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  1. We also used 200 psi hoses from RV Walter Filter Store and KwilLink, both with stainless ends. The 25' is 13 years old and the 45' is 12 years old. They cost more than standard RV hoses but I have saved more than their extra cost with the years I have had then.
  2. When we got a jury summons, we contacted our mail service, My Home Address. Then sent us a printout of what to say on the jury call form, exactly what to say. We sent in the form and never heard from the jury people again. A mail service is more than just mail. They are you representation in the state. Ours handle vehicle registrations for us too.
  3. First hand account. I was stopped in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We were not cited but did have to disconnect the toad as we were 83' long. Michigan does allow double towing but the length limit at the time was 70'. Double towing is an option for the state your are in not your registration state. Likewise, overall length is a function of the state you are in, not your registration state. For the record we double towed for 10 years and that was the only time stopped. We were only 65' without the toad and that is the RV limit in most states. So dropping the toad was always a simple option for us.
  4. DNS is an exception allowed from the FCC for RVers and OTR truckers and the provider, DirecTV or Dish, are supposed to verify the vehicles annually. Apparently DirecTV has been lax is is under scrutiny from the FCC. A bunch of years back Dish failed to certify their DNS subscribers and the FCC jerked their right to offer DNS for a couple of years. The exception of DNS is for those who cannot receive Locals. So by the nature of the exception you cannot have Locals and DNS at the same time except under some incredible tight situations.
  5. No it is more as issue of the TPMS sensor and valve stem being in the slipstream which will affect the temperature reading of the air in the tire.
  6. How are the ends of the cable? I used to cut the old ends off yearly and added new connectors to get a cleaner contact wire.
  7. If your TPMS is reporting high temperature, it should also be reporting high pressure. That is the Gas Law. Stop and try to determine what is causing the tire to heat up beyond the normal limits. Is the hub extremely hot?
  8. Domes are a waste if you want good satellite TV. Both Dish and Direct use multiple satellites to deliver their HD programming. Domes are limited to a single LNBF and in the case of DirecTV, that LNBF is not compatible with HD programming. Aiming a dish is dependent on your tools. Starting with the tripod. A tripod with adjustable length legs allows the mast to be vertical on rough terrain where most RVing happens. I recommend the HD Tripod from TV4RV.com. A vertical mast is imperative because you are moving a dish in three planes. If the mast isn't vertical, any movement of one axis will also change another. Using a see-through smartphone app helps to find holes in the trees. But do not believe you can aim the dish using the app. The dish views from the center of the dish and you can't look through your phone from that point. Also the arm of the dish does not point toward the satellite. The signal path bounces from the LNBF at at 15 degree angle from the dish surface. Since the dish is usually twisted on its access, the actually signal path is to the right of the dish arm. A smart meter makes live so much better. Smart in the process of positively identifying the satellite you are focusing on. A simple $20 meter will give you a signal strength but you can be on the wrong satellite. Even though I have a Winegard Trav'ler automatic roof dish, I carried and used often a ground tripod for times when I wanted to use Dish's Eastern Arc Satellites
  9. Winegard would do the rebuild. \you would send the turret into them.
  10. The Trav'ler on our Trailer Supreme trailer is 9 years old and still function. Since you are receiving signals, I would suspect the logic board in the turret decoding the signals from the LNBF head is fading. Trouble is that is a trip to Winegard for a fix. But I would consider a rebuild of the Trav'ler. And I do carry a tripod for the EA satellites and when trees in the way
  11. Before we started to tow a car, when we when shopping or other parking lots, we would park on the outer edge of the lot. Mainly we where looking to when we could use two spaces end to end as we were about 1-1/2 cars long.
  12. How about that for everywhere, that would clear up a lot of bogus voting.
  13. The last time a politician in Rapid City wanted to not allow "virtual resident" to vote, I pointed out that this country was started on taxation without representation. We may be "virtual resident" but we pay real taxes in the form of license fees. As for not voting on local issues, what if the local people decided that "virtual residents" should be taxed specially. I used to be a boater and the highest property taxes are for holes in the water. Local issues can affect you as a "virtual resident".
  14. I used the TV4RV.com HD tripod which is a modifies surveyor tripod. The adjustable length legs made it real easy to get a vertical plumb mast. I used to 5 gallon buckets about half full of water as ballast. For travel, the empty buckets had no weight and could carry stuff. Never had to worry about spiking a power line or a water pipe. Never had a blow over in up to 75 mph winds. Proper tools make the alignment only a few minute proposition. I put the dish up nightly for 7 years. For 5 years, I also had a Hughesnet Dish to put up.
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