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  1. carstrom

    Abiquiui, NM to Farmington, NM

    Thank you all for your responses. Connie
  2. carstrom

    Abiquiui, NM to Farmington, NM

    After our stay at the Abiquiu, New Mexico COE, we need to make a stop in Farmington, NM before heading to Durango, CO. We’re trying to figure out the best route. Can anyone comment on taking US-84 from Abiquiu to US-64 west to Farmington or offer an alternate route? I also see there is another route NM-96 to NM-112 to US-550 but looks like my first route might be better. We drive a 32’ fifth wheel. Thanks, Connie
  3. We are looking for an Northwood Arctic Fox 27-5L, model year 2015 or newer. Two features that we DO NOT want is automatic leveling system and automatic dump valves. Send Private Message. Thank you, Art and Connie
  4. Hello all, Other than the obvious height difference, is there a mechanical difference between a low profile and a high profile air-conditioner? Thanks, Art
  5. Greetings, The Waste Ball Drive Arm (part# 42048) on my Thetford Aqua Magic Style II has snapped off. The instructions state that I have to remove the toilet to replace the waste ball drive arm. http://www.thetford.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/1449/Service-Kit-34106-Pedal-Cable.pdf It looks to me that I could possibly unscrew the Waste Ball Drive Arm and replace it with a new one without removing the toilet. If anyone has done this job, is it possible to replace without removing the toilet. (The link above reads “pedal cable” replacement but that description is incorrect.) Art
  6. A friend of ours told us about a no-throttle ATT sim card and hotspot that he bought online on Ebay. This sim would allow you to have unlimited 4G access without a contract. You pay the seller directly each month. Has anyone purchased one of these hotspot/sim card from Ebay? Assuming the seller is legit, what is the downside of a purchase like this one? Here’s an example of what I am talking about: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AT-T-UNLIMITED-Data-Hotspot-NO-THROTTLING-Home-Or-On-The-Go-INTERNET/173135241780?hash=item284faa2234:g:zHgAAOSwLjxaT74T Thanks for any insight. Art
  7. I have this question about keeping my fifth wheel batteries charged. We will be away for 9 weeks this summer - May and June, and 1 week in July. I will be leaving my fifth wheel in the Tucson area. I am concerned about keeping the batteries charged while gone. I was thinking about keeping the rig plugged into the pedestal (I have a surge guard). My other options would be to use a battery tender. Someone also mentioned using a battery trickle charger. If we went the battery tender/battery trickle charge method, would we need two battery chargers – one for each battery? Finally, is it even necessary to worry about keeping the batteries charged? We have a battery kill switch, just fyi. FYI, we have two Group 29 wet-cell batteries. Thoughts? Suggestions? Pros and Cons of each option? * Right now, we are concentrating on the batteries and know there are more things to do when temporarily storing the fifth wheel. I’ll make a separate post to get that feedback.
  8. carstrom


    Yep, we do that although not every year. This year we specifically targeted a number of music festivals in the Pacific northwest. We use festivalnet.com as a starter to find such events.
  9. My husband will be on Medicare starting July 1st. South Dakota is our residency. There was no problem signing up for Medigap Plan F through AARP/United Healthcare and Humana for Plan D. Check out what you'll have to do when you change residency. Perhaps your policy price will change but, obviously since he got this coverage, United HealthCare and Humana as offered in SD.
  10. In January, Verizon announced a new hotspot device - Novatel 7730L Has anyone purchased one of these devices and could share their experience with it? Technomadia website mentioned a “substantial flaw” with it that would be frustrating to RVers. Don't know the details of the flaw. I hesitate to go with the previous device, AC791L, considering the release of the new one. However, I am skeptical about jumping on the newly released device because it is so new. Currently, we have a 3G USB card and grandfathered in with unlimited access. We use it with our three laptops and average 10GB/month. We have no other devices - still have a dumb phone J Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Connie
  11. Post deleted and reposted in Internet Forum...
  12. We purchased our latex mattress at Arizona Premium Mattress in North Phoenix. They cut to size, if needed. http://www.mattresses.net/
  13. I replaced the city water intake valve. Now, whenever I use either the hot or cold water there is a high-pitched whining noise coming from the valve. Any ideas as to what might be the cause and how to eliminate the noise. The valve we replaced did not make a noise. Thanks, Art
  14. carstrom

    Garmin-Purchasing new maps

    Thank you for your replies. I looked at the Garmin website again and realized the requirement for Basecamp was required if you downloaded to a laptop. Looks like we'll purchase it. Again, thanks for your sharing your experiences. Art
  15. I am currently using Streets and Trips to create a route on my laptop and upload the route onto the Garmin device. I have a Garmin 2557LMT. I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal. I can either purchase a microSD card with the maps or download the maps using Garmin Express. Ive read that if I purchase a microSD card, that I MUST useBasecamp which I do not want to use. Can anyone confirm that I must use Basecamp if I purchase a microSD card? If I choose to download the map using Garmin Express, am I still required to use Basecamp to map a route? Thanks for your help, Art