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    Thanks a mill to those of you for your support, and to see so many old names from the past over the years that have always offered sage advise and commentary was good to see still The driver was well aware with me holding the Mirror in my hands up to the passenger side as we pulled alongside him quite quickly after the incident as traffic slowed in the construction zone, so no doubt whatsoever, but like was mentioned before, honourable folks are few and sadly far between these days. Even the young police officer said he'd have followed like us, and we didn't break any speed limits, as police were on phone with us the whole time asking which mile markers and exits we were passing and location of the said Semi. Anyways, it was what it was and today it is what it is, so thanks for the heads up on links from some of you for sourcing bits. That's so very much appreciated as always. After this trip got quite the list of itty bitty maintenance and repairs and now some bigger items to sort out when we get home the day after tomorrow. Tonight we are now at Junction 277 I15 in Montana Great Falls awaiting for our engine service tomorrow from folks that installed back in April, and will discuss any options with him in the morning. Incidents and deflated pocket book aside, we had a fabulous trip for the past 2+ months albeit started a bit rocky with needing to be towed and a third engine back in early April at the start, jack pump failing and now the semi incident. However, as I always say things could be a lot worse and no one's hurt is what always matters in life Weather in Vegas was of course waaaaay too hot (hopefully cousin from Ireland that flew in to meet us for 3 weeks, will listen next time on time of year for areas LOL). Coming through Montana today was of course as beautiful as ever at this time of year with the Missouri River views we love for some time keeping us company. Thanks again to most of you for your support, and be careful out there. For sure this shake up on I15 Las Vegas area has certainly caused us to think ten fold about ways to avoid such tight construction zones in such very busy areas in the future. Mind you saying that back in the late 90's our Ford F350 driver mirror got took off, when towing our fifth wheel in those days, had a semi cut us up on regular I15 roads in Montana, with hubby seeing it about to happen moving further and further into the hard shoulder and soft sides as far as possible. We were so very lucky he didn't do a lot more damage back then as well. He also took off without realizing albeit honking horn by us and flashing lights repetitively fast. Back then we never followed him due to speed he was driving at though. Ho hum, a little deja vu some almost 20 years later! Do very much appreciate all links and guidance regarding best sourcing for that specific nut size and thread; the passenger wing mirror; and the pump for the jacks. Apologies took me two days to get back, we were travelling Northwards and had limited internet access, but can now use up the remaining MIFI before we cross the border tomorrow back into Canada.
  2. Coming through the work zone down to two lanes (N of Russell exit on I15 LV), a semi took off our passenger side RV Mirror (Fleetwood Southwind 2003) yesterday evening at 7.40pm, coming well into our left lane of the two reduced to. He refused to stop, even after constantly honking and light flashing, pulling along side as safely as we could when opportunity arose. He even got off the I 15 zig zagging around, pulled along side him twice (including at red lights) and as passenger showed him the wing mirror and told him he'd knocked it off and caused damage to side of our rig = he just wouldn't stop. He got back on the I15 at Craigs Road in LV, and kept heading north. Called the "How's my driving number on back of truck, who said "call the police", called the police and finally after 50 miles he pulled in at Loves exit 64 half way plus to Mesquite, where he denied everything, a second person appeared out of his truck that wasn't there before, and a very young police officer eventually arrived saying he came 60 miles from Mesquite southwards = why oh why wasn't a LV highway patrol vehicle sent out closer at the front end, so we didn't have to follow him for so many miles - this is beyond our understanding! Police officer says, based on height, and marks on his vehicle at same height as our mirror would have been etc, for sure he doesn't have a shadow of a doubt that it happened, and does believe our version of events, was amazed what great condition the RV is in for 15 years of age (we do look after our stuff immaculately) but it's a he said, she said situation and as he didn't witness it wouldn't cite the driver. We are also convinced that the drivers changed and we asked about checking logs on driving hours etc, but ........ This detained us for about 4 hours in total and we wished we hadn't have bothered. Traffic report won't apparently be available for 2 weeks, as it has to be submitted to officer's boss, then to somewhere else and then somewhere else. Anyway's totally disillusioned how this was responded to as you can imagine but ................ Now to getting our mirror replaced when we get back to Calgary after Monday evening (service In Great Falls Montana booked for Monday morning, to check on the new engine they installed for us 5000 miles ago before we head back to home base). Can you kindly share, how you would go about sourcing a new replacement wing mirror as small bottom mirror totally smashed as are electrics for indicators etc. (temporarily, we did a cold weld on metal ourselves last night, and have managed to put the main part back on for seeing to carry on our trip for now). We are not very hands on but able to listen/read easy directions, so maybe be able to install the unit ourselves. For those in the know where would you source the replacement part. As for body work we'll try and touch up as best we can and if looks bad we'll have to put into a local body shop I guess. Thanks for sharing where you'd source, or how you'd go about such a repair. Also our jacks pump has failed early on this trip and we need to source a new one of those and install ourselves we hope, and last but not least, our hub cap has fallen off, and we have been to 50-60 different truck places, fastener places and so on to source a few cent nut to be able to put back on (we'd buy extras after all the hours we've spent trying to source. No one anywhere has the right size nut or offered where they can get it from for us. Any recommendations for such a specialized situation to be able to secure the trim hub cap back on would be much appreciated or best place to source. Have a wonderful long weekend Canada and upcoming Happy 4th July to our cousins south of the border. Many thanks as always, FTW.

