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  1. I think his apology is very well written but it was penned for the wrong reasons. In his letter he mentions his business and his employees. He clearly understands the adverse economic results his careless actions will have on his business and I think that is probably the only real regret he has. The depth of his appreciation for what that arch is, is probably limited to just "oh that's cool". And at his point in his life his level of appreciation will probably not change much. I would like to see the Park Service offer him a deal. Offer him the choice of a $10,000 fine or 150 hours of public service working with a park service restoration team for him and each member of his family. For the mother and father it will simply be punishment for being stupid. But for the kids they may learn an appreciation for what it takes to repair or minimize the damage people like their parents cause. And the kids may actually learn how treasures like that arch are formed. Jim
  2. Five Wood

    Seven USAF "Guardian Angels" killed

    I saw a short article on that last week on the internet. And then there was nothing more. And I find that very sad. Jim
  3. Five Wood

    PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    Kirtland AFB was my first duty assignment, in 1974. I haven't been back since I left in 76. Where was the Fam Camp located. I've often thought of going back to look around. Jim
  4. Five Wood

    Has anyone heard from "Stan"

    I miss Stan's input on the forum. Not just in the Veterans area, but he often had words of wisdom in other area's. Jim
  5. Five Wood

    Grey water tank

    If you are at a full hook-up site, does your grey water not mix with the black after you dump them? I might be missing something here. . . but I see nothing wrong with adding gray water to your black water tank. Jim
  6. Five Wood

    How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    I dunno Barb. . . 5 cases to last two people the entire winter seems rather austere to me. Personally, I'd be getting nervous around Valentines day. Jim
  7. Every year I receive seasons greetings from friends who still serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most don't wear the uniform any longer. They are retired military like I am. But they are fighting our wars, and their deaths don't seem to count. Our world keeps evolving and for better or for worse . . . we don't understand who it is that is fighting our wars. Contractors don't count in the death toll. They count to me very much and they should count to most Americans as they are mostly veterans or retired military. But in the death toll of our various wars they are not counted. Please make no mistake, I will never take anything away from the valor of our military. As I said I am retired military. As a military contractor, I chose to be there, and many of our uniformed military did not. But please don't forget them just because the government and the news media don't think they count. Jim
  8. Five Wood

    Rats crawling into my engne

    I ran into this problem some years ago and another RVer recommended "peppermint oil". I was at a park that was in a forested area and the critters were really raising heck with the rvs and trucks. She gave me some oil to mix with water and spray around the RV and the engine compartment of the truck. I immediately had no more trouble with rodents. I buy mine at Amazon for under 10 dollars. If you read the reviews on amazon you will see a lot of people use it to control rodents. Jim
  9. Five Wood


    I'm on the unlimited plan and have noticed that in the past several months some stops that I've made that used to have good Verizon speeds now do not. That takes into account, not being over my 15gig limit and a strong signal. I attribute it to Verizon marketing this unlimited plan very well, but not having the infrastructure to support the demand. I don't stream much so even the slower speeds work fine for me. I'm happy with the plan. Jim
  10. Five Wood

    Grey Water Dumping

    I really like the original posters screen name. But to his question. . . Here's what I do. If I'm boondocking there is probably a fire ring and if not I will build one. I carry a Home Depot bucket with me. Before bed, I want to ensure the fire is out. I have a dump cap with a hose connection to it. I will fill my five gallon Home Depot bucket once or twice and dump it on my fire to ensure it is out. The water filters through the charcoal and any food particles that are left on top to be burnt the next day. This won't work for heavy water users, but I travel alone, and this works just fine for me. I learned this from an old sage that used to post here. If there is a burn ban in effect, I will dig a small hole and run the hose to the hole and slowly release the gray water. Any food particles that are left in the hole, I will cover up. I just spent a week at a COE campground and was amazed at the number of people just dumping their gray water on the ground. In my opinion, this simply attracts ants and varmints to the food particles. And this is no favor to the next RV'er. Jim
  11. The S&P 500 has done remarkably well in the past 10 years and I agree with Buffett's thinking. It's also interesting to look at a chart for the S&P 500. Stretch it back further than 10 years. In March 2000 it started falling. Regained it's losses by mid 2007, only to start falling again. It wasn't until 2013 that it was comfortably above it's 2000 level. As a side note, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway recently purchased a large stake in Pilot/Flying J. Jim
  12. Five Wood

    Check Printing Charges

    Like AL, I use USAA and there is no check charge. Fidelity also has no check charges. Jim
  13. I started investing in 1985 and when the fall of 87 came around I was like the proverbial "deer in the headlights". I was shocked. But it was very interesting and quite a learning experience. Jim
  14. Five Wood

    Buying into BitCom?

    Whenever I hear "bit -coin" I think of "tulips" Jim
  15. Five Wood

    Gas Availablity

    In Kerrville getting fuel has become a problem the last two days. In town early today and I would say 80% of the stations that I saw had no gas or diesel. When I headed home I saw no stations that had fuel. The stations by the highway had fuel but very long lines.