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  1. Mark and Dale Bruss

    AZ Motor Stalled

    Not sure. We had it sent ahead to a place we were going to. I am guessing it was about a week.
  2. Mark and Dale Bruss

    AZ Motor Stalled

    Between the turret being at Winegard, and being in the east and wanting EA satellite, hod to put the tripod up 22 times so far.
  3. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Free TV on all devices

    Aw great, another reason for poor Internet service. Just because you have an "unlimited" plan doesn't increase the bandwidth available. And when the cost to upgrade for all this "unlimited" usage, do you think rates will not change?
  4. Mark and Dale Bruss

    AZ Motor Stalled

    You might luck out and and with a power reset, the mechanism will come back. Worked once for us. The probability is that the turret needs to be sent to Winegard for a rebuild. That is what we did.
  5. Mark and Dale Bruss

    DirecTV 'Service Address' problems

    When we had Dish DNS, before this current edition, we carried a CONUS PBS channel. It was an extra cost channel that we didn't worry about as packages changed over the years. When we dropped Dish DNS, the CSR also dropped the CONUS PBS because we could only have it with DNS.. Our PBS channel now changes as the Locals change for us. Perhaps, since you have DirecTV DNS, you also have a CONUS PBS channel
  6. Mark and Dale Bruss

    DirecTV 'Service Address' problems

    You both are right is a way. Only the four major Broadcast Channels, (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) are considered Locals. That is all DNS will supply from the CONUS transponders. Depending on where you are, PBS and CW may be on your EPG not because of DNS but because of the spot beam you are under.
  7. Mark and Dale Bruss

    When are you required to become a TX resident?

    Actually we were discussing "garaging" of a vehicle. You pay Texas sales taxes when you work in Texas. If there was a Texas income tax, you would pay that when you work in Texas. Vehicle licensing is a tax and you are subject to it when you work in Texas.
  8. Mark and Dale Bruss


    I used Chrome and translated one of the messages. The purpose is instructions on getting college degrees. The problem is to protect the forums from such abuses would entail making it a lot harder for use to use it. But given the nature of being a commercial abuse of the forum, I think Escapees should turn this over to our new founded Federal anti-hacking folks to handle. That have the tools and the enforcement power and could use something to practice on.
  9. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Getting hot going over mountains

    If you run a diesel engine, the properties of the engine coolant far exceed just managing heat. The coolant mixture is incredible important to protecting the engine. Because of that, I never used "anti-freeze" that needed to be mixed. I only purchased pre-mixed coolant that I knew was the proper mix and type.
  10. Mark and Dale Bruss

    When are you required to become a TX resident?

    I guess "enters into gainful employment" was hard to read. States aren't that hard on Residency but not plating your vehicle in the state is tax avoidance. Arizona allows visiting for 6 months but only a week after getting a job.
  11. Mark and Dale Bruss

    When are you required to become a TX resident?

    From the Texas Driver's Manual: "When a nonresident owner or operator establishes residency in Texas or enters into gainful employment, his vehicle may be operated for 30 days thereafter, after which time the vehicle must be currently registered in Texas" This varies a bit from Texas Code 521.029: "OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE BY NEW STATE RESIDENTS. (a) A person who enters this state as a new resident may operate a motor vehicle in this state for no more than 90 days after the date on which the person enters this state if the person: (1) is 16 years of age or older; and (2) has in the person ’s possession a driver ’s license issued to the person by the person ’s state or country of previous residence." You must not have looked very hard, a common trend this days.
  12. Mark and Dale Bruss

    When are you required to become a TX resident?

    Texas allows visitors to be in state 365/366 days a year. But if you get a job then you have to get you vehicle/s registered, i.e become a resident.
  13. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Staying powered up?

    On my Gen I, the battery saver was easy to disconnect. There is a connector between the battery and non-essential components. The battery minder was a short cable, about 2', with a component box in the middle, that plugged in between the connectors. Only thing is that it is way under the dash to get at. I had to disassemble the dash to get at the battery minder. Only thing is that the battery minder is designed to keep you from using accessories to the point where you can't start. I would come up with a way to keep the batteries charged.
  14. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Batwing antenna

    Since the VHF band was taken for first responder use mainly because the VHF band has a longer range, I don't think there is much room for more VHF stations. They may be renumbering stations with the remap function. Most of the "VHF" band channels today are actually UHF remapped. I guess stations like low numbers for promotion. This was debated a lot back in the Digital TV transition. Digital TV is not necessary HDTV but it is how all TV in the US is transmitted. At the time, over 50% of US households received their TV via cable or satellite.
  15. Mark and Dale Bruss

    series 1 steering wheel

    Well my 2000 Gen I Volvo had a steering wheel air bag. It was a big deal with Volvo having air bags for the drivers.