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  1. As I said before, not one of the tables I have ever seen on length/width limits has been correct. The only accurate sources are from each state, either from the Drivers Licence manual or more accurately the state codes. So trying to fine line reading those tables is useless. In doing research for the HHRV Resource Guide, http://www.hhrvresource.com, for limits on using Class 8 trucks for RV purposes, I have been in all 50 states'and the District of Columbia codes and have seen the actual definitions and limits. While I considered compiling my own and accurate table, I decided against it as I don't get paid for researching things for people who don't want to do the lookup them selves or just ignore laws anyways. If you want the accurate numbers, look them up. By law, all state codes have to be available to the public on the Internet. And every state Department of Motor Vehicles has the Drivers license manuals online.
  2. Interesting, spreadsheets are hard but CAD is easy?
  3. Nice list but wrong is so many ways. For the record, 28.5' is the typical max trailer length for double commercial trailers. Whenever I see lists like this I start with Maryland because I have dug into the state codes in great detail. Maryland made 40' trailers legal in 2003 and I have yet to see any of these supposedly accurate lists show that. Length and width rules are by state, i.e. you have to obey the rules of the state when on their roads. This is unlike your drivers license which is good is all the states and the District of Columbia. Rough rule of thumb for RVs is 65' rig total, 40' trailer, 45' motorhome. Be aware that commercial limits are not applicable to RVs. And yes, sometimes tickets are written for over length.
  4. There is none. But I guess Carlos likes hunt for programming.
  5. Bingo. Even if you have the Internet bandwidth, you don't have the features of a satellite guide.
  6. Are you saying the space between the plates that the rubber springs are bonded to are only 1 inch apart? Since the spring plates should work in a parallel fashion, the plates should not close on each other. If you are in fact seeing a 1 inch spacing between the plates, I would be calling MOE/ryde. Out trailer is 13 years old with about 90,000 miles and the rubber spring spacing is the same as new. We did replace one spring several years ago because we has a slight bonding failure. Photo of when we replaced the rubber spring. You can the normal spacing of the rubber spring plates.
  7. My first location was under a shelf above the refrigerator as in the second picture in Inverter/Charger; Later I cut a hole in the dash above the radio and installed the display there.
  8. You should have seen the hype with Motorola's low earth world-wide cell phone service many years ago. The only way it survived was the CIA writing a huge check. True, low earth satellites will have lower latency than the geosynchronous satellites but that is assuming you will be transversing one satellite but is all probably you will bounce around a few between you and the website you want. And streaming video uses about the double the number of bits compared the one-way satellite feed after packeting, and required reverse response.
  9. Patriot Act never required banks to have physical addresses for accounts. The banks were just too lazy to deal with virtual addresses. Patriot Act is still in effect.
  10. Too many places in this country where there is not broadband Internet and the dreams of low earth orbit satellites have been around for a long time and still are dreams.
  11. I have updated my four PCs three days ago and six at the store I look after yesterday without and real problems. Locally, I made a USB Update drive. There was an issue with PCs with other attached drives which was easily solved by copying the contents of the USB drive to local disk and running the update from there. At the store, I created an .iso image file and moved it around the PCs for the update.
  12. People with East and West Coast DNS feeds are grandfathered from the time before DirecTV started to limit DNS to the Coast of your Billing Address. The FCC has the say on this. I do not know how you think you changed your DNS location. Or are you talking about the location for your Locals? That is an entirely different issue.
  13. I have a Winegard Trav'ler on the Travel Supreme Trailer that I installed in 2010 and it is still working fine. When I purchased my 2016 Bounder, I installed a new Trav'ler on it. The Bounder Trav'ler failed just after the warranty ran out. I though it was from excessive use because I had put a Hybrid LNBF head on the dish and that generation Trav'ler did not handle well. Winegard fixed the Trav'ler under warranty. I have since added a DPH-42 Hybrid Switch which made the Trav'ler with a standard LNBF work like usual. But I have noticed that several Trav'ler are failing in the 2+ year timeframe. Perhaps Winegard had a bad batch of Trav'lers?
  14. First I totally back data redundant storage. Local copies allow for recovery from operator errors. But as a long time consultant of protecting data centers, the major item missed by most planners is the loss of the facility. In this case, the RV is highly at risk. RV burn like crazy. Any day duplication on local storage will go with the fire. Cloud storage has become a relatively low cost option to off site back up. Most of what RVers store on disk is irreplaceable. Financial records are obvious but it is really hard to go back and reshoot photos. Cloud storage isn't free. There is the storage service and then there is the data bandwidth to send the data to the cloud. But what is the value of your data? But you can shop and minimize the cloud storage cost. Even if your have off-site backup during the off season, can you afford the lost of several months of irreplaceable data
  15. Don't just ask for a city. Find a campground in the area and use the address of the campground to change your Service Address. That is an obvious reason to be changing your Service Address. Just asking for a city is an obvious "move" and against the law.
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