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  1. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    My website was built so others don't have to make the same mistakes we did along the way.
  2. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    You are in pretty good shape but you might want to add a tripod from TV4RV.com to replace the roof tripod. The TV4RV.com tripod has adjustable length legs which are a must when setting up on non-level terrain. It is critical for the mast to be exactly vertical and with fixed length legs like a roof tripod, you are left with shimming the legs which is usually very unstable. I use 5 gallon Homer buckets about half full with water for ballast. Works on concrete where anchors can't be used. Photos.
  3. Changing the color of gauge lighting in the dash

    A long time ago I changed the dash lights of my Chevy II to red. Most was done by painting the inside of the gauge housing red. In the safety rage of the late 70's that was the thing, red dash lights for night vision because airplanes had red gauge lights. The thing is that in a vehicle, you encounter headlight which kills night vision. Airplanes don't encounter headlight very often and ARMY vehicles do not encounter headlight either in combat. But the effect is restful on the eyes. Not sure how to do it on modern gauges.
  4. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    Instead of a fixed time, Federal rules should set a time proportional to the normal speed of the road. Higher speeds should have longer Yellow lights. But then again, special people will always treat Yellow lights as just a suggestion. And some treat Red lights as reasons to speed up.
  5. Back Up Drive

    Backup drives in the same trailer as the PC will burn in the fire together. That is why I lke off-site backup, like Carbonite.
  6. Grey water tank

    If you look at volume only, then you suggestion is okay. There are those who look at the Black tank as a septic tank system and the introduction of Grey water which tends to have a high content of soap which is not good for a septic tank as the soap kills of the enzymes that break down solids in the Black tank.
  7. What is the best brake controller for electric brakes when towing with HDT

    Fixed the link in the Resource Guide
  8. HDT Rally Site update

    I finally got around to posting the few photos we have from the 2017 National HDT Rally. Of those, I have 15 that I cannot identify. I would appreciate having names to go with those photos. Sad we have so few photos of the biggest National HDT Rally yet.
  9. Setting dates of the National HDT Rally, how is it done?

    I can remember when we started the Rally the week after Good Sam rally and it was a real problem. Many Good Samers, especially in the front row, do not leave on Sunday
  10. PA non-commercial Class A?

    You misread my "Its about trucks" statement. I was referring to the text of the PA on EZ-Pass. All the descriptive text is for trucks. You are directed to that part of the website if you have a motorhome and then they do not talk about motorhomes.
  11. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    There can be bad results covering the 110 and 129 LNBF with foil. The head of a DPP 1000.2 dish has a multi-switch that allows any of the LNBFs to be electronically attached to any of the three coax outputs. If the default connection of the coax output you are using is electronically to 110 or 129, you will get no signal. Unless you have a meter that can select the LNBF, you should have the dish attached to the receiver and the receiver should be set to satellite 119. For the record, the default coax connection is satellite 110.
  12. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    Fear of aiming a three headed dish is unfounded. You have one setting related the the triple head and that is the Skew. You set that before you put the dish on the tripod. From that point you are aiming just the center LNBF and is no different that aiming a single LNBF dish. The advantage of a triple headed ground tripod is that you can use all three satellites at the same time and the cost, with good tools is less than any automatic dome.
  13. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    To clarify. Dish DNS is not tied to specific hardware. Yes you have to prove you have an RV but you can use any Dish receiver/s.
  14. GM's version of "Mobley"

    But there is no end date for the On-Star internet $20 option. Being hardware locked to the vehicle must have some affect on that.
  15. New to Satellite - Upcoming Full-timer

    Regarding changing schedules, with the Dish Hopper, the DVR of choice, the Broadcast channels are automatically recorded during the Prime Time Windows (Prime Time and Time). The only channels that change when moving around are the Broadcast Channels. Hence there is no need to change any schedules. We had Dish DNS like DirecTV offers before it went away. At first we were dis-concerned but now after a couple of years, changing our Service Address when we have to, we prefer the changing of Service address over DNS as DNS is locked to the time zone of DNS (New York or Los Angeles) while changed Service Address is in the time zone you are in. Dish offers more dish options (roof and ground) in the ability to receive HD programming than DirecTV.
  16. GM's version of "Mobley"

    That mobility of the Mobley out side a vehicle is what led to the $20 Unlimited plan to be withdrawn because of the abuse of the system. It sticks with the GM equipment because it is hard to take the On-Star module into the RV. Accessing the On-Star internet is quite feasible for those with the appropriate equipment.
  17. HDT Rally Site update

    There is a thread for the ECR. That info in this thread is misleading.
  18. HDT Rally Site update

    We have 1 Unk left.
  19. HDT Rally Site update

    Which Rally?
  20. GM's version of "Mobley"

    The On-Star internet connection may stay on but a friend of mine did that last year and that cost him two batteries. If I choose to use the On-Star internet as backup, I would add a battery charger. Small investment, less than a Mobley cost.
  21. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    For the third time, you are assuming that the volume of air in the tire is not adequate as the ambient and operating temperature increases. The volume of air necessary to support the tire load that is set when "cold" is what is needed through the operating temperature range of the tire. A tire is not a balloon. It is a fixed sized container. The low level of internal air pressure is what keeps the tire from collapsing, overflexing the cord bodies. That does not change because the outside temperature nor the internal temperature increases. The pressure reading increases with heat but the volume of air remains the same. The standard of using "cold" psi settings is a lot easier than determining if you have enough air mass with varying density air as the temperature changes. Psi is an easier metric to follow but it is not an exact representation of what is happening inside the tire. It isn't some TPMS systems, all TPMS systems have fixed lower limits. Some let you program the lower limit, some do it for you but they all start with a fixed lower limit. TPMS is not new, I have had a system for almost 12 years now. If this logic was invalid, someone would have come out with a different technology by now. All the technology changes in the TPMS world have centered around being cheaper and adding questionable added readings like internal air temperature. Questionable because the sensor is not inside but out in the air stream and increasing air pressure is the same as increasing temperature. But gadgets sell. You are just overthinking this.
  22. What is the best brake controller for electric brakes when towing with HDT

    There always is the Resource Guide: Electric Brake Controllers. Or maybe it is time to retire the Resource Guide
  23. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    Tire settings are determined from the "cold" (unmoved) position. That is where the 10% under limit is determined. If the ambient temperature rises, or the flex action of the tire raises the tire air temperature, that does not change the base pressure for the tire load. If anything, you will have a higher pressure so you are farther from the base low limit. The tire load ratings are designed with the understanding that the temperature and pressure of the tire air will increase as the tire is used. With your thinking, you could stop every half mile and adjust the tire pressure and kept the pressure within range. But that is the absolute worst thing to do because you will be reducing the volume of air inside the tire and you will be under inflated when the temperatures recede. The typical 25% upper limit usually covers any pressure increases from ambient temperature and tire usage.
  24. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    We prefer the PressurePro System where the lower and upper limits are set automatically when the sensor pressure is set by screwing the sensor on. No programming other than to say I am putting a sensor on this wheel and putting the sensor on the wheel. We also prefer the LED display which should all the wheel at once for alerts with a digital readout for the exact error. Big deal when the toad wheel took a hit from road shrapnel and we got to the side of the road with 10 psi still in the tire. The alarm went off and we immediately knew which wheel by its LED indicator.
  25. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    Not missing what you are saying. But you are on the wrong path of thinking and you ignore those who say you are.