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  1. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Cab to axle length

    Shorter axle distance, shorter turns.
  2. Mark and Dale Bruss

    In dash radio, for 98 VNL, replcement

    There is information on Volvo Radio replacement in the HHRV Resource Guide. Where else?
  3. Mark and Dale Bruss

    2016 33C Bounder Motorhome For Sale

    The website link has been fixed. Access info for this Bounder motorhome here.
  4. Mark and Dale Bruss

    2016 33C Bounder Motorhome For Sale

    Yes. Sorry for the inconvenience. We need to recreate the webpage and repost. Please check back later. In the meantime you can go to dmbruss.com, click on the motorhome photo (upper right) for info. Sale price is $99,900.
  5. Website problem. Details to follow ASAP.
  6. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    It might be something else. Here is Retama I have a 50 MBps cable modem connected to the router. At times my PC drops its speed down to about 5 MBps. All I have to do is disconnect from the router and reconnect. It is a Windows 10 WiFi issue and I haven't come up with a solution yet. The wired to the router PC doesn't have this problem.
  7. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Antifreeze colors

    Skip all the color issues, diesel coolant is one of two type, extended life and SCA. As long as you use the correct type, the color is only a cosmetic brand identifier. HHRV Resource Guide Diesel Coolant
  8. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Does working change the vehicle class?

    Soft area there. People who sell stuff from their RVs are in the same situation. Pretty hard for a LEO to tell is someone is doing business in their RV.
  9. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Changing DTV Service address

    It has been beaten to death and just reading previous threads will have everything you need to know.
  10. $45,000. Offered by Mark and Dale Bruss. Contact: 410-336-9659 (Talk or Text) Dale@dmbruss.com This Travel Supreme Fifth Wheel was full body painted in 2014 and the interior was refurbished in 2018. Please follow the link below for more detail and photos. Travel Supreme Sales Information
  11. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Fixing Winegard Traveler on DirecTV

    Another way to look at this: In my former life I was a mainframe computer repairman. In my days, (70's, 80's) we got a chance to work on fixing mainframe computers everyday. Then the technology of chips arrived and the computer stopped breaking so often. It became harder for a technician to be good at fixing because the chances of working on problems became rarer. Eventually the job became an installer. So you can have your choice, have skilled repairmen because what you have fails often enough for practice or the relatively fail-free world of new technology. You prefer that later but talk the former.
  12. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Steer tire life (sidewall cracking)

    Sitting is what kills tires. That is why RV usage is shorter than other type. We pushed our truck tires to 6 years and then they were replaced.
  13. It was limited to PCs that had been running Windows Pro 7.0 or 8.1 and upgraded to 10.
  14. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    It is obvious that you do not understand how the axle air springs. They change the air pressure to keep the frame level to the ground, that is the purpose of the leveling valve.
  15. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Emergency truck acces ability

    You mean something like Powered Passenger Cab Lift? It is amazing what you can find in the Resource Guide.