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  1. We went to the Census office to fill out the forms. The first office wasn't prepared. The second one was. It was obvious they were not used to people coming in to fill out the forms. Filled them out we did because we did not want to be counted in New Mexico but where our virtual address was in South Dakota.
  2. Started on a IBM 1620 also at Marquette University in 1962. B300 machine code and Basic Assembler on B3500 systems. I may switch full time to Edge from Vivaldi because I have a script function that doesn't work with Vivaldi and does with Edge.
  3. Only back to the A Series? I started with B300/B5500's. The previous versions of Edge were severely limiting. I have been using Vivadi, a Chrome based browser for several reasons. At least with this Chrome based Edge, I can add some extensions I rely on for those applications that will only use Edge for display purposes.
  4. Downloaded and installed yesterday. It works fine but it is not obvious that you can load Extensions from the Chrome Store as well as the Microsoft Store. And of course they make it hard to find where to change the Search engine from Bing.
  5. Don't be a PowerPoint user and expect the "free" suites to do anything like it.
  6. I have been using Vivaldi which is a Chrome base browser for quite a while. It as some extra features I like and unlike the old Edge, can use Chrome add-ins.
  7. Just did the Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade without a license number on two PCs. The steps listed are correct
  8. 10 years. That is longer than sack analog phones were supported. As for needing a new PC, my current laptop started with Vista and is now on Windows 10 (1909). And I got the new versions of Windows free by doing the upgrades when the offers were made. If you are still on Win 7, your problem. But you still can get to Win 10 if you want too for free.
  9. In general the German's heavily enforce protocol. At intersection with yield signs, the other direction has signs that indicate that you have the priority. If you stop when you have the right-away, you can get a ticket for delay of traffic. The left lane rule was significant. I have seen Mercedes going 130 mph pull over because a Ferrari was coming thru at 150 mph. The German police use Porsche for enforcement so they can catch you. Swerving over the centerline on curve can get you time in the German jail for endangering someone coming the other way. German police seldom assign 100% fault in an accident. Even if rear ended, why were you in the way of the car hitting you? Like a person pulling out from an arterial stop and not accelerating to the going speed. The ultimate was in the 70's when everyone was issuing lowered speed limits, the German actually posted speed limit signs. The Germans exactly followed the speed limits unlike out 5-10 over attitude. At the next election, they fired everyone who had a part in posting the speed limits.
  10. Changed the power to the steering. You do need to have a battery feed from the TV to the battery of the Equinox. A lot of talk on the shimmy but an extremely few every really experienced it. We towed a 2012 and 2014 Equinox about 46,000 miles and never had the experience.
  11. You always had to have Internet to use the voice control, even before the Alexi integration.
  12. I forgot to bring my meter to the Rally for sale. The Applied Instruments Super Buddy 29 is a meter that identifies the satellite it finds and only reports signal on the satellite you are looking for. The entire North American Zip Code (US) and Postal Code (Canada) data base is built in and easily updated every so often on line. The Super Buddy 29 is a need when you want to aim a Dish TV Hopper 3. On the Super Buddy will deal with Hybrid LNBF heads. Once you lock onto the primary satellite, then you check the other (EA) or other two (WA) satellites. With the Super Buddy 29, aiming the satellite is a couple of minutes proposition once the dish is erected. The Hopper 3 is not suited to aiming by ear because it pretty much needs to be on target to get through a Switch Check before you can view any transceiver strength. The Hopper 3 adds so much to an RVer as it enables to watch anything asynchronously from actual viewing time and all the recordings and channels are available to any Joey for the bedroom and other TVs. I put this up for offer to HDTers only. The current Applied Instruments new is over $900 (X-3 and addition required module). Usually any Super Buddy 29 on eBay has a bad battery if less than $350. My Super Buddy 29 had a new battery installed last year as well as a new faceplate. For an HDTer, $300.
  13. I thought my display on my Gen I went bad, I searched for a replacement display, when I found one, I went to install it, it did not fit. But what I found that there are two dash lamps that backlight the display and thy are not very obvious. And both were burnt out. Put new bulbs in and I had my display back and it was much easier to read, Apparently one lamp had been burnt out for a long time and the second lamp just went out.
  14. You could put the SOLO on the roof next to the Trav'ler, easy to run the three coax cables. Assuming one cable to the VIP722 and one to the Wally, use the same cables attached to the SOLO and the Hopper 3 and the Jey. One question I haven't heard yet does the Hopper Duo use a Hybrid LNBF or a DPP LNBF?
  15. We just got our Texas drivers licenses. We had Real ID South Dakota licenses to turn in. We needed passports, SS Cards, birth certificates, and two proofs of residence. So in Texas, even if you already passed Read ID in another state, you will have to go through it. And having a Texas license for years will not exclude you from going thru Real ID. I think in two years, a non Read ID license will no longer count for proof of citizenship, like boarding an airplane. That will leave a couple of states, Minnesota for one, residents with having to have a passport and carrying it for flying.
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