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  1. Tires Off Ground

    For the record, a three legged stool is more stable that a four legged stool. That is why some of the motorhome are so equipped. It is just very difficult to implement a three jack system on a trailer. If the auto-level jack system is smart enough, it will put the jack down until ground contact. From there on, pair of jacks are used to achieve level. By using jack pairs, both front, both back, both right, or both left, the frame should not be subjected to warping. All the current systems using this smart leveling. Older systems did not do that.
  2. Escapee vs CAT Scale Weights

    You have to understand that CAT scales only measure axles load weights while the Escapees weighing is weight load per wheel. Just assuming that you can add wheel weights together to get axle loads is not exactly precise. Likewise, lumping all the axles weighing together does not necessarily equate to the trailer weight that the CAT scale sees. Tank loads, Grey, Black, and Water, can cause a CG shift of the trailer load from the truck load.
  3. Tires Off Ground

    It may be true that if the rear wheels of a motorhome are off the ground, there are no brakes. But then again, the weight of the motorhome is now on the jacks and the last I looked, none of the jacks have wheels.
  4. Blocks under Bigfoot hydraulic leveling jacks

    Not long enough? I can raise my Travel Supreme trailer wheels 12" off the ground with the BigFoot jacks fully extended.
  5. Winegard antenna power switch

    In some older units, the Bunch-of-Buttons box supplies the power to the antenna.
  6. Satellite and GPS Antenna Ideas?

    You still need a place to mount it, unless you want to put a hole in the roof.
  7. Satellite and GPS Antenna Ideas?

    For severla years, I used a simple steel bracket painted and secured with the mirror arm bolts. Used the magnet Sirius puck antenna. Never had a problem but I didn't like the cable in the door hinge area. Later I screwed a steel plate to the right visor support post and moved the magnet Sirius puck antenna there.
  8. Domicile is very confusing to me

    There is a Star on you renewal if you don't need a residence certificate for the 5 year license renewal. So far in our 12 years, we have not had the Star so we schedule a return to SD for a night stay in a camp ground and renewal of our licenses.
  9. Auxillary battery for Patriot brake system

    My 2018 Equinox had the requirement for a battery disconnect. I put a battery switch on the Negative terminal of the battery. Directly to the battery terminals, I wired a 12 Volt receptacle and also a battery charger that connects to the motorhome. Thus the brake system has power and yet the car electronics are disconnected.
  10. LED Lights

    The key was stated in "the right voltage range". A LED rated at 12 volts can have a very short life as the typical voltage in RVs is more like 13.5 volts. Cheap 12 volt LED life falls off the cliff when used over 12 volts. My experience was using a boat step light (Boats are usually under 12 volts) in an always on situation. The first units were lasting four-five weeks. Adding a 12 volt regulator chip made the last unit last for 10 years. Better quality LED lamps have built-in voltage regulators. Also some LEDs are rated for a range that goes higher than 13 volts.
  11. Transport after purchase

    I drive my Volvo from North Carolina to Maryland when I purchased it. I sweated the whole trip. Thankfully the two weight stations I went into just gave me a green light. Until the registration from commercial truck is changed, you really need a CDL. I had a person call to ask about this, a California resident. He was planning to be come a South Dakota resident. I recommended that he have the vehicle registered in SD before he left. Pretty easy. But he didn't and at the California state line, the CHP clobbered him. Thousand of dollars in fines for driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL.
  12. Got turned away at my first RV park because of the HDT

    Probably isn't in the HHRV Campground Guide
  13. Domicile is very confusing to me

    So many questions and all of them have been discussed numerous times in the forums. A little reading and the search box will also find answers. But since research has not been done, some statements. Texas vehicle inspection. Yes it needs to be done after the initial check when you return to Texas, even if not on time. South Dakota is where you go to get registered and residence, not when the weather is bad. You not picking a place to live but a place for legal residence. The are other mail services beside Escapees. I use My Home Address in Emery SD. They each have their features and all do the job. The first consideration to selecting a residence state is medical coverage. Idiosyncrasies van make SD or Texas better for individuals. No set rule as we all are different in our medical needs. Currently we re residents of SD and spend the winters in Texas. We arrive in late October and have the first round to doctor visits. The second round is schedules in March before we leave. We have gotten our doctors to deal with twice a year but maybe you have something special. There was a time when the doctor wanted a liver check during the summer, a visit to a medical clinic did that. Likewise, an eye pressure test was easily done at a local eye doctor. In the beginning, we would return to Maryland to see the doctors. After a couple of years, we got new doctors in Texas because we hated going back to Maryland and we could get our double visits in Texas. You are going to determine your residence for vehicle registrations and that will affect vehicle insurance. Rate and coverage vary by state. Interstate banking has made it easy to have accounts anywhere. We have been using a credit union in Michigan since 1971 and have never been a resident of Michigan. We find the credit union easier to deal with than a bank. Residence while a full-timer is one thing. Final destinations after leaving the road is another. Address the one you are dealing with now.
  14. cali registration

    A certified body builder can change the GWVR. If the body cannot sustain the weight the axles can hold then the GVWR will be determined by the body builder and a new dataplate will be established. Note - certified means state certified. I put a load bearing bed on my Volvo to make a Class E truck, not tractor. The bed builder issued a new dataplate which he could have made 25,999 lbs. I wanted is still to be a Class 7 so the dataplate was set at 31,500 lbs. That was in Maryland. I would guess most states have similar rules.
  15. Wifi booster? or antenna? help!

    I use a Ubiquity Bullet on the roof with an omni antenna, no need to aim. Does the job of getting over RVs and it has more power. Photos.