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  1. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Hopper 3 Hard Drive Failure

    The problem is that there is no backup. Backup means you have the primary recording on one media and a backup of the same recording on another media. With Dish, you can have the recording on only one media, so there is no backup. Not really Dish's fault, it is the complex rules by the media producers to prevent you from making multiple copies of a program and then distributing them. I think a key to your account should recording on the DVR and on an external drive such the external drive recording can only play if attached to your account. This type of key allows a external drive on a VIP 211 to be move between VIP 211s on the same account. But again that is just one copy of the program
  2. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Hopper 3 Hard Drive Failure

    It is too bad that Dish policy doesn't provide for backup of programs, meaning a copy on the internal disk and a copy on an external drive. I think if Dish thought enough about it, they could come up with a coded interlock that lets you have a backup disk drive that would only be useful when connected to yor subscription. As it is, I trust the internal disk more than an external. The only time I have used and external was to transfer from a Hopper 1 to a Hopper 3. Was the sound drop-off permanent, i.e. dropped if you backup too or only during play?
  3. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Dish washer machine

    Yes. We replaced the 13 year old unit because the motor was leaking and parts no longer available.
  4. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Dish washer machine

    We just replaced our Kenmore 18" dish washer with another one from Sears. 18" dish washers are more expensive because of the lower rate of manufacture. We checked Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy and in all cases it would be an order with several weeks of delivery. Sears was a few days.
  5. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Heavy haulers guide.

    Works fine for me with Android Chrome. Because of smaller screens with Android, the menu is displayed as an icon,
  6. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Heavy haulers guide.

    What browser are you using?
  7. We used a reel of LED self stick strips. We originally acquire some plug-in connectors but chose not to use them. We soldered the connections to the strip which was pretty easy after getting the hang of it. We put 6 strips in each housing to get more light. Here is a page of our conversions. Led Light Conversion. In later conversions, we did remove the ballast card to get it out of the way.
  8. Mark and Dale Bruss

    2016 33C Bounder Motorhome For Sale

    The Bounder has been turned over to a consignment lot. Links are on the Joey for Sale website.
  9. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Questions about Dish TV

    In this case do not call Dish. Call a local installer. Dish CSRs have a terrible problem with "wive's tales" like no DVRs in RVs, you have to purchase your equipment, RVers are monthly. If you call Dish, you just want to be a subscriber. Do not mention RV. The equipment purchase is tied to Pay-As-You-Go, a monthly service. 14 Years with Dish as a full-timer. Always had DVRs. Never purchased. There are no Dish Corporate policies about DVRs in RVs. Dish will install in an RV but will not take service calls on a house with wheels. Only time I ever had Dish come is to do installations.
  10. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    We have been using PressurePro since 2006. Do a little searching in this forum for tons of entries on this subject
  11. Mark and Dale Bruss

    FT Noobs seek Mentors

    We escaped Maryland in 2006 and have been full-timing since. Virtually everything we did to prep for the full-time life style, outfit our fifth-wheel and then a motorhome as we downsized in 2016. is documented on our website. The url in in our signature,
  12. Mark and Dale Bruss

    MD state law requires ALL vehicles to stop at_

    Delivery of a motorhome is a commercial activity.
  13. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Height & Weight Measurements

    Thanks for the info, I updated my web page.
  14. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Height & Weight Measurements

    Most CAT scales have curbing to prevent weighing with just one side of wheels on the scales. That is to certify they are recording the entire weight because there are legal ramifications if the the truck is stopped and weighed and it doesn't match the CAT scale receipt. There are scales at many moving companies that be available to use and they usually do not have curbing so you can weight one wheel, then another by pulling over. But many of these scales are also not flush with the ground, then have a ramp edge. That distorts the weights taken as the vehicle should be level. There are multiple teams of weighing from RVSEF and other weighing companies that are around the country not just at an Escapees Rally. A list can be found at RV Weighing.
  15. Mark and Dale Bruss

    2016 33C Bounder Motorhome For Sale

    This Bounder motorhome is still for sale. Take a look!!!