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  1. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    According to a Dish Dirt rep, I have the Outdoors TV flag on my account but it isn't giving the feature.
  2. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Not seeing the "Get your local channels". I see "Wake Up Receivers" on the PC App, not the Android App.
  3. External Hard Drive Read Only

    You sure Mac uses FAT32? The maximum size for FAT32 is 32 GB.
  4. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    I was just informed by Dish that the Service Address change by using the MyDish.com App is limited to Wally/VIP211 users. These are usually stick&brick homes users with a RV receiver. I guess Dish figures that if we are full-time, we don't need the help of the MyDish.com App.
  5. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Well I haven't needed a second receiver since the VIP622/612 combo in the beginning so we could have HD on two TVs. Other than the first VIP622 that had the HDMI socket problem, I have never needed a backup receiver. Nor do I like to pay for more receivers than I need. I do push 6 tuners sometime and the nice thing, every recording is in the same repository. The spouse has enough issues without looking for where a recording it. We use the Blue Tooth capability off the Hopper 3 and I really like my Model 54.0 lighted remotes. We have two Joeys that drive the 4 TVs in the motorhome, or when at homebase in the trailer, 2 TVs in the trailer and one in the Coachhouse. They are still Joey 2.0 as I haven't found a reason to get Joey 3.0s, so I am not on the extreme leading edge. I own no Dish receivers as I do not worry about contracts. I have enough investment is Trav'ler dishes, tripod, dishes, etc. to keep me as a Dish user.
  6. Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    CoPilot on a tablet is as easy to use as a Garmin. Less cost, more function.
  7. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Nope, I migrated to the Hopper 3 as soon as it came out. I like being on the leading edge.
  8. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    I don't know, the Hopper 2000 worked fine for me.
  9. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Well that makes sense, provide an App for people who use the service once in a while and not for people who use if full time. Be nice to address the Dish Board on that.
  10. DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    There should be no changes in regard to your subscription.
  11. Thinking about anti freeze

    The absolute worst thing you can do is choose coolant by color. There is a major article in the Resource Guide about coolant, Diesel Coolant, http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/131 But since you mentioned Red, which is probably Extended Life oolant, SCA is not a measure for ELC coolant.
  12. Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    You want an air gap under the panels for cooling. Panels work better when cooler and trapping heat under them is not a good move.
  13. Thank You, Big5er

    You probably could find much of what you want in the Resource Guide. State Listing of Drivers Licenses http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/44
  14. Using a FS-1 sat finder with Dish Network

    Are you talking about audio indicators for signal strength. If you are you sure weren't clear. If that is how you aim a dish, then you live a lucky life. I have set up 200' from the RV and the sound doesn't carry very well at that distance.
  15. Sat lined up, but Hopper tuners not all working.

    You have to change your Service Address when you move out of the spot beam. The indication you are out of the spot beam? No Locals. You might be able to move 200 miles and still be in a spot beam.
  16. Sat lined up, but Hopper tuners not all working.

    What is your definition of "tuner not operating"
  17. FB, HDT did I miss something

    The problem with Facebook in lieu of Escapees is that most of the content of the Resource Guide came from the Escapees HDT Forum threads. Those threads that might have been topics for the Resource Guide go unseen on Facebook. It has been a while since anything worthwhile has been posted on the Escapees Forum and that is why the Resource Guide has no new information.
  18. Using a FS-1 sat finder with Dish Network

    What is this relative to?
  19. Using a FS-1 sat finder with Dish Network

    I can attest that the FS-1 is not compatible with the Hopper 3 Hybrid LNBF. The FS-1 was great until the Hopper 3 came along. After a lot of research, I found the only certified meter for the Hybrid LNBF was the Supper Buddy 29 and follow on Applied Instrument products. While pricey, it does a fabulous job of aligning dishes. I bought a used one and had the factory change the battery and the faceplate. My investment was well less than a new X3. I know that people claim that they can aim a dish using a smartphone display. But since there is no physical relationship with the dish, the apps are good for insuring there is a clear view for the dish. Nothing keeps you from locking on the wrong satellite in the 19 degree spread. With the Super Buddy, you get a quick lock and the satellite is identified. Best investment after the Trav'ler for Dish. Yes, we have a Trav'ler and use the Super Buddy because we use the EA satellites when in the east and use the ground tripod for that.
  20. New to Satellite TV

    You can aim the Trav'ler to each of the EA satellites in Manual mode. Automatic mode is not possible as the satellite spread is different (72.7-61.5=11.2 degrees) compared to the WA (119-110=9 degrees). It is not a software problem, it is a physical issue. Now if you could change the LNBF head from WA to EA, then it would be nice to auto-aim the EA. But Winegard is not going to accommodate user changing of the LNBF head.
  21. Yes, I looked at the resource guide, Storage Boxes, who uses what and why?

