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  1. Looking for work opportunities for Canadian Rvers

    Hey Sassy, check out TravelwithKevinandRuth,com. Ontario Canadians, that left the mainstream work force IIRC around 45 years old (about 10 years ago), bought an older A Class RV and have put a new twist on frugality whilst travelling. I've followed them for years, and over time, besides like many have done with their blogs, have generated some income from Amazon affiliation and have been managing a CG in the summer months in Sask'. Albeit they are taking 2 years solid off now travelling. Currently they have just entered into Mexico leading a caravan of other Rivers. They have done RV exchange with a couple in Europe, have travelled other overseas locations, and as I said we've learnt a lot on the frugality ways of travelling and enjoying from them. Others generate income whilst travelling through various youtube, websites, drop shippers and so on or have a mobile type of career they can take on the road. Hope their experiences may help you
  2. Our 2017 Expense Sheet

    Scott once again a huge thanks for sharing as you do each year Happy New Year and hope 2018 is a great one for you.
  3. Hi Sally, Besides WIFI connections from some CG's, McDonalds and the likes, we also invested in a Verizon MIFI Pay As You Go. We've found that very beneficial to keeping us connected here and there in-between accessing FREE or included WIFI connections. Not cheap by any means but has worked for our needs (mainly myself for trading) during 2017 as we travelled.
  4. How to find great boondocking spots

    Marc, What a wonderful and useful informational video you did on this. So nicely presented. THANK YOU. FTW.
  5. What future for our national parks?

    We concur two toes, that's been our experience in many areas of governments as well. The biggest waste of time/money is from when a decision needs to be made to making that decision and then actually implementing it in a timely fashion. Generally speaking, and I've worked for a major corporation and otherwise, is the person we've nearly always found with the most knowledge and typically strong work ethics, that rarely gets heard (but should be listened to), is for want of a better description the "guy that sweeps the floors". It's the waste of time and money with lack of accountability in many "god palace" positions, that cost us "the lay person/consumer" so to speak that frustrates the living daylights out of us. Obviously you and Kirk are blessed that you have experienced folks "genuinely being overworked" (just terming, your words, I mean conscientious in their roles), in your state and national parks. I'm not about folks being overworked, I'm just about people being conscientious in their roles, and giving a good days work for a fair days pay (and accountability), as it felt it used to be more years ago. Instead of all the bureaucracy and red tape that invariably filtrates to costing the end user/people more monies so unnecessarily in so many areas today. Since for our Provincial Parks they started bringing in outside companies (some of these consortiums have found a way to amass many provincial parks and they aren't even based for taxation in our province, so the profits don't even filtrate back to the people so to speak), we've seen our fees go through the roof on the profiteering side, and little concern for the general preservation/repair/renewal of the park except those areas that might directly affect "their profit margins". By the way, many local tax payers bid as individuals for these parks of that we know for sure = Head shakes Years ago one of our local PP, for over 12 years was run by a lovely FT RVing older couple, taxes paid in Alberta. There was no electric or sewer hookups, it was affordable for many families to benefit, and those folks painted, cleaned, aerated, put on small events for a small coverage fee as entertainment, and did not just the immediate sites but the surrounding areas of the park further away. They showed pride in that particular park and in turn many of us volunteered a few hours each season with clean ups because of that. They were so helpful to campers with issues like slides stuck needing fluid they even provided, or other wise. Now it feels its just about adding alien items to the parks to increase traffic and the charges ++++ Just saying, not all changes are for the better, and we are starting to very much question the "protect the parks for future generations". Irrelevant to this but same concept kind of applies: It just feels everything today is about profiteering more and more = don't even get me started on the hospital high parking fees, now using outside companies where none or hardly a dime of it goes back to the actual hospital. Last thing someone needs when dealing with someone dying or in ICU, Oncology is to come out and find their vehicle towed/clamped because they ran over their paid time limit - or worse still those that can't afford to daily pay $15/20+ to park to visit their loved ones at the end of their days. Sheesh, even our medical staff can't afford the rates, and have to park and catch shuttle buses into work. Certainly sounds that your National/State Parks have things more right than wrong, which is wonderful to hear Kirk.
  6. What future for our national parks?

    As someone else said, "folks may boycott somewhat the parks at first", but eventually with short memories by the majority they'll filtrate back to them = maybe not all steadfasters, but there's enough youngsters coming behind that won't have been affected by such a huge change/hike who will fill that void. I remember in the early 80's hubby and I would go to Disneyland every year, partially to do with the children's ages but moreso stopped when prices got out of control to the point of greed in our books. Only going once in the 90's for the millennium and once when family visited with us in 2015. My old hometown in the UK, now charges to park at beaches, POI etc, so our last couple of visits back, we've visited whilst one stays in the car/drops off, and the others have a look see, brief walk/dip in the ocean and vice a versa. For us it's a principal thing and the privatizing of everything has gone wacky, as they all want to make a profit on top as well of course. It sounds like the problem with the budget being so high, is maybe what we evidence at City Level, Provincial Level, federal level of varying governed bodies here = Too many chiefs in fat cat positions, not enough Indians and those of which have no accountability to retain their work positions, getting away with doing diddly squat. I can't begin to convey, how many clients over the years I've worked with in these type of positions, that basically all said "it's a cushy job for the money" or spend countless working hours on "personal calls, texting, FB, bored, reading, hobbies"...... fill in the blank here". Makes one's blood boil when you know it's "you" that's paying their salary in reality! The day's of dedicated employees/worker bees in these type of positions has long gone sadly. Bottom line is those that pay any form of fees/taxes etc need to stand united (no good just a handful doing so) and demand more accountability, or vote with their dollars. Trouble is we're all great at talking the talk but unitedly not so good at walking the walk so to speak. Sigh .......... Sorry ......... off my soapbox now.
  7. Facebook

