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  1. Dish channels and satellite

    But again, the X2 can do the EA and the WA. Why limit yourself to 119?
  2. Dish channels and satellite

    I thought one of the advantages of the X2 was satellite changing.
  3. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    My point was that just because you have a wired Ethernet connection, there is no reason to believe you will get any more than 10 MBit/s which is highly probable in a campground. As for satellite driven internet, there still is an issue with response time even with low earth orbit satellites.
  4. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    But maybe the result in the attempts will be a diesel-electric drive train which garners a lot of the advantages torque-wise of electrics.
  5. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    I guess you do understand networking. An ethernet can be 10 MBits/s connection and WiFi can be over 300 MBits/s. The speed of the connection to the router, the central point of connection to the outside world, is not the significant factor. The constraining issue is the volume of traffic for all the connections to the router being funneled out to the world, the backhaul. Just by the typical location of campgrounds, backhauls are limited. You just don't have fiber connection everywhere. So parks are limited to a single DSL connection that is shared by everyone.
  6. Home to RV TV

    We are full-timers but we do switch between a motorhome and a fifth-wheel for about half a year each. We use Dish but the same would be true for DirecTV. The main thing is to have similar dishes on the house and the RV. Then move the receivers between the house and the RV. It doesn't get much more complicated than that. Dish has the most options of dishes as Dish uses the same white button receiver for all its satellites while DirecTV uses one kind of white button receiver for its HD satellites and a different white button receiver for the SD Satellite. Unfortunately, all dome dishes use the white button receiver that Dish uses for all its satellites and DirecTV only for it SD satellites. Open face dishes like the Winegard Trav'ler handle HD and SD for both Dish and DirecTV (different models for each). That type of dish is what the vendor will install on your house. There are numerous threads that will cover all the issues you have questions on. No need to repeat what has been written so far.
  7. Definition of an RV

    However you get your truck registered in North Dakota, that has to be accepted by the other 49 States and the District of Columbia under the Full Faith Clause of the Constitution where every state has to respect the laws of another state. That covers registration and licensing. Road use laws, length, width, weight are the domain of the sate where the road is. Our Volvo was registered as a Private Truck in South Dakota for 10 years and never wished we had a motorhome or housecar registration instead.
  8. Definition of an RV

    North Dakota Century Codes Title 39 39-01-01 Definitions 30. "House car" or "motor home" means a motor vehicle which has been reconstructed or manufactured primarily for private use as a temporary or recreational dwelling and having at least four of the following permanently installed systems: a. Cooking facilities. b. Icebox or mechanical refrigerator. c. Potable water supply including plumbing and a sink with faucet either self-contained or with connections for an external source, or both. d. Self-contained toilet or a toilet connected to a plumbing system with connection for external water disposal, or both. e. Heating or air-conditioning system, or both, separate from the vehicle engine or the vehicle engine electrical system. f. A 110-115 volt alternating current electrical system separate from the vehicle engine electrical system either with its own power supply or with a connection for an external source, or both, or a liquefied petroleum system and supply.
  9. Full Body Paint

    Gel Coat is not forever. Paint lasts longer.
  10. Microwave

    The microwave can be replaced. There is the standard household size 30" wide, very easy to get a replacement. If not 30" wide, then you have to shop more for a microwave that will fit the spot.
  11. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    The charging for miles driven has been in the works for over 10 years now. The electric cars are the driving force for this change. The only thing we can hope than when they start to charge by the miles, they drop the gas tax. I can see some good points to reading the miles traveled and where from communicating with the car computer. There would be no more need for stopping at toll booths because the toll can be collected at the same times as the miles. For the econo-nuts, the mileage rate could be adjusted by vehicle weight.
  12. truck brakes

    When I had a hydraulic line cut trough on the frame, I knew I was not stopping like normal. But I had to verify by punching the Manual Trailer Brake Controller and not having any slow down. You have to take some statements with a grain of salt, like I get 10 mpg towing the trailer".
  13. Hayes brake controller - acting up

    One of the first users of DirecLink controller is Trey&Susan and they have a Gen I Volvo VNL 770, It is incorrect to say that Gen I Volvos are not supported by DirecLink.
  14. MaximumSignal Update?

    There is something amiss with www.maximumsignal.net. Somebody forget to pay the bill?
  15. LA channels are spot beams for those with a LA Service Address. The CONUS need special enablement (DNS). I know as I tried.