    What's Up with this Thread?

    I noticed the same thing Dennis and BigJim but for quite a long time. Not sure if I'm right but there seems to have been a direct correlation on all the general main RVing forums being less active or at least on range of Topic subjects for a few years now and an increase in folks personal blogs with folks following them. Of course many of the latter ones are monetized and the most successful are written on daily or at least several times a week by the owners of. Also over the years we've lost some wonderful contributors due to age, change of circumstances, some working on businesses, becoming caregivers and so on. Stanley and a few others comes to mind.
  4. We are experiencing an oil leak. Lovely gentleman in Great Falls says he couldn't get us properly done and back on the road until Monday at earliest but we have medical appointment in Yuma this upcoming Monday. He is waiting for a temporary silicon seal around the front gasket and oilpan exterior to dry right now and says we should be OK to travel by keeping eye on things. Appears we need a front gasket and the oil pan seal is leaking also. To that end we will need to find someone with a "Fair" door rate, we are heading south down I15, intending to stop at Pocatello tonight, then on to Mesquite, before heading down towards Yuma for Monday. We are after Yuma heading towards Phoenix, Tucson and then on in to New Mexico to spend some time fishing before, having to be in Las Vegas by 7th June to meet someone.Can anyone help with recommending a good, reliable quality of work independent maybe that we could contact to hopefully get booked in advance on our route.So very much appreciated. Need to be able to handle 36ft Workhorse 8.1 Gas Engine Motorhome.Thanks again in anticipation for a recommendation. We also aren't sure which state would offer the better door/hourly rates being Canadian and we are aware it's not the parts that are going to cost but the labour intensiveness of this type of repair apparently.

    UK couple travelling America in rv top tips

    Just a thought but "if" you have a camper/rv in the UK, and be willing, have you considered doing an exchange? Several of my Canadian friends have done this with Spain, UK, other European destinations and in turn they've reciprocated with the same over here in Canada and the USA. Just another idea. One couple off the top of my head I can think of are TravelwithKevinandRuth.com who did the exchange. I also believe there's a website I found where folks privately rent out their RVs = can't think of the name but I recall checking into it for ourselves when looking to do Aus' and NZ.

    Is the Lighning Keeping You Awake

    Hey Aggie, saw you mentioned Dicor. Ever tried Eternabond? We are hard core Eternabond fans now Just saying in case you'd not considered it. Seems to last for years compared to Dicor having to redo every year or so it felt.

    Overnight San Francisco

    Hey Mark, we are the first by choice whenever possible, to avoid booking into a CG/RV Resort believe me, however, with everything I've googled and read about "stealth" camping from others that have done it in San Fran area it's a no go for us = typically solos in SUV's or minivans (so quite smaller vehicles) I personally am booking into the SF RV Resort or Marin Park for a couple nights. Many have been banned after a few days to two weeks, knocks from sheriffs at 10pm, midnight and 5am in the morning, RV's broken into, tires stolen etc. Neighbours tired of folks in RV's continually parked outside their highly property taxed Real Estate call the police consistently now, on those that are overnighting, not just parked! No matter how careful you try to be not looking like camping, there's always tell tale signs, especially if there is more than one/two onboard. Just saying, and to each their own always! The nights prior to arrival in San Fran we are dry camping in the Davenport to Presiddo (2 mile stretch of pullouts on Cabrillo). Check out Freecampsites.net for many other reviews. On a 21 day trip including coming up the coast from San Diego, LA, etc, we are only booked in Santa Barbara 2 nights and San Fran 2 nights (arriving early to both to make the most of our time in those cities). As expensive as these two places are it's worth it for the peace of mind we feel in this instance. Safety should always be paramount priority we feel.


    ^^^ Hence why we very rarely eat out now. Why oh why can't they just pay people a proper "wage" so that tipping isn't even an issue. Folks on very limited budgets can then know that what price is charged on the menu of food/services/goods etc is what they need to pay. I recall several decades back in the UK, I tried to tip and it was a shock to the servers = they weren't used to being tipped so didn't expect it. This tipping is all about "expectations". Just make every job salary/commission paid and it really wouldn't be an issue. When "deserved" we do always tip well, but we will not no matter how much it's frowned upon tip for bad service = encouraging bad service to continue??? Also the rest of us pay heavy taxes based on our "known" incomes, yet those relying on tips get away with paying a lot less typically. I've had many servers/hairdressers etc tell me they make more on tips than salary and what some share $'s wise is higher than some very highly skilled workers earn so ....... It begs the question why it is still ongoing in an era where the government wants more documentation/trailing/paperwork to make sure everyone is paying as much taxes/penalties as possible.

