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  1. Greetings, Has anyone driven SR-377 from Holbrook, AZ to Heber, AZ? We travel in a 25’ Class B and wonder about the road. We are looking at staying at Canyon Point Campground in Forest Lakes which is about 20 miles west of Heber on SR-260. Thanks, Connie
  2. After finding a Serenity to look at, we purchased a 2016 Leisure Travel Van, Serenity Model and are going through the motions of learning all about it. Any other Serenity owners out there?
  3. Hello, We are considering purchasing either a Coachman Galleria 24FL or a Leisure Travel Van, Model Serenity. At this point we would like to see those two vans to determine which one we might purchase. If you happen to have either of these vans and are in the Tucson area, would it be possible to come by and take a look? Thanks for your time. Connie
  4. Greetings, We are considering having the carpet replaced on the slideout in our fifth wheel. Has anyone had any recent experiences with using RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ? Thanks, Connie
  5. Thank you all for your replies, links and for insight onto how the Mountain Directory book works. Looks like we'll go the I-25 route.
  6. Greetings, We are heading from Albuquerque to Las Vegas, NM. Could anyone give me information on I-25 Glorietta Pass (% grade, length)? My Streets and Trips indicates a pass but Mountain Directory doesn’t mention anything about it. If I don’t go via I-25, is US 84 near Edgewood, NM an option? Thank you Connie
  7. We currently own a 2007 29-5E Arctic Fox, 32 foot (which has since been discontinued). We have had very good luck with it in our 10 years of full timing. I would suggest you check out the AF forum but I believe you need to pay a nominal fee to make posts and look at ALL the entries. You can look at only some of the posts. If you have specific questions, feel free to PM us.
  8. Hello, Can anyone recommend a free QR reader that is ad-free for my Samsung S7? Thanks, Art
  9. We just purchased an 8800L and were able to get the prepaid unlimited plan. We purchased the 8800L at a Verizon Corporate store ($200) and they handled getting the prepaid plan setup for us..
  10. Glenn, We were at High Desert in mid-September 2018 for one week. Many of the sites are big-rig friendly. Roads are paved, sites are gravel. Two things to note...voltage was on the low side during our entire stay - around 110 so we didn't turn on our air conditioner. Also, there are many long-term renters and management has been lax on enforcing some of the rules. I recognize that if you are working and staying at a place for a while, you'll put out "stuff." However, it seems that some of the sites were junky - old sewer hoses, pallets, ripped sofas, parts of awnings that apparently blew off in the wind and stacked under the rig along with other "stuff". We've been to the park a couple of times before and noticed the tidiness was a bit more lax. We stopped by Enchanted Trails to check it out. Noise level is higher there because you are at right next to the freeway but sites at the back might be quieter. At High Desert, the freeway is not as close and there is a wall to buffer some sound. Enchanted Park is all gravel and sites vary greatly in length and width but there were big rigs there in some of them. The layout of the sites looked kind of kludged together which explains the variety of length and width. In addition to Enchanted Trails, you could also check out American RV Resort down the street. Their newer section is big-rig friendly but their daily rate is more expensive. Perhaps the monthly rate is better. Connie
  11. Thanks for your comments and insights including link from AquaDawg confirming what our local rep says. Being Verizon, I hate to rely on just one source We'll probably move forward this year to replace our phone and old aircard both of which are 3G. You may see more posts from me with questions on Smartphones, etc.
  12. Greetings, We currently have a “dumb phone” – a Convoy3 3g phone. We were told by the local Verizon rep that this particular phone, and other 3G phones, would no longer work on the network by the end of this year. I certainly expect that to happen with the eventual rollout of 5G but I’ve read that we would have until the end of 2019, not 2018, to purchase another phone. Has anyone else heard about the 3G device discontinuation? Thank, Art
  13. Thank you all for your responses. Connie
  14. After our stay at the Abiquiu, New Mexico COE, we need to make a stop in Farmington, NM before heading to Durango, CO. We’re trying to figure out the best route. Can anyone comment on taking US-84 from Abiquiu to US-64 west to Farmington or offer an alternate route? I also see there is another route NM-96 to NM-112 to US-550 but looks like my first route might be better. We drive a 32’ fifth wheel. Thanks, Connie
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