    I found that yes the drop down door can hit you in the shin. The door can also act a a shelf to hold items while moving then in or out of the box. To me a great convenience. I glued rubber floor mats to the door insides to protect the door from item impact. Big feature to look for is the seals. Also, a 36" box can be too wide for a single latch, the door can warp.
  22. New to Satellite TV

    We can derive some info. Race rig means trees will seldom if ever in the way. Also, Race rig sounds like part-time and not full timing. Dish is the best for part-timing. You can pay as you go. A Dish Wally will support one TV. A powered USB drive can be added for a DVR function. A auto ground dome like X1 or X2 will give easy setup for a Wally.
  23. New to Satellite TV

    How many TVs?
  24. Tripod mounting a Winegard Trav'ler

    The dish was aimed and then you changed the arm and now you can't get a lock on the satellite again? Putting the exact Elevation on the dish and aiming the dish in what you think is the exact Azimuth and assuming you put the correct Skew on the dish, you probably won't hit the satellite. In 12 years of aiming a dish, I never tweaked the Skew so that is the one adjustment you can count on. The Elevation of the dish is pretty close on the scale but may need to be tweak for best signal. The Azimuth is the tricky part. First off, what are you pointing with, the arm? The arm isn't the part of the dish to aim with. The closest accurate Azimuth reference is the parallel blades at the back of the disk. The arm is a bad aiming device as the satellite signal path does not follow the arm, is is 15 degrees off of the arm which once the Skew is not 0 the signal path is to the side of the arm. Second the dish is metal. The closer you have the compass to the dish, the more the Deviation of the dish will change the compass reading. I have seen +19 degrees. The farther you move the compass away from the dish, the less accurate you are in aiming the Azimuth. Deviation is not a constant, it varies as the placement of the dish is on the Earth's surface. So start with the mast vertical. If you have the TV4RV.com tripod, this is easy especially if you use the bullet level on top of the mast before the dish is mounted. If you don't have a vertical mast, quit. Set the Skew that you got from the manual or DishPointer.com. Be sure if using DishPointer.com you are using tthe numbers for Multi-LNB Dish 1000;2 for the WA or Dish 1000.4 for the EA, not just 119 or 72.5. Do not use any setting found in a Dish receiver. Mount the dish on the tripod and set the Elevation to the desired setting. Now aim the dish to the west of where you think the Azimuth is. I usually add about 10 degrees. Now with the dish connected to the receiver or to a good meter. If using the receiver, set the antenna pointing screen to satellite 119, and a transponder 11 or above. This is important to set the correct LNBF on the dish to be aiming with. A good meter will supply the LNBF selection signals. Now watching you meter, this is so much easier with a meter than trying to use the receiver meter mode, slowly swing the dish or the left looking a signal from the satellite. You should have a blip in the signal strength. If not, swing back to the right. If you are not seeing a signal blip, you may not have cabling correct. When you get a blip in the signal, fine tune the signal level by small right level movement. When you have the best level, then you can tweak the Elevation. If you have not installed the TV4RV.com kit that makes the Elevation a screw adjustment, this can be hard as loosing the nuts, moving and re-tightening the nuts is hard. A DPP 1000.4 dish has a built-in Elevation screw adjustment. After tweaking the Elevation for the best signal, you should be done. However, you could be on the wrong satellite. You run a Switch Check on the receiver and see what satellites have been found. For the WA, it should be 119, 110, 129 for the WA. If the satellites are not in that order, you are one off. If you are off one satellite, move the dish 9 or 10 degrees, this is made easier by using the scale of the TV4RV.com tripod. A really good meter will tell you if you on the correct satellite. As for the Winegard Trav'ler. We make about 40-50 move a year. If we are in the west, we may encounter a site where the Trav'ler can't lock on the satellites 1 or 2 times. We use our tripod then. When we are in the east and we find we want to use the EA satellites for PTAT on our Hopper, we use our tripod dish with an EA LNBF head.
  25. Lucky you got the ladder holder when you did. No longer available when we got the Bounder, so we disassemble.