    Where Do You Get Your MH Serviced Whilst Traveling

    That's wonderful info thanks so much.
  10. Just curious where you typically get your Motorhomes serviced on the road? Hubby has been doing the Oil & Filter Changes on the Engine and the Generator himself, but is feeling with aches and pains now, he'd like to start utilizing an "affordable" franchise as we travel that we could just pull into and get done hopefully as we go down the road. We are Canadian so not aufait with the USA names, think someone mentioned Speedco on a thread I read somewhere but .... Thanks for stating whether it is Diesel or Gas or both can be done at the location and approximate costs. We currently have a gasser but looks like soon be a DP as he's winning me over Happy Travels. FTW

    Guidance for "right" RV for first time full timers

    FWIW: We have a 2003 Fleetwood Southwind 36ft with the washer/dryer combo in the kitchen. Two Slides = Bedroom/Closet in Hall Opposite Bathroom & Dinette/couch Drivers side. Picked that floorpan because of extra prep room in kitchen (I bake and cook mainly at home wherever we are) and the secondary wardrobe on the bedroom slide that's in the Hallway has been a godsend for guests when onboard and extra clothes for us on long trips.. Absolutely have loved everything about the rig we've had since new, and found it very easy to learn it's intricacies and do a lot of maintenance/upgrades ourselves. Only one thing on my wish list would be a bigger bathroom, floorpan wise a couple of years ago was the 37ft Tiffin to meet that wish item "if" we eventually upgrade. We did have a replacement engine about 4 years ago due to a $2 clip failing and causing punctures by a rod. That has been our highest expense to date at a little over US$7K.

    Flying Js and other truck stops

    When questioning the LEO's we've met in Wyoming rest areas and Fla security folks where it states no more than 3 hrs or "No Overnight Camping", we've been informed that Yes many RVers do spend more than the 3 hrs and/or stay O/N for several hours, but they have put those signs up to give them authority to remove those that set up a more permanent day after day/week after week set up. They've all said absolutely the implications of forcing a genuinely tired driver to continue is not their mandates. Since being told this on numerous occasions we often stop in "rest areas", where it states No Overnight Camping, and "if" someone in authority pulls in or is visible, we ask and have yet to be told move on. Just saying, based on our experiences, but equally not sure how this would be perceived say somewhere overlooking something like the Oregon/California coast maybe???? Albeit we've stayed in many pull ins in years gone by on the Coast Hwy south from Carmel/Monterey where wide enough without any hassle.

    question about coyotes

    We as humans often underestimate the capabilities of wildlife when hungry enough. Typically you won't see a pack of wolves in Alaska attack Musk Ox due to the damage they can have afflicted on them, but towards the end of the short season and hungry enough a pack will work together on a single bull and take that risk upon themselves. So anything's possible even with a large enough pack of Coyotes. We've seen them try to attack one of our young colts here, but thanks to Mama and the rest of the herd they didn't win that time. Best protection on acreages against Coyotes by the way are Donkeys/burrows but boy are they noisy! We've also had reports of even loan Coyotes attacking people on our river system pathways here in nearby Calgary City.

    Over night parking in vegas

    We have parked on numerous occasions at the back of Ballys. Until recently it was free, now you have to pay access to park in there as many of the Casinos have started charging for parking. However, they stilled allowed us to stay on our last trip there May 2017. It's getting more and more undesirable "comfort wise" we are finding in that area also, so if we want some time on the strip or Freemont Street we will very likely book into somewhere in the future with security. Either Oasis, LV RV Resort, Main Street or even maybe Sams Town area for a couple nights. We heard from the shuttle driver that the Sam's Town shuttle contract was coming up for renewal and it wouldn't be complimentary for everyone as it has been, on the next bid apparently! Just saying it's worth double checking on that if it's important to you for accessing the strip from such a distance.

    Looking for work opportunities for Canadian Rvers

    Hey Sassy, check out TravelwithKevinandRuth,com. Ontario Canadians, that left the mainstream work force IIRC around 45 years old (about 10 years ago), bought an older A Class RV and have put a new twist on frugality whilst travelling. I've followed them for years, and over time, besides like many have done with their blogs, have generated some income from Amazon affiliation and have been managing a CG in the summer months in Sask'. Albeit they are taking 2 years solid off now travelling. Currently they have just entered into Mexico leading a caravan of other Rivers. They have done RV exchange with a couple in Europe, have travelled other overseas locations, and as I said we've learnt a lot on the frugality ways of travelling and enjoying from them. Others generate income whilst travelling through various youtube, websites, drop shippers and so on or have a mobile type of career they can take on the road. Hope their experiences may help you