of consigned RV's down to a science. There is never any pressure to buy, but they are right there to assist with any questions. When you decide on an RV they make the purchasing process quite easy. My point is, that if the place has a good reputation among RV purchasers, that's the place you want to go to sell your RV. They have a lot of people coming through there to look at and buy RV's. jim
  16. Eddie, look a few posts up on this thread at the post from Technomadia. Their link is very informative and a section of it answers your question. Jim
  17. I have a 98 Carriage so I guess I don't have "current RV plumbing"☺️. As I stated above, one of my reasons for not using it is because many of them slow the natural process of decomposition. Many people use and love these products and that's just fine. But if I can sit in my RV and smell my black tank, I know I have a mechanical problem. Rather than mask the odor with perfume, I will correct the mechanical problem causing the odor. Jim
  18. I'm in the "no additives" camp. If you stand over your commode, with your foot holding the pedal open and stick your head in the darned thing you should certainly smell bad stuff. That smell is bacteria at work that decomposes the waste. If you are using products that make the tank smell nice, most of them have bleach in them, which retards or stops the process of decomposition. And you are then surely headed for trouble. If you are eating dinner and smell your black tank, you have a mechanical issue. The issue could be a clogged vent, a worn gasket in your commode or a leak somewhere. If your system is properly sealed, you should smell nothing. I think some people stand there with their foot on the pedal, after doing their business, with the thought of rinsing the toilet. All you are doing is holding the trap open to the "cauldron of bad stuff" and heat rises. Just hold the foot pedal at 50% to allow fresh water to enter the toilet and then quickly push the foot pedal down to drain it. So that's how I do it. Jim
  19. Thanks for the link, it was very informative. I have an iphone 8 with unlimited data plan. In your link you indicated a "Lightning Digital AV Adapter" is an option and I have looked at those. When I look on Amazon they all specifically state that they will not work with Prime Video and other commercial streaming services. Some of the commenters on Amazon stated that the Apple version of the device would work. So I called Apple several days ago and they referred me a fella in tech support and he stated with certainty that it would not work with streaming services because of copy write infringement issues. So I'm left wondering if the Apple product really does work and they are just required by law to state that it is not designed to handle Prime Video? Any thoughts on that? Jim
  20. I'm full time, use a Dish Tailgater for satellite TV, Verizon Unlimited with a hot-spot for internet, and I'm looking for advice on a better way to stream shows through Amazon Prime. Right now I use my hot spot on the phone and my TV accesses the internet through the phone but when I reach the data limit on the hot spot the speeds are reduced to a point where streaming is no longer possible. Any ideas of how to better do this? Jim
  21. I think his apology is very well written but it was penned for the wrong reasons. In his letter he mentions his business and his employees. He clearly understands the adverse economic results his careless actions will have on his business and I think that is probably the only real regret he has. The depth of his appreciation for what that arch is, is probably limited to just "oh that's cool". And at his point in his life his level of appreciation will probably not change much. I would like to see the Park Service offer him a deal. Offer him the choice of a $10,000 fine or 150 hours of public service working with a park service restoration team for him and each member of his family. For the mother and father it will simply be punishment for being stupid. But for the kids they may learn an appreciation for what it takes to repair or minimize the damage people like their parents cause. And the kids may actually learn how treasures like that arch are formed. Jim
  22. I saw a short article on that last week on the internet. And then there was nothing more. And I find that very sad. Jim
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