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  1. Today on my Chat to change my Service Address, the CSR offered to sign me up for a Protection Plan. I denied that because I has a Dish VP absolutely tell me that since my house has wheels, there is no way I could have a Protection Plan. Next the CSR told me that I could change my Service Address myself with the MyDish app. The CSR was very adamant and said I needed to update the APP. I told her my account may be marked for Outdoor Dish but I am not a Pay-As-You-Go subscriber and therefore the feature is not enabled for me. I'll just using Chat.
  2. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    We vote in every election in South Dakota but choose not to be careful of local issues. But to cede the right to vote in local policies could lead to something like a property tax on a "virtual mailbox" to enhance local revenues. Impossible? Look back at the stunt done in Livingston a few years back to exclude any absentee ballots not verified is a few days of notification because the absentee ballots favored one political party. Residency versus domicile. Yes, we get just one place to vote from, or at least we should only have one place to vote from. You will note I said people needed to vote, I did not say they had to be present.
  3. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    I am in the camp of voting is a privilege that should be exercised. I believe that if you skip a couple of elections, you should be removed from the voting list. All voting lists are poorly maintained and something that we as a country should improve.
  4. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    The politician that wanted to exclude "virtual" residents from voting was afraid that those voters could skew the direction of the local economies for themselves. What the politician missed that he was proposing the very thing the United States broke away from England. We RVers don't pay a lot of taxes in South Dakota but we do pay some and the politician was proposing taxation without representation. He thought he had a cause but is was myopic.
  5. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    It was in the article. A Rapid City congressman wanted to deny voting to people not physically in the area.
  6. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    That was the attempt in 2016 and it failed, big time.
  7. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Electric Volvo

    Lightning jumps both ways but usually from the cloud down. It depends on the electrical potential difference generated by the clouds moving over the earth, which one becomes more positive than the other. Only time I saw lightning from the ground to the cloud was in Viet Nam,
  8. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Driver's License Question

    I agree but many use the terms interchangeably. The OP said Class A without being more definitive. Then docj says Class B (undefined) and CDL reciprocity. Then NDBirdman stated "Commercial Class A" retained without a medical card. Since there was this clear blurring of CDL and exempt-CDL licenses, I defined. And you defined more. Hopefully people should be more exact about when they use the term CDL because there are ramifications.
  9. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Driver's License Question

    Like I said, excepted (exempted) CDL may not require a medical card, but a CDL in a commercial rig does.
  10. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Driver's License Question

    For all intents and purposes, a CDL is a Federal License that is handled through the state DOTs. The rules are the same everywhere for a CDL, period. Since a CDL is a Federal Standard, moving a CDLto another state is not a problem. The mandatory medical card was a recent inclusion to the CDL requirements. It had been needed only when driving a commercial rig, now it is part of just having the license. Exempt CDL (Non-commercial CDL) are modeled after the Federal CDL but are state variations and as such, will have differences state to state.
  11. Mark and Dale Bruss

    High End Trailers

    It starts inside and underneath, the frame. High End trailer are heavy because they have heavier frames. Stiffer frames are needed for items with more weight like wood cabinets instead of MDF. Unfortunately, it is hard to see the frame compared to glitz and glamour in the interior.
  12. Mark and Dale Bruss

    OT: Followup Dish vs. Direct

    Mainly, if the bedroom connection is coax, HDMI, or other
  13. Mark and Dale Bruss

    OT: Followup Dish vs. Direct

    1: Good move. 2:How will you be connecting the bedroom TV to the VIP211z?
  14. Mark and Dale Bruss

    freightliner hitch plate

    I actually saw a rig on a site that wasn't that level, the tension of the pin from the lateral twist between the tractor and the trailer. would not allow the pin to pull out of the pocket. A commercial trailer frame may handle that twist torsion but an RV frame will crack. The is why using an air pin with a commercial hitch is not the same as a RV air hitch. Not a place to save money. Using an air pin with an RV hitch makes more sense but then the savings are not there.
  15. A pencil has so security flaws, but then again its functionality is rather limited.