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  1. I had the exact same issue with Scottrade a few years back. Had to transfer to another brokerage. They won't deal with full timers unless you use a relative's address. Which I declined to do
  2. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Escapee mapping tool (actually Google maps) keeps putting me on the back road.
  3. Traveling from Alabama to Rainbow End and being routed 287/69 (been this leg many times) to FM1003 to FM943 to 146. Not familiar with FM1003 or FM943. Will be in 40' MH towing truck. Any one familiar with that route and is there a problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Not true, Census workers have to verify where you live / domicile. Otherwise I could have multiple locations which would mess up the voting and distribution of fed money. I was called while they were looking at Google Maps trying to locate me at the Escapee Park. There (this is last Census so old) many threads on how to "help them find you" so your Census mattered for us. And as you state "number of people in your dwelling" and they can't canvass an empty RV lot.
  5. HUD and Mobile Home industry have ganged up against the RV industry. An RV is for temporary recreational use and not for permanent occupancy or primary residence. Article link: https://federalregister.gov/a/2016-02387 or this: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/02/09/2016-02387/manufactured-home-procedural-and-enforcement-regulations-revision-of-exemption-for-recreational Could get nasty... I've had problems in the past from Census trying to locate our home (using Escapee park in Livingston) and had issues with Stock Brokers citing the Patriot Act (not having a stick home or permanent address).. Could even negate our IRS 1st or 2nd home deduction since the RV isn't a home. Voting??
  6. What's the dates the park opens and closes (assuming it closes for the winter)?? Looks like annual dues are a $800 correct? How close are essentials (i.e. grocery stores, etc)??
  7. What is the POA dues? Couldn't find that information on their web site.
  8. Medico, your lot is wonderful. I am really surprised to see your selling. Best of luck on sellingl. Was hoping to visit with you again this summer.
  9. Medico, pleased to have met you. We too are pleased with the park having used the gym every day and dog run. I was thinking of making an offer on Dan's lot but we haven't as yet decided to anchor down. Remember, we have been wintering in Texas and hard to break the tie. Say hi to Vince. Got to get back to Alabama for medical stuff.
  10. We are here. Lot 98. We walk around twice per day and will knock on your door this weekend.
  11. Thanks PB&J and Medico for the info about the area. I did call the office today and they do have lots for weekly. We have to be back in Alabama first part of Oct so we will be staying at the Wilderness for a week or two. Been to Ocala before for a month and stayed in Crystal River area for several months but not explored going east and also the Villages. Again, thanks for the info.
  12. We are headed to Wilderness this week. Anyone know of an owner that rents their lot by the week?? Or should I just go through the office?
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