    Love it Trucken, raised smiles and chuckles here and we are showing our ages! How true, except in this day and age I find it hard to have much of a face to face conversation with anyone that isn't texting/messaging whilst you try to converse with them ........ I just walk off now and pull a Prince Charles = "talk to the plants" LOL. Our family belongs to the camp, that feels "nosey book" will get a lot of folks in trouble with what's posted at times, and really "who cares, to hazard a guess as to where the other sock has disappeared to in the dryer", or "see what your twins did wrecking their rooms whilst you had a shower". If it weren't for "client" expectations in this day and age, there is no way we'd have an account. Cousin came over from UK in July for a 3 week visit (remember we are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, walks, rivers, lakes etc and it's all about the big outdoors for us here). Floored us when her butt stayed firmly glued to the comfy chair and WIFI connection in the house - was awful trying to have a conversation with her, she was never in the moment here, was always inside her Android constantly, proud of even messaging folks at 2am and 3am in the morning back in Lala Land, and she's 60 for heavens sake. She got so upset if she lost connection or couldn't post due to our rural location. Thank heavens UK roaming to Canada was cost prohibitive for her! Like RV we switch our phones off/silent when in the moment with others in our physical company, any conversations are generally short and messages are meaningful to the recipient when used. They called them Crackberries for a reason a few years back! Remember the days when the hard phone came into being "as a when necessary to use convenience"?
  8. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    There are many folks like you Dejae. Maybe in the same spirit you benefitted from beforehand, you'd be kind enough to share your first years full timing budget with others now
  9. Carbon monoxide detector keeps beeping

    We just had to replace a 7 year old (still according to manufacturer 3 years till expiry) CO2/Fire combo detector that speaks to you as well as beeps. Check the dates on the new ones you replace with!!! We picked up 7 to replace them all out at the same time, and out of those 7 some had an expiry date 3 years quicker than the others, so took them back and got them all with same year of manufacture (2016). And yes, some of faulty at install, not many but some.
  10. Any of you looking at RVing budgets should seriously check out Dave and Diane's annual write ups and comments from forums they've posted on in relation to them. They are awesome, entertaining and great to compare similarities and changes of thoughts year over year as time has rolled by. We've followed these guys since they first hit the road, and anxiously when they were awaiting a "looooooong" delivery of their current rig in Fla for useful and great write up information. Sorry Dave, not meaning to have your halo slip, but I don't think you truly know how great your write ups have been over the years Happy Travels, Stay Safe and Keep Having Fun to both you and Diane :). PS: How's Jack doing?
  11. Planning for full-timing: Financing vs debt free

    There's a lot to be said for being debt free and putting that $500/month towards a savings fund for when you do finally hit the road full time. We're in the camp of maybe towing a lightweight trailer or similar to get a good feeling and exposure to the lifestyle and meeting others out there. It's all about having fun and experiences, and folks do it in all types and ages of rigs.
  12. Dump Stations

    Sherryh, back in September/Oct 2015 we stayed at a lot of Casinos complimentary and of course frequented their businesses as a thank you (most expensive overnights we stay at LOL). We came upon one, that insisted we had to register, wait to be escorted, line up and pay to O/N, so we asked them if they were interested in our stake monies or not and if so we wanted complimentary O/N as we'd received with many other Casinos. They responded NO. So we quite simply voted with our dollars and tires rotating, driving further on down the road and stayed at another complimentary one, that benefitted from our gambling monies. Isn't it wonderful that we can make these choices Unlike our exorbitant property taxes and tripling in two years house insurances and the like.
  13. Dump Stations

    Just curious George, how that that turned out with Casino abiding by the KOA's wish? Just seriously interested as we are big Casino Campers when travelling. So wondering why the Casino would shoot themselves in the foot income wise by doing that?
  14. Interesting Sites

    Besides some of the links already mentioned we check travel and tourism for the state/areas as well over many years of reading many forums and blogs, we have noted places others have referenced of interest. We keep a spreadsheet, and list state by state, province by province and then broke down into region and nearest city/towns, and keep a note of interest and approximate time frame needed to stay to enjoy. It's amazing how many little places of interest we've stumbled upon from others write ups and blogs, we would never have known about and missed. As well, when in an area we ask a lot of locals "where would you take/send me if you were my tourist guide". Local knowledge is some of the best we've found, except in some areas the visitor centre's staff have promoted somethings as great that really were awful ie; fishing bridges (no longer there), fantastic local Sunday market (had only 5 stalls selling food, home made jewellery and biz promo). Sure we like experiencing traditional to the area local foods, but we find now most Travel & Tourism sites/brochures for areas just promote too many eateries and hotels, rather than things of interest when visiting an area, so locals are the best source for the most part.
  15. Free ice cream cone

    Only in the USA at DQ not in Canada