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  1. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Dish 722K

  2. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Will there be any discusion at this rally concerning future rally dates?

    It is open to discussion. True, unlike the early years when Good Sam occupied the entire park, and in fact rented the entire park, they do no occupy the whole park. But they do occupy the spaces near the buildings we rent and those spaces neatest the buildings are some of the last to leave. If we start the week after the Good Samers. our trucks would be spread all over the park and definitely not near the buildings. That may nor seem important but having the trucks concentrated leads to more dialogs, viewing and walking to the building.
  3. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Will there be any discusion at this rally concerning future rally dates?

    Generally the date is set to be the second week after the Good Sam Rally as we have previously run into conflicts if we scheduled the week right after, The Good Samers are slow to leave not even taking into account the many HDTers that arrive early. And the Good Sam Rally is set after the Kansas State Fair. I don't think the Arizona Balloon event is even considered.
  4. Mark and Dale Bruss

    DirecTv service address change

    I assume that like many phrases used when referring to satellite that are misused, he meant Locals. From observation, Dish is moving towards RVers and DirecTV is moving away.
  5. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Files deleted with the October Upgrade

    I have 8 PCs upgraded. I did notice that on some of the PCs in the remote location had Start Screen shortcuts removed but no other issues. My local PCs did not have the Start Screen icon issue.
  6. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Camera wiring

    I did in the beginning. But 4-round plugs are fragile with a lot of use. The pins loose their spring and the sleeve contacts come loose. I would up using a 7-flat blade trailer plug/receptacle. It may seem like over kill but 7-blade plugs/receptacles are robust and there is a swiping action of the contacts cleaning them as the plug is inserted.
  7. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Compressing compressed air

    Using the truck compressors is about as expensive a compressor as you can get and it is not designed for filling tires.. Mine was $700.
  8. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Compressing compressed air

    When we were faced with this, we bought a Power Tank, a compressed CO2 tank with a regulator. It is silent. We set the regulator to 170 psi for the truck and trailer tires. You need to be higher to push air into the tires. For us, a 10 lb tank lasted about a year.
  9. More than just a cumulative roll-up. More new features than I could test. Used a USB Media stick for the local 3 PCs and an iso file for the PCs in the remote location. 6 down and no problems.
  10. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    I was driving Red Rover around Maryland for well over a year. And Maryland, like most states, considered a "garaged" vehicle to have plates from the state. At the time, some of the forum suggested registering the truck in another state to avoid the issues of being a commercial truck. But investigation that would have exposed me to tax evasion of MD taxes as I was still a MD resident. After becoming a full-timer, life became a lot easier as the situation of dealing with a 'garaged" vehicle because my vehicles were always assumed visiting. Getting the CDL was to facilitate life in MD.
  11. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    We had Red Rover licensed a couple of years before we could leave Maryland. He was licensed so we could pickup our trailer in PA and depart MD. Since we took delivery of the trailer just as we were leaving Maryland, we had the trailer initially registered in South Dakota. At the time we escaped Maryland and migrated to South Dakota, the only option was Private Truck for Red Rover. For 10 years, we traveled the country and never had an issue that we weren't registered as a motorhome. As a SD Private Truck, the boss could drive Red Rover with just a Class C license. I transferred my CDL to SD when we migrated but I dropped it at renewal time. No need to be exposed to double points in a violation, nor the half the DUI level, nor have to have the medical card to keep the CDL. Many reasons to leave Maryland, taxes, health insurance cost, and a much easier licensing of an HDT.
  12. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    To start, the getting of a CDL or an Exempt CDL is the same in Maryland. The same tests, written and driving. Maryland provides for an Exempt CDL Class A or B for RV Usage. MD CDL Manual "A motor vehicle designed and constructed primarily to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use" as derived from MD 11-109.11 definition of Commercial Vehicle: "(4) A motor vehicle designed and constructed primarily to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use." The challenge is getting the state to say that a truck designed and constructed for towing commercial trailers fits that definition for recreational use. Few have managed that if the DMV people see the vehicle. My Volvo VNL 770 had been licensed as a motorhome because I only handed paperwork to a clerk. But when I went to take an Exempt CDL B license test, MV officials saw the VNL 770 and it became licensed as a commercial truck. My option was to get a CDL. Maryland is a tough state for HDT registrations as motorhomes. I fought a long and laborious battle with state officials, including the DMV and the State Police. My solution was to change to South Dakota residence, which it what we planned, but I had to get the truck there (SD) so I needed the CDL.
  13. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Then you should have a DPP (standard) LNBF and you should be fine. I jut wonder if a firmware change of the controller box is not necessary to tell the Trav'ler electronics what to look for.
  14. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Assuming we are talking about a Hopper 3, the output of the DPH-42 Switch goes through the Power Inserter for the DPH-42 Switch and then into the SOLO Hub. While the Hub and the Node look similar, they are very different. The Hopper 3 needs the SOLO Hub unless the Hopper 3 is the only unit being used. If there are Joeys then the Hub is necessary. The SOLO Node was for the Hopper 1 & 2. if you are using a ground tripod, the DPP 1000.2 should be using Hybrid LNBFs and the switching of the coax cables would be at the input of the SOLO Hub.
  15. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Back to the question do you really have a Hybrid LNBF on the Trav'ler? Because if you do, that is not a good situation.